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With joy I hear the folemn found,
Which midnight echoes waft around,

And fighing gales repeat ;
Fav'rite of Pallas ! I attend,
And, faithful to thy summons, bend

At Wisdom's awful feat.

She loves the cool, the filent eve,
Where no false shows of life deceive,

Beneath the lunar ray :
Here Folly drops each vain disguise,
Nor sports her gaily.colour'd dyes,

As in the glare of day.

O Pallas !

queen of ev'ry art, “ That glads the sense, or mends the heart's,

Bleft source of purer joys:
In ev'ry form of beauty bright,
That captivates the mental fight

With pleasure and surprise ;

To thy unspotted shrine I bow,
Aflift thy modest suppliant's vow,

That breathes no wild desires :
But taught by thy unerring rules,
To thun the fruitless with of fools,

To nobler views aspires,

Not Fortune's gem, Ambition's plume,
Nor Cytherea's fading bloom,

Be objects of my pray’r:
Let avarice, vanity, and pride,
These glitt'ring envy'd toys divide,

The dull rewards of care.

To me thy better gifts impart,
Each moral beauty of the heart,

By Itudious thought refin'd:
For wealth, the smiles of glad content,
For pow'r, its amplest, best extent,

An empire o'er my mind.

When Fortune drops her gay parade,
When Pleasure's tranfient roses fade,

And whither in the tomb,
Unchang'd is thy immortal prize,
Thy ever-verdant laurels rise

In undecaying bloom..

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By thee protected, 3 defy
The coxcomb's sneer, the ftupid lie

Of ignorance and spite ;
Alike condemn the leaden tool,
And all the pointed ridicule

Of undiscerning wit.

From envy, hurry, noise, and strife,
The dull impertinence of life,

In thy retreat I reft ;
Pursue thee to thy peaceful groves,
Where Plato's sacred spirit roves,

In all thy graces drest,

He bid Ilyfsus' tuneful ftream
Convey the philosophic theme

Of perfect, fair, and good :
Attentive Athens caught the sound,
And all her lift'ning fons around.

In awful filence stood,

Reclaim'd her wild licentious youth Confeft the potent voice of truth,

And felt it's just controul : . Tie passions ceas'd their loud alarms, And Virtues's soft persuasive charms

O'er all their senses stole.

Thy breath inspires the poets song,
The patriot's free unbias'd tongue.

The hero's, generous Atrife:
Thine are retirement's filent joys,
And all the sweet endearing ties

Of still domeftic life.

No more to fabled names confin'd To Thee, fupreme, all-perfect mind,

My thoughts direct their flight: Wisdom's thy gift, and all her force, From thee deriv'd unchanging source

Of intellectual light!

O send her sure, her steady ray
To regulate my doubtful way

Through life's perplexing road:
The mists of error to controul,
And through its gloom direct my soul

To happiness and good!

Beneath her clear discerning eye.
The visionary shadows fly,

Of Folly's painted show ;
She sees through ev'ry fair disguise,
That all, but Virtue's folid joys,

Is, vanity and woe.




BY THE SAME. HE midnight moon serenely smiles

O'er Nature's soft repose; No low'ring cloud obscures the sky,

Nor ruffling tempest blows,


Now ev'ry passion finks to rest,

The throbbing heart lies Atill;
And varying schemes of life no more,

Distract the lab’ring will.

In silence hush'd to Reason's voice

Attends each mental power : Come, dear Emilia, and enjoy

Reflection's fav’rite hour,

Come; while the peaceful fcene invites,

Let's search this ample round, Where shall the lovely fleeting form

Of happiness be found!

Does it amidst the frolic mirth

Of gay assemblies dwell;
Or hide beneath the solemn gloom

That shades the bermit's cell ?

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