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Or wilt thou rather stoop rhy vagrant plume,'
Where gliding thro' his daughter's honour'd shades
The smooth Peneus from his glassy flood
Reflects purpureal Tempe's pleasant scene?
Fair Tempe! haunt belov!d of fylvan pow'rs,
Of Nymphs and Fauns, where in the Golden Age
They play'd in secret on the shady brink
With ancient Pan, while round their choral steps
Young hours and genial gales with constant hand
Shower'd blossoms, odour's, show'r'd ambrosial dews,
And springs Elysian bloom. Her flow'ry store
To thee nor Tempe shall refuse nor watch
Of winged Hydra guard Hesperian fruits
From thy free spoil. O! bear then unreprov'd"
Thy smiling treasures to the green recess
Where young Dione stays with sweetest airs -
Entice her forth to lend her angel form
For Beauty's honour'd image. Hither turn
Thy graceful footsteps ; bither, gentle Maid !
Incline thy polith'd forehead; let thy eyes
Effuse the mildness of their azure dawn,
And may the fauning breezes waft aside
Thy radiant locks, disclofing as it bends
With airy softness from the marble neck
The cheek fair-blooming and the rosy lip,
Where winning smiles and pleasures sweet as Love
With fanctity and wisdom temp'ring blend
Their soft allurement: then the pleasing force

Of nature, and her kind parental care.
Worthier I'd fing; then all th' enamour'd youth,
With each admiring virgin, to my lyre
Should throng attentive, while I point on high
Where Beauty's living image, like the Morn
That wakes in Zeyhur's arms the blushing May
Moves onward; or as Venus when the stood
Effulgent on the pearly car, and smild
Fresh from the deep, and conscious of her form,
To see the Tritons tune their vocal Mells,
And each cerulean fifter of the flood
With loud acclaim attend her o'er the waves.
To seek the Idalian bow'r, Ye smiling band
Of youths and virgins ! who through all the maze
Of young desire with rival steps pursue
This charm of beauty, if the pleafing toil
Can yield a moment's respite, hither turn
Your favourable ear, and trust my words.
I do not mean to wake the gloomy form
Of Superftition dreft in Wisdom's garb
To damp your tender hopes; I do not mean
'To bid the jealous Thund'ser fire the heav'ns,
Or shapes infernal rend the grosning earth,
To fright you from your joys; my cheerful song
With better amens calls you to the field,
Pleas'd with your generous ardour in the chase
And warm like you. Then tell me, for ye know,
Does beauty ever deign to dwell where health

And active use are strangers ? Is her charm
Confefs'd in aught whose most peculiar ends
Are lame and fruitless ?. Or did Nature mean
This pleasing call the herald of a lie,
To hide the shame of discord and disease,
And catch with fair hypocrify the I eart
Of idle Faith O'no! with better cares
Th' indulgent mother, conscious how infirm
Her offspring tread the paths of good and ill,
By this illustrious image, in each kind
Still most illustrious where the object holds
Its native pow'rs molt perfect, she by this
Illumes the headftrong impulse of desire,
And fanctifies his choice. The gen'rous glebe
Whose bosom (miles with verdure, the clear track
Of streams delicious to the thirsty soul,
The bloom of nectar'd fruitage ripe to sense,
And ev'ry charm of animated things,
Are only pledges of a ftate sincere,
Th' integrity and order of their frame
When all is well within, and ev'ry end
Accomplished. Thus was beauty sent from Heav'n
The lovely ministress of Truth and Good.
In this dark world; for Truth and Good are one,
And Beauty dwells in them, and they in her
With like participation : wherefore then,
O fons of Earth! would you diffolve the tie?

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O! wherefore with a rash impetuous aim,
Seek ye those flow'ry joys with which the hand
Of lavith Fancy paints each ffatt'ring scene
Where beauty seems to dwell; nor ouce inquire
Where is the fanction of eternal truth,
Or where the seal of undeceitful good,
To save your search from folly! Wanting thesc
Lo! Beauty withers in your void embrace,
And, with the glitt'ring of an idiot's toy,
Did fancy mock your vows. Nor let the gleam
Of youthful hope, that shines upon your hearts,
Be chill'd or clouded at the awful talk,
To learn the lore of undeceitful good,
And truth eternal. Though the pois'nous charms
Of baleful fuperftition guide the feet
Of servile nun bers through a dreary way
To their abode, through 'deserts, thorns and mire,
And leave the wretched pilgrim all forlorn
To muse at last amid the ghostly gloom
Of graves, and hoary vaults, and cloister'd cells,
To walk with spectres through the midnight shade,
And to the fcreaming owls accurfed song
Attune the dreadful workings of his heart,
Yet be not ye dismay'd : a gentler star
Your lovely search illumines. From the grove
Where Wisdom talk”d with her Athenian fons
Could my ambitious hand intwine a wreath
Of Plato's olive with the Mantuan bay,

Then should pow'rful verse at once dispel
Those moukish horrors, then in light divine
Disclose th' Elysian prospect, where the steps
Of those whom Nature charms thro' blooming walks,-
Through fragrant mountains and poetic streams,
Amid the train of sages, heroes, bards,
Led by their winged Genius and the choir
Of laurell'd Science and harmonious Art,
Proceed exulting to th' eternal thrine
Where Truth conspic'ous with her fifter twins,
The undivided partners of her sway,
With Good and Beauty reigns. O let not us,
Lulled by luxurious Pleasure's languid strain,
Or crouching to the frowns of bigot Rage,
O let us not a moment pause to join
That godlike band! and if the gracious pow'r,
Who firit awaken'd my untutor’d song,
Will to my invocation breathe anew.
The tuneful spirit, then through all our paths
Ne'er shall the sound of this devoted lyre
Be wanting ; whether on the rosy mead,
When Summer (miles, to warn the melting heart
Of Luxury's allurement, whether firm
Against the torrent and the stubborn hill
To urge bold Virtue's unremiteed nerve,
And wake the strong divinity of Soul
That conquers Chance and Fate, or whether ftruck,
For sounds of triumph to proclaim her toils ,

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