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O Herculus, neglect not these thy race !
But since that spirit I from thec derive,
Now bears me from them to refiftless fate,
Do thou support their virtue! Be they taught,
Like thee, with glorious labour life to grace,
And from their father let them learn to die !




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OW happy is he born or taught,

That serveth not another's will ;
Whose arınour is his honeft thought;

And fimple truth his highest skill.

Whose passions not his mafters are ;

Whose soul is still prepar'd for death; Not tyd unto the world with care

Of princes ear, or vulgar breath.

Who hath his life from rumours freed;

Whose conscience is his strong retreat, Whose state can neither flatterers feed,

Nor ruin make oppreffors great:

Who envies none whom chance doth raise,

Or vice; who never understood How deereft wounds are given with praise;

Nor rules of state, but rules of good :

Who God doth late and early pray

More of his grace than gifts to lend, And entertains the harmless day

With a well-chosen book or friend !

This man is freed from servile bands

Of hope to rise, or fear to fall, Lord of himself, though not of lands;

And having nothing, yet hath all.

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There all the sprightly powers of wit

In blithe assemblage play ; There ev'ry social virtue lheds

Its intellectual say.

But as the Lun's refulgent light

Heav'ns wide expanse refines ;
With sov'reign luftre through the soul

Celestial sweetness shines.

This mental beam dilates the heart,

And sparkles in the face; It harmonizes every thought,

And heightens every grace.

One glimpse can footh the troubled breaft

The heaving high restrain !
Can make the bed of fickness please,

And stop the sense of pain.

Its power can charm the savage heart,

The tyrants pity move :
To smiles convert the wildest rage

And melt the soul to love.

When sweetness beams upon the throne

In majefty benign,
The awful splendors of a crown,

With milder lustre fhine.

In sences of poverty and woe,

Where melancholy dwells, The influence of this living ray

The dreary gloom dispels.

Thus, when the blooming Spring returns

To chear the mournful plains, Through earth and air, with genial warmth,

Etherial mildness reigns.

Beneath its bright auspicious beam's

No boift'rous passions rife.;. Moroseness quits the peaceful scenes,

And baleful discord flies.

A thousand nameless beauties spring,

A thousand virtues glow;
A smiling train of joys appear,

And endless blessings. filow...

Unbounded Charity" displays

Her sympathizing charms ;
And Friendship's pure seraphic flame

The generous bosom warms.

Almighty love 'exerts his power,

And spreads with secret art,
A soft sensation through the frame,

A transport through the heart.

Nor fall the storms of age, which cloud

Each gleam of sensual joy,
And blast the gaudy flower's pride,

These blest effects destroy.

When that fair form fhalt fink in years,

And all these graces fly;
The beauty of thy heavenly mind

Shall length of days defy.



'RE yellow Autumn from our plains retir’d,

And gave to wintry storms the varied year, The swallow-rare, with foresight clear inspir’d,

To southern climes prépar'd their course to steer,


On Damon's roof a grave affembly fate;

His roof a refuge to the feather'd kind; With serious look he mark'd the nice debate,

And to his Delia thus address'd his mind.

Observe yon twitt'ring flock, my gentle maid,

Observe and read the wond'rous ways of Heav'n, With us through Summer's genial reign they stay'd,

And food and lodging to their wants were given.

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