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X. EDINBURGH GAZETTEER; or, GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONART. Comprising a Complete Body of Geography, Physical, Political, Statistical, and Commercial. In Twelve Parts. Price 9s. each ; or 6 vols. 8vo. Price L.5, 8s. boards.

XI. A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed from the latest Authorities. By A. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to his Majesty, in 53 Maps, from Original Drawings, engraved in the best style of the Art by Sidney Hall. In royal 410. L. 1, 16s. Deatly half bound. Coloured copies, L. 2 : 12 : 6.

XII. The COOK'S ORACLE; containing Receipts for Plain Cookery on the most Economical Plan for Private Families; also, the Art of composing the most highly finished Broths, Gravies, Soups, &c. : the Quantity of each Article is accurately stated by Weight and Measure. To this Edition are added, ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY NEW RECEIPTS for Pastry, Preserves, Puddings, and an easy, certain, and economical process for preparing Pickles. The Fifth Edition. 12mo. With 130 New Receipts. 95.

XIII. HISTORY of the EUROPEAN LANGUAGES; or Researches into the Affinity of the Teutonic, Greek, Celtic, Sclavonic, and Indian Nations. By the late ALEXANDER Murray, D.D. Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Edinburgh. With a Life of the Author. Two Volumes octavo, L. 1, 8s. bds.

XIV. ROME in the NINETEENTH CENTURY; containing a Com. plete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City-the Remains of the Middle Ages—and the Monuments of Modern Times; with Remarks on the Fine Arts, on the State of Society, and on the Religious Ceremonies, Manners and Customs of the Modern Romans-in a Series of Letters written during a Residence at Rome. Second Edition. With Plates. 5 vols, post 8vo. Ll:11: 6.

XV. A HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the First Invasion by the Romans to the end of the Reign of George the Third, with Conversations at the end of each Chapter. For the use of Young Persons. By Mrs MARKHAM. Two Volumes duodecimo. Illustrated with Fourteen Engravings of Costumes, &c. 16s. boards.

XVI. THE EDINBURGH PHILOSOPHICAL JOURNAL;; Conducted by Dr Brewster and Professor Jameson. Exhibiting a View of the Progress of Discovery in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Natural History, Practical Mechanics, Geography, Navigation, Statistics, and the Fine and Useful Arts. 7 volg. 8vo. with numerous Engravings. Price L. 5, 5s. in boards. Published Quarterly.' Price 7s. 6d. each.

XVII. The WORKS of JOHN DRYDEN, illustrated with Notes, Histori. cal, Critical, and Explanatory, and a Life of the Author. By Sir WALTER Scott, Bart. Second Edition, revised and corrected. In 18 vols. 8vo. Hand. somely printed by Ballantyne. L.9, 9s.

xvIII. THE WORKS OF JOHN PLAYFAIR, F.R.S. L. & E. late Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh ; with an Ac

count of the Author's Life. 4 vols. 8vo.

L.2: 12:6.

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