The Labourer's Friend

Предна корица
Society for the Improvement of the Condition of the Labouring Classes, 1849

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Страница 7 - Let the people praise thee, O God : let all the people praise thee.
Страница 23 - For the poor shall never cease out of the land : therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.
Страница 181 - ... the said external window, and so as to allow between every part of such steps and the external wall of such vault, cellar or room, a clear space of six inches at...
Страница 120 - Except the Lord build the house : their labour is but lost that build it. Except the Lord keep the city : the watchman waketh but in vain.
Страница 158 - ... by the year, for any less term than one year ; or on any agreement by which the rent shall be reserved or made payable at any shorter period than three months, shall be assessed to the rates for the relief of the poor...
Страница 181 - Slaughter-house without its being registered as required by this Act shall be liable for every such Offence to a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds...
Страница 145 - Offence be liable to a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds, and to a further Penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings for every Day during which the...
Страница 159 - London, the town council of any borough for the time being subject to the act of the session of the fifth and sixth years of the reign of king William the Fourth, chapter seventy-six, intituled "An Act to provide for the regulation of municipal corporations in England and Wales...
Страница 181 - ... the same be well and effectually drained by means of a drain, the uppermost part of which is one foot at least below the level of the floor of such vault, cellar or room, nor unless there is a clear space of not less than one foot below the level of the floor, except where the same is cemented, nor unless there be appurtenant to such vault, cellar or room, the use of a water-closet or privy...
Страница 145 - ... of the local authority, and shall well and sufficiently, and to the like satisfaction, limewash the walls and ceilings thereof in the first week of each of the months of April and October in every year.