Philosophy of the Unconscious, Том 1

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Company, Limited, 1893 - 360 страници
V.1 The class of books to which the "Philosophy of the Unconscious" belongs is all but unrepresented in our literature, but the absence of similar home-productions can no longer be held to imply either an inability to comprehend their scope or an indifference to their results. To what shall we attribute the welcome accorded of late to certain reproductions and elucidations of the master-works of modern Transcendentalism, if not to the awakening of a long-repressed desire to re-examine the foundations of a spiritual fabric, for whose stability an instinctive confidence alone made answer? To many two attitudes of mind have become insupportable--that of total unconcern about fundamental truth, and that of unthinking acquiescence in the admission of merely juxtaposed and uncommunicating spheres of positive knowledge and impenetrable nescience. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved).

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Страница 358 - This is an admirable book. It lacks no quality that a biography ought to have. Its method is excellent, its theme is profoundly interesting : its tone is the happiest mixture of sympathy and discrimination: its style is clear, masculine, free from effort or affectation, yet eloquent by its very sincerity.
Страница 352 - Few books of its size contain the result of so much wide thinking, able and laborious study, or enable the reader to gain a better bird's-eye view of the latest results of investigations into the religious history of nations. As Professor Tiele modestly says, ' In this little book are outlines — pencil sketches, I might say — nothing more.
Страница 352 - Post 8vo, pp. 276, cloth, 73. 6d. RELIGION IN CHINA: Containing a Brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese, with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People. By JOSEPH EDKINS, DD. Peking. "We confidently recommend a careful perusal of the present work to all interested in this great subject.
Страница 355 - Of God, (2) Of the Nature and Origin of the Mind, (3) Of the Origin and Nature of the Affects, (4) Of Human Bondage, or of the Strength of the Affects, (5) Of the Power of the Intellect, or of Human Liberty. By BENEDICT DE SPINOZA. Translated from the Latin by WILLIAM HALE WHITE, los. 6d. Guide of the Perplexed of Maimonides (The). Translated from the Original Text and Annotated by M. FRIEDLANDER. 3 vols.
Страница 14 - They who talk thus may, with as much reason, if it be necessary to their hypothesis, say, that a man is always hungry, but that he does not always feel it : whereas hunger consists in that very sensation, as thinking consists in being conscious that one thinks.
Страница 351 - This is a work which has long and impatiently been expected by a large circle of readers. It has been well praised by two eminent scientists, and their words have created for it, as regards its appearance in our English tongue, a sort of ante-natal reputation. The reputation is in many respects well deserved. The book is marked throughout by singular ability, abounds in striking and suggestive reflections, subtle and profound discussions, felicitous and graphic descriptions of mental and social movements,...
Страница 355 - Such, in rough statement, are some of the problems which are more or less present to Mr. Greg's mind ; and although he does not pretend to discuss them fully, he makes a great many observations about them, always expressed in a graceful style, frequently eloquent, and occasionally putting old subjects in a new light, and recording a large amount of reading and study.
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Страница 354 - Nowhere is the singular charm of this writer more marked than in the vivid pages of this work. . . . Irrespective of subject, there is a charm about whatever Heine wrote that captivates the reader and wins his sympathies befoie criticism steps in.
Страница 352 - It is impossible to go through this work without forming a very high opinion of his speculative and argumentative power, and a sincere respect for his temperance of statement and his diligent endeavour to make out the best case he can for the views he rejects.