The Soul of Things: Or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries

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Walker, Wise and Company, 1863 - 370 страници

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Страница 326 - HOUSES. ALL houses wherein men have lived and died Are haunted houses. Through the open doors The harmless phantoms on their errands glide. With feet that make no sound upon the floors.
Страница 189 - The ashes now began to fall upon us, though in no great quantity. I turned my head, and observed behind us a thick smoke, which came rolling after us like a torrent. I proposed, while we...
Страница 326 - The stranger at my fireside cannot see The forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear ; He but perceives what is ; while unto me All that has been is visible and clear.
Страница 305 - ... waking, I should not have been able to acknowledge them as parts of my past experience. But placed as they were before me, in dreams like intuitions, and clothed in all their evanescent circumstances and accompanying feelings, I recognised them instantaneously. I was once told...
Страница 189 - Nothing then was to be heard but the shrieks of women, the screams of children, and the cries of men ; some calling for their children, others for their parents, others for their husbands, and only distinguishing each other by their voices ; one lamenting his own fate, another that of his family ; some wishing to die from the very fear of dying ; some lifting their hands to the gods ; but, the greater part imagining that the last and eternal night was come, which was to destroy the gods and the world...
Страница 290 - ... the text of their features. For a long time I held such visions as delusions of the fancy, and the more so as they showed me even the dress and motions of the actors, rooms, furniture, and other accessories.
Страница 14 - I had occasion to go into a dark room, the whole scene was brought before my eyes with a brilliancy equal to what it had possessed in daylight, and remained visible for several minutes.
Страница 357 - BABY'S SHOES. OH those little, those little blue shoes ! Those shoes that no little feet use. Oh the price were high That those shoes would buy, Those little blue unused shoes ! For they hold the small shape of feet That no more their mother's eyes meet, That, by God's good will, Years since, grew still, And ceased from their totter so sweet.
Страница 358 - Of a patter along the floor ; And blue eyes she sees Look up from her knees, With the look that in life they wore. As they lie before her there, There babbles from chair to chair A little sweet face That's a gleam in the place, With its little gold curls of hair.
Страница 292 - A dead silence prevailed during the whole narration, which I alone occasionally interrupted by inquiring whether I spoke the truth. The startled young man confirmed every particular, and even, what I had scarcely expected, the last mentioned. Touched by his candour, I shook hands with him over the table, and said no more.