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Mr Kell of Furnival Street (formerly Castle Str.), Holborn, the printer of this text,—who put on stone the transfers in lithografic ink supplied to him by Mr Praetorius, --states that he has done his very best with the (often faulty) transfers supplied to him. He has lost all his profit, and more, by paying for cleanings and corrections by hand. The Museum copy of the Quarto is bad in some pages, and the negatives required more painting out of letters printedthrough, and more cleaning of the transfers, than the price of the book would (in the fotografer's opinion) stand. In this work, good transfers from the negatives are all in all.-F. J. F.

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Citizens; Traine of Eskales ; Seruants; Maskers ; Torchbearers; Guests;

Minstrels ; Watch.


cellent and lamentable

Tragedie,of Romeo

and Juliet.

Newly corrected augmented , and


Astt hath benc fundry times publiquely acted, by the
right Honourable the Lord Chamberlaing

his Seruants

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Prioted by Thomas Creede, for Cuthbert Burby, and are to
be sold at his shop neare che Exchange.


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The Prologue.



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Corus. Two boufholds both alike in dignitie

, (In faire Verona where we lay our Scene) From auncient grudge,breake to new mutinie, where ciuill bloud makes ciuill hands uncleane: From forth the

fatall loynes of these two foes, A paire of starre-croft louers take their life: whose misaduentur d pittions ouerthrowes, Doth with their death burie their Parents strife. The

fearfullpassage of their death-markt boue, And the continuance of their Parents rage: uphich but their childrens end nought could remoue: Is now the two houres trafficque of our Stage.

The which if you with patient cares attend, what heare shall misse,our toyle shall strive to mend.

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