A Century of Medicine and Chemistry: A Lecture Introductory to the Course of Lectures to the Medical Class in Yale College...Sept. 14, 1871

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C.C. Chatfield & Company, 1871 - 65 страници

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Страница 12 - A thrilling, extending from the chest to the extremities, was almost immediately produced. I felt a sense of tangible extension highly pleasurable in every limb; my visible impressions were dazzling, and apparently magnified...
Страница 40 - The civilized man overburdened with mental labor, or with engrossing care, seeks the same shade; but it is shade, after all, in which, in exact proportion as he seeks it, the seeker retires from perfect natural life. To search for force in alcohol is, to my mind, equivalent to the act of seeking for the sun in subterranean gloom until all is night.
Страница 13 - I imagined that I made discoveries. When I was awakened from this semi-delirious trance by Dr. Kinglake, who took the bag from my mouth, indignation and pride were the first feelings produced by the sight of the persons about me. My emotions were enthusiastic and sublime, and for a minute I walked round the room perfectly regardless of what was said to me. As I recovered my former state of mind, I felt an inclination to communicate the discoveries I had made during the experiment.
Страница 13 - I endeavoured to recall the ideas, they were feeble and indistinct; one collection of terms, however, presented itself: and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner, I exclaimed to Dr. Kinglake, " Nothing exists but thoughts! — -the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures and pains...
Страница 13 - As nitrous oxide in its extensive operation appears capable of destroying physical pain, it may probably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no great effusion of blood takes place...
Страница 53 - ... it, and afterwards rearranging her position for the second removal. To the looker-on it seemed in fact as though no change in her life had occurred, yet she affirmed that she was sensible of no pain whatever; and several other less striking but hardly less singular examples came before me. We may then, I think, fairly assume that in course of time we shall discover manageable and certain anaesthetic substances which will paralyze sensation only, leaving the muscular power unaltered and the mental...
Страница 13 - By degrees, as the pleasurable sensations increased, I lost all connection with external things ; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and w^ere connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel. I existed in a world of newly-connected and newlymodified ideas.
Страница 40 - Speaking honestly, I cannot by any argument yet presented to me, admit the alcohols through any gate that might distinguish them as separate from other chemical bodies. I can no more accept them as foods than I can chloroform, or ether, or methylal. That they produce a temporary excitement is true, but as their general action is quickly to reduce animal heat, I cannot see how they can supply animal force.
Страница 40 - ... as their general action is quickly to reduce animal heat, I cannot see how they can supply animal force. I see clearly how they reduce animal power, and can show a reason for using them in order to stop physical...