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LIST of PLATES given in this WORK.

RONTISPIECE, Charles the IIId. king of Spain,

in the robes of the new order of Carlos Tercero,

instituted the 19th of September, 1771.
Map of Spain to face letter the first.
Plate. I. The great ant bear.


II. The crested falcon.

III. The cathedral of Burgos.


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HE dominions of Spain are generally classed by their writers in the following order. The kingdom of Spain, consisting of Old and New Castile; the kingdoms of Leon, Arragon, Navarre, Granada, Valencia, Galicia, Seville, Cordova, Murcia, Jaen, and Majorca ; the principalities of Asturias, and Catalonia, the provinces of Estremadura, Guipuf



coa, and Alava, and the lordships of Biscay, and Molina : they are bounded by the Cantabrian ocean, or bay of Biscay, on the north, by the Pyrenean mountains and the Mediterranean towards the east; by the streights of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean, which divide it from Africa, on the south, and by the great Atlantic ocean on the west: lying between 36 and 43 degrees of north latitude, and between 8. 22. longitude, reckoning from the island of Ferro, the most western of the Canary islands. * The Pyrenean mountains are the highest in Spain, extending from the ocean to the Mediterranean, several others branching out, as from their root, such as mount Idubeda now called Montes de Oca, the Orbion, Moncayo, the Puerto de Pajares, or pass from Castile to Asturias, the Puerto de Guadarrama, which separates the two Caftiles, that of Molina, of Cuenca, of Consuegra, of Alcaraz, of Segura, of Cazorla, and the Montes Marianos now called the Sierra Morena: +


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* Description de la provincia de Madrid, por Thomas Lopez, Madrid, -763, 12mo.

Sierra is a general name in Spain for all wild districts whose rugged appearance seems to resemble the notches of a saw (which is Sierra in Spanish). Of these places the Sierra Morena in Andalusia is one of the most extensive and bleak. Translated literally it answers to our English word, Black-Heath.-The inhabitant of such a country is called Serrano, and if the district is small, it is called Serrania,

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