Travels Through Spain: With a View to Illustrate the Natural History and Physical Geography of that Kingdom, in a Series of Letters. Interspersed with Historical Anecdotes; Adorned with Copper-plates and a New Map of Spain; Written in the Course of a Late Tour Through that Kingdom

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S. Price [et. al.], 1781 - 496 страници

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Страница 275 - About ten o'clock, when the warmth of the fun has cleared their wings from the dampnefs of the night, the females feem uneafy at the forwardnefs of the males, who continuing their purfuit, they rife together five hundred feet high, forming a black cloud that darkens the rays of the fun. The clear atmofphere of Spain becomes gloomy, and the fineft fummer day of Eftremadura more difmal than the winter of Holland.
Страница 455 - It is a round thick earthy shrub that bears berries like barberries betwixt blue and green ; it lies close to the ground, and when it is ripe they dig it up by the roots, and put it together in cocks...
Страница 455 - tis a round thick earthy shrub that bears berries like barberries, betwixt blue and green ; it lies close to the ground, and when it is ripe they dig it up by the roots, and put it together in cocks, where they leave it to dry many days like hay ; then they make a pit of a fathom deep in the earth, and with an instrument like one of our prongs, they take the tufts and put fire to them...
Страница 39 - I have feen them prepare it in the following manner. They plough the ground two or three times in winter, and fpring, near the villages. In Auguft they pile it up in heaps of twenty and thirty feet high : then fill with this earth a range of veflels, of a conic fhape, perforated at bottom, obferving to cover the aperture with matweed and a few afhes, two or three fingers deep, that the water may juft filter through.
Страница 21 - ... upon oaks. Tournefort was of this number. Count Marfigli, and Dr. Nifole, a phyfician of Montpelier, made experiments and obfervations with a view of further difcoveries, but did not perfectly fucceed. Two other phyficians at Aix, in Provence, Dr. Emeric and Dr. Garidel, applied themfelves about the fame time, and with greater fuccefs • having finally difcovered that the kermes is in reality nothing elfe but the body of an...
Страница 457 - I passed, and saw many monuments of Roman antiquities there ; amongst others, there is the temple dedicated to Venus, when the snake came about her neck, a little before Hannibal came thither.
Страница 21 - ... of reft feems to have deceived the curious obferver, it then refembling an excrefcence of the bark; during this period of its growth, it appears to be covered with a down, extending over its whole frame, like a net, and adhering to the bark : its figure is convex, not unlike a...
Страница 265 - Ikreening them by her fagacity, from the intemperature of the air, as well as the more immediate danger of the plough, or the fpade ; one fatal blow of which, would deftroy all the hopes of a.
Страница 325 - If a ftone happens to fall in and reft upon another, they both become in a year's time perfectly united and conglutinated. This river withers all the plants on its banks, as well as the roots of trees, which it dyes of the fame hue as its waters, no kind of verdure will come up where it reaches, nor any...
Страница 387 - And fiow'ring odors, cafiia, nard, and balm ; A wildernefs of fweets ; for Nature here Wanton'd as in her prime, and play'd at will 295 Her virgin fancies, pouring forth more fweet, Wild above rule or art ; enormous blifs.