The Works of the English Poets: Pope's Homer

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Страница 197 - Stript of his rags, he blaz'd out like a god. Full in their face the lifted bow he bore, And quiver'd deaths, a formidable store ; Before his feet the rattling shower he threw, And thus, terrific, to the suitor-crew : One venturous game this hand has won to-day, Another, princes ! yet remains to play ; Another mark our arrow must attain. Phoebus, assist ! nor be the labour vain.
Страница 103 - Unhoused, neglected in the public way ; And where on heaps the rich manure was spread, Obscene with reptiles, took his sordid bed. He knew his lord ; he knew, and strove to meet ; In vain he strove to crawl and kiss his feet ; Yet (all he could) his tail, his ears, his eyes, Salute his master, and confess his joys.
Страница 209 - A deed like this thy future fame would wrong, For dear to gods and men is sacred song.
Страница 271 - The question is, how far a poet, in pursuing the description or image of an action, can attach himself to little circumstances, without vulgarity or trifling ? what particulars are proper, and enliven the image ; or what are impertinent, and clog it ? In this matter painting is to be consulted, and the whole regard had to those circumstances which contribute to form a full, and yet not a confused, idea of a thing.
Страница 33 - I then explored my thought, what course to prove (And sure the thought was dictated by Jove) : Oh, had he left me to that happier doom, And...
Страница 10 - Neptune rag'd; and how by his command Firm rooted in the surge a ship should stand ; (A monument of wrath) and mound on mound Should hide our walls, or whelm beneath the ground.
Страница 282 - Homer as the greatest of human Poets, whereas in hers he was exalted above humanity ; infallibility and impeccability were two of his attributes.
Страница 250 - Already is it known" (the king replied, And straight resumed his seat); while round him bows Each faithful youth, and breathes out ardent vows: Then all beneath their father take their place, Rank'd by their ages, and the banquet grace. Now flying Fame the swift report had spread...
Страница 188 - And thus his meditated scheme began : " If what I ask your noble minds approve, Ye peers and rivals in the royal love ! Chief, if it hurt not great Antinoiis...
Страница 268 - And that the propriety of style and the numbers in the narrations of each are equal, will appear to any who compare them. To form a right judgment, whether the genius of Homer had...