Memoir on the Satara Territory: early history, & c. of the Bhonslays of Satara. Brief notes relative to the Satara Jageerdars. Notes on the climate and diseases of Satara. Census, taken in September 1848, of the Satara districts. Reports on the revenues, resources, & c. of the lapsed Satara Territory. Reports on the old public buildings of Mahomedan architecture at Beejapoor, in the Satara districts, & c. & c

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Printed for Government at the Bombay Education Society's Press, 1857 - 253 страници

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Страница 48 - Government, but all property, real or personal, will be secured ; all wuttun and enam (hereditary lands), warshdsan (annual stipends), and all religious and charitable establishments will be protected, and all religious sects will be tolerated and their customs maintained, as far as is just and reasonable. The farming system is abolished ; officers shall be forthwith appointed to collect a regular and moderate revenue on the part of the British Government, to administer justice, and to encourage...
Страница 48 - Wuttundars and other holders of land are required to quit his standard, and return to their villages within two months from this time. The zemindars will report the names of those who remain, and all who fail to appear in that time shall forfeit their lands, and shall be pursued without remission until they are entirely crushed.
Страница 47 - Raja will be administered by him, and he will be bound to establish a system of justice and order. The rest of the country will be held by the Honourable Company. The revenue will be collected for the Government ; but all property, real or personal, will be secured.
Страница 47 - Rao's hands, will be released, and placed at the head of an independent sovereignty of such an extent as may maintain the Raja and his family in comfort and dignity.
Страница 48 - Government, his requests in favour of principal jaghiredars and old adherents, who have been ruined by their attachment to him, will meet with liberal attention ; his representations also in favour of Brahmins of venerable character, and of religious establishments founded or supported by his family, will be treated with regard.
Страница 47 - Row's professions of gratitude for past favours and of entire dependence on its moderation, once more resolved to continue him on his throne, after imposing such terms on him as might secure it from his future perfidy. The principal of these terms was a commutation of the contingent which the...
Страница 48 - Bajeerao shall immediately come, with his family and a small number of his adherents .and attendants, to the camp of...
Страница 48 - General Malcolm engages that any part of his family that may be left behind shall be sent to him as early as possible, and every facility given to render their journey speedy and convenient. "Fourth. — That Badjee Rao shall, on his voluntarily agreeing to this arrangement, receive a liberal pension from the Company's Government for the support of himself and family.
Страница 47 - Rao himself found the last transaction too barbarous to avow ; but as the perpetrators are still unpunished, and retain their command in his army, the guilt remains with him. After the commencement of the war...