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Pray for us.

Holy Mary Magdalene,

upto true repentance. We ask thee Holy Agatha,

do hear, us. Holy Lucia,

That thou touchsafe to reignover Holy  gaes,

and to guard entire thy holy church. Holy Cecilia,

We ask thee, do hear us. Holy Catherine,

That thou vouchlafe to guard che Holy Anaftalia,

Papal dignity, and all the orders of All the holy Virgins and Wi. the church in the holiness of their

dows, Pray you for us. function.. We ask thee, do hear ys. All you Men and Women, the That thoy voucbsafe to bring

Saints of God. Make ipter. down love the enemies of thy holy cession for us..

church. We ask thee, do bear us.

That on christian kings and The Supplications or Lisanies. governors thou vouchsafe to bestow

peace and true concord. We ask C. B. Return to mercy. A. Spare thee, do hear us. . us thou O Lord,

That to all thy christian people Return to mercy. A. Piteoully hear thou vouchsafe to impart plenteously, . us tbou O Lord.

peace and unity. We ask thee, do From all evil,

hear us. From all fio,

That thou vouchlafe to strengthen From thy wrath

and preserve us altogether in thine From sudden and unprovided holy bondage. We all thee, do i death,

hear us. From the wily assaults of the de

That thou lift up our thoughts • vil,

and purpose to heavenly cravings. From anger and hatred and from

We ask thee, do hear us. • all evil will,

That to all our benefactors thou From the demon of uncleanness, make a requital in blellings that enFrom lightning and tempett, dure for ever. We ask thee, do From the never-ending death, hear us. For the myftery fake of thy holy . That thou rescue the souls of us, incarnation,

5 our brethren kinsfolk and benefac. For fake of thy arrival,

tors, from the eternal sentence. For thy nativity fake, **

We ask thée, do hear uş.. For thy baptism and huly fafting, That Ahou vouchsafe 'to give and For thy cross and pashon fake, to preserve the fruits of the earth. For thy death and burial,

. We alk thee, do bear us. For thy holy resurrection,

7 hat to all the faithful who are For thy wonderful ascension, .. past thou vouchsafe to impart eternal · For the arrival of thy holy spirits .. repose. We al tbce, do hear use,

Paraclete, n ! : Io thy day of judgment, "ing

The Confecrating Bishop rijes, takes C. B. 'Sinners We are who ask the paff, and turning to the E.cat, thee, do hear us.

proceeds : That thou spare us. We ask thee, do hear us.

That thou vouchsafe to blesstthy That thou kindly refpite us. We chosen one here present. We alk ask thee, do hear us. : thee, do hear us

That thou vouchsafe to condoet us That thou youchsafe to bless 1 and

Deliver us O Lord.

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and to fan&tifyst thy chosen one here ftooping over this thy servant thine present. We ask thee, do hear us. horn of Priestly grace, spill forth

That thou vouchsafe to bless upon him thy mighty working bene. and to fanctify + and to consecrate diction. Through our Lord lefus thy chosen one here present. Christ thy Son, who along with hee. do hear us.

thee liveth anel reigneth, ia unity of That thou, vouchsafe in mercy to the Holy Gholt ; : hear us We ask thee, do hear us...

O Son of God. We ask thee, Next follows the Preface. do hear 'as.

O Lamb of God, who bearest Confecrating Bishop says aloud : : away the fios of the world. Spare us, O Lord. :'. . GRIND. PREFACE.

O Lamb of God, who bearest away ihe sins of the world. Hear C. B. Through worlds without us io mercy, O Lord.

end. So bę it.
O Lamb of God, who beareft C. B. The Lord be with you.
away the fins of the world. Have And along with thy spirit.
mercy on us, O Lord.

C. B. Let hearts be raised.
O Chrift hear us. O Christ hear We hold them towards the Lord.

C. B. Let us give thanks to our
O Chrift, mercifully hear us.
Gullo hear' vs.



Lord God. It is worthy and jult. Chrilt, mercifully bear us.

C. B. Amen. It is worthy and Kyrie eleison. O Lord, have just, it is equitable and falutary, that mercy on us.

always, and in every place, we yield Chrifte eleison. O Chrift 'have thanksgivings to thee, O holy Lord, mercy on us.

O Father Almighty, O God everKyrie eleison O Lord, have lasting, who art the crowo of all the mercy on us.

u dignities, which in hallowed subor. Our Father, to the end secrét. dination are attendant upon thy glo.

ry. O God, who with Moyses thy Then the Confecrating Bishop takes serv nt, when in secret and familiar

the book of the Gospels, and with converse, amongst the other leffon's the affiltaoce of the Bishops, Glent- of heavenly worship, instructing him ly places it on the shoulders and concerning the attire of priestly velt. neck of the Elect. In this mannet megts, didit command that Aaron, it is supported by one of the Cler. thy Elect, should be robed in myste. by until the tradition of the Gof. rious dresles, during the performance pels, as hereafter, to the Elect. of facrifice, that an ensuing pofterity Next the Confecrating Bishop, might learn deep wisdom from the and the Asistant Bishops, touch antient example, and that all gene. the head of the Elect, with both rations might be availed by the inhands, Saying:

stručtions, thou didft vouchsa'e ; Receive thou the Holy Ghost. whereas for them of old the mere

beauty of thos: symbols purchased Standing uncovered the Confecra ing awe, while a'nongst us the truth we Bilbop prays :

experience is the ohject of our rea.

son, and not the dark language of the Be coodescending, O Lord, and figures ; for, of that obsolete prielt. appeasible to our supplications, and hood, the array but lignified what for

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us is the attire of spirit, and the ma- Thy light through all our senses jesty of priesthood no longer has its dart, value from the grandeur of vestments, Thy love on every borom shower ; but from the radiance of souls ; for Make the weak frame and fainting even those things which the courted

heart the wonder of eyes, demanded a' In new.born vigour hail thy power. knowledge of what they contained by fimilitude ; and therefore upon this Beyond our limits chase the foe. one, tby feryant, whom thou hast Within let thy true Peace preside ; elected in the high priesthood to mi

. That, ruled by thee, no ills we

The nilter before thee, we beseech, 0

know, Lord, thou mayst abundantly below..

By thee, our Leader, Guard and grace, that wbatsoever those typical

Guide, habits represented by their glare of gold, by their sparkling of precious : ftones, and by their toil of embrois''

. Through theethe Father be confess'd

Through thee his co-eternal Son, dery, may beam foreh in his morals and in his deeds. Fulil in this thy

Through thee eren Thou, their Priest the ultimate truth of thy minis.

Spirit blet

Uniting Both ; God ?hree in try, and having fully decked him out with all that beautifies in majesty, ac

One. i complish his consecration with dew of the chrism which is from heaven. . After the first verse ended, C. B. is

mitred, seated, and puts off his ring · Hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus. and gloves, an apron is placed on

his knees, the Ele&t is anointed Creator Spirit, come ; possess

kneeling, by sbe confecrating BiThe minds acknowledging thy Thop, with the facramental chrism, fway :

around the crown, and then upon With grace celestial come to bless the crown of the head.

The hearts that quickened from • thy ray.

C. B. Be anointed and confecrated

thy head in the Order of High Priest Thou Interceltor from on high,

ni by heavenly benediction. Thou Gift from Deity's abyss, .

te in the name of the Father, 4 and Spring.fource and Fire and Charity,

fs' of the Son, and of the Holy And Chrism of ecstacy and bliss.

Gholl. Amen. Sevenfold Diftributor of good, : C. B. Peace to thee. And along Finger of God's right-hand, thy witha thy spirit.

name, The Father's Promise lalt bestowed, (To be continued.) Enriching speech with tongues of


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Report on tbe Progress of the Sciences from the Epocb of the French Revo.

Lurich (1789) to the year 1808, made by a Commission of the Institute of | France, by order of the Emperor Napoleon.

His majesty being in his council ed' to a temporary silence, while of state, a deparation from the class public contusion scified iis voice, it : of history and ancient literature of appeared at one time likely to be the institute, composed of messrs. ' buried under the ruins of all social Levesque, president; Boissy-d'An- institutions. It is to your majesty,

glas, vice-president ; Dacier, per that it owes its regeneration. ! pelual secratary ; Sylvestre de Sa- M. Dacier then read the follow

cy, Visconti, Pasturei, Gusselin, ing report. Degerando, Brial, Sainte-Croix, It is not with literature. Sire, as Durheil, Ameilhon, being presen- with the accurate and the natural red by the minister of the home desciences, the real state of which pariment, and admitted to the bar may

ar 'may at every instant be known, of the council, the president spoke and their progress calculated : the as folloirs :

state of literarure can only he essiSIRE,

mated by the works it produces. "All the sciencies wirh which the . If they be good, literature supports ciass of history and ancient litera- itsell; if but middling or bad, Jire. ture of the institute is occupied, ratüre eiher declines or rerrogaand of which it has the honour of des: if they excel, it advances. presenting to your imperial majes. Thus the report which the class y the actual state, have one com- presents to your ma; -siv. is and mon centre : all concur in prepa. . can be only the result of ihe exa. ring their materials and their mo- mination inhich it has made of the des of proceeding; all have made works ou

nade works published in Europe since a gradual progress, and criticism

2. the year 1789, with a statement of

, which throws a light upon them' of the most effectual means of all, is in some measure, a science“ maintaining or encouraging each of our time.

of the branches composing what is Modern history, which origina-, denominated ancient literature ; 2 ted in France nearly at the same literature which is the primitive time with the monarchy,' cul...

..and everlasting model of taste, tirated in France during ages in

" the grand and beautiful in leiters, which it was silent in every other as the monuments of ancient sculpcountry, either bore away the

: ture and architec:ure will ever be palm, or gloriously contended for

models in all the arts of design. it, in the ages of learning. Reduc.' FERUARY. 1810.


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This labour, which would hare ledge, and of the temple consecrarequired a longer space of time to ted by the present time, to the be prepared and executed in a man- times past and to come, appear to ner worthy of the subject, and, if redouble their zeal and energy in ir were possible, of the hero who proportion as their number dimi. has ordered it, includes, under the nishes, and as they approach neargeneral ritles of philology, anriqui. er the end of their career. Of this ries, history, oriental. languages.' an unquestionable testimony is giand literature, ancient geography, ven by your volumes of the posthualmost the whole circle of letters, mous memoirs of the academy of with an indication of the efforts belles lettres, which will shortly made within the last 20 years by appear, and which they have French and foreign licerati, to make greatly contributed, as well as by some additions to the immense and the two volumes of the memoirs magnificent edifice of human know of our class, which have already Tedge. The class has thoughi fit to begun to be printed at the imperio join to their report, a view relarive al presses, agreeably in a decree of ro legislarion and philosophy, in or. your majesty; and these we do der to discharge a poriion of the not deem unworthy of forming at debt of the class of moral and poli- continuarion of the valuable colo tical sciences; to which it has in lection of the works of that illuspart succeeded.

trious academy. This ręstimony, Your majesty will see, that not. may, if necessary, be confirmed withstanding the political troubles by the important translation of which have agirared France, it has Hérodorus, the father of history, not his heroo remained behind. hand become in our language a treasure in any branch of literature; but it is of knowledge as various as it is with pain ihar we are obliged ro profound and uncommon; by the to state, so you that several of its critical examination of the histori. parts are threatened with a speedy ans of Alexander i he great; by the and nearly loial annihilation, phil. franslarion of Eschylus, the most ology, which is the basis of all difficult of the Greek tragic poets, solind: licorature, and that on works ominently philological and which resis the certainty of histo- crirical: and by multitude of ry, and she knowledge of what is others, extremely commendable, past, which has shed so much lus. and which we refer to in our re. Pre on the academy of belles lerrers, port. scarcely finds any cultivators. The 'The language of monuments learned men whose labours still fer- and inseriprions, that department rilize its domain for i he most part of larin literarure which is in she remains of a generation about transmir to posteriry, in a manner to disappear, see rising about them at once simple, noble, and concise, but a small number of persons cáo the events of the present time, has pable of replacing them. By poin. Jarely been reduced to more cer. ting out the evil to your majesıy, rain rules, and recalled to the iiniwe are assured that your pouvertul rarion of the most excellent mohand will apply the proper reme. dels. dy.

The science of antiquiries has Nevertheless, Sire, these learned made very considerable progress, men, the faithful guardians of the which is an a great measure due precious de posii of acquired knorr to France. The study of monu,


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