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whom believe you have injured the THE REV. DOCTOR RYAN. tottering cause which you laboured

to maintain.

The terror which you evince, by SIR,

declaring that should Doctor Milner, When I read, in the Freeman's

or any of his friends, crouble you fur. Journal of Thursday (the 25th Jan.) ther on the subject of your analysis your Letter to the Right Rev. Dr. of Ward, you would take no notice Milner, I paused for a moment, to of them, but publish your queries, consider if it were worchy of ao an evidently implies the supposition that wer : as I was convinced that the you have heard of my having a rod learved Prelate, to whom it was di- in brine, which was prepared for you re&ted, should treat it with chat inat. by a Catholic prieit; and, Mrinking teotion becoming a man of dignified under the ascendancy of Popish gelearning, which forbids him to notice nius and learning, you dreaded to the impotent attack of an obscure contemplate the awful columns that writer, who post:ff:s no literary ac fupport the venerable and u verring quirement or character to recommend Church of God, which pronounces him to the notice of the world, but your condemnation. an unbecoming forwardness.

. Whoever could believe your maI should have been silent too ; lignant descripcion of our B hops but seeing your billet, under the head and Priests, mult certainly conclude of an advertisement, in the Eveoing that they have been, and are still, a Post of Saturday—and considering brood of conteinp:ible and vicious the queries which you call on the miscreants You disfigure goodness learned frelate to answer to be be with the garb of vice; you vitiate neath the notice, not only of him, intention; you blast, you wither eve. but of a school boy in divinity, - ry virtue ; in a word, Ditor, the take this opportunity of informing extravagance of folly and vice which you, that I thill answer them, if my you impute to them, must naturally health and leisure permit me. awaken suspicions favourable to the

To speak candidly, my good Dr. Catholic caure. It must render your Ryan, the Catholics are not to be in- , ravings improbable to the plain and timidared by your vociferations; nor simple and thole who are conversant to be subdued by the menaces of your witit the matter will continue to exparty.

press that disguit at your performances Temulate the character of a fair which has already been testified, by and honourable foe, by publicly de- every individual who has had the mis. claring to you that no artifice shall. fortune to read them ;-and when induce me to be fileat, as long as curiolicy has paid the price at which you continue to propagate scandal, they were taxed, many purchalers and misrepresentation against the re-- never laboured beyond the preface ; ligion i profels. I feel myself not they are superlatively mischievous only invulnerablebut lo complerely lo fact, Doctor, you come too late your malter, that I will force you ei. to market to sell libels against the ther to acknowledge your defeat, or, Catholic religion ; which, ever an. at least, to retire from the field of cient, and never new, (like tbe Fa arms, and hide your disgraceful ther of Light from whom it defcends) Wounds, the infection of which als knows not the vicisluve of a change teady annoys your party, many of no, not the shadow of alteration.


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: Your calumnies are now ftale ware; cal opposition, until the second comthey pall the appetite, and are fright. ing of its Divine Founder. ful to men of talte.

R. COYNE. . Read, I beg of you, the preface

NOTE. to the Protestant Apology, published . Do&or Ryan came forward to deby Mr. Fitzpatrick. The learned fend the Protestant Bible, against the author of that work, a Catholic priest, Immortal Errata, with as much coshas given us fpecimens of your confidence as if he had the abilities of temprible logic ; and I fear no contra- the learned Doctor i aldron, author dinion, when I assert, that he is not of the Polygot. He now gives up the ipferior, but far fuperior, in point of defence of the Protestant Bible, and Jearning, to any one of your party. Atrives to screen his disgrace ander You prophefied that no other edition the pretext of giving notice to the of the Errata would appear ; your public that he will write no more on predi&tion is fallified by the fact—as the subject, though he is convinced in the fourth vill lortly be ready for his heart that an answer to his AnaSale. However, I think it but fair lyfis is just ready to appear. But, to dealing to give you timely notice to set the controversy at rest, I challenge provide an interpreter-as the refu- Dr. Ryan to a public or private con. tation of your analysis, prefixed to ference, where I shall defend the the new edition, poffestes more eru. Articles of Catholic Faith against bine 'dition and biblical criticism, than falls 'this may astonish Dr. Elrington, to your lot to discern, much less to who shall soon hear from me.) answer. Controversy is not that for Thaoks to kind Heaven, the days of which God and Nature intended you. terror and blood are gone by, and a It often occurred to me that you were Popish Bookfeller will now find more better fitted for cudgeling than dir- protection and justice from the honor. puting; and Christian charity obliges able Sheriffs of this city, than the prome to deGre you to beware of the face fcribed Father Malone; or the learned of Therlites - left, like him, who Father Fitfimons, when brought from was the laughing.flock of the Greeks the Callle Prison, to hold a public and Trojans, you become the jest of disputation with the intolerant Viher, · Catholics and Protestants.

experienced from the members of the · I conclude, as on a former occa. Star-chamber and Sheriffs of their sion, when the one eyed Layman day. (whom I believe to be Dr Ryan) ap.. peared in the Dublin Journal, ervirg out that the Protestant Church would be in danger, were I permitted to . BANKING IN DUBLIN. publish Popish books; to which I then and now answer, " that while he · This city swarms with Banking trembled for the mutability of his speculators, as it is inundated with crced, he mult permit ine to glory in Englilh adventurers in the Insurance the unchangeable nature of mine. business. Among the former, we are Fixed on the firm bafis of the faith. proud to see a company of respeclabi. once delivered by Christ to his Saincs, liry, and of undoubted property, ob it has already wiihstood the violence rained in the most honorable manner; and calamities of eighteen centuries ; we mean the house of O'Connor and and will, as I am well assured by his Moore, by which the public will be Divine pronise, withstand all heriti. much reliered in their feelings, as


well as accommodated in their respec. ion, is published, by a Scotch protive lines of business, not liable to be juckor, lace of musical táok in his exposed to the aggravating inconveni. Majesty's army. This whistling piece ence of doiog business in a whipping of Caledonian instruction, is edited or police establishment : for within by one of teresford's light infantry, the last month, a police man has and the true riding house itile is diftiotransformed himself into a banker, guished in every page. Between the orsamented, titled, and finished, for fife-major and the barrister, the Irish the better and more efficient dignity Catholics are to be insulted, for the litof his new employment, by getting the time this anti-Irish work is trel-. the two extremities of his names orë paffing on the property of its proprie. namented in the royal manufactory, tor, the Herald office in London .


OF BASIL, A new periodical work, named Almall Republic of the Banks of the, The Satiriit,” published by Charles,

Rhine. has lived to the age of three months. , .' .. This curious production may be justty called the book with the wrong The BaGlians think their form of name: we defy the keepeft penetra. government the molt, perfect in the tion to discover any thing in it, that world : and if the satisfaction and hapcorresponds with its name; adull and piness of the people, the equal distri. a malicious spirit pervades it, exer- bution of justice, and the prelervation ciling its malignity on unprotected of decency and good order in the female character, and at the expense community, are proofs of its excel. . of the different performers on our leuce, they have great reason to be stage, without any regard to truth, fond of their cooftitution. The priviwithout any claim to judgment, to leges it confers on the lower orders of humour or talte. We have been at the people, mult for ever secure their tacked in its foolish pages, in its duld allegiance and attachment to it, for manner,— we expected this from our the meanest citizen is eligible, and Orange adversaries, our natural ene. has an equal chance with the greatest mies ; but neither the ability of Mr. aod moft opulent, to obtain a seat in Cooway, nor the loyalty he affects the sovereign councils of the repub, when be traduces us, can hurt us in lic. the public opinion, nor keep alive his. Indeed their method of choosing Mock Satiris ; for like other adven: the members of their legidarure, is tuting cotemporaries, who have joftled not in speculation very favourable to with us for public patronage, neither the promotion of good government; their professed abhorrence for Irish for the members are not chosen for principle, nor their talents, could keep their virtues, their talents, their in. them in existence--they have expired fluence, or their birth : the appointin their infancy, deeply regretted by ment of them is left wholly to the ca. some credulous paper.maker.

price of fortune, who fills offices, and

makes councilors of flate in the reAnother one of the same complex- public of Balil, in the same mapper,

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of Misery

"9 and with as little respeer to persoas, as They have been prostituted to the The distribut-s prizes in the English gay luxurious villain, and are now Lottery. This fanciful method of turned out to meet the severity of conducting elections, and beltowing winter. Perhaps, now lying at the offices, may sometimes have a ludi- doors of their betrayers, they fue to crous or inconvenient effect ; but as wretches, whose hearts are infenfible, such accidental events, neither leffen or debauchees, who may curle, but the dignity of their legislature, impede will not relieve them. the operation, or weaken the efficacy Why why was I boro a man, and of the laws; the prevention of them yet see the sufferings of wretches I is not worth a thought. It might not cannot relieve! Poor houseless crea. perhaps be without its benefits, if the tures! the world will give you re. same practice was introduced into proaches, but will not give you relief. fone coup'ries, where matters of this The Nightest misfortunes of the fort stand in great need of regulation ; great, the most imagijery unealinelfor it is, beyond difpuie, a nioit effec- ies of the rich are aggravated with tual remedy against that orruption, all the power of eloquence, and held which defeats the noblest efforts of

up to engage our artention and lym. patriotism, and reduces the best mo.

pathetic sorrow. The poor weep delled coollitutions to a level with

unheeded, persecuted by every subor

unheeded, per the worst.

dinate species of iyranny; and every
law which gives others security be-

comes an enemy to thein!


From the Citizen of the World, by

Dr. Goldsmith.


the Critic Philosopher.

WHO are thofe who make the Ireland produces every article ne. freets their couch, and find a short ceflary for the support of mankind i repose from wretchedoels at the doors and might, by proper culivation ex: of the opulent? These are Itrangers, tended, produce treble the quantity. wanderers, and orphans, whose cir- The lower class of the people rea) cumstances are too humble to expect very little benefit from profusion, bea redrels, and whose distresses are too caule every device is made use of to great even for pity, Their wretch- eohance the value of the commodities. edness excites rather horror than pity. 'Tequilite for their subfiftence. Some are without the covering even The spirit of camiog has so ditof rags, and others emaciated with fused itself through every rank, that direale. The world has disclained the nobleman risks his thousands on them ; society turns its back upon the cut of a card, or the turn of a their distress, and has given them up die ; the tradesman ventures his huoto nakedness and hunger. ' dreds on the rise and fall of stocks ;

These poor shivering females have whilst the mechanic and servant lose once feen happier days, and been their guineas on the drawing of a hartered into beauty.

lottery licket.


ORDINATION OF ROMAN All the holy Patriarchs and Pro. CATHOLIC BISHOPS.

pheis, Pray you for us.
Holy Pcter,

Holy Paul,
The Crder of the Latin Rite for the Holy Andrew,
Trdination of Biskops in the Roman Holy James,

Catholic Church. Translated and Holy john,
: Publisbed with the approbation of Holy Thomas,
the MA Rev. I T. Troy. . Holy James,

Holy Philip,
(Cortinued from Page 12.) . Holy Bartholomew,

Holy Matthew, .

Holy Simon, Confecrating Biffop. Invocations.

Holy Thaddeus, Kyrie eleison. O Lord take pity on

Holy Matthias,

Holy Baroabas, us. A. Kyrie eleison.

Holy Luke, C. B. Christe eleifun. O Christ take

Holy Mark, pity on us...

All you holy. A postles and EvanA. Chrifte eleison.

gelists, C. B. Kyrie eleison.' O Lord take

All you holy Disciples of the

Lord, pity on us. A. Kyrie eleison.

All you the holy Innocents, C. B. O Christ do hear us...

Holy Stephen, A. O Chrilt do in mercy hear us.

Holy Laurence,

Holy Vincent, C. B. O Father God, fron the hea

Holy Fabian and Sebastian, vens, A. Have thou mercy on us.'

Holy John and Paul, C. B. O Son (od, the Redeemer

Holy Cosmas and Dainian, of the World,

Holy Gervasius and Protasius, A. Have thou mercy on us.

All you the holy Martyrs, C. B. « Holy Ghost, God,

Holy Silvelter, . A. Have thou mercy on us.

Holy Gregory,
C... O Holy Trinity, one only

Holy Ambrole,

Holy Augustine,
A. Have thou mercy on us.

Holy Jerome,

Holy Martin, The Convocation of Miniflring Spirits. Holy Nicholas,

Holy Patrick, Holy Mary,

All you the holy Bishops and Cor. Holy Parent of God,

felfors, Holy Virzin of Virgins,

All you the holy Doctors, Holy Michael,

Holy Antony, Holy Gabriel,

Holy Benedict, Holy Raphael,

Holy Bernard, All Boy angels and archangels, Holy Dominic, All the holy classes of bleflid

Holy Francis, · spirits, Pray you for us.

All you holy Priests and Levites, Holy John Baptist, Pray for us. . All you holy Monks and Her. Holy Joseph, i ray for us,



Pray for us.

Pray for us.

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