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of the chickens in a farm yard, at : “ Qur present Majesty, and may

the frightful return of the hawk. Channel.row be ever governed by . Same day a Gtrong detachment of " The Cause of Liberty all over

: the police pulled down several por- these dominions." •ted bills, advertising the Irish Maga- " The Mem "ry of Alderman

zine ; the offending papers were lafe: - Faulkner and Hackball-one the Jy lodged at the Head Office ; it was founder of our constitution, and the

confideotly rumoured, at the same other one of our n.oft illuftrious · time, that such weighiỹ offences, fellow subjects.” : :' · threaten not only the houses they ." The Memory of Benjamin I. · are laid on, but the dignity of magi- who exchanged the fauttle for the

Atrates, constables, and women, hol- sceptre ." : . : ding or retaining any authority ; all : . . of whom, including bricks and per. . A new institution, of a literary Sons, are not safe in their respeäive kind, is about to be established in Situations, while such publications are this city, under the patronage of that permitted to be hawked, sold, or pas illulirious nobleman and general, Sir

ted up; contrary to the ftatuies, ia Arthur the Brave. It is to be a kind : Juch cafes made and provided. of college, where cery Proteftant

candidate for a feat in tbe City Ar• On Tuesday an inspection of the sembly mult prove, as a qualification • Yeomaniy took place, in Stephen's. for the exercise of his legislative rank,

green ;- the feven or eight spectators that he can read. As several persons were highly grátified at the military heretofore had obtruded themselves manner the entire body went through into several august afscmblies, without their evolutions. Sir Charles Algill, fufficient education, it is expe&ed who inspected the corps, narrowly that the objects of the institution will escaped being thrown off his horse, as extend to city grand jurymen. . the generous animal startled at the coarse noise of a piper's chaunter, Oo Sunday, prayers were read by playing the American tune of Yankee the chaplain of Newgate, in the cha. Doodle. This is cót the first time the pel ; himself and an afillant were gallant general fele inconvenience the only persons present. After di

from the effc&s of the American re.. vine service, the bread,was diftributed • 'bellion.

to 260 pričoners, who profess the pu

pish faith. Had they a chaplaio paid ' Yesterday being the anniversary of out of the taxes, they would have the - the birth-day of Benjamin 1 (Haugh. politeness to attend at prayers ; but

ton) King of the Beggars, the same where there are congregations withouc 'was observed, with the usual demon. priests, and ministers without congre.

irations of joy, among all the loyal gations, one must do without pray,
inhabitants of Channel-row. An'ad-ers, and the other without hearers.
dicional quantity of warın porridge,
of a Atronger consilience than that LAME GALEN,
olually seen ip the establishment, was
ferved to each person. Several toals COUNSELLOR O'CONNELL.
were drank in seafoned !mall beet
after dinner : among others were the This amputacing Erop was very
: rudely treated by Couoseltor O'Con,




nell. a few days back, in one of the were advancing, he ran into an entry,
Law courts, where he appeared as an and fell proltrate on his face ; in
evideace on a trial. It is scarcely cre- which situation he was found by fome
dible that a Chriftian government insurgents, whole olefactory nerves
would employ, as a censor of the mo.' deceived them into an opinion that it
rals, and a guardian of the lives and was dead body ; so that, like the
properties of the people, such a man · Suokbin en of the Cape of Good
as the barrister delcribed this abor - Hope, by the effluvia of his carcafe,
tion to have been ; and yet this man which intected the circumam vient air
has been an Irish magiftrate! Dean hę laved his life
Swift bought in his day that the con-
ftitution of England was, to the Irish
people, · Magna Farta,' and we ap-
prebend the appointment of such pro.

LEARNED CHARGE TO A tectors of the people as this man, does

JURY. pot afford us at present a more perfe& cojuyment of that constitution. , he barrister told him to his beard,' and Kilkenny Summer Affizes, 1909. in hearing of the multitude, that he had been disgracefully expelled the

Lellee I ord Kilkenny a. (Ideld. College of Surgeops for mal.practices ; that he had been a vender of quack

£je&tmeot on the Title. medicines; that he had been an in Counfel spoke to evidence. former, and joined the bactation of tellimony under Jemmy O'Brien, but Lord N y .--Gentlemen of had at length beco entrusted with the the Jury, Counsel on both sides have commillion of the peace, uuder Lord ing run the full length of their tether, Cattlereagh's government, from it is now, thank God, come to you which filuation he has been removed and me, Gentlemen, the Defeoqant oo completion of the dirty work is a moit relpectable honeit manwhich he had undertaken, Hear there he is - I am sure it is hethis, ye wise meo of the land !” shạt koow him by the likeness to his one, driven with ignoming from a li: father. Conne here Old.ield, give beraland enlightened incorporated bo. me your hand. Oldfield, you are a dy, an qutqalt of his profession, a very Tipperary man, though it leems you excrescence of the community, has now live in the county of Kilkenny. been invested with a power to pay Gentlemen of the Jury, it is an honor domiciliary vibes, and exercise every and a credit to have fuch men settle orber appertaining function of a civil in it. I know all the Oldfields well. magistrale in ill-faced Ireland! When Oldtield you co ne fro.n Kilcooly, all the Counsellor's oration had conclu. your family are tenants to Su Wilo did, D- , '.grino'd horrible a liam Barker. Oldfield, I love you ghaltly smile,' and calked somewhat and all your family, my family has of guns and swords ;' but the law- great obligations to yours--tea of yer happily remembered, and remin- you came at one time to vote for my ded him of his courage, on the night brother. ^ assure you Oldield, I have of Mr. Emmete's infurre&tion. When a very grateful recollection of it I this hobbling anatomift was leading never will forget it-but I tell you

the soidiers into Cork-ftreet, on the what, Oldfield, every life ja your lease : alarm being raised that the rebels is as dead as a berring.



himself to a “ premunire ;" that is, forfeiture of goods, imprisooment,

bunilhment, or death, as the case may Men of Ireland!

be. --- Very well! Mr. Giffard Once more are your religious and r:quires the priests throughout his patriotic principles called into act on. diocere to reach their respective Rocks The Veto, hertiofore pretled on us, that the doctrine of transubstantiation by the iolidious machina:ions against is idolatry, and purgatory a superiti: Catholicity and inch Liberties, is, cion; they would probably refuse ;

under a different form, offered for he would, of course, futpend them, our adoption.

and appoint prielts from Mr. Beres. Irishmen! - I call upon you to re.. ford's fupplementary yeomen. : member your anceltors, who for three Some may say, this is supposing centuries withifood a prof riprion, what will never happen ;'--but I apmore bloody.than those of Nero or peal to your knowledge and comnion Domitiao. I call on you to give this sense, is it not the Bithops who br. irreligious, this foul attempt agaioft dain the pricfts? And, if his Ma. your moral happiness and national jesty cao appoint fuch Bishops as Dr. character, its final rejection. Duigenan or Mr. Giffardor a Ca.

I will not offer theological reason tholic priest who would care as much ipg, to convince you of iis molt ini. for you, or your religion, as either of quitous import-as that has been al. them ask yourselves to what conse. seady dope, to an extent equal to quences such a power may lead ?' the magnitude of the question. But Now, if it was not the with of the l'entreat you to exercise your unbi. British Government to destroy the affed judgi vents, as frithmen and Ca. Catholic religion in Ireland, why need tholics ; and you will be convinced they be fo voeasy to have this Vero that not only the existence of your granted to his Majesty ? for it will religion is involved in the considera- not give hiin one foot of territory,

tion of the proposed measure -- but on the whole earth, more than he is • the independence of your posteriry, already possessed of; it will not add to all succeeding generations. one shilling more to his owo coffers,

What is a Vero? " Let them or to the national treasury; it will disguise it as they may,” it is tu vest not give bim the additional populaa power in his Majelty, enabling him tion of one village, to niake him to appoint or reject what (atholic Atronger; nor will it be a better pledge Bishop be pleases in future. What of loyalty from the clergy or laity, if his Majesty should appoint the i ro. for they have already sworn allegi: teitant Archibishop of Tuam to be ance to him. Catholic Primate, and Ductor Duige. No, Irish Catholics! any of these nan to succeed Doctor Troy? llay, consequences are not looked for if a Vero is conceded, it would be but I will tell you what the British morally imposible for the Catholics Ministry expect by its accomplish. to prevent luch appointments ment. They imagine that those hopes

Suppole Mr. Giffard entered into you have always cherilhed, of beir.g holy orders, it is not imprible, delivered, one day or other, from - under the proposed regulation, but worse than an Egyptian bondage, will

he might become a Caibolıç Bishop: thereby be extinguilhed. They know i for, by tuis new penal law, any pere that the Irish Catholic Hierarchy is foo oppoling Mr. Gatan lubjects the baltreninant of that hope the


lait plank of Irish independence by with them in what they way dos which the people can now hold, which will be a final condemnation They know, that, if they succeed, of this most traitorous conspiracy they can virtually appoint priests, who against our religion and independence. would tell you, that it was a grievous I ask you, will you now, in a season mortal la not to be content with of peace and gracious forbearance. tythes ; that the absentee landlords, surrender that, to preserve which your who drain the last shilling of the Irish ancestors suffered every cruelty that peasant's labour, and spend it in Eng. human malice could devise?' And land, are the most humane men liv- wha: will they give you in exchange? ing; and that it would be revolting · Emancipation,' Perith the abiect azalt your Maker to say you were wretch that would make such a bar. injured or oppreffed. in

gain! Observe the ingenuity manifested, No, Irishmen! let them re-enact in this new attack on our religion. the penal code :--- we know how to Hererofore they failed in corrupting' fuff:r ~but we know not how to bar. our Bishops ; now," fay they, der our religious creed for the perilh" we will try to cajole the laily; and able acquillions of this world. if we can succeed with them, altho' At prefent you feel your condition the Bilhops may continue firm in their to be that of extreme poverty and determination, yet, if we cannor carry oppreslion ; but once allow the Veto our point as to the Veto itself, we to be carried, and you will have to will effect what may be as advanta contend with the Protellaot lythe. peous we will divide the people proctor and the Catholic inquisitor. from the clergy, and we can manage The former will rob you of the fruits both at oor leisure."

of your industry, and the latter will Irishmen! be on your guard! Do oblige you to fuppress your furro' for. not in any wire pronounce on the the destruction of a religion that you Veto as a theological queftion-leave will always continue firmly attached that to be determined by the Bishops, to ; and to confundate your suffer. the great majority of whom are ho- ings, it will be the intereit, and conneft, and not to be bribed or intimi- sequently the indefatigable reach of dated. Remember that the Irish your religious teachers, to assure you Catholic Bishops have been the faith chat you ought never believe or ex. ful depositaries of your doctrine and pect that Providence interided you discipline for three hundred years - Thould ever be other than the moft You koow they have suffered priva. abject, outraged, and degraded laves, tions the most mortifying, and penale which can at this day be exhibited ries the most ignominious ; they have to a Christian World. been imprisoned, they have been banished, they have been gibbetted

I am and they have been suffocated, as Your Fellow.Sufferer, Currie informs us. Rely on it, they will not now betray you. Coacur


.. , •TO .

· of this country, no refledion on you MAJOR SIRR,

maoners or character would, in any i ' !ant Justice

remote degree, tend to an act of re

bellion Were even your person sacri. TO i WILLIAM PEMBERTON,

legioully attacked by any profane

hands, and hung out to public ridia Alderman, Combmaker, and Head Poo cule, it would not in any maoner afo lice Magifrate.

feet the public tranquillity, nor shake the allegiance of one of bis Majelty's

subjects. Besides attacking my repu My Pear Sirr,

tation, and injuring my property in Your well known activity, bere. theory, your./quads, as you call your toforë To much distinguished in the constables, have pulled down my posto hillory of, our misfortunes, incərrup- ing' bills, and carried away the prin ted by the return of law, still conti- ted labels from the doors of several nues, though in a very abridged mad persons who fell the Irish Magazine. ner, to be very troublesome to me, of this condu& I warn you. Notwithnot only by the ill natured disposition landing the high confideration you apexpressed in your words, but in the pear in, in the opinion of the benevor manner your speculations are reduced jent house of Richmond, if repeated, into practicę, by the ragged deputies I will te ch you, that if I undertake acting uoder your instruclions. To be to engage the law to grapple with you, plain, Sirr, you have, by words of in the whole interest of the houfe timidation, attempted to deter several of Talavera will not be able to ex. persons in Dublin from selling my tricate you from its strong arm, nor Magazine--you have told. William, prevent the Proprietor of the Irid M'Donald, of Anglefea-Areet, that Magazine of adequate remuneration none but rebels would be concerned for any injuries he may fuftain by an in such a scaudalous publication, and illegal zeat, exercised on the part of that the intention of its circulation is · Major Sire. to promote rehellion. As to the firft. I remain, Sirr, of your allerrions, I venture to say

Yours, publicly, Şirr, that it is a gross and

WALTER COX. palbable –, as mes, the most dillin... : guished in the trade for their loyaliy, Sell it; and so far is the intention of . .. the proprietor from insinuating any

LETTER thing of a disloyal meaning in its pas ges, that I defy you, or the most disa · RICHARD COYNE, cerning and litera!? of your keen .

TO THE eyed alliftants,' to 'quote one paliage ..., REV. DR. RYAN of a rebellious tendency. I hope, .. Sirr, you do not presume to identify We need not apologize to our Chan yourself with the government, so far, " tholic readers for the infertion of 'as, to tell the world, that whatever the following letter, written to a reflects on your condud, or invites Doctor Ryan, who we understand your indignation and perfanai feel is chaplain to Beresford's bank :ings, must tend to excitę rebellion. to be more explicit on the learned I can assure you, Sirr, that however Divine, is in our opinion vopecefefteemed you are among the people fary...


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