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reservations-it would he very strange them in that strain cannot detract that the same orators who have not at- (however it may amule) from the re tempted to contradict our motives for putation and respectability of the ho. not adhering in the month of June, nourable bearer. In every quarter of Thould be so inconsiltent and unjust as the civilized world human fociety has to consider and impute it as a crime in been, from the remoteit period of time, the month of November.

marshalled into useful gradations of According to our adversaries (for we meritorious pre-eminency,- the rules of have got many, and even among the virtuous life, the standard of our dea Judges,) this refusal of our non adhesion ferts, – the promotion of industry, is purely arbitrary, an insatiable thirst the system of sound legislacion demands for power blindfolds us, we are endan. it : It is not arrogancy but justice, not gering the tranquillity of the kingdom pride but subordination. without any true or real intereit: thus

Your's, &c. our opponents reason. It is then in. cumbent on us to do away those objections, lo ofren repeated in the arricable : NOMENCLATURA HIBER. report of Monsieur Voydel, supported

NICA. by all the divinity of Monf. de Mira. beau. We are impatient to lay open The population of modern Ireland this interest, truly noble, as it is founded comprises the posterity of four diftinet on duty, this national interest, this 'reli calls of colonists, progressively united by gious intereft, that this day commands the ties of blood and domiciliation into our resistance and opposition, if the mur. one great nation, commonly called murs that interrupt me, discover your Irishmen. These cafts 'may be distinminds, where is your impar:iality as guilhed into 1st, The Milesian, or Scy. Judges:

thians ; 2d, The Strongbonians, or Ana (To be continued.). ?.

glo Normans ; 3d, The English ; and

4th, The Cromwellians and WilliamTo the Editor of the Irish Magazine.

ites. These casts again are labdivided

according to general rule into differens Sır, .

orders of citizens, as followeth. Should the following clalitication of names, obtain a place in your Maga

1st Cast. 1st Class. zine, the disposition of them as they OF Milelian houses, which before the regard this country will, I trust, be Anglo Norman invasion, commonly fura found to be historically correct; the nislied the Supreme Monarch, or Fmpe. lubject too, not improbably, may afford ror of all Ireland, particularly since the entertainment to many of your curious Christian Ara. readers. Nothing being farther from

O’Melaghlin, of Meath, Nomenclator's object and inclination,

O'Neill, of Tyrone, either by allusion or otherwise, indeed

O'Brien, of Thomond, he loves and respects Ireland and Irish

O'Conor, of Conanght. men too fincerely to prelume so far) than to give offence to any individual,

ed Class. or fept, or family-it is hoped the Provincial Kings, many of whose an. whimsical arrangement of this article cessors fat on the Imperial Throne ; will be caken in general good part.- though latterly themselves have not so Almost all proper names have had a frequently been elected to fill that bigh whimsical, original ; to exhibit any of station ; in the extent of their postela

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fions, nevertheless, they nearly equalled, going houses. Throughout this arrange. for the most part, the four preceding ment no regard has been paid to precehouses.

dence, should any exist : The NomenMac Carthy, of Desmond, clator has clallified the several names Mac Morough, of Leinster,

in whichever way he found them fuited O'Flaherty, of West Conaught, to his verGfication. The titles O, and O'Donel, of Tyrconnel,

Mac, are sometimes fuppreffed for the O'Carroll, of Oirgeal,

fame purpose. O'Heochy, of Ulster, (alias Don O'Falvey, O'Galvey, Mac Egan, seavy,)

O'Hara : O'Rourke, of Breifny,

O’Driscol, O'Conell, O'Dowel, O'Connor, of Kerry,


O'Regan, O'Fegan, O'Loghlin of Sd Class.

Burrin ; Milesian Dynasts, or Sovereign Chiefs O'Conur-Corcomroe, O'Hebir, of the Royal Blood of Ireland, great O'Curran. vassals of the empire :

O’Slamin, O’Lamin, O Naghten, Mac.y-Brien, of Arra,

O'Doran : O'Kennedy, of Ormond,

O'Hinan, O'Geanan, O'Madden; O'Conor, of Offally,

O'Moran. Macmahon, of Monaghan,

O'Grady, O'Brady, O'Murphy, O'Neill, of the Fews,

O'Quin: O'Neill of Claneboys,

O’Boylan, Mac Moylan, the potent O'Reilly, of Cavan,

O’Lino. Macgwire, of Fermanagh,

O'Haly, O’Daly, Mac Clanchy, Fitzpatrick of Offory,

O'Duon : O'Phelan, of Decies,

O’Roney. Gilhowly, Mac Keogh, O'Moore, of Leix,

and Mac Gan. O'Byrne, of Wicklow,

With Kerney and Tierney, O'Leary O'Toole, of I mayle,

and Flinn : O’Ferrall, of Annaly,

O'Crowley, O’Dowley,O'Donoghue Mac Dermott, of Moyluirg,

Glynn. O'Carroll, of Ely,

O'Donelly, Conolly, Calbdy, Ward, Macnamara, of Clancolean,

O’Sulleyan-Beare, The Dynaft of Mac Geoghegan, of Moycatheil,

Ard; O'Dogherty, of Inisowen,

O'Meagher, O’Bolger, O'Grogan, O'Kelly, of Hymaine,

Mac Gilly Cuddy, Macbregan, O'Hea, O'Sullevan.more,

O'Dae. Mac Coghlao, of Delvin,

O'Dolan, O'Nolan, O'Gorman, O'Dempsey, of Claomalier,

O’Beirne, O'Donoghue-more,

C'Mahony-Fioon, Mac Swiney,

Aherne; 4th Class

O‘Fallan, O'Callan, Mac Manus, Includes the widespreading host of O’Dwyre ; · Milesiap Nobles, once very powerful in O'Donevao-More, The Chief Mac

followers and great poffeffions, of whom Intire. many are descended from what at pre. O’Callaghan Brallagbao, Sheridan, sent we term collateral branches, (a dil.

Dead, tinction not generally admitted by the O'i.onergan, Dorragan, Howragte, ancient Irish Sepis) of some of the fore. d.



O’Laverty, Rafferty, Neylan O'. One drop of their blood is worth Keeffe ;

ounces of gold. O'Flanagan, Lanagan, Cullin, O'. O'Heaff.

2d Cast Strongbonians.-1st Class. Cornyn, O'Dornyn, O'Galagher- Great Palatines, or Anglo Norman Boy :

Barons, of the first rank of nobility in Mulryan, O'Kyan, Mullowney O'. Europe, in whose train there followed Loy:

many inferior Lords and Knights. O’Scanlo,O'Hanlon, Mac Donogh, Cambrensis ftiles Earl Strongbow, Fitz O’Kean;

Stephen, Hervey of Montmorency, and O'Casey, O’Treals, Mac Awley, Fitzgerald, the Four Pillars of NorO'Heyn..

man Ireland. O’Lally, O'Malley, O'Kelly,, De Clare- Of this house, Richard, O'Coyle,

who like his father and grandfather, O’Cahan, O'Gahan, 'O'Dahig, f. bore the furoame Strongbow, was earl O'Doyle,

of Chepstow and Pembroke, and earl Magennis of Iveagh, and Boylagh marshal of England, and in the right of O’Boile.

of his wife, Eva vlac Morough, Prince O’Molloy, O'Dowd, O'Bric and of Leinster, descended from the Dukes

of Leinster. Mac Kenna of Troug

e, Fitzstephen.- Robert Fitzstephen, O'Money.

duke of Cork, the firft of the AngloMac Mahən, of Clare, Mac Cartan, Norman barons that obtained a footing • O'Gara,

'wich an hostile armed force in Ireland, O'Hagan, O'Degan. O'Donegan- was son to Lord Stephen de Marisco, a arra."

nobleman of the French house of Monte O’Tully, D'Scully, O’Fogarty, morency, constable of Cardigan in Fox, *

W!«5 He left no male issue. O'Hg., O'Brogan, Mac Walter Montmorency. Hervey de Montoge Cox I

morency, lord of Marisco in Eły, mare The Cartys, and Hartys, O’Lalors, Thal to king Henry ll. conttable 'of and Coffys,

Ireland, nephew to trongbou and to The lonys, Gildowneys, Moronys, Fitzstephen, from whose brother Simon, and Duffys :

by Geoffrey his son, viceroy of With Frowney Mac Costigan, Zeal. Ireland, A. D. 1215, the family of ous ro gooi,

Morres of Lateragh, Knockagh, and The $ Ceuta and Tareck, of famed Ballycashy or Rachline, in ipperary, GANA:OVIL;

and viscount Mountmorres and lord All hovies lo inighty, so worthy, and Frankfort are descended. old,

Fitzgerald.--Maurice Fitzgerald,

--- son to Gerald, constable of Windsor, * Fox, alins OSharaghan. uterine brother of Fitzstephen, from I Cox, alias Mac Killy,

whom the duke of Leiofter, the great . Ceuta and Gibraltar, the ancient earls of Kildare and Definond, the Heraclea, in honour of the Moorish knights of Kerry, Fitzgibbon, and of Genernl Tareck ; also Diebel-Tareck, the Glinn, Fitzgerald of Carigoran, were called the Pillars of Hercules. Castleishin, and Decies, and from Wil. Grana-Ouil is one of the favourite epi. liam his brotber, the marquis of Laosthats for Ireland; these personages down, eart of Kerry, and house of Fitztherefore appear in the language of maurice are descended. the poet to be called the Pillars of Erin,

De De Lacy.--Of this family were the Louth, barons of Athenry and Carbery, old earls of Meath and Ullier, in re. Bermingham of Dalgan, Kiffylan, Bal. land, and earls of Lincoln, and Con. Tough, &c. are of this house. stables of Chelter, in England; and latterly counts of the Roman and Ruf

2d Class siap empires ; descended from Ilbert . Under this head, we introduce a Jord of Lacy in Normandy, who fol. long train of illuftrious Chiefs, holding lowed William the Conqueror into high commands in Strongbow's army, England.

'or came into Ireland at the same epoch. De Courcy.—Sir John de Courcy, Many of them were powerful barons in descended from the Lords of Courcy, England and in Normandy, and their in Normandy, was earl of Uliter be descendants frequently raised to the fore de Lacy, and one of the greatest peerage. Ochers were constituted bawarriors of the age; the present lord of rons, within the jurisdictions of the this name is premier baron of Ireland. Great Palatinės, or Anglo Norman

Fitzhenry. (Meyler,) accompanied Princes. earl Strongbow, he was fon to Henry, one of the bastard sons of king Henry Fe Barry,, De Kearinge 1. of England, and nephew to Fitzste- 'Le Poer

.? De Val or Wall phen : he died ifueless. From Robert, De La Roche De Tyrrell his brother, a fanily of ihis name is De Verdon . De L'Estrange . fupposed to be descended...

De Genneville De Comerford Le Boteillcr.---The illustrioushouse De Grandiffon De Valoignes of Ormonde and Offory, and diilio: De Talbot De Worceltor guished family of Butler, descends from De Netterville De Hereford lord Theobald Fitzwalier, grand builcr De Dillon , De Ledewich of Ireland, who came at this period to ' D'Alion' De St. Aubio Ireland.

De Tuite De St. Leger De Burgh.-This puissant house has De Peryi De St. Martin produced as many great men as any St. Laurence De Bohan other in Great Britain and Ireland. De Cusack. De Hastings The earl of Claoricard, und viscount De Nugent De Plninkeit Mayo, are the principal representatives' De Condon De Roshter at present ; the families of Glinsk, De Caotwell De Brun or Browae Derrymacloghny, &c. branch fronithem. D: l'eipo

Firz Eustace · De Cogan-À family now, I believe, De Mayrewarde Fitz Martin extinct, but which at the time we are De Nangle or Firz Griffin treating, was of high respectability in • D'Angulo Fitz Simon Wales and Ireland. Miles de Cogan, Le Cheevres Shortail Lord of Cogan, was nephew to Filzste• De La Hide. Synnott phen, and with him joini lord of Cork. De La Mare Laffan

De Prendergast.—Likewise one of De La Haye Hackett Strongbow's great barons, lord of Pien. De Neville Hore dergali, in Wales, and of Enniicoriny, De Floritall

Hope in Ireland; he led a body of his own

Nott followers to the aid of Macmorough, De Tobyn ,'

Whitty and one of his descendants was created De Purcell Golding viscount Clonmel for life. .

D'Kimicnde Chamberlayoe De Londres.- Baron of Naas, a De Crace

Furlong gowerful chief. Ex.

De Riddlesford D: Borard De Bermingham.---Baron of Offal D: Barrett • ly, before Fitzgerald, I be ear! of



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De Stanton De La Ware and Scotch houses, who obta ined grants De Rouffell De Quincy

of lands out of the forfeited estates, beDe Pavilly Le Dullard fore and after the attainder of the great De Peche Dowdall

earls of 1 yrone and Desmond, and the L'Archdekio De Bluett

confiscated ettates of the church, viz. L'Archenibaud, or De Peppard Skelfingion Gifford, 'of Calile. Archbold D’Esefter, or Dex Brabazon

jordan De Looge ter' .


De Comyn Wallhe, of the Clotworthy Agard
De Braore


D'Everarde De Clahul. : Herbert


Blount To these may be added the following


Bellinghamn noble families, serried in Ireland during

ndiho Bingham the reigns of John, Henry III. and the


Folliott three rilt Edwards. “ .



Le Bold


Allen, of St. Wol. Wogan: Barnewall Stuart

stans Sarsfield

Mac Donnell King, of Clontarf Depo


King, of Kingston


Browne, of Neale

Conyogham Browne, of KeoDe Bache Lamport, of Wex.


mare Malpas

Brownlow, Bushe, of Kilkenny More Tancred i Hume

Conway, ot Kerry Avlward


St. John
St. George


Montgomery Heybourne



Cal vert






Le Brett


Mac Neill Bereford, of Killrue Preston

Hungerturd Mac Naughten Cardell . Joyce


Mac Lelaa Wolverston Ffreynch


Coiquohon White, of Leixlip Younge







Seagrave Mansfield

Rutler, of Belturbet Wyle



Taylor, of Swords
3d Cast



Archdall Or Englishmen, properly called, seto Monck tled in Ireland from the jait of Edward Lumley

Traat III. anno 1377, to the first year of the Fitton ·


Carey reigo of King Charles 1. A. D. 1625. Crofton Those persons, for the most part, were Souchwell Brooke younger Sons of ancient Goble British Mapother Lloyd



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