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For Trifhmen mult be endavéd until fear, be alloyed by many biter ingre? they are' legislatively independent.cc dients—but Repeal is the only sovereign Polterity!!! ........but here the pen falls 'restorative of the male vigour of Ire, from my hand............ Meet, my Coun- land's genius. Yes, my Countrymen, a trymen. Your neglect shall make you refident Parliament is the very sale of accountable for that lavery which thall this island -lince the Union the nation be the heritage of your posterity. Hea- 'ha's lost its genuine favour. It is a Reveps! what hand could affix the seal of peal alone that can uncrest the high inNatery to the fair forehead of an Irish Polerance of minillerial depravity. But babe !!! Shall hiltory fay, that the Irish let the corrupt minister remember that of the nineteenth century were employ. Wolfey went " far beyond his depth." ed in this work of infamy How can "Let the wretch remember that gou answer the charge, but by nreeting?

« Corruption wins not more thari Meet then, and Repeal the Starving Meature. What hation on earth can

honesty.difpure with you the sovereigniy of the

“ A nation gets rid of a tyrant only Sentimental world ? -None. Yet, per. by his death or banilhment.” The max. haps, there is not' on earth a nation, im has

co earit nailon. im has fallen from the lips of bistory. thất would so thamefully abuse fo dit. This single thaxim* “* speaks daggers" tinguishing á prerogatives' Fij on the to the fcribe of tyranny. Yet a tyrant is wings of thought, even to those dreary 3 monster with but one head, where 'tras where Toains the untenied favaze. aga tyrannic nation is a hydra. Müft I

There even there wou would hear the figure my country under the bideous Warkoon vello pienation failed form of a hydra. When a people canBeainst oppression. Evenche untaŭehtsa. "not thake off the iron mace of despotisin Vape fpurns at his oöpreffor. So hideous then indeed their case is truly pitiable'; COMAN is the rim vilice of the rütlilels but when a whole people suffer them. Tyrant." Surely, Trithmen, yield 'not in

'selves to be alienated from the palla. fympärhetic feeling to the unletteredsons arum

dium of their liberties, there' pity alof Nature's defarë. Hibernia's foul is

'fumes the high tone of juit indignation, fympathy i felf. How chen can you ans and spurns the faded emblent of a peo. swer the man that Thall repřoach you

ples' strength--of nasional dignity, and with the abuse of the richest talent focial freedom. . You have no other way but by meeting. Hibernia! must I live to see thee de. Will you not then meet when indepen. graded and despised! Multi behold 'dence is the consequence when corin. 'thee discarded from the list of nations! try is the object? Yes-rally around Must I live io see thee unleeded by a the banners of the constitution-de. nalion, which was forced io own your mand in the strongest terms allowed political ability-s7 nation which could you, your rights and privileges. noc but admire your martial prowels Let your standard be virtuous Freedom a nation in whose service your military Supported by the constitution Let every talents have displayed themselves --Irishman grapple it to his very éxillence a nation for whom your best bloot has - and arming his fout with all the ho flown !!!' But mult I live to behold your nelty of patrio:ic virtae part with it one very sons railing the aliis of daggered Jy in death. .

treason againit your faireit rights. Yes There is a fomething in the word -Hibernia! it is then indeed you cry Emancipation that fascioates you ; but out in the tone of defpondency a n d call off the film from your eyes. Emane thou too Brutus.People of brekend? cipation coming at this time would, 1. itay your rushle's arms. Meet --cio but


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meet-and, hiftory, shall say that the To come to the points, we quote the Irish name is not yet ettinct. R ject affair from the Irish andals of Queen Emancipation until the Repeal of Union Elizabeth's reign.

. i becomes imposhble: Emancipation with out Legislative Independence is the latt Massacre of Mullaghmaston, or seal of Irish Slavery. The maxim mayizdan vastuunast sidstima be.ceofured, but it is long loce engraven e The Calends of January, on Tueson the beart of

CAMOENS. day. 1577. In this year the Eaglish of : " Je suis un peu franc, mais c'est Leinkler and Meath, committed Hortid .. la mon humeur ; ! !

murders on such of the O'Moores and 66 Et je ne mache point, ce que j'ai sud O Coonors, and others of the King's .. mon caur..

and Queen's counties, as kept the peace,

sued for protection, and held no correfTHÉ

pondence with those of their kindred, l'... O'DEVEEYS ; who Nill stood out in arms against the

AND : ve!;! English government .

The Englih published a proclamaWELLESLEY POLE. 'tion, inviting all the well affected Irish

to an interview on the Rathmore, at This long depending cause was revi. Mulloghralton, engaging at the same ved in the “ Patriot,” on the 2117 of time for their security, and that na evil Norember, by Counsellor

S late of was intended. In consequence of this 'the Riding house army, at prelept Edi- engagement the well affected came to rror of the above Newspaper, and Coup. the Rathmore aforesaid, and soon after fel to the Police.

they were assembled they found then . The dispute originated in the follow- felves surrounded by three or four lines ing manner, and indeed the recollection of English and Irish foot and horle con of the circumllance leaves no great im. pletely accoutred, by whom they were preffion on the Irish mind of the great ungenerously attacked and cut to pieces, benefits conferred on us by English ci- and not a single man escaped." vilization ; nor are we persuaded by the This is the affair of Mullemast, and legal eminence of Mr. S o, that Mr. had not it happened, perhaps fome il. Pole's title to the lands of Ballyfin, is lustrious O Deevy would now be engain any manner fo good as the O'Deged vindicating the honor or advancing veeys, from whom they were wrested, the interell of Ireland, initead of a because the possession was obtained by a Wellelley, who affe as to do so under 'breach of faith, and a subsequent malfa. the spurious d fusion of Growing cre; and we do not find in the course Prosperity.”. Whenever the O'Deeof the pleadings, or by any historical veys resume their properties, a period document, that the O'Deveey's ever we have no great reason to lay is very provoked the Welleys, by any incur diltant, we trust that the meanest indi'Tion's into England, and if the O'Dee. vidual of that once illustrious fept, will i wys ever in Ri&ted any injury on the Wer be capable of as much military talents, Jeys, the latter must have been the cause fenatorial wisdon, and political princiof their owo misfortunç, by coming so ple, as any of thetr adversaries of the far from their dwellings, if they had any name of Welley.com in England. . .., . . :. '. '

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Important Extracts from Newspapers. tish lady, that the admitted him to the

last freedom with her person, without The very distinguilhed Justice D-, ever consultingthe chuich, or the ne. whose military prowess made so con- rish officers, which the statutes say {picuous a figure in the Coombe Cam- should be done on such occasions. paign in 1803, has lately retired from the consequence was, that a young public affairs. He has deposited the English nailor was given to the Empire, BATON and the Scales in the Head or in the langue Militaire, a British Omice of Police. Though he has re. grenadier was born unto his Majeiiy lo tioned his military and judicial func. carry the English crucitix over the cold tions, he yet continues to serve the meadows of Meath, or the burning publis, for which purpose he bas en finds of Indoftan. For this loyal and dowed an Hospital, three pair of stairs loving offence, Monks was pursued to up in a large house in Marlborough Dublin, taken into culiody, and com. streci, where he adminifters medical miled to Newgate, where he remained aid daily, and free of expense. . charged for several days. Mr. Monks

brought his action against Major Sirr, The commercial world mun feel and the event was as we stared. * some allonishment at the extraordinary

character of the Dublin Corporation of Last week Mr. B-o, the Police Merchan:s, whose declarations are so Magistrats's sole rock place; the Ilock manilestly hostile to che independence of cloths fold remarkably well. While of their country. They presume to the auctioneer was doing justice to the publish their unqualified approbation of a:Tignees, Mr. B- was doing jur. ihe Union, and consequently their abe tice to the public. The Irish character horrence of ship-building ; for it is a is never devaled even in the most dilo melancholy fact, that not one vesel was tre i ng circumstances; it seems to rise built or purchased for foreign trade in proportion to the difficulties it labours fince that fatal event. So that, we under An Irithman may be unfors have merchants withou: ships, and cor- tupate in trade-he may lose by bis porations without property ; yet those credulity or giddiness—he may be a merchants are no more the merchants of bankrupt tradesman, a poor poet, an Dublin, than the Corporation of inaccurate historian, an unskilful AtatesBarbers include all the Shavers in man, or a hasty commander ; but if Dublin.

enabled to discharge his mind from the MONKS rcrsus Sur.

anxiety which an uncertain and unThe public will hear with much supplied table inposes on him, by an pleasure, that this important dispute is adequate salary, he will make an exfinally adjusted ; that the Major very cellent judge. The wisdom of the prudently Itified the prosecution by a Wellesleys have proved our opinion, by douceur of lifiy pounds paid to plainuiff, their discernment: they have selected belides paying Mr. Arthur, Mr. Monks's tradesmen without property, lawyers Attorney, his bill of costs.

without briefs, and majors without Monks is a blacksmith, and stood commissions ; and never were men una charged by certain parish officers in der so many disadvantages more correct England, of a love affair in that coun. in their magilterial duties-chey trace a try, where the chastity of the fair is so 'Rebel to his pike, and a Thief to his very eminently conspicuous. Monks pistol, with such accuracy, that no apbeing an athletic Hibernian, and as prehension need be felt by any man forward as any of his countrymien, after either for the stability of the fate, or much difficulty lo prevailed on a Brin the safety of his property,

3 Y

A very A very handsome monument to the British Conftitution was put on my memory of the late Justice Bell, is pre- back, and it appeared so harp 200 paring by an erinent artist. Toim. heavy, that it cost me iny life ; but inmortalise the life and services of this deed neighbour I dont wooder at the great man, his history is to be written in injury the British Constitution done my hieroglyphics, in the manner of the an.' Conit tution—for, like poor Horish, I cient Egyptians. Bibles, whips, daggers, got only the TAIL end of it, and to bank-notes, and knife-boards, are so dil, my opinion neighbour 11 illiam, though posed on the pannels, as to give a fuco' your cough is not so bad as mine, I cinct and explicit abbreviation of his think your Constitution is gone pretty Memoirs. The top is to fioish, with a far too ; for, like many bundreds of handsome piece of sculprure, represent your kind, who lost their Conftitutions ing Baron Hamilton's clase.flool. ia College.green, the (tate of your

COUNTER and kitchen conviaces:

me, that you have loft either your apo A coosiderable party is formed and

petite or your cuítoniers. Pat had properly organized in this country to

Icarcely finished his barangue, when sesit the Catholic Claims. To obviate

two gentlemen entered the shop-one any pretext for indulgence, which the was Mr. Broome, the bailiff, the other Catholics urge for their services in the

Mr.]--, the window-lax’man ; the Army and Navy, the Ban yeomanry

former took poor William to the She. and Beresford's handsome light iofan. Lite Prif

riffs Prison, while the latter took off try, have volunteered to serve in Por

his bed. Poor Pat sneaked into his tugal, Sicily, India, and other foreign

shop to take his phyfic, which closed ftations, on condition that the British

in the scene of Constitution."

these ranks may be purged of papills.While there Orange heroes are bearing The King of Sweden, as we prethe English standard to Victory, the dicted in a former number in our acENNISKILLEN Juries have under count of The Royal Hospital, has taken to manage domestic concerns, and

and landed in England, to take posteljina

landed in will become a dispofeable force to até of the apartments allotted to his Majelty ¿end trials in any part of the country in that muniscent eltablishment. We

reasonably conjectured that his Imperial Some days fince, á loyal Orange Majelty of Auttria would have, ere this, Topkeeper, and his neighbour a Croppy, been added to the List of Royal Paure happened to take a little conversation pers, and our calculation would have together. The Orangeman, like a exactly corresponded with our affertions, Raunch Williamnite, was bragging of had not his Sacred Majesty, by 20 the English Conftitution ; he said, what unforeseeo Atratagem, relieved himfelf erery good Irishman would say on such from the travelling expedient, by exoccasions, that the British Constitution changing his daughter for an Empire. ID as is the belt in the world, particu. His Majesty of the One Sicily, we also larly lince we got so closely to it by the expected oa our hospitable fhores, had

not the hero of Maida, the gallant • Faith, says Pat, which is the name Stewart, whose comity to priefts and of every be Croppy, if it is good, upon Frenchmen adds so much co his fame, my soul they charge yery high for it; interposed between poor Ferdioand and

for my part, I lost my own constitution his rival Murat. ,which I thought better than any thing. Petitions are preparing on the part of erer made in England. I lost it, God the Prilh Catholics, co be presented to be' with ity in Beresford's ; for the the Britiib ycople, these begging Cocu.




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mients are to be presented in detail,- KILKENNY FARMING CLUB. The one intended for the Cotton Spin ners has been drawn up by Mr. Secre- ,' Continued from page 500.) . tary Conway; it is written in Manchester English, and a proper person is re. Hear you, hear you, hear you a ll tained to read it to the spinning jenny manner of persons who are unwilling to community on the day of presenta credit the increasing advantages of your tion. S vo

country- come forward to be arraigned for your incredulity : come now you

fcepeics, and after spending half an hour If we are to judge of the British tem.

in viewing the head und the belly of the per towards our claims, by the fate of a

Farmers' Club, join, for you must joia: late Memorial laid before a Society of

Spencer Perceval and his associates in "Welch Jumpers, who' uuaninoully re

extolling the growing prosperity of jected it, we have little hopes of any

Ireland !! success. The merits of the petition

· Next 10 my Lord Lottery fat his were scarcely entertained by the Board

fickspittle Pat--that true Catholic, that of Saints, as the discusfion was stopped

lincere fupporter of every ineasure, proby Mr. Gwhydy, the barber and

posed by our good friends in parliament preacher, who insisted thai no indul

for our advantage - that stauuch prop of gence should be given to a nation of

the old Catholic religion ; that man Popish barbarians, who gave such un.

whose face is a picture of austerity, and gentlemanly reception to the regiment

whose whole frame bespeaks the mortis of Ancient Britons in 1798, when that

fication of an ascetic in his den :-his gallage body of saints, fóldiers, and ra-, Tilhers visited Ireland..

conversation was cold and disgusting, ma

'confifting entirely of the monosyllables :" yes and no," which he used according

to the taste of the Head of the Club. Apetition to the souffer-makers and

And my dear Harry Muck Creasy, brass-founders of Birmingham, is in- how could you leave the wife and the tended to be forwarded to that en children? Oh! you came to promote ughtened part of the Englith nation, the prosperity of Ireland, and to whenever a perion can be had to acl as condemn the Magazine containing the interpreter, by a knowledge of the case of Mary Magrath. Harry 'cunWedgbury dialect. -- Lord Fingal, it scious that no efforts of any club can is supposed, will hand it to the PO.

now prevent the sale of our Magazine LISHERS, his influence being very in Kilkenny (where the inhabitants now great in Birminghain for his attach

know the advantages of lone work to. ment to the conquering house of Wels

restrain and curb a proud aristocracy,) lenley, Lord Wellesley having behaved

we wish you, Harry, every success in all with particular indulgence to a regiment

your over and undertakings, laid wishes, of Nailors, from Birmingham, whole fave and except that of appointing your form of knees gave them a confiderable little croney to be the bishop of a religion advantage over any other corps in the which you do not profess. army for climbing the inountains in the But who don I fee Ine Tenol thao late battle of Bulaco, and contributed life and foul of the club? The Head of much to the glorious vi&tory obtained the Club has accounted for his absence, by Sir Arthur on that memorable of. in telling that he has got his hip dislocalion,

cated by a fall from a mare he was rid


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