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vulgar magistrate, the name of the laws bracing their children. They asked only is but a chimera, and their proteetion the permission to receive the last but a delusion. I may be told of the sighs.” private virtues of the Duke of Rich. « Before the gate stood the goaler, mond-those virtues may be exemplarý the prætor's executioner, the terror and instructive, yet they are only valua- and death of the citizens, in a word, ble on his hearth-stone, or in luis nursc-the lictor Sestius (Jemmy O'Brien), ry, they are confined to his household who drew a tribute from all the tears gods and his children, they afford me nó they shed. To go in you must give so shield, for the laws are suspended when" much ; to carry food so much-noI seek their protection, and the man vody refused--but what will you give who dares to abuse them in my person, me to kill your son at one blow ?-possesses not only the confidence of the that he may not suffer long? that he house of Lenox, but is actually living in may not receive many strokes, that ke Dublin Castle, the seat of the sove. may lose his life without feeling pain? reign's representative, and from it is al. The lictor (Jemmy O'Brien) was paid lowed to proscribe me, without any form even for this fatal service ! O inconceir. of law but the direction of his disorder. able pain! O situation the most cruel ed head, or studied malignity, act and unheard of! Fathers were compel

Sicily, like Ireland, had its Majors led to give money, not to save the lives and like Ireland its inhabitants were tor. of their soos, but to hásten their deaths, tured and condemned, Major Verres, and the sons themselves negociated with like other Majors, had his riding-houses, Sestius (Jemmy O'Brien) the favour of Prevots, and his Jemmy O'Briens, and a single blow; as the last proof of their

at the same time was distinguished as a ' tenderness, they entreated their parents 7 virtuoso. He was passionately fond of torendertheițexecutioner more tractable

paintings, gold lamps, gold cups, sta- by money, and to diminish their tor... tues, vases, tapestry, &c. and his cha- ments. Here is without doubt much ti

racter is so masterly drawn by Cicero, gpur exercised towards these unfortu. that I cannot forbear transcribing part natë fathers, but may the death of their of it to embellish this epistle , it is a sons at last, be the last...............No! real picture of a riding-house, and we it will not be the last............Can cru. s'inay naturally suppose that your friend elty extend beyond this life !--Means

Beresford and Co. erected their estab. will still be found, for after their chil. | Tishment on the plan of that described dren shall be executed, their bodies will

by ihe Ronan orator, “ with the excep. ' be exposed to wild beasts. If this be * tion of the boiling cauldron or pitch the completion of a father's grief, let * which is undoubtedly a modun machine' him purchase at least with money the in the History of Torture.”“ The un. liberty of bestowing sepulture upon this happy persons he (Major Verres) had child.” condemned, were shut up in a prison ; '. You must admit this document rekapreparations were made for their punish. ting to the procunsulate of Major Ve. ment, and their parents were tormented "res, is well given. I do not want your before hand, by depriving them of the gentle nature to reyolt at the descrit

consolation of secing their children, of tion, because I know you will not, you * supplying them with nourishment and cannot. You have undertaken to punit. other conforts they strod in need of. -- any man who dare to hand me meat or Fathers and mothers lay at the doors of drink, and in the temper I am in at such the prison, where they passed whole treatment, and from the knowledge I nights. being refused the liberty of em. lave of modern ·Majors, I will deras


upplertake to recall absent sensations by If my existence gives, such pain to : such delineations, as Cicero has here de.. authority, policy should direct my oppicted, for it appears tha: Major Verres pressors by a less dangerous experiment himself, before the Conscript Fathers, . than one that tends to inyolve their cha. depended more on his gold than on his "racters. A lingering death, like bunger, lopnesty or contrition, to prevent a cou may rouse the public mind, and my con, viction."

m arion may reach the throne. The oplique I thought howeyer offensive I might age of torture revived, may create a symappear by the crime of lese Major, that pathy or a shame even with the plunder-, I had some reasonable chance of escape, eis of Hindostan, and I may be snatched ing punishment by the dissolution of the from the hands of a Verres, that the Triumvirate, and the re-establishment of character of an entire natjon may not be the Statute Lay, but, I find by your ser, stigmatized by the destruction of only! vere interdiction; though the Triumvir; one individual. have been appointed to different provins If I am to perish, as it appears to be ces one staryes in Lucan, another bul., decreed by the Statute of TANKARDƏ lies at the Custom-house, and the third ISM, let me die in the usual and more legislates at the Castle, the authority of summary forms, let the Gospelő be once the three is given to one. While Lepic more steeped in innocent blood, and let dus and Anthony are insulting and plug. the antiquated foppery of Form send dering the provinces, Octavius'is wast: me solemnly to the gibbet. Until this ing Rome, ;'

last merciful operation takes place, bor'My condition, and that of the coun, rowing the termination of an unpublishtry, are anticipated by the following ed letter to another great man, words of the Marquis de Mirabeau : si ." I remain; ; *!! " “ If there should one day þe established With sentiments of equal terror Asli overseers of justice, of the police, and . . and adıniration, Yours, ": 5 of the finances, these men, like the missi

WALTEX Cox. dominici of the Emperors, who destroya November, 1810. · " ed all order in the Roman empire, and prepared its downfall, by driving the PROCLAMATION: people in the provinces into despair, will .

FOR A þecome every thing in the state, and

GENERAL THANKSGIVING! thirty-two men only will be sufficient tq govern the kingdom.”

Your friend and patron, Lord Castļce This is dated from Windsor, on the reagh, with a degree of effrontery cha- 17th of October; it directs that a Form racteristic of the man who betrayed bis of Prayerand Thanksgiving be prepared country, tells the British people, that to the Almighty, for the superabundant torture never was used under his autho. harvest. Eyery person who shares what rity in Ireland ;-you or your present heaven intends for qur solace and compatron may assert the same, that it never fort, would feel a duty which he owes was applied in the administration of the to Divine Majesty for his bounty and Wellesleys, or you will say, that putting mercy. The authors of this proclamame out of the pale of eating and drink. tion must be ignorant of the condition of ing is less than torture, that punishing the people of this unfortunate country, a family by the extinction of their pro. when they invite us to offer up our perty, for selling me a necessary of life, thanks for what we never partake of 48 notan aggravation of all the tortures It is a melancholy fact, that three milunder which we so profusely agonized lions of the people of this island, whose Jabour contributes cómich to" this generation. Ii is a duty you dwe'ls tig.“ bõafted abundance, never rafte of the manity itselfAbuse no longer thar fhoe bread of the beef, norcan they even re. affection of the foul. Shall we allow: pose on the itraw'without committing a posterity to call us their political parrifelony, for eating aud fleeping are made cides Any crime againit posterity So expensive by allowing the exportation inoffending posterity is enormous, and of our provisions, that a man mult literal: if not repaired in time, inexpicable :' lý run his life again&t the gallows if his but a crime against their Liberty, that tafte Thould overcome his prudence, if faireft form among the natural or social aby body of men feel themselves reliev.' privileges, laughs to scorn the whole ed by this great' abundance, and have nervch of oratory. A crime like this piety enough to follow the instructions' mocks all the description of the peo. of the authorized devotion, it mult be' Shall a crime like this pall the native to." the manufacturing bruses of Britain, andamel of the Irish name? What ! thall her well ted armies, who are called on, Irithmen inflict the deep wound of flanot the houseless peasantry of Ireland, very on their latest pofterity? Millions nor the starving artificers of Cork and yet unborn thall call themselves your deDublin. :*


scendants. They fall reprðach yeu for bola

your criminal indolence --Day (if you 1. mrCAMOENS ;

do not prevent it) to live in this age aj lin. do THE'..'

shall be a reproach. Irithineo! you wage - 41,5 DISE PEOPLE. .

a war even with your brothers !!! Fa

vourites of Fortune! stoop to behold

your brothers! The ragged peasant the « A tyrant is a monster with a sin.

in starving mechanic ! even they are your

to gle head; a tyrannic nation is 'a hy- brothers. The babe born in the very dra." F . Rar. Am. Rer. wook of poter

M. REP. wond of poverty - born to the inherita

1. ance of poverty and bondage--even he Fellow Countryjnien,"

is your brother. The orphans that creep - We'naturally detett a tyrant. There along our ftreets-orphans whofe only jo a something even in the name 'revolt. bed is the earth you irample-on, whole ing to human nature. The soul poffefsed only covering (because they have no of true sensibility startles at the four.d, home is the concave of heaven, are all and wbat nation, whac realm, whatem of the same fesh and blood as yourselves pire, what quarter of the habitable all larving because of the Union. world can boat so much fenfibility, so Can Irithmen now be filent? Innen much genuine philosophic feeling as this of the nineteenth century, it was in your Jittle island? Yes-Irishmen must ever zinie the Union was effected. Remember hold a tyrant in peculiar abhorrence; it was the Union that invited Searvation For, indeed, Irishmen are men of feel to the land. Remember you have it in iog refaed and exquisire, and it is then your power to repeal it. Think it not only that the foul:recoils not at the name enough to feel-Do, you must allo ACT. of eyrant, when the is steeled against all You have honour - you have humanity the fine philosophy of the feelings. You Meet then, and repeal the death-was. all feel for your country's diftrefsx Some rant of your country. Talk not of Eof you even weep: but, my Country- mancipation at a period like this. is it 'men, it is not unusual to pay the tribù becaule you are not emancipaled, that tary tear to the memory of your depar. you hear through the land the heavy ted nation. No--you must wipe ihe murmur of impitied amiction? Is it be Rear from the eye of the most distapt cause you ase Dorcmancipated that your


g : tals

eậrs ring with the deep thrlek of phren.' Thackles on Religion give you more zied anguith? Is it because forsooch) a trouble than the Marckles on Social Catholic brother is not raised to judicial Freedom. Therefore (according to you) dignity, nor made a general of the army Emancipation must be sought for before that the eye of our country swims in the Repeal of Union. Therefore (to téars? No surely. How many Prorest argue still from your notion) the Cathoants, who, before the Union were inde. lic is to seek for more unhappiness.-pendent and happy, are now (because But surely the Catholic religion was neof the Union) craving the crumb of yer unhappy because it was despised, charity ihruagh the land ? Every ho. Náy more, did it not then glow with a nest patriotic Proce{tant pours his male. nobler Rame when cried in the very crua diction on that day which marks the re. cible of persecution? A whole nation norasion of Irish misery. Yet Surely Pro cannot but know this. Therefore a testants want not emancipation. Surely whole nation cannot be lo aggrieved as Sir James Riddal is not denied accessi Ireland at this period feels herself be, bility tỏ all the communicable bleshings cause their emancipation is not comple: of the constitution-yet he has publicly ted. “Ireland, my Countrymen, is not decried the faral measure, and thereby cramped in her religious sentiment, ar hali his naine live while there is an her religious exercises. Be not so en Trilhmani. ir "


amoured with this word Emancipation, Countrymen, beloved Countrymen, I maiotain it to be ralh presumption for you are all advised. You are not distres a limited under/tanding like ours to proled, you are not despised, because you nounce Ireland happier if at present are not einancipated. Remember the emancipated. Say not that emancipation days of your parliament - were you then Thall save the realm. Believe not. that it despised as a nation ? No. Do you (Can is the key-stone of the arch of Hiber. iholics) complain, because your reli. nia's glory." Before the Union Irish gion iš despised and cramped? Yes. Cominerce was in his vigour, yet before For you now complain that you are not that time the Catrolics were less coun. admitted to the free participation of all tenanced by government chan at present. the blessings of the English conftitution, Since, that athletic son of Hibernia has .in Thori; that you are not emancipared, drooped to nerveless impotence Yes, What is Emancipation but a freedom Since the Union Erin's genius has ; from the shackles with which a Protest. ' « Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen, ant pov romunt loaded the Catholic 6. Fallen front his high estate.". fubjecis of Gra: Britain. Therefore you are una'ppy because your religion is Believe me, my countrymea, it was Ahackled. The nation is a Catholic na. the Union alone that fettered the arms ripa, though Protestantism be the reli- of our nation. It is Repeal alone that gion of its government. The nation's can save the land. Yet till are you rehappiness is lessened Gince the Union - Creating from your country-till do you therefore the Catholic body is less hap- deny a "helping hand to falling compy since that accursed measure. But the merce. If we are ever to obtain emas. Catholic body is less shackled Gince the cipation, it will be by degrees. An ab. Union. Therefore the Catholic body rupt admission of the Irish Catholics in(to argue from your notion is the less to all the privileges of the constitution, happy the less it is shackled. The cry is by Government thought dangerous. of “Emancipation” should, according You may petition for years without obo to your idea, drown the cry of “ Legi- taining a direct or satisfactory answer. flative Independcoce," thesefose che The question of Repeal is decided in an

.. instant io ao instane the Union is broken or, tions suffering the intrusive hand of corfealed. If broken, then have you pro. ruption to plunder the sanctuary of their ved in behalf of hųwanity your political social rights, enter into a barbarous and consequence ; if the Union be not chen ucnaiural league againft the whole ecorepealed, you have at lealt relieved" nomy of moral virtues. Irish people! if your country from the reprobation of you have not confeored to the Union, inhumanity ; if yon do not succeed why who has Jared to deprive you of your then hope for better days. "! ".' Parliament? The wreiches that could • 1 he Parliament that was stolen from without your consent unhinge the fyllem you was your birthrigiit or it was not. of your policy, deserve not surely to live If not would Pitt have besitated at dif. under Erin's heaven. Say then, mg solving peremiprorily the Irish Parliament, Countrymen, that you have not conferi: had he not known that Legislative In- ied, say it in the true tone of constilu. dependence was engrafted in the very tional firmnelmand the Union is brovitals of the nation? Would that avowken. It is then indeed you e:nancipate ed enemy of Ireland have helicated, who the unbired mechanic ;-yes; Repeal spurning the check of conscience, that is his only Emancipation. Who are the God.like administrator' of the moral distressed in the land ? Is it the Cathoworld, could have hired from his native lic who might"ambition a poll of envied hellthe monster, whose ruthless arm was digóity? Are they thé Grandees of the to burst the bonds of national conllten: real.n? No, my Couotrymea; it is the 'cy, and waste the verdant soil of Irish PEOPLE that are aggrieved - nay, the Independence? Neyer-never.' Why very name is difrespected. But was it did he ftoop to that mean adulation not with the People that Enipire idfelf that foul treachery-that' bare hypocri, originated? Yes. Who invited mao co Ty that characterizes the whole proces the throne and sceptre? The People. dure of the Union Aa? Because he Therefore the People should be honorknew wellit was your birthright. I then ed. He that disrespects them is a rebe! 'call upon you, in the name of your coun. to sovereignty. Yet what a degraded try, to affert it. Are you itill filent! body is the Irish People. The day is Then shall I speak the very conviction gone by when merit was looked for of my soul, I feel it my bounden duty, amongst the People. Merit is not now as an Irishman, to speak. Yes; I mall looked for amongit the low conditions" declare aloud my sentinients, and theré- of mortality-yet hillory informs us, by shall I redeem the name of camoens that empires owe their deliverance from from the catalogue of Irish infanıy. the jaws of detruction, to the taleots “ Hear me then ; for I will speak,!'-- that were found in the humble spheres Your negle&t of this iniportant obliga- of life. So true is 'the maxim of the tion is a direct outrage on natural jul. Chinese philosopher " The Grandees rice. It is not with nations as it is with of a kingdom are not always the great individuals. The latter can and some men of the llate." Wha knows, at this times ought to cede to their rights and moment, but the means of Ireland's, of privileges. Nations Never can, with. Great Britain's salvation, are centered our spurning the higher principles of the within the brealt of the uohired mechanaturallaw. Individuals yielding up their pic or unheeded artist !!! Yet they alone rights may not injure a fiogle fellow- are truly aggrieved. Yes. Let any thing * creature or outrage a single virtue. Na be devised, but the restoration of Pato

* Athing impossible, if Repeal were liament, and Ireland asks no more.constitutional.y demanded by a whole Without that, Ireland is a Dave. Yes, people.

the Protestants themselves are slate.

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