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before he had yet attained the fiftieth greater portion of his revenues in the year of his age; in the seventh year of relief of the indigent, than almost any his consecration; and the twenty-sixth one in a like situation, had ever done ; of his labours on the mission.

he scrupulously avoided all ostentation. “ Such was the career of a man who He was never seen surrounded by those was an ornament and a blessing to so- impostors who live on the credulity ciety. He combined in his character of others : but he gave charity, with an assemblage of qualities seldom the same wisdom and reflection that found united in the same person. A pervaded all his actions ; effectually judgment of uncommon strength and assisting those whom he found to be discrimination, enlivened by that emi. real objects ; and often bestowing such nent faculty of creating and combining sums as contributed to the permanent ideas, which constitutes genius, had comforts of entire families. With all given to his mind a superior degree of these great qualities he possessed a natural eloquence: while a course of heart formed for the finest affections, long and indefatigable application to overflowing with unaffected benevothe acquirement of useful knowledge ; lence towards all his fellow creatures, and an ardent zeal for the glory of God, and singularly ardent in its friendships. determined that eloquence to the most His manners bore that dignified simvaluable ends. His mind could bend plicity peculiar to great minds which itself alternately to the most abstruse are placed above the want of those ar. studies, and to the elegant pursuits of tificial ornaments so necessary to give imagination and taste. His public dignity to the lesser characters : and he discourses invariably bore the stamp was accessible alike to all, in the spirit of a great and original mind. Subjects of this maxim of the Holy Ghost which seemed the least susceptible of have they made thee a ruler! be not ornament, were rendered attractive by lifted up: but be among them as one of his genius surrounding them with il. themselves.-Ecclesiasticus 32. ch." lustrations sometimes borrowed from the most sublime works of nature,

TO CON. CATSPAW, and sometimes from the most exquisite productious of the fine arts, which he

Who writes the long winded Paragraphs had beheld in their perfection during

for the Weekly Messenger. his residence in Italy: and all ex.

DR. Co. pressed in language so familiar, that I cannot help thinking you are the the most simple mind was capable of most incorrigible man I ever yet underconceiving it.

took to lead from the paths of error : “Never perhaps was there a manun- all the pains I have taken, all the time der such circumstances, 60 totally die I have spent in writing letters of advice vested of literary pride. He valued seem to be totally lost on you. Did ! his faculties and acquirements merely not warn you against panegyrising Mr. as they were capable of being made Scully and his squad, and you would useful to others : and it is well known not heed my eaution ? Did I not admoto those who enjoyed an intimate inter- nish you, not to be attributing oratorical course with him, that from the time talents to Doctor Drumgoole and his when he undertook the care of this colleagues, and you did not attend to great parish, he neglected almost en. my instruction? Did I not recommend it tirely the regular composition of his strongly to you not to grapple with Sermons conceiving that his time was Watty Cox or Doctor Brennan, and demanded by more humble duties. He you have shewn yourself manifestly was a man above the influence of hu. heedless of my recommendation? You man respect. While he consumed a supposed when I first addressed you,


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that I was only humbugging ; but I facts fearless of the consequences. It am sure that you will now acknow. was an unlucky essay of yours that ex. ledge that I meant well, and that if torted that letter from him, for you you had followed my advice it would might have gone on insinuating about have saved you a world of mental mi- Union Stars, and Irish Magazines, sery. “ Its one that runneth in haste, and assassins; and the big pawnbroker, and leapeth over a fence, may fall into and the big Beggarinan, and all your a pit on the other side, which he doth other loyal acquaintances, would give not see : 80 is the man that plungeth you dinners, and suppers, and new suddenly into any action before he' cloths, for writing Watty and his Mahath considered the consequences gazine out of Dublin : but his simplithereof-thus have you acted-by so city has unfortunately been an overmatch doing, have you brought down on your for your ingenuity. You thought the devoted head the indignation of the Tipperary and Kerry Lawyers, and the Dublin Catholics, and the immeasurea. bothering Docter, and Jack Squintum, ble wrath of Watty and the Doctor. and pistol Jackanapes, and all the other You wanted to “ couch a lance with Phelim O'Hara's, would have made your Watty," and sure, you fool, you are no fortune; but you see they only wanted more to him, than “ I to Hercules :" to take their turn out of you, or and as for the Doctor, I very much squeeze you dry like a spunge and then fear he will ballad you out of Dublin. fling you away; for they allowed poor I was much pleased with the abuse you Robert Connolly to lie in Goal six gave him in the letter you wrote for days for a debt of thirty pounds, and Robert Connolly, and I applaud highly suffered you and the big Pawnbroker, such a style of argument ; for what to be hawking bills and notes, to At. signifies a man attempting to argue by torneys and Beggarmen every where in syllogism, when he has nothing to Dublin, to relieve poor Connolly from argue upon : you called him a power his distresses. I leave it to you, was of names, and all the fault I have to this good treatment to yourself and Rofind with your letters, is, that you bert? After risking your character with borrowed all your abuse from antient the Citizens of Dublin, as a man of truth, and modern plays and poems : whereas, of candour, and principle : and Conif the Doctor went for to abuse any nolly exposing himself to the chance of body, he would give it in as original a a place in the pillory; to desert you both stile as you ever heard tatteration from for a sum of thirty pounds ! fie upon a shop boy or a coal porter : and as them! they have completely out witted for Watty, he certainly gave you a you ; but if you had known as much touch of the Attic in that horrid letter of them as I do, they never could have he wrote. Such a letter ! I assure practised any deception on you : and you, it made my hair stand erect “ like I am sure, after your late experience quills upon the fretful porcupine :" of them, I need not caution you how he is a shocking fellow! to go tell to act in future. I hope if you ever entruth without disguise or reserve: he gage in their service again, you will cake does not know a “ thing or two" care to be paid before hand; do, and like yourself, for if he did, you know my blessing be about you! I was sure he might lacerale and stab in the dark, and certain that the Doctor and Watty and shield himself behind the person had so fretted you, that you died of of a Tipperary Lawyer, or a stupid a broken heart; for I met Doctor Thoinas-street printer: or if he was Drumgoole yesterday in Westmorecharged with a crime he would stoutly land-street, and he had a fine new black deny it; but you now see what a sim- coat on him, and I immediately pleton Watty Cox is, how he states thought he was in mourning for you ;


but I afterwards heard that you and THE INFORMER'S CATECHISM. Jack Squintum, and Pistol Jackanapes,

Q. Who made you ? were to dine that day with him : and A. The Major. his every day coat was so bedaubed

Q. What did he make you? with spuff, that he put on his Com

A. He made me a loyal man, to mittee frock to entertain his company.

ompany: support the Constitution, and able to Will you now take a little bit of ad. support myself without working. vice from me ? (mayhap the last I shall

Q. How did he make you? ever give you)-Don't be entering into A. He told me, I ought, would, Catholic quarrels ; for it cannot be ma- should, and must be hanged, and that terial to you what their fate may be, unless I did what he bid me, the as you cannot be involved in it, not devil would have my soul, and my body being one. I grant, if you are em- should rot on a gibbet. ployed by their enemies, you have suc

Q. What did you feel when he told ceeded amazingly for your patruns, and you that? deserve well of the Big Beggarman A. I felt as if I was already in hell and his fraternity. Don't oppose without being hanged, and I told him yourself to Catholic talents hereafter ;

my soul and body were entirely at his for, although you might have done service. very well as squibber to the Messenger, Q. What makes a good informer? and had obtained with many persons a A. Not to fear God or the Devil ; character for ingenuity, yet when come and to fear, love, reverence, and honor parisons, were made by judges, between the Major. your Bob Connolly letters, Doctor O. What's the chief duty of an in. Brennan's, and N. L's, not to mention former? others, the difference between your A. An informer should be as ready plagiarisms, and the native talent dis- with his soul as a soldier is with his played by them, was visible enough to body on the day of battle-he should establish your litterary fame. So you feel remorse of conscience as a soldier see what it is for squibbers like you feels cowardice, a disgrace to his chaand myself, to write on without fearracter-he should swear whatever his or wit; 16 a close mouth makes a wise Major desired, and like a soldier ask head," and conceals ignorance LO no question but do his duty. . boot. Bob. Conolly's last letter to O. What are the three sins crying Doctor Brenan, says “ you are sick of to the C- for vengeance? him," I can easily credit that, for I A. Wearing any green colour-singing guessed when you rejected my first Erin go bragh--and abusing the Major. admonition, you would be mortally o What are the cardinal virtues of sickened by some honest Catholic be the C-? fore you would be quiet. I copclude A. Robbing disaffected houses now, hoping, that as example is more swearing away the lives of suspected powerful than precept, experience has characters and honesty towards the taught you that, which my friendly Major. advice could not.


Q. What are the seven C- deadly I am, yours, to command, sins ?

Jack SQUIB. A. Croppyism-Popery-Love of Sept. 29, 1810.

Ireland-abuse of the Major-claima

ing blood money-going to MassON A GREAT SPANISH COMMANDER.

contrition for guilt. My Lord is flying from Celerico, And where he will go next, the Lord doth

Q. What are the ten commandments know

of the Major? Yet Politicians who don't judge it ill, 1. I am the great Major, you shall Say the bead-quarters will be-Tower Hill. have no other master than me.

2. Remember 2. Remember that you go not to A. Oh please God I won't be taken Mass on a Sabbath or other day. short, I hope after I make a little

3. Speak well of Jemmy O'Brien. money to go to my duty, and drop

4. Never say the Major owed him the business entirely. Please God I'l blood-money.

die a good Roman yet-God-almighty 5. Thou shalt swear whatever you is stronger than the Devil. are desired

6. Thou shalt not make unto thyself COMPARATIVE CONDITION OF a property of spoons, watches, or AMERICA AND IRELAND. pictures, taken from the disaffected ;

The tonnage of shipping built in but give them to the Major.

America, from the year 1801 to 1807 7. Honour the Major more than fa. inclusive. amounted to no less than ther or mother, that you may get a 774.992 tous, while the whole existe long day when you are going to be

ing vessels belonging to Ireland at the hanged.

same period, amounted to no more 8. Never say you bore false witness than 10.614 tong. Thus it appears against a Croppy.

that United America in the short space 9. Thou shalt steal all that is not

of six years, built seven times as much too hot or too heavy, if you suspect

shipping as all Ireland could actually he is diaffected who owns them.

produce in fifty years, the probable 10. Thou shalt not conceal whate. ver thou hast stolen from a Croppy,

age of any ship in the country.

It was prophecied by the adversabe it a silver spoon, or a trinket, a sil.

ries of American Independence, that ver candle-stick or a cup; but let the she could not exist if she presumed to Major see is it worthy his condescend.

de dissolve the Union between her and the ing acceptance. Q. What means the word loyal man?

parent country. Experience has anA. To be always ready to rob, rica is the most prosperous nation on

swered the British prophets, for Ame. murder, swear, and burn in defence of

the earth, in consequence of her indethe Constitution.

pendence, and Ireland the most Q. What means the word Consti.

i wretched by the converse. tution?

No greater argument than this could A. It means something belonging be adduced, to prove the necessity of to a loyal man; but I'll ask the Major

Tajor a Repeal of the Union. We have what it is.

been united to England, as the vile Q. What colour do you imagine is

Act of 1799 is termed, ten years, that thing they call the Constitution ?

which the hired wretches who betrayed A. Orange colour to be sure.

and sold us, promised should produce Q. What do you consider to be high treason?

the most prosperous change in our

commerce and tranquillity: now nothing A. To make game of the Major, or to be a Croppy.

appears but abridged trade, heavy tar.

ation, a starving populace, and a tur. Q. What is a Croppy!

bulent peasantry. America, by being A. A fellow with short hair, and a pike on his shoulder.

regulated by other men, and other Q. What is perjury?.

measures, displays another character.

She is the first commercial nation, or A. I never heard of such a man in

at least the second in the world. She my life. I believe he is a French General.

is a stranger to taxation, her people en. Q. Where do you expect to go tranquillity.

joy abundance and the most perfect when you die.


ON THE COMMON PEOPLE. nihilate evile which are inseparable from (From Rosseau's Emilius.)

his situation. What avails it in Epic.

tetus to foresee that his master is go. It is the populace which compose ing to break his leg? Doth that pre. the bulk of mankind : those which are vent the evil! on the contrary, his fore. not in this class are so few in number, knowledge adds greatly to his misforthat they are hardly worth notice. tune. If the populace were really as Man is the same creature in every state; wise as we suppose them stupid, how therefore that which is the most nu.

could they act otherwise than they do? merous ought to be most respected. Study this order of men, and you will To a man capable of reflection, all cl. find that in another language they will vil distinctions are nothing : he ob utter as much wit and more good sense serves the same passions, the same than yourself. Learn therefore to feelings in the clown and the man

respect your species. Remember that of quality, the principal difference

the common people compose the most between them consists in the language considerable part of mankind; and they speak ; in a little refinement of

that if all the kings and philosophers expression : but if there be any real

were to be taken away, the chasm distinction, it is certainly to the dis

would be imperceptible, and things advantage of the least sincere. The

would go on just as well without common people appear as they really them. are, and they are not amiable : if those in high-life were equally undisguised,

REVIEW OF SWADDLING their appearance would make us shud. ?

PREACHERS. der with horror.

There is, say our philosophers, an If none but an Appelles should paint equal allotment of happiness and mi. Alexander, and none but a Phidias sery to every rank of men ; a maxim should exhibit him in statuary, with as dangerous as it is absurd. If all what a trembling hand must the man mankind are equally happy, it would be attempt the task of pourtraying his ridiculous to give ourselves any trou superior a man whose conquests in ble to promote their felicity. Let spiritual matters, are as unbounded as each remain in his situation ; let the those of the prophane Macedonian slave endure the lash, the lame his in. were in earthly extent! I say, who, firmity, and let the beggar perish, since unless a person adjudged by his conscithey would gain nothing by a change ence to have got the grace or power of situation. The same philosophers of doing no ill, can with confidence enumerate the pangs of the rich, and undertake to depict that holy vessel of expatiate on the vanity of their plea- election---that Arc of the Covenant sures ; was there ever so palpable a so- that Goliah of Methodism-that Antiphism ! the pangs of the rich man are popery Sampson—that blessed and ever not essential to riches, but to the abuse adorable Mr. Cooper the Swaddler ? of them. If he were even more The Apostles of our Lord were all wretched than the poor, he would de- called from a sphere of life unhonoured serve no compassion, because he is the on account of its poverty. It is recreator of his own misery, and happi.. markable that all the apostles of MeDess was in his power. But the suf. thodism resemble the apostles in this ferings of the indigent are the natural circumstance at least. From the coblers consequences of his state ; he feels the bulk to the brothel, (Lord be praised !) weight of his hard lot ; no length of have we seen issue the thunder of time, no habit can ever render him in. Evangelical truth, and from the mouths sensible of fatigue and hunger ; nei- of bawds, pimps, and procuresses, ther wisdom nor good humour can an- have we had the solacing manna-shower

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