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It has heen oft with exultation said,
That I: eland never noxious reptiles bred,
But dire experience other truths declares,
Na spot on earth more deadly serpents

Who bask secure in deliterious pow'r,
And victims in whole hecatombs devour.
Ji nature in her grand creative speed,
Forgot to curse us with the viperous breed

She soon alas ! too amply made amends,
And swarms on swarms in human shape

she sends,
Which of all plagues that yet - mankind

have curs'd, Have never failed to be the very worst, Dispensing rapine, misery and strife, They gnaw the womb that gave the mon s ters life.

(To be Continued.)

Fear Fleatha ua Gnímh ro chan, re linn Eisibel do bheith ź

cceannus na Sacsan. No thrúaighe! mar taid Gaoidhil!

Is í an an-chruth d' fheadamar: Annamla iniinn fhorbhfáoilidh,

Mar thimcheallas tonn anfaidh, Air an uair-se aig duine dhíobh ;

Le stoirm láoi lucht caoil arthraigh A n-uaisle uile air nimh níomh,

Saithe Gall ar ti a tiomchail, Baramhuil do bheirthear doibh;

Muna tti an d'Eirionnchaibh. Fuighioll tar éis a ndioghbhuigh,

Bruid Bhalair co n-a bhraithribh,
'G a sníomh ó chroloighe a ccneadh ; Túatha dé do díoláithreidh;
Nó as líon tórraimhe air tuilleadh,

Dar leat is neimh-threise a n-iumh,
Nó as luchd báirce fa r' bhrúchd muir, Na beithreisi mic Mileadh.
Nó as drong fúair fios a saeghail,

Nar lucht na Traoi air na toghail,
Nó as geill a ngeibhionnaibh Gall,

D'a ndichleith a ndiothromhaibh. Firionnaigh fa fhcainn eachtrann!

Fiann Teamhra a taid ó Thailteann, Tugsad a tireine air thaise;

A ffaid Sealbha seachaintear. Tugsad mais. air mhí-inhaisc;

Cosmhuil re cloinn Israel, Tugsad meanma air mháoith mheirtnidh ; Tshoir 's an Eigipt air eittréan. Laoích fheardha nach aitheanntar!

Mic Mileadh, um Bhoinn' a bhus, Ata brat chiach ós a cciona,

Ag síneadh dhóibh ó'ndúthchas, Mhúchos glóir Gaoidhil Pireann;

Mar do bhi Magh 'Tuireadh a cruaidh, Mar néall cceath, ghrian-bhaitheas goil, A ngeall mhic Céain an chéad uair, Do leath d'iarghuaitheas orrtha..

La a sgarthana re téidhm trinn, Tarla ó Bhoinn go brúach Léin,

Féidhm a n-athlógha air Eirian. Dlighe is fíu aindligheadh ;

Aig slógh Eireann an fhéoir ghloin, Gur bhreath shaer le liannaibh Fáil, Trúagh! gan ionnsamhail Heactoir, An riaghail chlaen do chongbháil.

Mic Primh re pobul Sacsan, Ni bhi aig inac Righ ó'n ríaghail,

Cogadh dhibh go ndiongmhadh-san.
Aire air luth eich oir-shrjannaigh,

Trúagh! do Rí rátha nimhe, .
Nó air sheilg oighe fa chiogh chuic, Fa tteacht dúinn ó'r n daoirsi ne,
Nó air ghniomli soighe no seabhuic; An tath Mhaoise nar fhcagh ruinn,
D'fhearaibh Fódhla is fath orchra.

Tréud in chath-chráoisi Crioinhthuinn. Do threabhsad dainh danortha,

A TIIRINOID, 'g a tta an chumhacht A n-ait graifne a ngroidheadh seang, An ibia an dream-sa choidhche air Gach faithche in oirear Eireann.

deóruigheacht? Théoid Gail a cclúaintibh a ccean,

Ní as sia ó chathair lios Chuinn, Túir aelta a n-ait a ffoirgneadh,

N an mbia an tath oibhneas againn? Marguidh úatha in gach oirear,

Nó an ttiucfaidh asteach a p'thairngir Cruacha air ardaibh aenaigheadh.

Do Shlúagh danair adúraingidh, Ni aithneadhann Inis Lógha,

Naemh firéanghlan, Paidh n CCuinn Ni d'a faithaibh fann mhóra,

An Primhearlamh ciidh Columb! Cnuie dhláoireidhe a ndiaigh a n-áir, Ma thug an déonúghadh dhi, Biaidh saer Fire'n a Sacsáin.

Sacsa núa d'ar' b'ainim Eire, Ni aithnid aieme Gáoidhil,

Bheith re a linn-si a laimh bhiodhbhadh; Banba buime a macaoimhidh,

Do'n Insi is csir ceileabhradh! 'Sni aithneadheanu Eire iad-soin,

Muna ccuirid doigh a ndia, Tiad re chéile as a ccrothaibh.

Siol Eimhir Sguit o'n Sgitia, Is í an drong dhligheas d'aithne,

A cclár foirne'ga ttaim dho, D' Inis Chuinn is comhthaighthe ;. Ni clár doighreda díarmho. Ní Goill is áoidhigliaca,

Mo thruaighe. mile úair. Gaoidhil 'na ridroing dheоrata,

N. B. It is requested that some of our Do léig Eíre an tonn tríthi,

readers will give a translation of this eleD'iomchar foirne coigcriche,

gant Işishi Poem. Arthrach Dhathi do tolladbe


FOR THE IRISH MAGAZINE Mr, Cox, Sir-I am very SORRY to inform you, the gentleman, whom you mention in your Inst Months Magazine, Page 416, to have “ RENOUNCED THE ERRORS or CROPPY!SM, AND EMBRACED THE CAT-o'-NINE-TALES POLITICKS," is no more.- The following Eulo. GIUM was written extempore by a School-boy on hearing of his death, which I hope you will have no objection to inserting.

Yours, PHILIERNES. When Pluto discover'd Fitz flog was no But when he arrived without bringing his more,

cat, He shut up his windows, and bolted his Huzza, cried old Pluto, I'll give tit for

door; And cry'd, if this Cut-back shall ere get in

here, I fear for my flock, for my bacon I fear: Clonmel, Sept. 1810.



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NOTICE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE two gentlemen were so distinguished. Mr. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Ker, could ignite a Cabbin, picket a wo. John Galland Engraver, who was capie

man, or taw a peasant, with as much skill tally convicted by a Jury of the Citizens

and effect, as any member of the Riding. of Philadelphia in the year 1798, for forge

House army. He was greatly panegyrised ing Notes on the Bank of Pennsylyania,

in both houses of Parliament, for his inand whose punishment was remitted after

genious labours to sustain the Consti

tution. a solitary imprisonment of two years, on condition of removing himself for ever

In Naples, the Rev. Doctor Concannon, from the States. About the beginning of

he resided more than forty years at Rome, last month, this fellow embarked at Dub

as agent for the Irish Catholic Clergy, and lin in an American vessel for New York,

was one of the six consulting Divines to to renew his depredations on the paper

the College of Cardinalss he was lately currency of America. He is about forty

consecrated Bishop of New York, and was six years of age, about five feet seven

on his way to his See when he was attacked inches high, ill looking, and slovenly in

with the illness which caused his death. his dress.

In Abbey-street, Mrs. Hope, wife of Mr. Gerald Hope, Dyer.

At Skerries in the County of Dublin, Mr. OBITUARY.

Jn. Mulholland of that town, a man much At his Lodgings on the Parade, Cork,

respected and esteemed, he was a harmless, on Sunday morning last, after a short

upright, honest man. illness, the notorious Sir Thomas Jud. kin Fitzgerald, Dart. of Lisheen, in the County Tipperary, and High Sheriff of TO CORRESPONDENTS. that County in tlie awful time of the Re As the First Vol. of the Irish Magazine has bellion. The history of his life and his bern a long time out of print, and a very na: loyalty is written in legible characters on merous part of our readers are anrisas ta the backs of his countrymen, his enormi have it reprinted, we propose to have it done by ties were so various, and the fertility of subscription, at 178. 4d. each Volume bound, his imagination in devising new modes of as soon as a competent slumber to defray the ce desolation and torture were so truly origi. pense have subscribed. nal, that expresses and relays of horses, In our November Magazine, we rill give were every day employed to give the (as a frontispiece,) a Carricature drawing of earliest intelligence of their effect through those celebrated disturbers of public quiet, Con. the country, for the instruction of other CATSPAW AND HIS EMPLOYER, with their gentlemen, who had the management of Memoirs ; as we have engaged an eminen, Whipping Districts.

Artist to engrare the plate for this point, it Sir Thomas's labours did not go unre, will be found well worthy the attention of the warded, he was honoured with a title, and curious. the King at Arms had orders to register. Mr. Rochford's mathematical faror, ue are his great virtues, in his book of illustri obliged to onit, as it is usual for any Cortes ous nick names,

pondent, who sends a Solution or Question to pay la Granard Hugh Ker, Esq. by a pistol the erpence of engraring the figures anncsed. shot. As the accident happened when Mr. In our next, we will give a Translation of Ker was alone, it is supposed his death was the Charter of Kilkenny, from the Latin voluntary. Mr. Ker was a decided loyal Original. man, and in 1798, co-operated with the The Catholic plot, a Farce and the Ledu walking gallows, and Sir Jud. Fitz - in of Jack Squib, umre not in time for this months the rigorous measures for which those publication, but shall appear in our nest.

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Monthly Asylum



'For NOVEMBER, 1810.

F With this Month's Publication we give a Superb Engraving of the


County Meath Meeting, October 19, Lord, has a particular perception of vie 1810.

lion, not familiar 10 vulgar eyes, for he LORD FINGAL,

seems to see very different from us, who AND THE

are of the swisiin multitude. He esteems .' WELLESLEYS. . the house of Wellesley for its liberal

and manly character, for its military At the Meeting at Trin, every thing fame, its tolerant principles and pac relating to public affairs was very hands triotic virtues. As for our part, though somely handled, excpt the trilling af we are not Lords or Ladies, we presume fair of the Unior, and the wretched to say, we have as much judgment of condision of the Atarying and houseless the affair, as any Lord in Meath, or any peasanury. Lord l'ingal, like a lord, Attorney in Meath, or any Canal Con paned over those two irritating subjects, tractor in Meath; and we dare to say, to take a view of Portugal, and bespat. that any principle which gave existence ter the conquering house of Talavera, to such mean adulation, as Lord Fiogal with a diffuse balderdath ot approbation. fhook from his lips at the meeting, is His Lordship forgetting the condition of erroneous and absurd, as no such thing his own thivering tenantry, left it should as military skill has ever marked the chainspire them with a reasonable notion racter of any of the family, except Lord of eating, talked highly of the military Fingal aliudes to the victories the Wela skill of my Lord of Duoro, for:he emi. lenleys bave gained over the ei mid, divi. pent manner be defended himself in the ded and unarmed inhabitants of lodia inaccessible mountains of Portugal, -the subyerhon of the throne of Tippo, againt a small division of the French the plunder of his capital, and the caparmy; but not a word of the retreats his tivity of his children ! If Lord Fingal noble friend effe&ts after every vidłory! would set off the reputation of the great Perhaps Lord Fingal, who is a Catholic Wellesleys, let bim look to other quarters November, 1810.

3 P


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