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siA DESCRIPTION OF , employed in it were only Noah and i NOAH's ARK.

• his three fons, to this purpose he al.

, ledges the instance of Archias of Co· Taken from the Historical, Critical,

rinth, who with the help of three Chronological, Geographical, and

lundred workmen, built Hiero's Literary Dictionary of the Rev. F.

great tip in one year. Add that Augustin Calmet, of the Order of

Noah's eldest son was not born, till St. Benedia, Abbot of the Monas.

about the time when the ark was be ...tery of St. Leopold, at Nancy in

gun, and the younger some time after, Lorrain. . . ; i.

fo that it was a long time before they

could be any service to their father in " Noah's Ark, la floating vessel, this work; however for lo large'a built by Noah, for the preservation of building, a prodigious number of trees his family, and the several species of must have been required, which could animals during the deluge. See Gene. employ' a great number of workmén Jos vi. 14.

to hew, were it possible for three men 7. The word thebat, which we render to have fain them? .' . ' ark, is only read here, and in another The wood whereof the ark was place, where Mofes, when an infant, built is called in the Hebrew gopbiris said to have been put into one made mood; and in the Septuagint square of bulrushes, Exodus ii. 3. it is sup. timbers. · Some translate it cedat, posed to come from a root which lie. others pine, others box, &c. Pelle. nifies to dwell or inhabit; and may tier prefers cedar, on account of its therefore here denote a house or place incorruptibility, and the great plenty of abode ; and indeed if we conlider of it in Alia. Whence Herodotus and the use and design as well as the form Theophrastus"relate that the kings of and figure of this building, we can Ægypt and Syria, built whole fleets scarcely suppose it to be like an ark thereof instead of deal; and the comor chest, wherein we'usually ftore lum. mon tradition throughout the Eait, ber and put things out of the way, but imports that the ark is preserved 10rather like a farm-house, such as are tire to this day on Mount Ararat. -in several countries, where the catile The learned Mir, Fuller; io his Mil. and people live all under one roof. cellanies, has observed, that the wool Le Clerc's Comment-"The ark has whereof the ark was built, was no. afforded several points of curious in. thing else but what the Greeks call quiry among the critics and natura. Kuparisos, or the cyprefs tree, for, lists, relating to the form, capacity, taking away the termination, cuphin materials, time of building, place of and gopbar differ very firule in found. resting after the food, &c. . This observation the great Bochart · Interpreters generally agree that has confirmed, and thewn very plain. the ark was 120 years building, tho' ly that no country abounds so much Come allow no more than 78 years, with this wood as that part of Aliso and some but 52 years ; and others ria which lies about Babylon. lo what much less time for this building. place Noah built and finished his ark Orig. contra Cellum Lib. 4. Aue is no less made a matter of difputaguft. de Civitate Dei, Lib. 15. The iion. One supposes that he built it 10 Rev. Father Fournier, a Jesuir, a na. Palestine, and planted the cedare tive of Caen, in Normandy, in his whereof he made it in the plains of Hydrography, gives in to the opinion Sodom ; another take it to have been of the Fathers; noting that the hands built ncar Mount Caucasus on the

conine! confines of India ; aod a third, in cies of animals will be found much China, where he imagines Noah had less than is generally imagined, nõc dwelt before the flood. But the most amounting to an hundred species of proba ble opinion is, that it was built quadrupeds, nor to two hundred of in Chaldæa, in the territories of Baby- birds ; out of which in this case, are lon, where there was so great a quan. excepted such animals as can live in 'tity of cypress in the groves and går. the water. Zoologists usually reckon dens in Alexaoder's time, that that but an hundred and seventy species in prince built a whole fleet out of it for all : and Bishop Wilkins lhews, that 'wane of timber; and ihis conjecture is only seventy-two of the quadruped confirmed by the Chaldæan tradition kind needed a place in the ark. which makes Zithurus (another name By the defcription Moses gives of for Noah) set sail from that couotry. the ark, it appears to have been divi. Universal History, Book I. Chap. I. 'ded into three stories, each ten cubits

The dimension of the ark, a's given or fifteen feet high; and it is agreed by Moles, are 300 eubies in lengih, on, as' most probable, that the lowel! 50 in breadih, and 30 in heighth, Atory was for the beasts, the middle which some have thought too scanty, for the food, and the upper for the considering the number of things it birds, wich Noah and his family'; was to contain ; and hence än argú. each story being subdivided into dif. ment has been drawn agaiort the au. ferent apartments, falls, &c. thougla thority of the relation. To solve this Josephus, Philo, and other commen. difficulty, many have been put to verytators add a kind of fourth story un. miserable shifts; but Buteo and Kir. der all the rest ; being, as it were, the cher have proved geometrically, that hold of the vessel, to contain the baltaking the common cubit of a foot last; and receive the filth and fæces and a half, the ark was abundantly of ro'many animals ; but F. Calmet sufficient for all the animals supposed thinks, that what is here reckoned a to be lodged in it. Snellius computes story, was no more than what is call. the ark to have been half an acre ined the keel of ships, and served only area, and the learned Father Lamy, 'for a conservatory of fresh waier. an Oratorian, Thews that it was 110 Drexelius "makes three hundred feet longer than the church of Si. apartments; F. Fournier three hunMary, at Paris, and 64 feet narrower; dred and thirty-three; the anony. and if so, it must have been longer mous author of the “Queltioas on than St. Paul's church, in London, Genesis," four hundred; Buteo, from west to ealt; and broader than Temporarius, Arias Montanus, Hol. that church is high in the inside, and rus, Wilkins, Lamy, and others fup. 54 feet of our measuce in height ;- pose as "many partitions as there and Dr. Arbuthnot consputes it to were different forts of animals. Pel. have been 81,052 tuns.' . letier only makes feventy two, viz. . The things contained in it were thirty-six for 'the birds and as many belides eight persons of Noah's fami. for the beasts :- his reason is, that ly, one pair of every species of un. if we suppose a greater number, as clean anim als, and seven pair of everythree hundred and thirty-three, or species of clean animals, with' provi. four hundred, each of the eight per. lions for them all during the whole fons in the ark must have had thirtyyear. The former appears at the first seven, forty-one or fifty stalls to at. View, almost infinite ; but if we come tend and cleanse daily, which he to a calculation, the number of spee thinks impoffible to have been done ;


but it is observed, that there is not the whole, the learned Bishopremarks, much in this; to diminish the number that of the two, it appears much more of stalls, without a diminution of ani- difficult to align a number and bulk mals is vain ; it being perhaps more of necessary things to answer the ca. difficult to take care of three hundred pacity of the ark, than to find fuffi. animals in seventy two stalls, than in cient room for the several fpecies of three hundred. As to the number of animals already knowo to have been animals contained in the ark, Buceo there this he attributes to the imcomputes that it could not be equal perfection of our list of animals, el. to five hundred horses; he even redu- pecially those of the unknowo parts ces the whole to the dimensions of of the earth, adding that the most ex. fifty fix pair of oxen; F. Lamy en. pert mathematician at this day could larges it to sixty-four pair of oxen; not assign the proportion of a vessel, or an hundred and twenty-eight oxen better accommodated to the purpose

so that supposing one ox equal to than is here done, and hence fically two horses, if the ark had room for concludes, that the capacity of the two hundred and fifty-lix horses, there ark, what has been made an objection must have been room for all the ani. against scripture, ought to be esteemed mals : but the same author demon- a confirmation of its divine authority, ftrates that one floor of it would suf. fince in those ruder ages, men being fice for five hundred horses, allowing less versed in arts and philosophy, pine square feet to erery horse. " were more obmoxious to vulgar pre

As to the food in the second story judices than now: so that had it been it is observed by Buteo, from Colu- an human invention, it would have mella, that thirty or forty pounds of been contrived according to those hay ordinarily suffices for an ox one wild apprehensions which arise from day, and that a solid cubit of hay, as comprehensions suggested by a conusually pressed down in our bay ricks, fused and general view of things, as weighs atout forty pounds; so that a much too big, as it had been repre. Square cubit of hay is more than sented too little. enough for one ox in one day; now . But it must be observed, that be. it appears that the second story con- sides the places requisite for the bealts tained 150,000 solid cubits, which and birds, and their provifions, there divided between two hundred and was room required for Noah to lock fix oxen, will afford each more hay op household utensils, the instrumeots by two thirds, than he can eat in a of husbandry, grains and feeds to few year.

the earth with after the deluge ; for Bishop Wilkins consputes all the which purpose it is thought that he carnivorous animals, equivalent as to might spare room in the third story the bulk of their bodies, and their for fix and thirty cabins, beside a food to twenty seven wolves; and all kitchen, a hall, four chambers, and a the reit to two hundred and cighly space about eight and forty cubits in beeves : for the former he allows length to walk in. The Mahometans 1525 sheep, and for the latter 109500 say, that Noah had but two years al. cubits of hay, all which will be easily lowed him for building the ark; they contained in the two fir stories, and add, that God shewed him the tree a deal of room to pare. As to the he was to build it of, which in twenty third fiory, no body doubts of its years time became large enough for being sufficient for the fowls ; with that purpose; they also add, that Noah, his sons and daughters. Upon Noah climbing up to the top of the


ark, cried out to the incredulous, in there, that the top of Mount Ararat : the name of God, to embark ; that is inacceslible, both by reason of its the ark was then moving forward but great height, and of the snow which Popped at the invocation of the name perpetually covers it. This mountain of God :- the Mahometans believe, is situated twelve leagues east of Erithat, besides the eight persons whom van, in a valt plain, having no other tve suppose to have been saved in the moun'ain near it on any side. Joreark, there were seventy-two more, phus ( Antiq. Lib 10.c.2 ) says, chat who entered ; and that of all Noah's the rem ins of Noah's ark were still family, his grandson Capaan was the to be seen in his time, in the cançon only one who refused to go into the of Adiabene, called Curon, a counark, and that he perished in the flood. try remarkable for producing a great Some Rabbios inform us, that a cer. quantity of cinnamon.. tajo king of Bafan was preserved from That part of the mountains of the waters of the deluge, by getting Ararat, whereon the ark retted, is upon horse-back on the top of the ark. called by many of the Ealtern nations Others affirm that Philemon, an rir-day, or Parmak dag, the finger Ægyptian priest, and his family, re- mountain ; because it Itands upright tired thither with Noah. The Para- by itself, like a finger, when ireld up; phrasts, Onkelos, and Jonathan, say, it is so high as to be feen at the dif. that Noah embarked near the place tance of ten days journey, according where Babylon was afterwards built; to the stages of the caravans. The others will have it, that he embarked city of Tuuris is near this moun:.in the Indies ; and that during the Tavernier fays, that there are many continuance of the flood he failed monasteries on Mount Ararat ; that quite round the world. The ark rest. the hirmeniaos call it Merloufar, beed on the mountains of Ararat when cause the ark Kopped there. It is as the deluge was over; but geographers it were, taken off fron the other are not agreed in what the scriptures mountains of Armenia, which make mean by the mountains of Ararat, as a loog chain, and from the middle to may be seen under the article Are the top of it is often covered with ral,

Inow for three or four months of the ARARAT, a famous mountain in year. There are some authors, how. Armenia, on which Noah's Ark is ever, that are of opinion, that the ark Said to have rested after the Deluge, rested on a mountain near Apamea, Genefis viii. 4. It is affirmed, but with. in Phrygia. out any good proof, that some re- ARMENIA, a province of Alia, mains of Noah's ark are still to be seen confilting of the modero Turcomaon the top of this mountain. John nia, and part of Perlia; having Geor. Struis, in his Voyages, assure us that gia on the north, Curdistan, the an. he went up to the highest part of it, cient Assyria, on the fouth, and Naand that an hermit who abode there, tolia, the lesser Alid, on the welt. declared to him, that some broken This province includes the fources pieces of the ark were to be seen there of the Tigris and Euphrates, the --and at the same time presented him Araxes and Phalis ; and here also with a cross made out of the wood the province of Eden, where Parabelonging to this famous vessel : but, dise was situated, is supposed to lie. Monsieur De Tournefort, who was The name Armenia, is thought to be upon the spot, assures us, that there derived either fro.. Aram, the father was nothing of the kild to be feen of the Syriaos, or fiom Harnenni,


the Mountain of the Mineans. Mofes apartments, sepsrated by partitions lays, (Genesis viii. 4.) that the ark” for the different animals, and their relled upon the mountains of Arme. food. The most accurate, txaci, denia. Requievitque Arca Mense Sep- monstrative and convincing descrip. timo, Vigesimo Septimo die Mensis tion of the ark is tha: of Mooleur Super Montes Armeniæ, according Jeap Le Pelletier, who is a molt ela. to the Vulgate, but it is the moun. borate differtation explains the politains of Ararat by the Septuagint and bility of the universal deluge, and Hebrew readings. In the fourth how all species of animals could be book of Kings, xxiv. 37. and Isaiah contained in the ark, with the provi. Xxxvii. 38. it is said, that the two fions necessary for a year, and how Sons of Sennacherib, Adrammelech they could be attended every day.and Sharezer massacreed their father Noah believed the word of God and while he was paying his adorations executed his commands, entered the to his god Nisroch, in his temple, ark with his wife, his three sons and and then fed into Armenia. their wives, and the animals of every

species, seven days before the deluge. ACCOUNT OF NOAH. He was then 600 years old ; being (Translated from the French.) all encered, and the door of the ark

being shut upon the outside, the wa.

ters of the deluge began to fall upon • Noah, or Nae, the son of La. the earth, and increased in such a meeh, was born 2944 years before manner that they were lifteen cubits Jesus Christ. He was just and found above the tops of the highest moungrace before God, who, seeing the cains, and continued thus upon the depravity, corruption, and malice of earth for one hundred and fifty days, men, resolved that every thing that so that whatever had life upon the had life on earth should perih by an earth, or in the air was deitroyed, universal deluge, ordered Noah to except such as were with Noah in the build an ark for the preservation of ark; but the Lord remembring Noab himself and family, with bealls and sent a wind upon the earth, which birds of every species both male and caused the waters to sublide, so that female. He marked out the plan, the, upon the seventeenth day of the se. form, measure, and proportion of this venth month, the ark rested on the great vessel that was to be the figure mountains of drarat. The tenth day of a large chest, 300 cubits long, 50 of the teach month the tops of the broad and 30 high, plastered with bie mountains were visible, and is forty Lumen and divided into three sto- days after they began to be perceptiries, each of which had several apart. ble, Noah opened the window of the ments; the first for the quadrupeds, ark, and let fly a crow that did not The second for the provisions, and the return ; shortly after he let Ay a dove third for the birds and the family of but not finding a place to perch upon Noah. There was a door to every came back to the ark; seven days af. Itory, and a large window to the ter he let it fiyagain and it came back third, besides a number of small ones with a branch of olive quice green. to give light to each story. Accord - Noah left the ark a year after he ening to the opinion of some there were tered it; then he offered as a burat four stories ; the lowelt was for re- facrifice to the Lord one of all the ceiving the filth of the ark, in each pure animals that were in the ark ; of these stories there were differeat and the Lord accepied bis facrifice,


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