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burned, and four of his belt patent loft their wigs, and nearly lost Bill upper jaw teeth were broken ; his Rogan, their setter, in atempting to Adonis wig was torn in pieces, and take it in 1799 ; aod Tom Broome, the wash for a stinking breath was and Luke Struggler have declared spilled on his toilet; a box of issue that it is not to be taken without the peas was broken, and the contenus aid of the servants or the apothecary. scattered. We underftand that a privy The observatory has a delightful come counsel has sat upon this dark tranl. manding view of the Old Gallowsa&ion, and that there will be a pro. Green, the Four Courts Marshalsea, clamation in the Hibernian Journal, Mass-lane, the Tholsel and Crown and a large reward for a discovery of office. No offensive object can apo fuch violaters of law and social order, proach the house unobserved, by the that barriers are preparing to be erec- means of reflectors, in the manner of ted on all the bridges, in consequence the Camera Obscura, and at table, by of this fymptom of latent rebellion, reflection from this dunomeler, any and French conspiracy

one coming for money, though a mile

off, is prelented faithfully before the COMFORT LODGE.

person concerned; the window-bars, locks and bolts are all upon a new

plan of the Counsellor's, for which The magnificent, literary and loyat he

literary and lovat he was about to get a patent a little proprietor of this beautiful villa, we

before he died. understand, means to dispose of it.

The situation would answer a Con. The vaft fums of money expended

naught gentleman of fashion, a difon its improvemenis, fince 1798, and

missed Revenue plunderer, a broken the uncommon taste that directed

Orange merchant, or any person who them, make this retreat worthy the

confiders paying back a matter too attention of the public. It was lately

troublesome. The furniture will be fitted up in the belt styte by Tippera

specified in our next. Application to rý F- s himself, and rendered,

ed be made to Mr Cox, at bis Magain poiot of security and magnificence,

zine Factory, Abbey.street.

2 impenetrably delightful. The houfe is built on the line of boundary be.'

THE tween the city and county of Dublin, DUBLIN LORD MAYORS. bỹ which means, any gentleman may have the sheriff of either district befóre Bini at the end of the table with It is with much reluctance we are the utmost safety and satisfaction; the obliged to go back to this dirty subfortifications have lately gone through jeet. These gentlemen, or such of athorough repair, the walls have been them as have exercised the high auconsiderably raised, and a new ched. thority within the last four years, are eurde frize of broken bottles added. in the habit of making laws, and even In this lovely spot, the utile and levying taxes. It must altonish our dulce voited when it was put in a readers how a set of men, taken from itate of defence by' that able engineer the dregs of the diminished and deCounsellor Stack pole, where he stood clining Proteftant mob, hould have a siege of nineteen years, against the the presumption to raile money on bis ableft Tholsel and vass-lane generals. Majetty's subjects, and in defiance of Charley Walsh and Ben Matthews every warning we have given them, continue to withhold considerable by an avowal of their loyalty, and fums, obtained in a manner so illegal abuse us for our disaffection ; but we that the King dare not pretend to do will venture to say, that such loyalty in England. We call upon the Duke would do more injury to a tortering of Richn:ond to interfere in the busi- ftare than all ourdisaff-ction, aod that ness, as our stupid and valga: adver- a government that winks at such ex. faries seem to disregard not only our cellive zeal to secure itself, commits frequent advice to them, to return the a felo de le, and is a party in its own money 10 the pluodered objects of extinction. their oppreslion, but even infinuate, through the medium of their retain. FREEDOJ FRIENDLY TO THE ARTS. ers, that if we continue to expose them, their juft indignation will pun. The progress of arts seldom fails ish our temerity. We call now again to be rapid, when a people happen to on them, in the face of the country, be roused out of a torpid itate by some and we begin with the present Lord fortunate change of circumitaoces. Mayor, who is fo laudably engaged to Prosperity, contralted with former relieve the harving manufacturers, to abasement, gives to the mind a spring order bis Secretary to return to the which is vigorously exerted in every publicans and grocers of Dublin the new pursuit. The Achenians made Sum of live shillings each, extorted but a 'mean figure under the tyranny from them, under the terror of his of Pififtratus; but, upon regaining Lordship's high and potent displea- freedom andindependence, they were fure; or if not immediately done, the converted into heroes. Miletus, a cafe thall be brought before the King's Greek city of lonia, being destroyed Bench, where the legality of Lord by the king of Persia, and the inhabiMayors' prize money, will have it's taots made slaves, the Athenians, full and due merits investigated.' deeply affected with the misery of


Will the temporary resident repre. their brethren, boldly attacked that sentative of the house of Talarera, king in his own dominions, and tell the Parliament of England, or burnt the city of Sardis. la less than the petiy part of it, hat condescends ten years after, they gained a signal to take our affairs into consideration, victory at Marathon ; and under The that ihe people of Dublin, one of the mistocles made head against that progreatelt cities in Europe, have the digious army with which Xerxes protection of equallaws, while Alder. threatened utter ruin to Gree:e. man Trevor, a brewer, in his official Such prosperity produced its usual situation as Lord Mayor, could levy effect-arts flourished with arms, and taxes without the consent of Parlia. Athens became the chief theatre for ment; that Alderman Pemberton, a science. The reign of Augulus Ce. comb-maker, should also do it ; that far, which put an end to the rancour Alderman Darley, a Atone.cutter, of civil war, and restored peace to and Sir William Stamer, Baronet, a Rome, proved an aufpicious æra for grocer, should wiih impunity do fo? literature, and produced a cloud of So far have they passed without repre- poets and philosophers, to whom the hension from the laws, that they moderns are indebted for their raste have not only enjoyed the con- and talents. One who makes a figure fifcations without reproof, but have rouses emulation in all: one catches been awarded high ialaries for doing fire from another, and the national uftice. They may escuse themselves fpirit is every where triumphant.


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you shall see the abomination of de!!! OF THE

folation standing in the Holy Place,

-chen let those who are in Judea - ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Aee to the mountains. But pray that OF THE ,

your fight may not be in the winter, IRISH CATHOLIC BISHOPS.

or on the Sabbath day.-If therefore they shall say to you : Behold, he is

in the desart ; go ye not out : Behold N. B. The English Address of the he is in the closets ; believe it not,' Irish Catholic Bishops, in Synod af. Mat. xxiv. 15, 15, 20, 25, 23. in sembled on the 26th of last February, these words, Chrilt intimates to his to their flocks, respearing the VETO, disciples that they are to withdraw for and the several matters connected a tinie (not indeed from their faith, with the VETO, baving been pub- nor from their hope of everlasting lished in different ways, we conceive salvation,) but from the earthly habia it will prove gratifying to our Read. tation of the true believers, and from ers to furnish them with a Transation the Holy Temple itself, till the judga of the Latin Address of the same Bi- ments of God are fulblled ; that, we Maps to all the Catholic Prelates are to pray left the laws or religion of throughout the World, relative to the different countries should throw obviolence exercised on Pope Pius VII. stacles in the way of this fight; and which Address was also voted and left, our good master and pastor being subscribed by them, in their Synod withdrawn from our fight, we mould held on the said 26th of February. take occasion to usurp his authority,

surrounded as we are on every side To the Most Eminent and Reverend with fallacious deceptions and impi.

Lords, the Bishop, Priest, and ous artifices. This admonition of our Deacon Cardinals of the Holy divine teacher extends to these our Roman Church;

times; for we have till a temple To the Most Illustrious and Reve

which the impious cannot violate, in: · rend Patriarchs, Archbishops,

to which our High Priest, JESUS, Eishops, and Apostolical Vicars

the author of our Priesthood, has en1 throughout the World,

tered once for all in his own blood of

the everlasting Covenant; and we The Archbishops and Bishops of have had earthly abodes resembling

Ireland send greeting : , and allied with those of the blessed ;

That in a new and unexpected ca- we have yet holy Laws extending to lamity we should devise new precau. the whole kingdom of Christ of which tions, and that, in adopting these, we this is the most comprehensive and should call for your religious zeal and the most excellent: that we should all affittance, the cruel circumstances of be ONE in Faith, in the Sacraments the times, or at least, the motive of and in Charity. “ To manifest this Christian charity by which we are ac. UNITY,” says the holy Martyr, tuated, will, doubtless, justify us in St. Cyprian, in his book " On the your opinion. “ For now is the time Unity of the Church,"_"Chrilt has chat judgment should begin from the' by his divine authority, established House of God," 1 Pet. iv. 17. Let one chair, and appointed one source us therefore listen to the voice of our of unity, in such a manner that he who Lord and our God, speaking of the withdraws himself from the chair of latter times of his people : “ When Peter, upon which the Church is September, 1810;



founded, is no longer within the of her patrimony, to overwhelm : Church ; and that he who does not 'molt virtuous personage with detelt. hold to the unity of the Church, has able calumnies, crimes wbich we no faith.” This UNITY, for the pre. cannot think of without horror) thea servation of which, our blessed Lord, some fort of excuse might also be adbefore he ascended to his Heavenly mitted for the impious perjury comFather, berought him with the piety mitted in the feizure of our Saviour of a Son, and with the Majesty of the Christ, for the indignity of spitting Only begotten Son, is not to be bro. upon him in his captivity, and for the ken alunder by the impiety of men, injustice of robbing him of his clothes or the violence of war, or the man. wlien he was crucified. These injudates of Sovereigns; Gnce the Son of ries, however, do not affect the holy God himfelf has assured us that it Pontiff alone : they affect us all ;shall not be subject to the vicissitudes whilft an unauthorized individual ar. of this world, where he says to us – rogates to himself that power which “ My peace I leave you ; my peace I Christ left for the general benefit of give you. Not such as the world gives his whole Chureh and of all mankind do I give to you,John xiv. 27.- and requires us either to seem to abanHence those men who are bept upon don Catholic unity, or to yield obeoppresling this main source of our uni- dience to the enemies of the British ty in Chrift, so as to prevent its ap. Empire, whom, nevertiteless, we are pearance at all, or its appearance bound by the command of Christ, by without bearing, at the same time the the sanctity of our Oath of Allegiance, foul marks of fraud and deception, and by a natural love of our country are not so much bent upon the aboli. to oppose, not only by our counsels tion of a human law, as upon the de. and exhortations, but alfo with our fruction of the main work of JESUS persons, even to the shedding of our CHRIST himfelf here upon earth, blood, should this be requisite: which and of the principal hope of christians primary duties of Christian citizens in his divine promises.

we call upon you-we call upon God * That this has been attempted of himfelf to witness we will molt reliPace, it is impossible, venerable Bre- giously performi. thren, that you should be ignorant. - Therefore, having confulted to You have feen the upright, innocent gecher on these several matters in this and boly Ponriff, Pius VII, disgrace. our General Affembly, held in the fully and cruelly suized upon, dragged City of Dublin, we have entered into from his territories, and buried in a such Pelolutions as will manifest our dungeon. Hence arises the necessity inviolable attachment to the unity of either of our submitting to a ferocious the Church, and our veneration for and infulent military power for the the dignity of our Pontiff, Pius VII. moft necessary and Sacred intercourse and at the same time will prove a preof our holy Religion, or of our resif. ventive against the above-mentioned ing this force in the best manner we apprehcoded evils. The following, can. Could such behaviour be excu-. then, are the points which we have sed in any Christian, as to turn a ve discussed, decided, and resolved upon nerable old man out of his habitation, for a perpetual remembrance :and drive him from his country, to “Whereas the Most Holy and oppress an unofending Bishop of Glorious Pope, Pius VII. bas, by a God's Church, to strip the Mother- defpotic niandace and a military force, Church of Christianity of the whole without any fault on his pari, beea


dragged away from his fubje&ts, and “ But if the said Pontiff, Pius
confined in a foreign prison; and VII. should depart this life during
whereas there may be danger of his his present captivity, we consider the
Loking under the horror and suffer. Holy Apoftolical See as being vacant
ings of his situation, and being forced till it shall be fully and canonically
10 abdicate his highofficeio the Church notified to the Churches of Ireland
and to liga some iostrument, purport that a successor to him has been law-
ing that he has made fuch abdication fully, holily, and freely chofen.
freely and by his own choice :

ach are our decisions and declara" Therefore, we, the said Archbi- tions, in the name of our Lord JEShops and Bithops, having a thorough SUS CHRIST, and in the unity of knowledge of the case in queftion, his fpirit, and in the faith of the Cau, do, with an unanimous consent, re. tholic Church." ; ject, abjure, detelt, annul and make void, as to every effect of the Canon' You clearly see that these our Res' Law, all Bulls, whether true or false, folutions are by no means in:ended Rescripıs of every kind, Letters, in to subvert the highest dignity in the the form of Briefs, even those which Church, damely, the prerogative of may profess to be written by the free the Holy See ; but that, on the.comchoice and with the certain know trary, they are calculated to defend ledge of the writer, which shall or its never failing authority from viomay fignify the concellion, resigna- lence and indignity, and to prevent tion, or abdication of the Popedom, that bond of unity which Chrift has on the part of PIUS VII. until he, left in his Church from being abused the Said Pope, shall be delivered from by a fraudulent cyranny for the defa the captivity which he now endures, truction of our faith, and of the puband restored to the free posselqon of his lic peacę, to the great dishonour of office and jurisdi&ion, and until this the Apoftolical See. We therefore his freedom shall be made evident to commend this our decision to your us by unquestionable proofs, and not fraternal charity, and we beseech you, by mere a&ts, purporting to be acts of for the love of Christ, and of his bo abdication, nor by any approbations dy (the Church) that if, for prudenor confirmations whatever which may tial reasons, you should not imitate be annexed to the same.

our example, you will, at least, asfilt " And should his said Holiness, us with your prayers.--Fare ye well Pope Pius VII. being yet a prisoner, in the Lord, moft Eminent Lords though under much less restraint than and Venerable Brethren.. i he is under at present, resign, or ap. pear to have religned, his high office, · Resolved in the General Assem. we declare such resignation, past, pre. of the Bishops of Ireland, sent, or to come, absolutely null, and held in Dublin, February the we will continue to date the years of 26th, 1810, in the tenth year his Pontificate alone, without taking of the Pontificate of our Holy notice of any such pretended abdica. Father Pope Pius VII. Lion.


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