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The following epitaph was composed by the Reverend Miles Byrne, a holy priest of

the society of Jesus, Born in Francis-street, * Dublin, of reputable parents ; but unable,

through the sanguinary operation of the pe. nal code, io procure a suitabie education in his native country, he wen: to France, and became a member of the society, at the College of La Fleche, in Anjou. He there cominenced and compleated his studies with the greatest applause. On the death of the P. Jouvenci, he stood candidate, with the celebrated P. Porée, for the chair of Professor of rhctoric in the college of Louis le Grand, Parie. But alihough the judges unanimousin decile, that his literary compositions were superior in merit to those of Porée ; yet the latter, as being a pative of France, was appointed to the professorship. Rerurning to Ireland, he passed under the borrowed name of F. Milan, on account of The persecution that raged against catholics, but in particular against priests and religie ous; for whoever either lodged or enterlained them, at that period, were liable to a peaalty of rocl. Priests, if coavicted, were transported, and religious were sen. tenced to death. The storm of persecutionhaving somewhat abated, he opened a pri. vate school in Cook.street (which was no more than a dreary garret) for the instruc. tion of catholic youth, in the principles of religion and sacred eloquence. in conjuction With the Reverend Mr. Johnson, of the same society, and professor of the Greek and Latin languages. The late Reverend Mi. Austin, whose memory is still in benediction amongst u, had been one of their pupils. Learning, disinterestedness, zeal and the love of God and his neighbour, constitute the character of the Reverend Miles Byrne, and he died as he lived, in the odour of sanctity, agreeable to the testimony of a lady and gentleman now liviog, who has favoured us with the foregoing account:

C. M.

Comitate & sale multo. condita gravitas,

Quem vitae tenor sincerus,

Ei recti custos animus, · Legum recondita depromere arte sagax, Ad famæ fastigium evexêre ; Fortunæ etiam oi religio obstaret) Facilè evexissent, Obiit Septuagenarius, 11. Martis.

MDCCXX, Solá morte minor. Jacobus filius nats

maxiinus, Patri dignissimo-poni curavit. Translation of the latin inscription on the Monument of Sir T. Butler. This ejfiy designates,

"Sir Theobald Butler,

An Iri h Lawyer, An honour to the laws ; his name, and na

tive country, Invested, not exalted with the equestrian


An advocate,
Judicious, upright, polished, cloquent;

In the legal and his native dialect,

Not in partial justice,
Not in search of favours,
Not in flaitering language,
But in weight of wrgument,
Ao i onate torce of genius,
And a consuinmate knowledge of the laws,

Атап, Whom eloquence, an uusullied faill, gravie ty, tempered with much humour and alfa

bility. Whom a sincere and virtuous course of life,

And a miad, the guardian of virtue, Sagacious to unfold the intricacies of the law, Have raised to the summit of fame; And had also (were it not for his religion) Raised him, no doubt, to that of fortune. He died the lith of March MDCCXX.

inferior only to death! James his eldest son erected this monument

- to his
Most worthy Father.

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Epitaph of Sir Tbeobald Butler, s.

James's, Dublin.
Desiguatur hac effigie,
Theobaldus, è Gente Ball-râ;
Hibernas Jurisconsultus,
Legum, Patriæ, nominis decus :
Dignitate equestri, donatus non auctus.

Argutus, concinnus, integer, disertus.
Barbarie forensi & vernacula,
Non partium studio,
Non fisvoris aucupio,
Non verborum lenocinis,
Sed rerum pondere,
Eticgeoii vi insita,
Et legam scientia penitiori.

Quem lingua solars, illibata Gates

What spectred form is that, with tearfuleye. With heavy boson and with deep-drawn sigh, Sad sorrowing o'er the dark scpulchral cell, Where, Mabon ! thy remains are doomed to

dweil? 'Tis thou, fora liberty ! whom once I knew. Cloth'd with the rosy morning's healthfui

hue, Sweep the wild woodlands, and with corale

Swell the soft gales that usher in the day; 'Tis thou lora.liberty with anguish wild,

Now weeping o'er thy fond, thy favourite Moulders in earth ; the fabric of bis fame child,

Rests on the pillars of a spotless name !" No common sorrows hover round thy head, Tooi of corruption-Spaniel slave of power! All nature sickens, all ihy joys are fled, Should thy rash steps in some unguarded hour The moon extends a cold and dewy gleam, Prolane the shrine, deep on thy shrinking And the sun saduens with a languid beam.

heart O'er the wide concave no kind star is found, Engrave this awful moral, and depart! Night spreads her darkest, deepest shades That not the jail, not persecuting tale, around,

Noi pluodered wealth, nor yet the hour of late 'The corrowing Patriot, pours his pensive Can rob the good man of that peerless prize, moan,

Which not pale Mammon's countless creature And in his leader's fate iaments his own.

buys Lamented chieftain ! long shall live thy The conscience clear, whence secret pleasures famie ;

flow, And future infants learn to lisp thy name; And love ihat cheared brave Mahon's deepest Ages unborn thy sombrois fate shall view,

woe, And curses breathe on slavery's ficnd-like Assiduous love that stayed his vital breath, crew;

And honese faine triumphant over death, Who doomed thy frame to rot in Jungeons O Mahon, may that band by thee inspired, dank,

By virtue sanctioned and by freedom fired, Where angui: h wails aloud and fellers clank; Who oft with thee in fair Killiney's bower, In caves bestowed with many a mouldering Made the bold front of dark oppression coxer, bone,

Strike with a patriot arm their wondering And cells, whose echoes only learn to groan; I foes, Where no kind bars a whispering friend dis Weep o'er their country but avenge its croes; close,

May triumph wave cach banner in the tick, No sun.beain enters aud no zephyr blows. And frightful horror frown from every shield; Friend of departed worth! whose pilgrim And like a storm, that swells the troubled feet

gale, Trace injured merit to its last retreat, Rolls down the till and sweeps along the rale, Olt will hy steps imprint the hallowed.hade, Clearing in twain the forest's trembliegking, Where Mahon's dusi, mbalines in tears, is While the day darkens and the mountains laid;

ring“ Here,” wilt thou say “ a high undaunted While the hoarse thunders with re.echoed roir soul,

Crack the white cliffs and roll along the shore That spurned at palsied caution's weak con- So may thy band, with firm collected force, troul

Scour ihe wide plains and conquer in this A nind with knowledge stored, by freedom

course, fired,

. By leaders great as thee, their vengeance In Erin's cause with generous warmth in.

Gurled, spired :

Give tyrants death and freedom to the world.


On the 14th inst, at Killiney, as the seat a vigorous and cultivated understanding, unof Duke Ormsby, Eig. Theobald Mahon, Esq. warned by prejudice, undisturbed by passion, Jate of Castle Hill, county Mayo, a man of endeared him to society. Hence his loss h.: distinguished family, and eininently worthy been deeply fell in the circle of his friend, to be remembered by posterity. His parts and widely lamented by the numerous parivo were an honor to his country, his love to his cipators of his bounty. Yet let humanit, religion and to human nature, the interests It Ireland exult, that he lived to sopport of liberty he earnestly supported, from prin their interese so long, that he was malute in ciple and from fecling; he spurned at that virtue and in years; that his hatred or to strvility, which can bow down, before the ranny will sanctify his remembrance to to. idol of despotic power or prostrate baseness, ture Worsbippers of Liberty in ages yet taand having from his steady adherence to the born, and that, in that awful crisis, when cause of freedom, incurred a series of rer- faib shall be lost in lig'i, and hope absorbed secutions ; he supk in his oid age into po- in possession, he will receive for the multitude ruty, from a state of considerable affluence of his benevolent exertions, the testimony of and distinction.

charity, which never failech. In addition le In donie:tic life intelligent, liberal, and this character, it is only necessary to remak uocorrupl; his sprightliness and affability; that five afflicted orphans are left to lumeal the ease, urbanity, and cheartulness of his the loss of a food parent and a kind and ge. conversation, united with formacss of mind, nerous proiector.

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but was prevented by a prior engage. LORD EDW.FITZGERALD.' ment, as he is at present spending a

few days at the country seat of Lord

Redesdale. Thore very diftinguished and es. To perpetuate the renewed alliance, teemed characters, Town-M-jor 'the Majors have fat for their pidures Sirr, and his deputy, Swan, after a which are to be united in one grand misunderstanding which prevented historical piece, in which pofterity any comniunication with each other is to enjoy the remarkable scene, so for more than fix years, have been conspicuous in the arduous and active reconciled by the interference of their lives of the confederates in loyalty, murual friends. A friendly inter. order, aod morals :--the arrest of view rook place a few days ago, and Lord Edward Fitzgerald. We underthe new alliance was sealed and tes.' Itand proof impressions of this intetihed at a splendid dinner, where resting spectacle are to be reserved for every variety that the season could particular friends, who have a due furnith, contributed to enliven the esteem for the respective champions, scene and gratify the appetite. The and their national services, such as toasts over the cheerful bottle were Colonel Littlehales, aptain Foley appropriate, loyal, conftitutional and of the navy, Lady Lecale, Lords historical; men distinguished for their Robert and Henry Fitzgerald, Mr. zeal, and events that sealed our secu. Cope, Widow Flanlon, Widow of rity in church and state, when fac- Jemmy O'Brien, and several other tion and irreligion applied the pike to high and distinguished personages. overturn the laws, were remembered We have been favoured with a with due reverence, and honoured sketch from the original, which we with adequate applauset Mr. Thomas prefix to this month's publicarion. Reynolds, late of Kilkea Castle, was We hope their highnesses the Majors, expected to form one of the party, will not be displeased at our impaVOL. III, September 1810.

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