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cartoschis Hymns-Select Cying' tendency to introduce Popery into the Speeches-an Acrostic upon Lady State, and ultimately overchrow the St. George's lonkey.

Protestant Religion ; the life of Cahie Voi 2. Contains the History of na Gappul, or Charles Demply, the the Black Cart, and a Sermon preach. Horfeitealer, with the law upon the ed at the funeral of Hack bali, King tendency of allowing a free abuse of of the reggars.

Horse fanciers, or Horse Itealers, in The Works of the late Tipperary

a government that is going gallop-a. Fitzsimons, Esq in S vols. folio.-

trot to the devil in chis work the These works contain as great a vari. Great Bladderchops thews deep reaety as tv topic, as those of Hardouin ding and great digestion of law, as to the jouit.

the effect of allowing fcurrillity to be Vuj. 1. Contains the Beauties of ufed against lovers and supporters of Rochiler. Captain Morris,and Tom- the Stable constitution. my Moore ; an Efray on Flogging The Legal Stumbler ; a Poem-Sweep.cbimnics, and an iniproved addrelled to Union Judges and young Jutem of Hazard: Thoushis on Lawyers, in three cantos. This poem Guaying of all kinds, revenue, reli- is dedicated to bis Lordship's friend gous, and political ; an Advice to and admirer, Bill. Giles, the horseRevenue Beggars on Horseback, jockey, who died suddenly by driok. to use the kein and spare the Spur; ing a quart of brandy at the fair of the riri of Audacity, and the means Donnybrook. of deserving kickings, aod escaping The other volumes are upon the the.n; the Paragraph Writer's Guide Law'as it affects buyers and sellers of

a work very uleful to authors who horses ; an Effay on Broken Wind, cannot spell; the History of the Ri. and the Life, Adventures, Pedigree, ding-houte, anda juftification of fog. and Virtues of Old Hector Gra

nciples of consciencia ham's Dun Poney—and a receipt and a latirical Poem called “ Mass. for curing the Spaven in Judge lint ;' dedicated to Tom Broo.ne. The Absurdities and Impositions os Grab corner, Esq.

of the Romilh Church. By Mr. LaThe other volumes are controver- touche. The learned and rich autbor fial, she wing the inutility of any reli- proves, that the apostles and disciples gion but a loyal one, and hinting the like the Swadlers, travelled through use of vigour beyond the law, in care the world with their wives, preaching of urgency. The Author's Picture is the gospel. This work is considered prefixed to cach volume ; in vol. 1. by Kent, the Husterman, and by hr is drawn in a staie vesy advanta- GALLAGHER, the pully-maker, as a geous to his good legs, namely, with- complete refutation of the celibacy out shoes and itockings ; in vol. 2 imposed on the Romith clergy, by he is drawn on horseback, and his the perverted doctrines of the Church charger trampling a beggaraan ; in of Rome, and is dedicated to Doctor vol 3. he is drawn going to bed to Duigenan. Printed by Jones and Midhave his shirt walhea.

hiken. The Works of Lord Chief Justice A Plan of Catholic Emancipation. Bladderchops, in 8 vols.

By the Major This little book is ra. Vol. 1 Contains Thoughts upon ther an improvement or. Oliver CromHobby Horses, and their effect upoe well's manner of emancipation, than the Protestant succession, and their a new work. The good Major pro

poles F

poses to emancipate the Catholics by ment of the state from Mr. Perceval thinning them; for this purpose, he down to the lowest se pehs in the bofecommends an organized arniy uflom of the count y, from the palace dagger men, in the manner of Jerrmy to the coal 01102. That those O'Brien, a more extensive applica black and dreary regions refound wih tion of Riding-houses, on the Marl. the cantiles of divino praise, and the borough-green model, with an unli illu ainations of golpo in truction, mited number of triangles, the whole such that a stranger would be led to to be under the regulation of gentle suppofe the internal regions and their men of approved activity, such as the unhappy tenants, were 'recalled into LOUTH man, Sia Thomas the paths of faith and forgivenesi.

d , Hawtrey W , the Though the holy unes are fu nume, Majors, Sir Duplicate I riangle, and rous, aod their lab Jurs so unreinici g, orher very diftinguited loyal execu- yet from the scarcity of leticrel brine tioners.

man knowledge, the number of Ev10

gelilts bear a very unequal proportion ISLAND OF SANTS..'' to the vaut o-jority of other la'), 'urers

in the Vine yaru, l'he great advantages

religion derims from Engluh in. · The celebrated Illand of great provement may be undertood by Britain so renowned in arins, and so the unity contracted between ag diftinguished in the commercial world, Ecoletjaitical and manufacturing life, among her great acquirements has The modern faints it must b: confeít. made such confiderable progress in re ed by the molt lazy and unholy of ligion that the may with great justice their enemies, have in this union of be named the Island of Saints. For; praying and saving coníributed more merly Ireland held this hongurable to the comfort of others inan ihe most and yenerable rank but by the loss of distingu hed af eties and unchorites her independence, her national, as of the primative ages. The latter den well as her holy character have great. scripcion of men, secluded ahense ves Jy been impaired and at this day, aře in wildernesses, amur.d themselves fo much obliterated that scarcely any with prayer and morcification, while remains of her institutions in church shey paid in regard to manual bour. or state, have not been absorbed in the The Englith jaints are of it more ruling nations. The ralt improve. gregarious natur, they alsociite in England has made in holy maoners large numbers, while the tungne is may be calculated or imagined, by the praising the Lord for the louis lake, immense number, of different man- the fingers are busily engaged cigoling factories she has erected for soul saving, snuffers and fouitooxes, for tie boby an accurate survey made by an itine- dy's fake, they are as dexterous, surveyor in the Gospel, it appears that where any of them can read, or vite not less than 400 are now at full work, at Forging a hymn, as a niil, and as Her armies and navies are 10 a man handy at Binding a bible di they re inspired with the new lights in heaven. at explaining it, no eximpie or equal ly affairs, with the exception of aboue Grace is written in any living ac 100, 000 obstinate Irishmen, who counts of Spain and Italy andoor po refuse to aslift in forwarding the ex- pith countries, so inactive wore they ample set them by the numerous holy io che cause of Piety that they inad our ones of the dear Gister Mand, Such in one way of teaching is, Braun haidultry is used throughout every depart. ing four hundred methods, wit b


állowed to have superiour claims to let him roar sufficiently loud and long our admiration as she must be to drive away one half of hearers and four hunised vimes wore holy, and deafen the other, let him take notes to this great excessive fuperiority, of speeches, and imagine himself ca. that envied country, owes the divide pable of replying to them ; let him and "humane reputatio , the has ac- inflaced with the notion bat the au. quired in the opinion of an aitonith ditors are attentively hittening while ed world

they are only focering and laughing

at hini, and let every person who I .; COOKERY. . bears bim de part with the fullest con

• villies of his being a precious bluck. How to make an insane Catholic Pe- head. . . tition r. ,

How • Take a crack brained Phycian or

to make a flent fneering feti. ..

tioner, Lawyer, supply him plenufully with news paper paragraphs, . refolutions Take a Munster VETO Laryer and Inuff, tend him to Crow street, rend him to the repofi'ory, let bim and from thence to the farming re: fay nothing and thereby induce fools pository, let bini belt) pas here tor one to citeem him as a man of lense, let hour like a shewman's bear, let him ihe by-standers make a companion break tables and chairs, let his voice between M. Plunket and bim, and appear to the auditors like that of a let it be Hyperion to a Saiyr, let him Denfrit quill, let his hair Itaod ere&t"Itav long enough at the meeting to like a porcupines quills, his eyes ap- be convinced that the Catholicks of pear starting from their lockets, and Dublin will not be dietat.d to, or Jer him diltill copious ferid'drops from overborne by the owners of armorial évery pore ; iwo repetitions of this enfigns bearing marrowbones and political r:cipe, will infallib y make cleavers, and let him go home as lick him as nad as a march hare. " ' ás a'murrained Ox. How to make a very impertinent pes

pc. How to make a young foolish intempes titioner,

.. rale petitioner. . Take a plebeian faced munsterlaw.

Take a young lawyer of very consiyer, buy him a scratch wig, and send

derable taleot, but little discretion, him to ihe farming repofievry, let him

send him to the repolitory and let make a spech of bits and Icaps - round

him be very rude to his betters, let about-here and there--let him,

bion become the dupe of an affocia. prove the necesity of a petition by

tion incorporated for the purpose of midwives, children John Gale Jones,

om diflerinating calumny, let him littea Sir Francis Burdett and starless

as to their suggestions until they perdesolation, let him attend the next

* fuaded him of horrid plots, and dire Catholic meeting and call the citizens

cabals existing, let him be influenced a banditti, and let him be kicked out

by them to believe that four wrong of the assembly and sent back to muo.

headed agitators are the Catholicks fer to leara manners.

of IRELAND-let hiin adhere to how to make a Nupid brawling peti them unull he shall see the Catholicks tiuner, ,

of Dublin reflore such to their origiTake a mualter Lawyer, send him bal obscurity, and thec let him be able to the repository, give him an undig- to discorer ihe difference between a nified aspect and monotonous tone, insignificant party and the people,


HENRY NORRIS born at Verona, cator of the Inquisition and sub. August 29th, 1631, of Irish parents, librarian of the Vatican. This ofshowed from his infancy great ge. fice was a step to promotion ; envy nius, vivacity, and application. His burst forth more violently than father was his first Instructor, and ever. His book was revised again, had the consolation to discover in but all to no purpose, the matter his son a disciple, who gave the was decided in his favour, and so grearest hope. His predilection' much to his reputation, that the for the works of St. Augustin, Pope made hira Consultor of the made him take on the habit of the Inquisition, and very soon after hermits, who go by the name of promoted him to the dignity of that great Father of the Church; Cardinal, anno 1695. At his elethe General informed of his great vation, his adversaries composed the merit, called him to Rome, where following satirical distich, he passed the day and part of the night in the Angelical Library. Romano si dignus erat Norrisivs Ostro He generally studied 14 hours a

Debuit yprensi Irina Curona dari.

Si l'on fait, Cardinal Noris, ce scavant day, and continued so, until he was

homme, promoted to the dignity of Cardi. On dut placer Janseo sur le Troue de Rome. pal. He was appointed to reach in the different houses of his order ; His time was totally employed in he acquitced himself with such discharging the duties annexed to eclar. that the grand Duke of Tus- his dignity. He often regretted cany called him to Florence to be the obscurity of the Cloyster. He his divine, and gave him the succeeded Cardinal Casanate Libra. chair of ecclesiastical history in the

rian University of Pisa. The first work he gare to be printed, was the Pe. Jerome Casana te, born at Naples 1620. lagian His:ory, at Florence, 1673,

His father was Regent of the Supreme Coun.

• in fol.

cil; to please him he frequented the Bar, but This work met with the he went to Rome, and embraced the ecclesi. same fate of many good works. It astical state, by his engaging manners, be got excited envy, and acquired the au. in che good graces of Abbé Altieri, afterwards thor great fame. His opponenis Pope, by the name of Clement X. He hy. I acainer him noured him with a Cardigal's Cap, 1673.

and gave him the administration of the most and reprobaring his work; he an.

important affairs, Innocent XII. knowing swered them all : party-matters his comprehensive genius, his great abilities were carried to such a pitch, as to and dexterity, appointed him Librarian of have it brought before he tribunal the Vatican. His project was that the pube of the Inquisition ; but like gold in

lic should partake of the riches shut up in the

treasury entro led to his care. Abbé Zacagni the crucible, it came out purer. under this direction, gave to light many ane His opponents made a second at cient manuscripts, under the title of " Col. rack, and censured his work, as lectanea monumentorum veterum Ecclesiæ jansenistical ; but the great and græcæ et latinæ in 4to. Romæ 1698, and

would have given many more, had not the learned Pope Benedict XIV. Lam

death of the Cardinal interrupted his plan, bertini, prorector of the learned,

he died anno 1700, aged 80. He bequeathe annulled the censure, and wrote to ed his library io the Dominicans of the Mithe Inquisitor-General of Spain, in nerva, on condition, that it should be for his favour. He was made qualifi. the hereft of the public, with an income of TOR AVGUST, 1810.




rian of the Vatican, who died 1700. Augustinianæ ; 4th, Dissertatio de Two years after he was appointed to uno ex Trinitate passo ia Carne; reforin the Calendar, but he began sih, Apologia Monachorum Scyto feel some symptoms of an incu. ihiæ ab Anonymi Serupulis Vindi. Table dropsy, by which he was pre- cata ; 6th, Anonymi Scrupuli circa vented from accomplishing ihar Vereres Semi-pelagianorum Secia. great work. Death (dira mors cures, evulsi ac eradicari; 7th, Res.

quo pede pulsat regum curres pau- porio ad Appendicem Auctoris perumque tabernas) snarched him Scrapulorum ; 3ch, Janseniani er. from the republic of leciers, Feb. roris Calumnia Sublata; gih, Sam. 23rd, 1704, aged 75. Cardinal nia Francisci Macedo; idin, EcoNorris is very justly considered as chæ Syro-Macedonum, prinied see one of those men to whom Italy is perately in toiro and quarto. By highly indebt. din point of literature. The help of medais, this illustrious A penetrating, lively genius, a great author has elucidared the different memory, adorned with the most Epochas of ihe Syro-Macedonians. interesting trairs of Sacred and Pro. This important, nork the fruit of fanie history. His works are re. the most laborious disquisition, is markable for their accuracy, ex- much esteemed by the learned on. aciness, piecision, and purity of tiquarians for its deep, profourd Egk, they have been printed at erudition, exactness and precision;

Ver>a, 1729 and 1732, five vols. inth, De Duobus Nummis Diocle. ,in fol. The principal are, ist, His- tani et Licinii dissertatio duplex:

torie Pelagianæ libri duo ; 2d, a production worthy of the foreDissertatio Historica de Synodo going ; 12th, paranesis ad Patrem quinta Ocumenica; 3rd, Vindiciæ Harduinuin; 13th, Conoraphia Pi.

sara Caii et Lucii Cæsarum, in fol. 4000 Roman Crowns for the library, for the There is an edition of the Pelagiaa support of the Librarians and Divides of every History prinred at Louvain, lo nation of Furope, our countryman The

which fire historical disser allons Kev, Father Chailas o Kellu, Maricr of Di. vinity, resided there 12 any years, as Divine have been annexed, with the wrie and Agent to the Clergy of Ireland, a man tings menrioned in numbers, 2 and 3. of consummate virtue, predence, and dex. Peter and lerome Bellerini, 6:0* terity, the Pose aud Cardinals of the sacred

thers, and patives of Verona, hare

share congregation of the propoganda, never transacted aoy business relaive to the Church of Siven a complete edilon of all the Liland, withou: consulting him. He has works of Cardinal Norris, w:h been succeeded by the Rev Pacher Luke notes and dissertations printed at Concannon of the same Order, Master of Verona, 1732, four vols. in folio; Divinity, a man likewise of deep learning,

13, they gave his life also. The lo:locircumspection, piety, art prudence, who has been lately consecrated Bisonp of New York distich, leit by his father, pruits ir. North America, by his Holines. Pius the his country. . seventh. He studied Divinity in the College of St. Clement's, Rome, under the auspices Hibernia nos 'genuit, Cyprias possedimus of (whom God may preserve) our most

Arces. worthy Archbishop Doctor Troy.'

At Vencto sedit lictore nostra ranis.


Transiated from the French. !

EPICTETUS a stoick philoso- Coloss and Laodicea, was a slure pher, was a native of Hierapolis in of Epaphrodires. He bad more the Phrygia, in the neighbourhood of appearance of a freeman than that

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