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without receiving any value, and re- POUNDS, which divided among the fuses to pay one hundred for value re sufferers would be more than one farceived, appears in our opinion to pos- thing to every three persons. sess more tatte for ofteniation than humanity.

The people of the Liberty anx

joully wait the arrival of the Duchess The Lord Mayor, with a very of Kichmond from England, as they great giie of discernment, has .pub are made to underland through the lithid a proclamation, recommending median of the press, that her Grace bis fuilow-ciuzons each to buy a'new will cause such a consumption of pete coat, tor tbe pu pose of employing ticoars, and such a valt variety of the thirty thousand tarviog manufac. dancing allemblies, that plenty, industurers in ihe Liberty. We who are try and happiness will once more enPapists, are made to underliand his liven that populous part of Dublin. fellow.citizens are about four thoy. frnd Afcendancy, mea incorporated. Mr. Bloomfield, and Caffidy bad li his Lordship applicsto iheni to buy fo serious a niisunderstanding lately, coats, we apprehend more than five about a Thomas-court client, that the Sixths of them will disobey his instruc- molt alarming events would have tions as the poor devils are nearly as been the consequences if some unforcreduced in circumftances as the poor seen accidents did not interfere some. people of the Liberty. His Lorðihip what miraculously. After making myought to remember this great portion tual arrangements, they met at an apof bis fellow citizens, generally clothe pointed hour in a field near Dune themselves every seven years, when drum, with their seconds ; while the tbey exchange their votes for some friends were loading the pistols, Caf. raiment, novel food, and intoxica- fidy very solemnly drew from his lion.

pocket a hire which a friend lent If his Lordship allows us the right him, to enable him to appear with of citizenship, for the purpose of af becoming refpectability, but in the fuiting him in his cloaching specula- confusion of the moment, he had fortion, much as we feel for the starving got while at his lodgings, to put in victims of Britih monopoly, we must ics proper place; this negleet he now be as disobedient as his fellow citi. attempted to remedy on the ground, zens, the journeymen cooks, bare for which purpose he pulled off his bers, whilewilhers, &c. because we upper and only garments, the coat know no expedient under heaven can and waillcoat; but the novelty of the relieve the objects he is to solicitous sights a gentleman preparing to fight about but two, namely- either to a duell without a fhurt, created 'such treat them by a fealt of FUSILADHy an immoderate burst of humour on i. e. shooting them, or adopt a colad the part of the croivd, that Candy aod perpetual exclufion of English imagined an attack' was meditatedion manufactures,

.;awan bis perion, and to save himself, abune

ruptly ran' from the scene of action, His Grace the Duke of Richmond dragging the flying draperyo at bis with his accustomed benevolence, has' heels, cheered, iby the thouts of the proposed to do much more for the spectators, until the irregularity of relief of the poor people; he very li. the ground, and the intervention of berally, when a depuration of the the hedges, shut him from their fight. Liberty waited on him, offered TEN Without this bumorous accident the Avru 1810


contest would have been quite harm- the sixteenth century. A fetller at that less, as Bloomfield's second discover. auspicious period, meant a person who ed that the other hero's pistols want. buried any Irish rebel who disputed ed their locks.

the authority of our Brilhanceitor3

to the lands of the country they trao ... Do&or Bonnet Mardock M.Keavelied fo far to conquer. The punishzie Frazer, phylician extraordinary me'nt of the obdurate was then termed to the Most Rev. Bishop of Glassne. a ferilement, and the chastiser a setvin, will give a Course of Summer ler. Lectures on the different branches of . Lecture the ffth, will take in a medical, rural, policical, and martial confiderable portion of ecclefiaftical Reconomy, in the Episcopal Palace, history, and a plain the realon and at the small price of two guineas the necessity of religious men, on he mil. season' The first subject he offers to Gon in Ireland, to accommodate their the Irish public, is to comprehend all course of discipline a cording to the that has been written or practised by rank allotted to heri; an apot: who the most eminent profefiors of Edin- can be elevat droa mitre should coo. burgh aid Glasgow, on the origin form to the religion of the Stare, as and causes of the Scorch Fiddle ; on the other who was not in the way of the medical and chymical properties preferme or has leave to priach where -of brimttone, and a refutation of some ever the Lord gives pay rent. popular opinious, that ascribe a scratch. Lecture the sixth, will be expla. ing principle to the use of Scotch lively given to the best and most -fiwhiskev. iii'i vendosi cacious contruction of triangl.s... Lecture the second, will be devo fhewing the superior advantages their ted to an inquiry into the Hiftory of general ufe would have over broles, Turnpikes, their use in the improve in teaching and taming the wild frith. ments of highw.ys, and an improved The Bilhop has ex reled so much application of ihem to ieredt rebels, pleasure at the invenuity of this wife and Popith priests, and provide for course:chae he proposes to ar-end the safe conveyance of proscribed with his family during the entire IRISHRY to Hell or Connaught. course." !" * ' ' *"". Lechere the third, is particularly : Tickets to be had at the Brimillone patronized by the Right Hon. Lord Laboratory, at the Sign of the BonGrenville ; it will comprehend all the net-and Sparkling Kruckles, near the moft auproved plans praktised by the New Kirk, Glaffaevin.'. . ' moft eininent British authorities, for ... Hi

. dispofing of the Irish fuperabundant. Mr. Dowdal, a Catholic gentle. population, including Crop well's e'xs man' of considerable landed property, periments on Drogheda, Claudius's refisine át Clown in the! o of Meath Orangemen, and the Major's Bible with a most becoming spirit of benevo: and Dagger societies. * : ..? lcnce,--and improvement, allows his - Lecture the fourth, is intended to labouring tenants, from one to ten explain the political and religious in- acres of land each, at the reduced ftitutions of the English settlers. He rent of nine pounds per acre The will the w that what is now termed consequence is, that their comforts Teutler, is an abuíe of the word; and are increased very vifibly, though conveys a meaning of a sedentary con 1 they cannot afford to eat any of the Itruction, very different from what produce, yet afier reaping and selling was understood in the latter part of the corn to pay the great expeole of

: cillage

zillage, they are enabled to sleep much On Saturday 420 in kneed Nail.rs more comfortably and honeitly than from the neighbourhood of Birmingformerly, as they are enabled to have ham were landed on Georges quay, fufficient straw, for bedding the whole though they are very holy being winter, nicherto they ltole their bodo greatly diftinguilhej among their ending, but now their lanulord's bounty, lightened counirimen ac preachers of furnishes an honefter means of Num. 'the word, they are not ubright enough bering.

for their new destinarinn, o he ranks

of the Garrison Batalions, however Several of the falhionable visitors at such a fare good drum knees, will be Lucan this sealon have beneficed very accominodated with appointments in conliderab!y by the use of the Spa, an inferior line of Glory in fuch regi. Major S-of the Provot, by the med. ments, as want to fill up Vacancies in ical advice of Doctor 'l'revor, has in the parchment department. the shore space of a fortnighe repaired every thing but his clothes, it is ear. We congratulate the public on the" nestly expeEred that a ihort excursion encreasing prosperity” of the country, :0 Plunket street, and the aid of a few last week á very fine brig of 113 tong tenpennies will complete matters so, burtheo was launched at Ringsend, the that he will again be enabled to re. is intended for the London trade, this jume his former appearance. His ap- great and important evidence of petite is excellent but it is not ascer- our commercial greatness, must give tained by his physician to what extent, general fatisfaction, this is the second as the mutton man on the left hand vessel of the fame great dimenloos lide of the ftreet going in from Dub- built in the Dublin dock yards finde Jin, has refused his medical allittance, the twentieth of June 1799. So far, without some written engagements, it cannot be infilted on that our mein the form and purport of bank notes tropolis is on the decline, though by previously executed and lodged accor. an invidious comparison, a disaffected ding to the latate and so forth. person' night possibly prove that a

seaport containing 500,000 inhabi. Had the mutton man of Lucan "tants, might build four vefsels in balf been so impertinent in 1798 as on a the same period, because a rebelhous Jate trying occasion we think the grea. city like New York with a population Ty rogue, would be entitled to a Jour- of only 100,000 builds two large thips ney well mounted on Heveys mare to every month. But, we infiit, that Kilmainham.

is better to build one ship in eleven

ycars, 'than build none. • It is said that Murat King of Naples, means to send a few priests co We hope the resolution of the wait on Sir. John Stewart the common council, to burn Fosters pic. hero of Maida, for the use of the Irish ture will not be carried into effect soldiers in the army of the gallant in a private manner as a public execuicot. it is also reported that a Convoy tion would give the most gratifying of 30, 000 well oressed Italians will sense of amusement to the people of ättend the millionaries, we truft no this city. unpleasant circumstances may occur to deprive Sir. John of the laurels his Yesterday the yeomanty were re. popish army won for him on the viewed in Stephens Green, a seditious pecinsala.

. .. fellow was taken into cultody for ig


• fisting in a public manner, that there free quar'ers of 1797, and 1798, and were, no fpeétators at the interesting arranged in its present order of sale, spectacle. We are sorry to say, that a: a great expense of time, for conthe people of Dublin have so liule science and amusement, by the Mataste for military evolutions, that they jor, who ras frequently given up to contrive to go to a different quarter of that purpose, the gratiiication of feethe country, from thai, unire any ing a conflagration of a Chapel, the martial exercises take place, iu that the torture of a Papist, or the execution . approbation of ibeir fellow citizens of a Croppy The viajar will now

the most gratifying to ibe Marly char-' take good bulls, even upon a Papilt, acter of a soldier, is entirely loit, and however disaffected, at three months, like a poor player, they are condomo. for any sum abuve ten pounds. ed to exhibit to empty benches. The Ar: of Bankrupicy; a Poem,

after the of Horace s Art of Poetry. Two public exhibitions took place, This Poem lays down the most lim. in Dublin on the 4th of July, with .ple fyftem of legal fraud, and contains out any knowledge of tack o'hers every rule that a man withing to preexistence and composed of people of serve his respectability in society, and two exireme points on the Globe. forfeit his soul, and keep the mears Britaio so distinguished in: agitating of being a gentleman from rascally and agonizing the civilized world was creditors, may and should adopt. The the cause of the two exhibitions. One Cricical Reviews have given this was joyful and composed of a compa. work a very uopurchased approbany whose appearance exprefled abua. tion. . . . . dance, the other was {qualid, and


Hiance of Orang

Hiftory of Orange Lodges, their miserable in the extreme. The first



Rise, Progress, and Present Station, were American failors, bearing the an

the , and a l'indication of what is vulgartriumphant emblem of their liberty, lur.

ty, : ly called, the Atrocities of Orange. under which a Burgoyne and a Corn.

men. By Dr. Meade, of Cork, now wallis acknowledged in their caprivi

an absentee, for forging seamens wills ty the superiority of men determined

and powers,) in 4 volumes, folio.to be free, over the mechanical coue



Vol. 1, contains the list of chapels rage and discipline of hired merce- burned in support of the constitution naries. The celebration of american also the names and history of inindependence, and the melancholy forrers who boldly ventured both dilplay of Irish degradation were given foul and body in defence of Church to the public eye, the thirteen Itripes and State. The moiiciallically write of i merica and the nuu berless Atripts ten lives in the volume, are those of of Britain, the first futtaining free. Shears Armstrong, Tom Reynolds, dom, the other recording subjection, Jemmy O'Brien, the major, the Trim and all its traio of evils, hunger and Parfon, and the Best Manio Carlow idleness.

It also contains the nanies and infa

mous lives of the several Priests, and · MAJOR {-IsITERARY. their infamies, who were done out

for the good of religion ; amongst (Continued from page 306.) thun are the lives of Father Sheehy,

Father Duane, of Mountrath, Sather The general poverty of Dublin bas Byrne, who was found dead poder mnch affecd:he sale of this great lia Mr. Bonny's portculiis, and innumebrary ;- it was collected during the rable Pricsts who were overtaken by

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the loyalty and religion of their coun. perior to any thing that has as yec srymen, and luff red vigour beyond adorned the gallows or the gibbet. the law in support of the conititu The 1 ajor's Sermon, on July 1, tion,

1798, to the state informers, spies, Vol. 2. Containsthe memoirs, mur- police men, and methodills. This is ders, loyalty, and ventures. of the an admirable fermon, and it upon tlie Orange gentlemen who are now in te t, Thou shalt have no other God prison for debt, and Harving in gar. but me. This the great M ihah of rets throughout Dublin.

loyalty applies to his own facred perThe other volumes contain the foo, and amplifies upon che necesity comic songs about murder and con of obedience to the laws-the M-jor flagration, and the jefts of witty foliloquies bimself into a divinity Orangemen upon rape and robbery. Love God honor the king," lays

Si. l'aul, who lays allo, “ail power Speeches in Parliament on the sub

is from God "_" Ergo;says the je&ts of Popery and Peculation, by

by Major, (for the Major knows Latin) Crosby Morgel, William Keiler, Jem

“I am from God, because I have my G , all attornies. This

power in hang whom I like." He work is a great sample of attorney.

concluded by deliring the is in the eloquence, and devotion to the interests of the nation

name of heaven not to set their hearts be

upon their blood money, or silver . Poem on the Loss of his Gown, spoons, or watches, but to depofit by Bob. Latitat, attorney.

them in his tabernacle as the Jews

did, with a less honoured character Essays Political, Agricultural and

than himself called Moses, “ for with Infernal, by Jack F . His mode

this impious treasure,"cried the great of weeding Popery is much approved Maior," I shall build unto the Lord by experimental religionilts. He pre

an Ark of the Covenant, with which fers burning to weeding with the bi.

we fhall support the constitution, and ble aod dagger. Mr. V--r made

vpse: the Whore of Babylon and io. some experiments on bis estate, and

pery." found them answer; still many adhere to the old mode of extermina

Letters from Jemmy O'Brien's line in opeo court, and by the knife. Wife to the vajor, upon the subiect The Maior has perfevered in the dag- of her hulband's Bloodmoney. Thele ger.plan, and found it answer very

Letters cont in much irreverence and well on his farm. Jack's mode of

scurrillity, they strongly mark a low mowing. Croppies is, however, con

turn of mind in the woman. We lidered the beit ever invented ;-his

blush to see a lady use the terms – new Parliament Scribe has been tried bloody thiet--the gallows in your with the best effect, and found to an.

d to an.


face-humbugging iwindling racial fwer, in a free-quarter season, the

n. the -boil the Jew on poor Jem.—and happiest and fundeft expectation of Juch vile phrales. To thele Letters she Protestant husbandman.

we understand that the Major replied Jack's mode of making union out

o with what Yawnoe, the Persian poét, of discord, has gained him a putent,

calls a dignified Glence. and is spoken of as the greatest ef. The Big Beggarman's Works, in fort of State genius :

2 vols. octavo. And his new mode of robbing of Vol. 1. Contains the celebrated Fater to pay Paul, is confidered su. Poem called " Stirabout,' in fur

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