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approach their doors or windows. “No; if we take them fo far we may Butler, the perfumer, of Stephen- get cool and the rascals may escape; street, was another day attended in Thoot them ;-" on which, two felthe same manner of visiting, but ef- lots,- Titlock and Evans, advanced, caped a very fevere drubbing by the and discharged their pistols into the intercession of a loyal surgeon, who bodies of the unfortunate men ; two informed the Bar that they were were mortally wounded, and the bird punishing a man in the frå stage of apparently, but survived, and was pre. the small pox.

sentin severalengagements afterwards, The door, as we said before, was as a member of the insurgent army, only fit for domestic purposes, as in which he joined, and distinguished the case of the boys taken in Rath. himself with a spirit that his misfor. farnham, and of Father Bushe, of tunes fully justified. Denmark-street chapel, who was several times half hanged on one day, in a guard-house in the Castle.yard. Some time in the summer of 1799;

a poor man of the name of Kennedy,

a farmer, living at Prospect, near Clo ORANGE BRUTALITY. negal, in the county of Carlow, was

met near his dwelling on the road by

a party of yeomanry, and agreeable to On Whit-Monday, 1798, a party the custom of the privileged wretches -of yeomanry from Newtown Barry, they attacked the unarmed inoffensive courling for human game, went to the man, and with the coolest deliberahouse of one Haughton, near Balli- tion almoft literally backed him into carney, county Wexford, where they pieces with their swords. After learmet three brothers of the name of ing him apparently dead they departRedmond, datives of the place; these ed ; and some time after the body poor young men were known to have was discovered by the family, who refused severalinvitations of the rebels had him carried to his house: the to join their army-a member of the remains of life were ebbing so faft party, of the name of Gough, even that the allistance of a clergyman was pave teftimony of the loyalty of the necessary, and being informed that Redmonds, and assured his compa- Mr. Purcell the parilh priest dare not nions that the brothers did, the prece. at the peril of his life, attempe to go ding day, use every effort to prevent the near Kennedy's house, the wife had rebels from burning Gough's house, the dying husband put on a car which though without any effect. Notwith the drove, brought him to Mr. Purstanding every assurance of their inno. cell's, near the village of Clonegal, cence, one of the armed savages de- who administered the sacramenis of manded of his officer, Captain

C M , the church, after which the man ex. would they take the accused to New- pired. lown Barry? to which he replied

THE PAINTER CUT. right hand, on looking along which

I carried my view to a rock on the A VISION

opposite shore, and similar to that

on which the fpe&tre of Religious Mr. Cox,

Bigotry food-Here I observed ano. Having made ancient Irish hifto. ther very deformed phantom but sy my exclusive study for some differently actired ; from every part, time back, and my labours being -fi of her body, chains of exquisitely pally terminated. On Sunday eve. wrought gold hung, at the end of ning last, I sat in my arm.chair each of which was a large book, the mentally recapitulating the unparral. uitle pages being discernable I observa lelled sufferings that Ireland has ed the names of Woodward, Dre borne for so many ages : exhauited Duignan, Sir. Richard Musgrave and by the agony wbich such reflections Lord Rede dale written thereon, in induce, 1 yielded to the influence of her left hand she held a catalogue of the drowsy god and was quickly in books countless as the sands of the a very foundleep. -Methought I sea, and on her head she wore the was immediately transported to the cap of a Trinity College Fellow, beach of a sea, from which two islaods having inscribed on its front Discord of different dimesions were discer. In her right hand she held the nible, and the straits separating them other end of the rope before mentiSo parrow, that objects on the shores oned, which on close examination of either, could be distinctly seen by I found so much worn in many places the spectator.

as not to be thicker than a lilken There appeared standing on a rock thread ; on a sudden both Spectres close to the shore of the smaller urtered the most horrid and piercing islaod a most hideous figure ( the howls I ever heard, and instantly rock was either volcanic or infernal there appeared ftanding close to the as there were incessant fulphureaus figure of Religious Bigotry, four smal. Ateams iffoing from its center) whose ler Imps whose characters were inexternal Structure resembled in some scribed on the breat of each, they fort a human fem:le forin: in her left bore the names of Envy, Malice, hand she held a burning torch, from Columny and Slander, the face of her neck was suspended a dagger reek. Nander was the trongest likeness of ing with blood, and to her breast affix. Doctor Duigenao I ever saw. The ed a bible, on her head she wore a attention of the Fiends appeared now martial helmet, which was decorated dire&ted to fome obje& at a dillance with the hearts congues eyes and vi- on the sea, which exciteel my curiotals of human beings, all apparently si:y, and turning my eyes to the point fresh taken from their respective of attraction, I beheld a fhip of owners; being struck with horror confiderable magnitude adorned mag. and astonish.cent at so extraordioary nificently with colours streamers and an appearance, I drew near the naval trophies gliding swiftly over Find hoping on a closer inspection the surface of the waters ; when It to discover her vocation in this new approached near me I perceived on ther world : in this I was not disap- its deck a: triumphant Marine Carr, pointed, as I perceived written on in which was seated a beoign looking the front of her helmet deligious personage wearing an imperial Dicke Bigotry, my attention was now at. dem, who held in his right hana a yaded by a rope he held in her two edged sword, which had a nap of Europe engraved thereon, as em. The attornies had the figure of a blematic of the owners power ; man, hanging with a Fiat in his the ship moved majestically along hand, this was upheld by J. until it came to the rope held by the S.- M. The protestang Fiends, when the perfon jo the cri- bishops had on theirs the representa. umphant Carr, immediately arose and tion of a 'Tyche proctor, buried up with one stroke of the sword fevered to his chin in the earth, and a croud it in Two. The jofernal Phantoms of peasants around him adminifternow rent the air with Miricks, as ing an oath that he should no: demand may be. conceived, but cannot be des. Tythe, Pigs, or Family money, cribed, and having infected the sure this was borne by the Rev. Mr. rounding atmosphere with an Intolé. Battersby i the Catholick' bishops rable iteoch, ihey vanished !!! had the representation of an enter. man now appeared on the deck of tainment of a very exraordinary nathe ship dressed in a military uniform ture indeed ; a large' table covered of green and gold, whom I recol with speeches and pamphlets, made lected to have been banished about and written in favour of the Veto; ten years back from Ireland: he around the table sat the different took off his hat and waving it several authors, comprising an assemblage of times over his head, exclaimed the fugitive patriots, writers of doggrell Painter is cut. As transitions in Rbines, barbarous translators of dreaming are very rapid, I found the impore Greek, dcilical domefti, scene suddenly changed and disco. "Chaplains, poor soat eating Lawyers, vered myself to be op a large plain and disappointed dogmatical Janresembling the Curragh of Kildare, senists; at their backs was delineated here I met an unaccountable mul. a group of peasants with large twigs titude of every denomination all Irish: of hullela in their hands, under there were Judges, Lawyers and At. whofe auspices the authors were eating torneys, Protestant and Catholic bi- their productions - with as much avishops with all their subordinate cler. dity as a Dublin alderman swallows gy, Protestants, Papists, Presbyte. turtle; the Orangemen's standard rians, Quakers and Methodilts, han on it a scourge or gallows and Orangemen and United Trilhmen, a cabbin in flames : ihis was held in each groupe one person bore a stan. by Verner the united Iriliman, a dard or Colours, importing the ob- harp, a Thamrock 'and Erin go brach, ject of their association. Amongst the this was carried by Gen. M. colours I remarked but a few, the having enquired from a bye Itander designs on each of which I have but the cause of such a Atrange meeting, a confused renombrance of: he he informed me that the Painter was judges had on their colours a pain. Cut, and that the people I saw were zing of William Orr, in tbe elyfan aflembled to erect an altar to Natiofields with Marcus Brutus binding nas Union, that all the inlignias of . weath of immortality round his their different associations were to head ; this landard was carried by be offered as a facrifice thereon, and Bla derchops; the lawyers had on their prayers were to be a solemn re. theirs a picture of Robert Emmet, al. nunciation (in the presence of their cending a funeral pile, with the em.. maker) of the prejudices which had

bryo of an independant INand arising caused them to shed each others - from his ashes : this was supported by blood, and enslave their country.

Countcilor P l ate di G. While in conversation with my igfructor the arrival of fome extraor- now uncovered their heads, and with dinary personage was announced by loud acclamations of joy tossed the a loud thout , and I observed at coverings towards the firmament; lone distance approaching the mul- Judges, Lawyers, and Bishops, wigs citude a chair resembling an Eastern hats, caps and helmets all jumbled Palanquin borne by four supporters : in the air together seemed to partake when it arrived within a circle formed of animal sensation, and join in the for the purpose of receiving it, I universal harmony. You may judge perceived the Palanquin was carried Mr. Cox I was not the lait to huza byth e Major, Claudius, Sir J.-- za, which I did so loud and Co long, B- n, and 'J- K; Go d, that it brought my wife into the room and on examining what their bure where I was a leep, and fne by pul. then might be, to my utter afto- ling me heartily awoke me, to the nishment I saw Mr. Walter Cox's sad and ever to be regret'ed, certainty august perfoo feated therein ; on a that the entire scene I had juit wita 'thrope of green fod, with a canopy Deled was but a vision. of entwined shamrock leaves over his


· I am &c. head, I could not believe my eyes that the Majo and the other gentle.

QRELLANA. men would be carrying you about June 14th, 1810. like chairmen, and was proceeding to question my new friend as to DESCRIPTION OF THE STATE OF the reality of what I faw, when a

KENTUCKY. person who proceeded the Palanquin commanded filence aod then

Continued from page 274. your well known voice dispelled my doubts, in your hand you held an Irish Magazine from which' me

Different kinds of culture in Kentucky. thought you read the following ex

Exportation of colonial produc:.traordinary paragraph. Irishmen !!!

en Peach trees. Taxes. Notwithstanding the perlidious ma. In the state of Kentucky, like those chinations of your Enemy, to per, of the southern parts, nearly the petuate a Navery already borne for whole of the inhabitants, ilolated ia lix huodred years, you have at lengch the woods cultivate their estates theniopened your eyes to their treache- selves, and particularly in barvestrous efforts to ruin your shackles, time they all it each other; while and by a pious and noble facrifice of some more independent, have their your prejudices on the Altar of Na land cultivated by negro slaves. tional Union, and a timely and judi. They cultivate, in this state, toous application of your physical pow. bacco, hemp, and different sorts of ers, The Painter is Cut and ******* grain from Europe, principally wheat is f.ee.” Instaotly an altar was raised and Indian corn, The frosts, which of green turf and a quantity of boughs begin very early, are unfavourable to and other fuel held thereon, upon she culture of cotton, which might be which the different standard-bearers a profitable part of their commerce, laid their burtheos and having ap. provided the inhabitants had any plied fire thereto, the grateful offer. hopes of success, It is by the cui. ing ascended in volumes of smoak to ture of Indian corn that all those who the almighty dispenser of social love form establishments commence; lince and National Union. The multitude for the few years after the ground is


cleared the soil is fo fertile in estates els per acre, weighing about fixty of the first class, that the coro drops pounds, although they never maoure before it ears. Their process in hus- the ground, nor ţill it more than once, bandry is thus, after having opened, The harvest is made in the comwith the plow, furrows about three mencement of July, The coro is cut feet from each other, they cut them with a sickle, and threlaed the same transversely by others at an equal dis. as in other parts of Europe The corn tance, and set leren or eight grains in is of a beautiful colour, and I am conthe points of intersection. When they vinced, through the excellence of the have all come up, only two or three foil, that the flour will be of a supeplants are left in the ground; a nec- rior quality to that of Philadelphia, essary precaution, in order to give free which, as it is well known, surpasses scope for the vegetation, and to insure in whiteness the belt that grows in a more abundant harveft. Toward France. the middle of the summer the leaves The plough which they make use from the bottom of the Balk begin to of is light, without wheels, and drawn wither, and successively those from by horses. It is the same in all the the top. In proportion as they dry southern lates. up they are carried away carefully, The blight, the blue flower, and and reserved as a winter sustenance for the poppy, so common in our fields horses, which prefer that kind of for. among the corn, have not thewo age to the best hay," *

themselves in North America. In eftates of the firft olafs, that. The haryeft of 1802 was so plen. yield annually, Indian corn grows from tiful in Kentucky, that in the month zen to twelve feet high, and produces, of August, the time that I was at in a common year, forty to fifty En. Lexinton, corn did not bring more glish bushels per acre, and Gxty to ihan eighteen pence per bushel, seventy five in abundant years. Some (about two shillings per hundred have been known, the second and weight). It had never been at fo low a third year after the land has been price. Still this fall was not only attricleared. to yield a hundred. The buted to the abundance of the harvest, bushel, weighing about fifty to fifty- but also on account of the Return of five pounds, never sells for more than peace in Europe. They are con. a quarter of a dollar, and sometimes vinced, in the country, that at this does not bring half the money., price the culture of corn cannot sup

The species of corn that they cul- port itself as an object of commerce ; tivate is long and fat in point of shape, and that in order for the io babitants and generally of a deep yellow. The to cover their expense the barrel of time of harveft is toward the end of four ought not to be sold at New September. A lingle individual may Orleaos for less than four or five dol: cultivate eight or ten acres of it. The lars. culture of corn is one of the moft im. In all the United States the four portant of the country ; much more, that they export is put into flight bar. however, with regard to exportation rels made of oak, and of an uniform than as an object of consumption. size. In kentucky the price of them The county of Fayette, of which is about three-eighths of a dollar, (6fLexinton is the chief town, and the teen pence). They ought to contain surrounding coaties, are those that ninety-six pounds of flour, which fupply the most. Good ellates pro- takes live bushels of corn, lacluding duce from twenty-five to thirty bush. the expenses of grinding.


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