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gave to the monks of Ancote twelve. Edw. II. for the county of Warwick; pence, yearly rent, issuing cut of a in 17ch Edw. II. he was one of the

enement there, to maintain a lamp commissioners of goal delivery, at in the church of Our Lails and St. Warwick; in 18ih of fame reign, a Blazo, at Ancote, before the altar of Knight of the Shire for Leicester the Blefred Virgin, for the health of county : again, roth of fame, for his own soul, of his wife Alice, and Warwickshire ; like wise it, zd, and their ancellors; with cther pious 4th dw. Ull for Leicellershire ; in donations.

the former of wb ch years he had His issue, were four fons :- ust. free warren granted to him and his Richard Burdet of Newton Burdet, heirs in all his demesne lands of and Louseby in Com. Lei:. who died Arrow, Sekingdon, Huncote, and 6th Edw. I. (leaving issue William, Mithe (in Com. Leic.) by charter, Nain at Dundee in Scotland, Trih bearing date at Worcester, 251h DeEdw. I. whole son John, kft an only cember. Before the end of the fol. daughter Elizabeth, who as heir ge. lowing year of the last mentioned peral, conveyed by marriage the ma. King, he was constituted Sheriff for nor of Loufiby to her husband, Tho both counties. By a special patent mas Abby, whose descendants posteff. bearing dare at York, 4th February, ed the fame :) 2d. Robere Burdet, fame year, he had licence granted one of the justices for gaol delivery, bins to impark his woods at Areve, at Warwick, from uith Edw. I. fo to hold to himself and his heirs for the 2016 of that King's reign, died ever. He left iffue Sir Gerard and without issue, 2017 Edw. I. and left Sir Robert Burder, Knights, of whom bis manor of Funcote, in Com Leit. the heir general of the latter, Elizato bis nephew Robert, (about to be beth, in the reign of Hen: IV. marry. ramed; 3d. Hugh, of whom here ing Sir Humphrey Stafford, of Grafafter; 41h. Willian Burdet, of Shepey ton, brought into that family the ma. and Cosby, in Leicester, one of the nors of Burton and Euncore. Knights for that Shire, in the Par. Sir Gerard Burdet, of Arrow, liament held 25th Edw. I. whose served in the wars of France, 2och heir general Agnes, in the reign of Edw. Ill. being then of the retinue Hen IV. or Hen. V. became the of Maurice de Berkeley, an Englih wife of William Shepey.

Baron, and departed this life about Hush, 3d son of Sir William 33d Edw. III leaving by Eleanor Burder, bore in his arms the martlets his wife, filler and heir to John Vale, charged upon the lars, that is, azure of Compton-Scorfin, John, his son on two bars, or, fix marilets, gules, and heir, a knight, and ist of Rich. (such as at this day is used by that II. one of the representatives in Parfamily ;) and was father of Robert. liament for the county of Warwick.

This Robert Burdet was the first He married Margaret, daughter to that feitled at Arrow, in Warwick Thomas Filion of Gausworth, io thire, which manor came to him in Cheshire, and had iffure. right of his wife Elizabeth, daughter Sir i bomas, his son and heir, a and heir of Sir Gerard de Camville, person honoured with divers great !n name of great respectability in employments. He was constituted England and Ireland, with whom he one of the commissioners for the ar. allo inherited the Lordship of Se- ray in su Richard 11.; served in Kingdoo, &c. He served as one of Parliament as one of the Knights of therepelentatiresin Parliamect, 141h the Shire for the county of Warwick, in 16th Rich II. as also in ad and hearing one day that the King had 8th of He . IV, 1o 3d Hen. V. killed a favourite white Hart, in his he was Shifflor Warwick and Lei. park at Arrow, he in the heat of paf. cester. In cth Hen. V. he was again în withed the animal's horris in the one of the commillioners of array, belly of him who perpetrated the and the year following, jointly incrult. deed: for which Speech he was ared with the Sheriff and others to raigned, and convicted of high trea. treat with the people, for a loan otson, upon inference of compailingand money to the king; and was in com. imagining the King's death, and be." mision for afteling and collecting a headed for the same!" fubsidy in oth H-n, V. He left issue Alier the death of Thomas, a canby Aunt, !: wife, daughter and tention arose between Richard Bur. cocheir 10 Jun "alder, Nicholas, der, his son, by Agnes, a former wife, his lin and heir.

from whom he had been divorced in Which Nicholas, being one of the year 1464, on account of neartholt who bearing arms from his an- nels of blood; and John Birdet, his Cell: es, as the writind return there. son, by Wargaret, daughter of John of fpecially intiinase, had fummonse Rodney, his last wife ; for the faid to at’end the King in person, stb Thomas, by virtue of a licence from Hon. V. for defence of the realm ; the crown 1 21h Edw, IV had alien, and shirtly after, he was retained to ated his lands to his younger son, to ferve the fam: King in his wars, hav- the disherisoa of his elder, of which ing received of .bn Salvaine, irea act of injuftice he, in the end, became surer at war to the Duke of Bedford, fo lenlibie, that as he was drawn for himself, two men at arms, and from the Tower to the place of exeseren archers, f1911s. 6d. for one curion, espying his eldest lon in Westquarter's wages.lod Hen. VI. cheap, over against St. Thomas a he signalized himself in the difence Becket's Hospital, fpear Mercer's of the town of S. James de Beauvron Chapel,) he caused the proceson to in Normandy, when besieged by Aré hali, asked his son forgiveness, and thur, Count of Richmond and Yvrie, aeknowledged the wrong he had done cont ble of France. He was knight- him ; concluding, that to his conducts ed 15th Hen. VI. and Pain at the to him, he atıributed the vengeance bactle of oir.toil, I th of! me reign; of God, then manifested in his ugat which iime he was giand butler of happy end. Normandy, and governor of Evreux. The male issue of Richard became By Joan, his wife, cousin and heir of extin&t in his own life ume; and Henry B.un, he had Thomas Bur. Jobin remained the sole representative det, Esq. his successor.

of the houfe of Burdet. He was Which Thomas was a man of con. one of the retinue to Sir Edward fiderable nore; he' purch led the toward, Admiral of England, in the manor of Brancote, 6ih Edw. IV. 4th Hen. 11. for scouring the seas from W lliam Charniles, Esq. ; and on tbe southern coatt, and in nio from the zih to 14th Edw IV. in fmall favour at court. Sir John died, con million for conferving the peace. 20th Hen. VIII. leaving issue by But in the gih of lame reign, having Apne, hiswife,daughter of William incurred the King's difplealure by his Harewell, of that county, Thomas his attachment to the party of the Duke : fop and beir; who by Mary, daugh. of Clarence, a malicious advantage ter to Sir Robert Porockmorton, was lought to take away his life; for Knighi, leit Robert, his son and her,


and departed this life 311 fame heir of William Frauncey's, nephew reign.

and heir of John Frauncey's, of Force Robert Burdet, Esq. aforesaid, mark, Esq. resided at Bramcote, was elected one. This Sir Robert, was a good of the Knights of the Shire, for the housekeeper, charitable, and ever county of Warwick, in the l'arlia. ready to co all friendly offices. His ment, if Edw. VI, and died 11th lady was eleemed for her learning January, 2d of Elizabeth, leaving is. and piery, and “ a pattern of all Sue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter goodness;" the maintained a Atrict to Sir Thomas Cockaine, of Afbburne, correspondence with some of our most in Derbyshire, Knight, Thomas, his er inent divines, particularly Accbheir.

: bishop Sheldon, who found a plealing Thomas Burdet, Esq. died 15th fan&urry and comfortabl= fublítence, July, 33d Elizabeth. 'He married at Bram cote, during Cromwell's re. Bridser, daughter of Thomas Cur- bellion, and the exil of Charles II. zon, Efq of Crox. hall, in the county She survived her husband, and was of Derby, by whom

I buried by him, in the chancel belong: Robert, his frin and beir, who took ing to the family, in the church of to wife Mars, daughter of Thomas Repron. The issue of Sir Robert Wilson, 'on of the principal fecre. and Lady Burdet werellt. Sie taries of state to Queen Elizabeth, Fraunceys; 2d. Robeti, a merchant and decealing '2706 March, 1603, and alderman of London, (who bý lies buried ar Sekingdon, a fine mural Mary, his wife, daughter te Alderman morument, on the north lide of the Wrighi, left issue ; ; 3d. Leicester, church, being erected to his memory, who died at Aleppo, unmarried; and reprelenting the figures of a 'genele- seven daughters. . . i man in armour, and his lady in the Sir Frauncis, zd B-ronet; was dress of the times, Knieling on born 10th September, IF 0%, married cushions, with a table between therElizabeth, daughter 10 Sir Joho behind him three fons 'habited, like Walter, of Sarsden,'in Oxfordthire, their father, in armout ; behind her, Knight, Lord Chiet Baron of the the figures of as 'many daughters in Exchequer This amiable couple praying poftures; and underneath, á have transmitted the same respectat le Latin is li riprion, in Roman capitals, character to posterity which has importing,' that he was in the com marked the fame of their ancestors. mision of the peace, and a gentleman They built and endowed the church of perv and p.cibiry,--A FAL HFUL of Fore mark, dedicated to St. SaVATRIOT; -a triend to the poor; viour, and consecrated in the year and hat his wife furviving him railed 16x2, in which they lie interred, this monument.' .,

it under a plain' stone, upon the ground, : Sir Thomas Burdet, of Secking with the following inscription :- ! ron and Bramcote, elde ft son of faid

• The body of Sir Frauncis Burdet, Robert, born 3d Auguft, A. D.

" Founder of this Chapel, is bereid1585; was by King 'james j. ad.

ieried; who died the Soth of vanced to the dignity of a Baronet,

December, MDCXCVI. in the bupatent bearing date 28th Februarý,

891h year of his age. Was 61 1618. He added to his poffeßions

years hulbardio Elizabeth, daughi. the manor of Foremark; (ever since

ier of Sir John Walter, Lord the chict teat of the family,) and a

Chief Baron : by whom he had good' eftare. in: Derbyshire, by his

bioe children, all surviving him". marriage with Jant, daughter and

.. . There

Thefe were: 11. Robert, his fuccef- June, 1687, died about a fortnight sor; ed. Francis, who died unmar. before' his father, leaving Elizabeth sied, 18th April, 1709; 3d. Waler, his lady, daughter to William, Visct. who was of the Inner Temple, and Tracy, with child, who was deliverof Knowl-hill, Derby ; 4th John, of ¢d on the 28th day of May, 1716, of Donifthorpe, in Derby and Leices. a son, Robert, who succeeded to the ter; 5th. Thomas, died womarried title. By this lady he had likewire 1718; and three daughters.

Gox daughters. : Sir Robert Burdet, 3d Baronet, Sir Robert Burdet, 4th Baronet, born Ilth January, 1640, in his fa., deceasióg in February, 1797, was ther's lifetime, elected one of the re- followed in the succession by his presentatives in Parliament for the grandfon, the prelent Sir Francis, county of Warwick, in two different 5th Baronet of the name, eldelt fon Parliaments'; likewise for the city of of Robert Burdet, Eq. (Sir Robert's L'ichield, 1A. and 2d. W. &M second son) and Miss Jones, a con- ; and 7 n 1. ll. died 18th January, liderable heiresse Sir Francis mat. "; 15, in the 76th year of his age, ried in the year 1793. Mils Sophia havi g bad three wives 18. Mary, Couts, daughter to Mr. Couts, the daughter of ierpas Pigot, of hromp King's banker, one of the fitters and lon, in Nottingham, and heir of john' co-treireffes of the Marchioness of St. An 'rew; of Gorham, in same Bute, and Countess of Guildford, by cunty, Esq. by whom he had an whom he has one son, Robert, now only daughter, Elizabeth, wife of of the age of fifteen years, and leveral Charles Jens, of ihe Middle Sem. daughters. He has also one brother, ple, and of Coplhall, in Leicetter- Robert Burdec Jones, Elg. a geoile. thrre. Efq. Sir Robert's 20 wife was nian ot a molt amiable character, and Magdalen, danghter of Sir Thonia's a Giter, Mrs. Langham, Allou, of Alton; in Cheshire, Bartı; * ''The parliamentary career of Sir and his 3d, Mary, 'daughter of Tho. Francis Burdet, Gince the year 1996, mas Brome, of Crox ball, in Derby- (when he first took a seat in the 'ihire, who furvived him, without House of Commons,) is recorded in issue ; bac by Magdalen Alton, his every mind. The Itation he now 2d lady, he had four fons and four fills, placed amid the acclanations of daughters, whereof Magdalen, Let- his country upon the exalted pedeltal tice and Dorothy died infants, and of independence, there to be worJane married' John Cotton, of Ged. Shipped as the firm conservator of ding, in Huntingdon, Esq. and of the last remnant of European Liberty, the fons, Francis and John died in- confers as high a share of credit upon fants; Heory was drowned, at Ox. the spirit aod discernment of the citi. ford ; and

zens and people of London, and the Robert, id son and heir apparent British nacion in general, as it doth of Sir Robert Burdet, borg 25th of honor unextinguisbable upon the il

luftrious Baronės.

J. N.




prepared for the new arrangement, as the entire of its inhabitants, for want of trade, have abandoned their dwellings.

The Orange bankrupts, who thank Marlborough, Mecklenburgh and (od, are now as unhappy as any of Nassau-fireets, and Hanover-lane their Popish countrymen, whom they names, that reminded us of the glo.. flogged in 1798, though very distin- ries of German and Dutch heroisin, guilhed for their armed zeal to pro- of former days, instead of being ani. níote the Union, have now so change miated with the duty and loyalty

ed their sentiments, that they are as which dedicated them to British · much atraid to go out on their own pride, are flumbering into ruin, re.

business, as they were forward here- gardless of their former, character; tofore ip other peoples.

poverty, idleness, and despair, hare

.' taken place of opulence and industry. The society of Aldermen, of Skin- The Union has ablorbed the copies ner's-alley, have it in contemplation in proportion as the overgrown power to give Alderman Stamer a malked of Bonaparte had swallowed the oriball, in return for the elegant enter. ginals, between France and England, tainment their bloated ladies received The substance and the shadow have from the new. Baronet, on his ap- suffered; the arms of one and the pointment to his title. Mr. O'Gor- gold of the other, bare tended to the man, the fecretary, is authoriled to extinction of Hanover, and Hanover. provide'a suitable place for the pur. Jane---of the house of Naffau, and of pose, in the Liberty; and a commit. Naflau-ftreet. We hope Bruoswickite is appointed, as stewards, of such street, Otherwise Channel row, will of the members as can obtain pasics not share in the common calamity; from the Sheriffs, in this awful pe- as this street is the seat of mendicity, riod of general iosolvency.

and as we pay a person of the illus

i trious house of Brunswick, 50001, a The rapid decay of Dublin, in gear, for the honor of having a {treet consequence of the Union, has ren named after him ; it is to be withed, dered it necessary to stop up many of now that the untortupate Duke has the vacant streets, and it is imme. got an asylum amongst us, that no diately to be carried into effe &t;, as alteration will take place to injure the quickly as any street becomes defert. prosperity of Brunswick treet, or ed, the two exiremities are to be hurt the feelings of its unfortunate closed, as otherwise the vacated spaces name lake. ... . . would only be a retreat for improper persons: Henrietta street will be. In the American States, any man topped up, as soon as Doctor Dui- that ever flogged à citizen, burnt a genan's off.ce is removed, this house, killed a child, or violated a Itreet, a few years since, was one of female, cannot be a representative; the finest in Europe; and if it were as such a character could not be supe possible to remove it, its houses would pofid to have any feelings for the ornament any capital in the world.- Tafely or honor of his conitituents, Back-lane, a very considerable street, Yet, in Europe, such trifling objecin an hun ble line, exclusively the re. rions are only laughed at; and peofidence of manufaclurers, is nearly ple who answer the horrid descrip


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