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luntary subscriprions. 4. Every permit, to present our homage learned society, and every indivi- and our gratirude to Dr. Jenner. dual who cultivates the healing art, 6. The same committee'should likeshould likewise be ai liberty to con- wise derermine the time and place tribute. 5. At the period fixed for erecting a statue in honor of him. for closing the subscription, the 7. It is to be presumed, that the committee formed by the socieries medical societies will not fail to of Paris, should appoint deputies place the bust of Jenner beside that to go to Eogland,' when circum- of Hippocrates." stances, and the government, shall


On the 141h of Marib lart, at Madeira, Preet, the avenues to which were so thrones whither the bid repaired for the beacht or ed as to be scarcely part.ble. The funerat der health, Miss Bren, of CABINTFEX, decorations--the impreffive and pathctic arcd. 19, eldest daughter of the lare ROBERT eloquence of Melfus. Fitzsimons, Molloy and Evaxa, Ef. -Scaicely ever was the pre- Redmond--ive awful character of the malorecis of death a subject of more jult ceremony, äld the recollection of the talents, regret ihan in the perion of this lady accomplishments, virtues and prospects of ja difoflion, talents, and accompliments, the deceased-produced an exprefsion of alizul wisho! was cywal. Haradig e! fympainy, talatom if ever witnomat had embraced å plan generally considered on such mulancholy occalions indeed, the as !00 corr.prehensive for female attainment. fate of this young lady icemed powerfully to

The most prevalent of the niodein languages interest the public fccling. Her funeral was were perfectly fainiar to her'; in the dead most numeroully and respectably alteaded. languages he was critically verled; and in the extended train of carriages, we no. her young but vigorous mind displayed ticed those of the Earl of Merih, Lord powers as unexpected, as acquirements beyond Cloncurry, Mr. Henry, Mr. Weltby the Master ber years. Her altainments were 1108 folely in Chincery, Sir Edward Stanley, General litcrary; the minor, though, perhaps, io Prati, Coloncis Keatinge and Browne, Majors maay the mort inicresting and atractive Bry10 aud Parici, Capiais Burdelt aad accomplishments of Motic and its Allorals, Mellifont, Meffis. Wyli, O'Shea, Keori). were ber's in perfection. Her fortune wis Poter, O'Connor, O'Reilly, &c. &c. molt confiderable ; but her many claims to dis. of wione, is not all, aitcased this early tinctioa were unknown to the policitor, and aud inicresting viélim to her gouve! all her fuperiority, was veiled by her diffidence religious-ali ranks were seun veiding over and uncoi viouibels. To the exercise of ii.-Ditiaction femeni lost in iorrow, and fiery viriuc khich religion prehribes, and ran was exurguished in fccring. The effe&t orail ibe charities, he was eminently con- was naturalior few if any, were the {picunus. It is certainly not 100 much for oljeás to whom mature was ever more libethe Christian to fay, that such werit luas, ral in her gitts. It is painful, yet fontains ercihis, received iis reward, where chance to the imaginution, to follow her ideal para is unknowo and felicity etsroal!--t ait be giels through an extended course of "une Coloring to the breitt oi sympaiby lo lari, tried being," and duell on the benefits for that 'wo daughters are yet ieli toibe afilit ciciy has oft troin hei premaiure, though el noother, whole caily promile, under luch bielii dadop.ion. tsiting and example, ativids hopes the The chief mouroers were Meitrs, and Inolt filtrering of a succersiul chulation of Miller Byrne, M jor Brvan, and Mi. Hay their liiter's viriucs.

th: Catholic Sccrcary. Among the various The remains of Mis$ BYRNE were in- arrangemenik, which to co niuch credit to ferret on the 13th of Arni, in she family Mr. itay on this melancholy occafion, vault, at the Kill of Grange, bearine a Cieri'yman had been engaged to pronounce Black Rock, diflaot about dix mils froin a funer. I oraliun, for which the permilion Dublin. Alumral estvice, with orcry all of Dr. Tioy bag en ovladinci-nd, Itrange propriate folemnity, had been previously to hy; it diu not take place! perfo.nod at St Patrick's C!.nl, in French

M S.

M. S.
Eximiz Spei adolescentuiz

Omai viseure præstans, miram Ingenii ubertatein

Optimâ excoluit disciplina.
Sed ut humanæ breves luni delicir,
Fornain pulcherimam, juvenile decus

Leula cxedit tabes,

Spesque omnium
Q-04 ut venutate voltus captaverat,
Morum fuavitate devinxcrat

In Lachrymas convertit
In primiæ, hou! More qe juvent
Mortalia religoi 14 vit Mariii


Andim agcns XIX. At his house, on the sth innt. asert 13. on Monday, 16th of April, in the both the Rev. Micbari Devoy P P. of Bally. yeur of his age, the Rev. Mr. Williain more-Eulace 27 years. In the death of Ludwich : he was more than 2g years Parillo this good mo his grateful par.thioners and Prict of Railíurubam. He was greatly bumerous acquaintance expresied their forrow, títeemed lor liberal and exemplars manucri.

; 2 T imot bi more tiroid fuivi s occalioned by the injuries he i boulard penicilsiaos, who followed him in tutawed, a liw years ince, hom the has awful filroce to his grave He w lineally of two alla fins, who forcibly entered his descended from O'Deevy, of Ballyfin, in house at alale hour at night, and foreil the Queen's couuły, who lost his lite, with several huis we hiin, from which he escaped many orders of the Septs of Lvix, on Mul with great difficulty. lemalt, in the county Kildare (Vide Riw i n Lurgan.ftreti, in an advanced age, Son's Statistical Survey)-He was orilained Alderman Crothers. This man was * ia his 2014 years ; was ex years at Dorway, · ignorant and as bigotted as any of the is. Iwo years Curate of Ballymore Eustace, iwo no al corporation of which he was a years Cursie, of Canlaicimet, leven yours moinber. His character is belt described Curale of Alby, three years P. P. of Rain. when we say he was an Orange man, aod droni, county Wicklow, and 27 years P. P. a pre Gdent or master of a lodge of those of Rallymore. Euftace.

murdering ruffians, under whole hands the Oa Cork-hill, in his 44th year, Mr. Chris. wretched inhabitants of this city iuffered topuer fiardy, an emjuent laddler : no the most paintul and degrading injuries, ia man we remember bore 3 more reíped. the reign of terror in 1798. able character ; he was a real Irishines in The inconfillency of this Alderman's cha. the ftriaest meaning of the word. He had racter, who died an Orange man, may be no enemy, but the oppressors of his country, seen by the following : “Wbies of the Caor buis vulgar and nourdering deputies. Sucbpiral," Hugh Crothers in the Chair, at the was his ftrength of mad and indig want Eagle in Euftace R. Tuetua y, 5th API, '?91. fpicit, from hic oppressions and crucllies be • Rorolved Unanimously, thai a Committee witae fcd, 12. neither time nor terror (with the Presidcot and Secretary) be could erade the imprefinn, nor deter him appointed, to corrider of the moft effe cual from cxprcmong it, when his eyes were offrnd mode of dilleminaling Mr. Painc's padied by the lixol of any of the privileged plaletun the Rights of Man, sufinx, wholc enormnilico bud lo much “ Signed by order, 1. Cbombers, Sec." scourged the counlıy.

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We have received a letter fened “ ERAS. municated to us, and which are (we believe) 23 Ux," containing a rery circumdantiul de contrary not only to the (aoons of une 13.1 of the different modes of traffic at Church, but to their vows of Uraication : present utrdby four Catholic Prichts, residing and if he buihops, atterluch carourich'io. is liallinahill, iaan, Ballinaloe, and Graigue bring made, mall negli at taking tega! (Carlos ) to carich themselves! We request mitatures to imped: the further progiels ina writer will point oui 10 their receive of lucha abufes, we will pullin the liter binsog ihe pradiccs whicho Lins con. in our dcx. fionth's magazine,

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Monthly Asylum



FOR JUNE, 1810.

BURDETT FAMILY. cused this virtuous lady of infidelity

to her lord, who in a fit of jealousy The first of this name mentioned killed her with his own hand; but in our records is Robert de Burdet, afterwards, being coovinced of his erwho came into England with William ror, and of the act of injustice he had the Conqueror; he was a subscribing perpetrated in the spirit of that age, witness to the charter made by he in expiation of his guilt founded Geoffrey de Wirce, to the monastery a monastery or cell at Ancote, near of SA Nicholas d'Angers, which Şekingdon, in Warwickshire, in the beareth date at Monks-Kirby, in War: 5th of Henry 11.; in which church wickshire, jo the 12th year of that he is interred under a plain freestone reign : to whom succeeded , monument, curiously embossed with

Sir William de Burdet, Lord of the sculpture of a large cross, placed Newton-Durder, in Cam Leic , whu jo an arch, in the wall, on the oorth in King Stephen's reign obtained a side of the altar. grane from the Marmion family, of Hugh, fon and fucceffor of su the Lordship of Podley, in Com. War. William, left issue by Marilda de So. in fee farm, at the rent of ten shil - meri, his wife, Sir William, 3rd of

the name Sir William, ad of the name, fon Which Sir William, with Richard end heir of the foregoing, was a gal. de Mundeville and the Sheriff of the agt koight. He made a Croisade to county, were, in 36th H. III. comthe Holy Land, but on his return missioners for affefting a Tallage upon hume, a perfidious Iteward left by all the King's demesnes, within the him in charge of his estates during counties of Warwick and Leicester ; his abience, a&tuated with a vengeful and bore for his arms azure, two bars, spirit against Sir William's spouse, for or, with the crescent and far, as badges haviog reje&ed his base advances, ac- of his service in the Holy Land. He



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