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the week, has his bills protested, goes into abuses Dr. Coppinger for his insoience to prison for debt, and comes out on an Act Lord Rederdale-wishes the Clergy made of Grace, begs, and get the above title respectable, by having them as well peniinstead of any alm3.

fioned as Tide-waiters-calls Buona parte a A very respectable Citizen-A man who mean low Corsican upítart--and prays that has been descended, for two generations at every vengeance may come down on that lealt, from fome Charter-school, prosperous rascal Cox, and all the scoundrels concerned trading swindler, or lucky bankrupt, who in the Iris Magazine, has left his family 1 legacy of his creditor's A Seeker of the Lord. Any insane or cash, and a tremulous hatred of Popery. If his roguish Taylor or Cobler, who feels an inson expresses this feeling at all Cily meet. ípiration to go in quelt of Truth, with a full ings--becomes a Methodist--employs no belly, instead of starving at his last, or on Papiit in his service-ifa Bink Director, and his Mopboard ; and who applies to the Rev. throws out all disloyal and Popith bills. Mrs. Latouche for a Letter of Marque and and og 'Change is grave, monosyliibic and a supply of cath, to cruile on the high leas inoleat : he will be the most eminentmontil of Religion, against Popery-to diftribue his own bill is protested, and he becomes a Bibles and save Blasphemy-will better Bankrupt.

his condition, and deserve the title as A liberal Roman Catbolic-A man who above. sende his wife and children to mass on Sun A Mar of Wit. To have good credit CAS-makes them falt rigidly, but eats and give good entertainments; and frequenimeat on Friday himiclf because he is ly a man will excite laughter to excels, if delicate-lays the Roman Catholics behared he ambitions it-and will have the above badly in 1798-ibioks fogning was necefTarytiile, and univerlal approbation, will be fails

drinks Claudius's heal:h, and dines with in business ; after which, no man has ever hin-calds Sir Richard Musgrave merely a been known to speak tolerably in Citie poor madman-thinks Dr. Duigenan does zen Society, much less to enliven converrrot me an as bad as he fays, for be out.roes fation. . the matter, and mentions all his acts of Å Bucken-Go to Denmark-Street Cha. private hospitality and kindness to Prietti rel at Jali Mass, for a variety of that aui. labits on the accefiiy of granting the Veto mal.

(To be continued.)


We feel pleasure in having it in our power to which, rising above the petty advantage to inform the public, that the pen of a Rer, of concealed and anonymous hoftility, le Gentleman of Maynocida is employed in has boldly and honorabiy subscribed his name, writing a delence of the lyrtem undevia. To be convinced on the latter, the public tingly adhered to in thi truly Irish and need only riAct, thai, from the nolearned Seminary. We underitand that it ment the cappy genius of Erin called him is the unzentlemanly and unfounded attack of from anmerited obicurity, he has uniformly Mr. Keogh, that has called in'o action the proved himself the firm supporter of every talerts of this erudire ecclefiaftic. Though thing national, patriotic, and improving. it may be confidered prelumptuous in us, With a mind as enlarged, and a genius as to endeavour to ensure for this work antici. univerjal us his pbilamilrogy, there is no paied ctedil; yet, from its rumoured qualis science which he has not tasted, nor to fler and complexion, we cannot refrain from - - but we mhall not prejudge. umering it in with our niort serious recom: Let the work speak for itself. Not however mendation. It may noi, perhaps, be unne to pass by lo material and imposing a recomceffary to inform our readers, that the author mendation as the name of the author, we has regularly graduated, and that he has beg leive to inform our readers, that a perludied in a Unirerfity, in which no other son of no less literary confideration is emperlon has ever had the honour of aíceoding played in this learned and laborious under. to the degree of Mifter of Aris, of the taking, than the Rev. Mr.

C N , Dean of clasicalftyle and patiotic (pirit of the work, the Royal College of Maynooth. With net even the mallest doubt can be entertained, claiins lo imperative to the allention of the For a specimen of the former, we refer our Lich public, this work cannot fail of proving Teaders to his very able and satisfactory acceptable to every true lover of his counCelence, which appeared in the Herald; and try and of beerature.



This is the highest degree of Orange eminence ; and to be admitted a member, it is necessary to produce unquestionable teftimonials of having (ned Popish or Rebel. lious blood, by profecuting fome perion 10

capital punishmenlom to have mot, strangled, stabbed, burnt, picketted or flogged, any man, woman or child, on convidljon CT speculation,


la Great Britain-street, of a tedious ill. friendly, and a man of spirit, wbo refpeded pels, Mrs. McGloin. In her temper and no man that was not respectable in smiable manners, were united all ihe do- right of viriue. He studied in Trinity mestic virtues that form the good wife and College ; and, his faith, which he could not exemplary parent,

quality, like many of its inean Students, lo Trinity:place, aged 40, Mr. Benjamin left him an easy cooscience, to console his Clare, an eminent ical engraver. He was poverty. He lived honored by those who copodered one of the greatest Artists in his knew him ; and died with the consolation, profeffion in Europe.

that he did not abuse the talents tbat God At Slane, county Meath, of a few days gave hin, to an aggrandifement into a fel. illaess, Mrr. Mary Warren, wile of Robert low thip or election in life, at the expence Warren, Esg. She was a tender mother aod of his bonor or his conscience. It might be an affectionate wife ; her lors will be severely said of him, lhat he never gave man offelt, by leaving a young, innoccot, and fence, yet never Aaltered nor fanctioned numerous offspring. She was a woman, wrong. He died regretted by every one religious without bigotry, and charitable who knew him. without distinction.

On the 23d. inst. at Maynooth, in the Luke Walth, M. D. In this man, prin 75th year of his age, Mr. Mathias M'Cabe, ciple, candor, and affcction, united ; lo as to late of Usher's-quay. His years were devoted Diake a character that all must love, and to hornanity, integrity, and religion. As a the discerning must admire. He pofíefed man, he was much esteemed by a mot great literary talenis ; but his social virtues refpectable and numerous connection. were what most attracted the gege- In Kilcock, Mrs. Dunn, wife of Mr. Pals ral attachment of his friends, unoffencing, Dunn, much regretted.


Mr. Rochford's Mathematical Question came too late for this month,

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With this Month's Publication we give a Likeness of JEMMY O'BRIEN, with his WORKING TOOLS as a STATESMAN-the KNIFE and the BIBLE.

JEMMY O'BRIEN. fand of your fellow-citizens, to affitt

him in digging the graves, which he THE best description we can give has destined to receive them one by of this monfter, we quote from Mr. one ?.......................... Curran's speech on the defence of Patrick Findey :'

“ I have heard of allafloation by

sword, by pistol, and by dagger-but " ............... Oh ! honest James

here is a wretch, who would dip the O'Brien !-honeli James O'Brien !

Evangelists in blood! If he thinks Let others vainly argue on logical

he has not sworn his vi&tim to death,

he is ready to swear, without mercy tru:h, and ethical fallhood ; if I can Once faften him to the ring of perju.

and without end ;-but oh! do not, Ty, I will bait him at it, until his

I conjure you, suffer him to take an tellimony shall fail of producing a ver.

oath! The arm of the rouiderer diet-although human nature were as

thould not pollute the purity of the vile and monstrous in you, as the is

gospel; if he will swear, let it be on in him.

* the KNIFÈ--the proper symbol of his "Shall che horrors which surround pro

profession! the informer-the ferocity of his

" Ar this moment, even the bold

and daring villainy of O'Brien Atood countenance, and the terrors of his voice-caft such a wide and appalling

abashed: he faw the eye of Heaven influence, that none dare approach

in that of an innocent and injured and fave the victim, which he marks

man. Perhaps the fceling was com

mudicated by a glance from the dock for ignominy and death!........

his heart bore teftinong to bis “ Are you prepared, when O'Brien Mall come forward agaioft ten thou.

guilt, and he fied for the same !... ... May, 1810.

“ Yox


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