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made a very luminous and learned conscientiously compare their well. harangue, on the protection which fed merials, the creatures of their the law extended, to secure every pleasures, with the naked populaa man in his property and industry, tion, perishing on a fruitful soil ? against the hand of violence or or can they with confidence assert, malicious misrepresentation. Had a that happiness is so equally difa stranger wiinessed this mountebank fused, by the encouragement of exhibition, he would be captivated chearful industry, inseparable from with che affected solemnity ; with independence, that the public tranme it had only the weight which quillity needs no other security but derccred hypocrisy merits. What, public opinion? As part of the said I, is this man serious ? does governnient, who were once the he mean to teach me respect for dregs of the people, they have anthe interests of my neigl-jour, who icipated an answer, by the imhas earned his present situation by mense military force that chequers sacrificing his country, her cum.. every village in the country. mercial and manufacruring rights, In their charges io Grand Juries, to his passion for pride and power, they recommend vigilance over the by his parricidal industry in the conduct of the poorer ranks, and act of Union ? What esteem can the repairs of roads. They never a man have for individual property, acknowledge thatthe condition of the Tho has before his eyes a decaying people needs some amelioration ; cicy and a bankrupt people? both of nothing is out of repair bit morawhich are the consequences of his lity and the high ways: one is conpoliucal perfidy. Justice is slow signed to red schoolmasters, and indeed, that permits a inan to hold the others to engineers and the her sword, and profane her name, tax-gatherers provide for the part. by the most sacrilegious mockery! nership!.. Can Juuge - or Judge ---

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The following story is given in one of the Dutch Papers, whicks

reached us a few days ago.

· A Frenchman named Remy season, and apprehensive of perish. L'Ame, a rarile of Mrtz, and em- ing, made the air resound with ployed in the military hospiial of their cries and lainentations. The Neuborg, gave larely at Siudgardt heart of Remy was moved : with. che following rare proof of huma' out considering the depth of the nity and resolution : -- An open boat, river, and despising the danger, he having on board 42 wounded sol- undressed himsell, jumped into viers, many of whom had lost their the saler, swam to the vessel, and linibs, arrived there in the evening. requined with a wounded soldier Waggons had been prepared to on his back : he lrent a second convey the unfortunate men to the time, and returned loaded in a sie Biospiral; but the Dinube had risen milar manner; nor did he ceasc considerably. The night was until he bad landed the 42 men on cloudy and tempestuous; and no dry ground. The vessel foundered one would renture cowards the res- during the night. -A subscriprion sel, which lay in the middle of the has been set on foot at Sudgardt, river. The unfortunate invalids, to compensate his benevolent and exposed to the inclemency of the noble daring.



The following Song was written for a
diferent Occasion. I bave altered one line in
tarbersi, cobicb, (I think) makes it suffici.
catly applicable.


Aad on which beauteous maids their initials

That if ftolen or loft may its owner desurite ;
Aad lo thai wbat's donexed to the micre anu

And entities its holder to Tythe of the Land :
Withou: further addition of Poctic mais,
These two component parts give the oame

of an Ass.

Air- Nancy Dawson,

I kiss'd the book and took the left,

Come oui, come oul, to fce me drejt,
With my cock'd hai, and belt and beit,
And panlalooas aod gaiters ;

Near lies to Go-n- wo an ar.tique glade, I'm now a whar, d'ye-call-um men,

Whose lofty beeches cast a folemn shade : Look tere my blue coat (pick and spre ;

Embotom'd far within this deep retreat, 05! don't you know the printed plan,

Was Arthur born him heir to the stule.. 'Bout Police Agita:ors.

With teeth like RICHARD on the world he

ca me, 2.

Mankind to bite, HIBERNIA to name ; ffice now is on the scout, Prep up and down, and sneak about,

Fiom infant days bis ruihlers paffion sought As if I had a bloody gout,

Whereon lolate, with love of fighting fraught; And watch the lireets for Traitors ;

* By poor or rich no: loved ; nor loving he, The live long day I beat the fags,

His aim to fight with both alternalely : Fxamining young Sweeps and Flags,

For like a ganic cock, or a buisher's dog. And then at night unload my bags,

The peasants round he bang'd on pluin op

bog ; For Police Agitators.

From night 'till morn he'd cuff; from mora

Prill nighi, Again I fally out to fry

To bleed, his with, his profit and delighita Is light in Garret or in Stye,

For loss of fame or mild humanity, Thro' trevices of doors I pry,

He little car'd, if fighting he could be. And so I recongoitres ;

Some fifteen years had Sol, with lucid ray And tholibe neighbours screech, oh Sc!

Shone o'er the toils of many a bloody day, Or squirt Tobacco in my eye,

When Arthur heard the din of war's alarms, I'll peep and listen till I die,

And Europe rang wiih noise of hostile arms : For Police Agitators.

The gladiome tidings his ltern balom fir'd,

To join th'infuriate league he quick aspir'd; · A captain dubb'd, Itraight to a diftant (hore

His foldiers leads, their own to see ne'er more. RHEBUS.

For now not sapient councils would avail,

Nor mild entreaties witb the chief prevail ; Take the half of what ladies with taste Heedless of boili, th' enbattled field te ornament,

fought, Veich holds needles and bodkins apdam. And dire doitrecura on lis legions brought. bodial (ceat,

. Sing

Sing, heav'nly more, that erft on ****'s But fale displays her myltic look,

Which says, no more on Anda look,
What thousands of Hibernia's sons were Nain, Lest, gazing with unhallow'd fre,
What countless dying soldiers io their gore, On thee the gods bestow their ire.
What hosts unburied on that hostile shore ; in infant days, the artless grace
All which to vultures, and to beasts of prey, That beam d on Appa's cherub face,
This daftard left, and basely ran away ! Is now in life's maturer term,

Full ripen'd from the infant germ. And now, oh! hapless Eria!!! learn The rose empearl'd at early dawn, the meed,

The vale, or Pow'r-enamellid lawn, Which to thy soos' destroyer is decreed : And all the sweets of nature's store, To him have Heralds rais'd' a sumptuous My sorrowing heart fall cheer no more ! dome,

Ye rigid moralists, oh ! lay worn call'd, desigo'd his future home; Have you e'er fell the trying day, Newly erected, Mort time has it stood ; When happiness untold you fought, Its cement orphan's tears and widow's blood, To fly from which religion taught? Its gaunt domeftics Bellona and train, If you have known that poignant hour, Its trophics, heads, arnis, legs, of soldiers If you have seen the tear.drop pour, nain;

And in your tortur d bolom bore,
Its furniture are drums and cannon balls, A love to last 'till life's no more :
And bloody apendy adorns its wallo; Would you depart with eagle fight,
There family efculchions you be bold, For e'er resolve to shun her light,
Whereon most wicked deeds are writ in Whore presence every joy improv'd,

Of all on earth whom molt you lov'd?.
It tells of wealih and honours to him giv'n, So younger SCIPIO, as we're told,
But can these gifts avert the wrath of Heav'n? Himself did guide in days of old :

· ORELLANA, . His grofler paflion he supprest,

His grosser paflion h
A beauteous maid his bounty blelt,
His name to all fucceeding day's

Is giv'n, the nobleft theme of praise.

Ye Pow'ss who calm the fuff riog mind I

May 1, to thy decrees resign'd, Her feron was freßer ihan the merning

The fame of Scipio emulate, rose, when ibe dety wets its leaves ; une

And nobly meet my hapless fate, stain'd and pure as is the lily er the mous.

Through honour's glass my passion view, icin show."

Aud bid sweet Aon a last adieu !

PALEMON. Fair Anna, peerless maid, adieu ! How tbrobs my heart to part from you!

Epitaph on Mrs. Buckworth, Daughter of Epitaph, by Do. most impudently given in

Sig Tbos. Blackall, Alderman of Dublin'; an Englife Magazine 'as in an Englisb and wife of Captain Buckaverit ; by yoba Church Yard, whereas it appeared for 1x Brenan, M. D.

. tbe dr:bolegia Hibernica.
Stop, genile Traveller ! this sacred place
Implores the mournful tribute of your fighs, This cave doth contain
For here entomb'd lies cvery female grace, Old Harry Germain ;
Here the dipt bloom of sweetest beauty lies. Deliver'd from conjugal (trife,

He went straight to Hell, When the last Trumpet's loud tremendous Where he's happy and well, sound

Since he has escap'j from his wife.
Shall wake to judgment, and bid man arise,
Bright here the form of Buckworth Mall be

TRANNor ball a lovelier Seraph mount the kies !

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A pes Plain,

Seer's heav'n-inspir'd, and Sajols of sacred And view thy source of greatness in our line.. fame,

In ev'ry thing superior, fhould I say
Have left the favor'd me an holy name, We bore the palm of excellence away,
No tongue can fully tell, or mind conceive, Who'd vouchsafe credit to th' vaerring
What gen'rous aid the wretched thcre re-

ceive ;

Aaation pious, wise, and brave, I ling, The hot seeks not the friendless itranger's And great affcclion for a lawful kingi name

A virtue firm, inflexible, and lure ; Before the loaded board supplies his claim. A, Gust ador'd with mind and incense

pure If you can join the dancing train, or ling

Alas! 100 happy, Erin, wouidit thou be, A pleasing song, or touch the breathing But rude barbarian hordes have mix'd with string,

Thee :-Or kiil'd in th' ancient annals of the place,

If fate gave no: thy verdant Ie a place Relate the battles of the Finian race,

Near to a cruci, base, perfidious race-In fine, if gifted in the least to please,

No clime could, o'er the earth's extended You'll ever find an open door with these.

A people more completely bless u contaia. The man of private life, and lumbiy born, Is never branded there with great men's

(coro; Belween the high and low no difference HIS LAMENTATION FOR HIS

lies, -
The noble both beholds with equal eyes:

Insulting pride with pow's is never known :-
The fubjeci's path is easy to :he Throne.

Alas! what solace for his grief remains,

Who roams an exile from such happy Hibernia, nurse of learning, bred of yore

plains ! As many lages as the sons the bore ;

Who locks uncertaia ease on foreign shores, And now it Geul her friendly care be.

And his dear count y's fois in vain deplores? fows,

There now a rude esulting alien roves, She ooly pays os back a debt she owes :

Aad savage bands polle!s the peaceful Once ba poy lle! tho' now oppressid--der:

groves ! pisd!

While we, dispersid, by cruel Fate's comBy thee of old was Europe civiliş'd ;

mand, Without thy timely aid, and forming hand,

Endure ch' extreme of wae by sea and Barbarian Todepels now had staind this

land! lande :

fla Eastern climes, when Phæbus leaves Tho' Rome, o Sorbon ! owns thy learned

the maire fame,

His thining eyes behold the wretched traja! And France beholds thee with a parent's claim,

+ The Latin is, Yet all iby glory's due to us before ;-

Cernit in occasu, cernit Des Phobos in ortu.. Th' acknowledg'd of spring of Hibernian

Hine Aquilo c:fuit, cernit et inde Notus, lore:

where cernet is too oftea repeated in the Thou hadft been now obscur'd in dative

second line the expresion thould certainly night,

have been varird, Aquilo cernit,-potus ces. But on by birth our Rars reflected light nit, are feeble, and upsoctical. Then, Gallia, vaia maternal rights religr,

. A a 2



And when the weary God retires to reit, No rich, paternal heritage remains
He views The hapleis wand'rers in the West! To bless our off:pring in their native plains !
By Borea: chill', in Northern wilds they Our Kings must e'en their royal claims re.

figa! And Notus warms them with his sultry How fadly Fortune gails th' unhappy breeze!

No sure abode, or certain dwelling place, Some, as they wander from the parent folit,
Around the globe receives the weary race ! Expire with famine, - some with Winter's
No fafc retreat for feeble agcis near!

cold !
No God ador'd with incente, faith and rear! Some op lralia's fhores exhaufied lic!
No cheaiful swains the plentcous harvelt la wide Hesperia fome unfricoded dic !
Atore !

Sonie find a welcome tomb in Gallia's Sweet fodder feeds our fatt'ning herds no plains !-more !

And come Batavia's wat'ry soil contains ! No careful shepherd for our flocks is found! What region round th' expanle of Earth but By 10 rewards our noble chiefs are

knows crown'd!

Our great misfortunes and excessive woes ! No safe propitious harbour lies in view, Ye Heav'niy Pow'rs, our Country's rights To lend a fittance to the needy crew!

restore ! No gen'rous bounty Arisor Learning aids! Or let the waod'ring exiles breathe no more ! No honor'd dowrics grace our beauicous Death can alone beltow a lure relief, maids !

. Since hated life augments our mighty gricko

To the other part of his Translation in the last Numóer.

Line 40th, for daps read days,

-47th, for dewlaps read dexolap,

63d, for twin'd read furn'd,
- 79th, for There read Thee. .


The first o'er thefts and costures did preside,
Th' fecond excell'd in fouleft bomicide,
The palm to grant Old Satan long was foth,
Till the ibird robb'd and murder'd more

than boib.

Three Majors once aopoy'd a city's peace,
And each contended for supremne disgrace ;


A Loyal Man-Any fellow who has dif- toafts, Lord Kingfooro's health, and approv. tinguished himself in 1798, by some acts in ing lhe tortures of Alogging, pitch caps, and Tupport of the constitution, for which · Hell or Connaught' proclamatioos--to be he would be hanged at the present day; a Protestant from Carlow : any of these to have been tried and acquitled of a virtues are good claims to the title. . foul murder of a Priest, a Papilt, ora noted A God Fellow--A noily, clamorous, foolih, Presbyterian, is a good title to loyally-o brazen block head, who gets drunk every have burned a Chapel, is almost a patent night in a porter house with tumblers of claim to have been turned off the table in punch, who keeps a horse, rides out every Green-street, as not to be believed uson Sunday to the Rock, and to funerals and oath, in attempting to swear treason against races in the Phænix Park, makes filly bois one or many, makes a man loyal--to have of dioners for 201., and gives them at some been leen walking arm and arın with Clau. low chop.house, and cheats all his work. dius, or the Major to have been kicked out men of part of their weekly wages; ftantes' ef many companies for drinking Orange his children, beats his wife three nights in


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