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ever wanting on our part ; that we Thomas Bray, Francis Moylan, seek for nothing beyond the mere P. Jos. Plunket, Jas. Caulfield, Da. integrity and safety of the Roman niel Delany, Edmund French, Wm. Catholic religion, in its Christian Coppinger, Jaines Lanigan, John faith and communion, and in its Young, John Cruise, Patrick Mac essential discipline, subordination · Mullen, Charles O'Donnell, Chars. and moral code ; nor may we be · Sugrue, Perer Mac Loughlin, Edjustly reproached tor our solicitude mund Derry, James Murphy, in guarding those sacred things, John Power, James Q'Shaughnessy, for which we are bound to watch, Francis C. O'Reilly, Florence and bear testimony with our lives, M'Carthy, Patrick Ryan, Daniel if required.

Murray, Oliver O'Kelly, y. c. Richard O'Reilly, J. T. Troy, Tuam;


Transiated from the French.

Sophocles, a Dramatic writer, a great fund of genius and good born at Achens about 495 years sense. before the Christian era, was called Sophocles having lived to a very by some the Bee, from the sweet- great age, his sons, impatient to ness of his poetry, and by oihers possess his property, accused him the Anic Syren. It is said he com- of having lost his senses, and periposed one hundred and twenty tioned to bave a guardian assigned Tragedies, besides a great number him. The only defence set up by of other pieces. Of so many Sophocles, was to read the last works, seven Tragedies have only Tragedy that he had composed come down to us. In them we to his judges; he ihen asked them observe with what are this great 6 whether they thought a man man knew how to excite the pas. who had lost his senses could be sions, and represent them in all the author of that work ?” The their extraordinary emotions. He judges having punished the sons is admirable for the purity of his for their ingratitude and want of style ; his language is pacheric, the filial piery, acquicted the father fables are always judiciously chosen, with great applause. and he unites so all these qualities


This upright and humane ma- men's of Christian philanthropy, .. gistrare, not confining himself to and the most enlighiened opinions cold i heoretical speculations on cha- as to the causes which iend to uprity, is found to be a most active hold the wall of separation be. and zealous friend, and bountiful tween Catholics and Protestantse, donor to charities of every sect. In short, it developes so much of a We have seen a letter of his to a luminous inderstanding, a correct governor of a Catholic chariry, ace judgment, and a warm heart, that companied by a considerable dona- we do not hesitate to say, EVEN IN tion. We lament to say, that the THIS HOUR OF EXTREME PERIL TO nature of it, as being a private the empire, if her destinies were communication, would not war- committed to such men as JUDGE rant its insertion in our publication. DaY-RELAND MIGHT YET BE It contains the most exalied senti- SAVED.



The miraculous conversion of the thieves in Angelo's Crucifixion the Vetoists, a capital piece, in the piece. inanner of Peter Paul Rubens's pic- Lords Grenville and Grey at the ture of the miraculous conversion board of English Catholics, a very of Saul. On one side is seen Mr. fine painting. There appears a PERCEVAL standing at the greac label from lord Grenville's mouth, door of the treasury, with a pla. , on reading which, it is plainly card in his hand, whereon is writ. found that a Catholic Declaration, ten, “ Places!!! Pensions ! ! !" on which is to mean nothing, may do the other side is seen Fame with vast good; his lordship appears her trumper, giving a tremendous highly inflated (somewhat like the blast, which appears to assail the female preachers described in ears of a groupe of Irish peasants Swift's Tale of a Tuib) at the fa.. assembled at a distance. Some of vourable reception of his' nswly the peasants are in the act of erecta invented Logic. Lord Grey holds ing a gallow's, che sight of which a box in his hand, from which he + seems to transfix the Vetoists, who is seer liberally distributing a powe rare reluctantly skulking away from der called political snuff, the effect.. • Mr. Perceval and the treasury. of which appears to the spectator."

This painting is highly coloured, to be an optical, delusion before and finished in the best stile... the sight of the English Catholics,

LORD GRENVILLE writing a let- who (however) are seen groping ter to Lord FINGAL. An exqui- their way to the light, by the flame • site painting; the ghost of MACHis of a taper composed of an Irish · AVEL is seen behind him diciating Catholic Resolution.

it; on the table lies an history of The Execution of BLADDER· ministers of stare, from CARDINAL CHOPS Fiat is an incomparable · RICHÈLIEU to Mr. Pitt inclusive; piece of painting; the prominent

also an estimate of the aggregate figure is a strong likeness of Sir amount of a British premier's sa- JOSHUA REYNOLDS's copy of Chanlaries. .

cellor Jeffreys ; he is seen Doctor D

o n his death preparing to be launched into eterbed, a most ghastly picture. In nity, with a methodist preacher ac his room are seen two popish priests, his side, who is endeavouring to one of whom appears to be anoint- diverc his attention from a fine ing him ; the other is engaged in horse, rode by one of the mulii: burning a number of books, on the rude anxiously waiting to see him cover of each is written Retracta- ' turned off. There is a label from . lion; there is also a representacion his mouth, on which is inscribed,

of a very curious portable desk, '" I believe in God-Pray, Sir; 2 having inscribed on it “ Pokcu- can you tell me that horse's pedie

PINES' QUILLS, and Gall of An. 'gree?" The cadaverous colouring Ders, for writing against Irish Pa- of his face, and the corturing emo. pists.” The painter (ive are happy lions of his mind, discoverable by to say) has given the Doctor a most the rapid movement of his eye. repentant phiz, very like one of balls, prove that the artist has


well imagined what horrors the for the safety of her son, expiring Tecollection of human depravily on a bayonet, is expressed in the does inflict on a wicked man, at his most finished stile of agony ; and last hour.

her supplicating anitude, under the Mr. Larouche dispuring with feet of a horse that has one hoof Kent, the Huxierman, on the evi- on her neck, and another entangled dence of Grace. The face of the in her petticoats, exhibits much ta. lettered apostle in this picture is lents in the ability of the Artist admirably expressive ; and the for grand and sublime disposition countenance of his greasy antago. of pain and affliction. nist is most faithfully delineared. Lord Donoughmore in the House In the back ground is a good re- of Lords, complimenting the Capresentacion of the Haxierman's tholics on their numbers and loyo shop, well stocked with carnal and alty ; while his lordship expresses spirirual merchandize, the shelves a wish that some favourable occurhandsomely decorated with Bacon rence, from a certain state of the and Hymn-books.

Coutinent, may convince them of Mr. Kent presenting a volume of the necessity of becoming Proteshis sermons, printed in broken tants, as a proof of their sincerity English at the Digdalian Press, 10 for the safety and security of a Mr. Latouche, is remarkable for Constitution they appear too anxithe colouring and accuracy of ous to share and defend. His lorddrawing. On the table is a crearise ship's attitude and countenance on the art of paying the harth- most happily display all the affected money by diminishing weights and stare, rani and artfulness, so ne. measures.

cessary in the trade of Parliament. His Grace the Duke of Richmond Robert Emmet, whe.l a boy, at making his boot-maker a magis- dinner with Counsellor Plunker; the trare, painred by Solomon Major, youth's attention to the pulitical inay be ranked among ihe first of lessons of the sage is most capital our civic paintings; Jobson's counte. intelligible; and the company, parnance expresses all the awkwardness ticularly Doctor Emmer, appear imaginable, for the honor and are highly gratified at the talents of thority iniended him. Sir Charles the instructor and the enthusiasm Vernon fixing the new magistrate's of the pupil. leg, to enable him to bow grace. Mr. Plunker in the Irish House fully, is very appropriately delic of Commons, declaiming against neated.

the projecied measure of an Union, Mr. Foster sitting for his picture is a masterly piece. The orator's to Sir Wm: Beechy. This painting eloquence is visible in the vigorous is intended for the Dublin Sociery ; and manly expression of his dewe would advise the Society to portment. The painter has united keep it in the most conspicuous allihe most sublime passages of the part of their establishment, if they patriot's feelings, where he mehave any objection to Popish visi- naces England with teaching his tors.

children to swear, like ocher liule The Louth Mower, at the head Hannibals, eternal harred, on the of a party of Dragoons, curring altars of their country, to the audown a crowd of Popish weeds, or Thors of Their polirical extinction. what lord Grenville calls the trou. Sir Rubers Legboard tuning a blesome superabundant population. Stocking loom, while his rib is singThe solicitude of an old woman ing “Croppies lie down”, is a fine


manufacturing musical producrion, converted into a bank; the jadge, for which the Major offered Jeniconfused at the pantomimical anmy O'Brien's kuife, and a Holland swer and the severe reproof, wipes shift, torn from Mrs. Wright the his face, and orders his wretched night she visited her husband in antagonist to be discharged. his imprisonment in Dublin Castle. An Irish peasant, detected with

Sir Thomas Judkin Fitzgerald a pike in his possession, catechised receiving the honors of knighihood by his landlord for his ingratifor his care of his Majesty's sub- rude, answers the proud privileged jects, gives an instructive lesson man, by desiring him to compare the of royal patronage and phi- condition of his lordship's hog. lanthropy. The Baronei's expla• sries and his children's cavern, boch nation of his loyalty is capitaliy of which he points at; the human displayed, by producing a cat of brutes in he one are meagre and nine-tails, nearly tinned and knote dull, while i he others are revelling ted, at which the attending minis in the most enviable luxury. This ters seem greatly pleased, in the piece was in the collection of the ingenuity of the construction for lare marquis of Sligo, who be. extorting the tiro Popish ceremo- queathed it to the patriot Foster, nies, confession and penitence the best landlord, master and pay.

Old Sir Charles Coote, holding master, in the newly united domihis pistol in an Irishman's mouili, nions.

and at the same timne pulling the Judge 's carriage and li. 1. grigger, while ihe fellow blows very, and the Union equipage of a

into the barrel, gives a very inie. College Green shopkeeper. The

Testing figure of British civilization, proud steeds and full fooimen, con. in a former period of our histo. trasted with the thin tradesman,

ry. This piece, which formerly held his empty counters and naked chile a place in a collection niade by the dren, shew that the measure of lerespectable society of Fishmongers gislative subjugation has given Hall in London, was purchased by coaches to Idieness, and removed Legboard, at a sale of lord Clare's, bread from Industry. in the vear 1803.

Luke White striking a bargain . Lord Blaney opening a country. with Lord Carhampton, about the man's head, to inspect the brain of a price of his estate. The book-binder's fool, who was se weak as to ven- straragem to hasten the purchase, ture from his but without a clock by pulling from his papers, as if by in a proclaimed district. The peer's accident, a portrait of a pike-man, surprise at the wretch's ignorance is exhibited as eminently successful: of time, and the agony of the vic. che black lord's countenance and rim, have no equal in the line of terins so instantaneously change, marrial subjects.

that Luke makes the bargain with A number of poor debtors in considerable advantage. court, taking she benefit of an in- Lord Moira, making an elegant solvent act One person, whose sulky speech on St. Patrick's day, at the manner of accounung for his mis anniversary dinner. His lordship's fortunes is severely reprimanded professions for the welfare of his by the judge, appear; explaining countrymen appear so disgusting the relative causes of his lordship's to a man of the name of M'Carthy, elevation and his own depression, that the noble orator is in danger by exhibiting an accurate drawing of having his discourse interrupred of the Irish house of parliament by a flying Decanter.


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Whenever I happen to stray in the Gospel! The Union has done to the courts of law, I am led in- well for Judge ; it has put to a train of thinking and reason. him and his women into coaches, ing, which involuntarily seizes on but is sending the industrious to the my imagination, and it is not work-house. It has extinguished : without considerable pain, and Trade, and animated elevated Idlemuch labour, I am able to extricate ness; as poverty is the agent of mismyself. Some days ago, I was a fortune, the Union tends to bring few minutes in one of the courts, Judge and Walter Cox into when the UNION, the dreadful court at one time, one at the Bar measure of UNION, abruptly.impa and the other at the Bench. This sed itself on me; the comparative coa awful condition is not confined to ditions of Walter Cox and judge --- me, it is the inhericance of Irishbecame the topic. The man who men and their children; and while śrs so formally, with stupid coun- pride is zealous, and indigence im.tenance and antique costume, dise patient, the agents of the Union, tribocing justice, . owes his proud and the Irish people its victime, elevation to the very cause that will be at contrary interests : one has lowered me! Judge

will be puliing the British Leopard was lately an adventuring law- for protection, and the other exasyer-his parents as obscure, and perating him for revenge-until the perhaps as honest as Cox's : he got poor animal, overpowered by the a place in the Irish senare, where; Swealery caresses of one party, and agreeable to the character and con- che inveterare industry of the other, stirution of parliament, seats were shall be so exhausted, that he will merchantable commodities. Ac the resign a government of conquest, period of the UNION, (for he had and leave us to settle the affairs of a vote as a representative of the peo- our country, and our account with ple,) as his seat was bought, he the purchased authors of our tema very reasonably conjectured he had porary. misfortunes. A numerous a right to exchange it for adequate people, capable of making a great navaluc ; the British minister pustion, may be defrauded or forced, but him on the bench-and the trade cannot be hoodwinked; they willal. of parliament in Ireland terminated ways be able to distinguish between for ever!

the characters of a Franklin, a Smith In a commercial point of view, and an O'Grady. The man who" this would appear only a crifling creared a country for the sake of transaction; but it comes so closely his fellow.citizens, or the men who

O my interest and feelings, that extinguished one for their ambiiny indignation had nearly hurried tion, will be remembered; and, if the me into an indecorous exclamation. grave does not interpose, Justice What an absurdity, said I, to see a will nos postpone her deliberations, man administering justice by retail, her chastisements, nor her rewardi. who owes his rank to a crime of While my head was in this manthe most extensive magnitude ! ner occupied, the voice of the This is appointing a chief to pre. Judge, who began to charge the serve order, or an Atheist to preach Jury, interrupted me : his lordship · APRIL 1310

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