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their hands may be kept engaged had spent the last fortnight in purmedically, rather as physicians than suit of the holy drapery without sucexecutioners.

cefs; the poor shaver was lo imp2

tient to share the cloth with his hapOn Sunday, a cargo of British py brother, that be tumbled over the saints were landed at the Pigeon- gallery and killed two old women in house, by a Weich boat ; they are the fall. The accident so difconcora part of the Millionary Society for ted the assembly, that the grappling propagating the gospel in foreign man of light let go bis hold, the garparts, and among idolatrous nations. ment escaped, and thus things remain The good men have not acted agree. unsettled until the martyrs are depo. able to their institution, for God help lited. us, we are neither foreign nor idola. trous. Whatever progress we have some malicious person having af. made, either in politics or religion, serted, that Sir Janies Bobbin, of it must be acknowledged the Refor- Ball-alley, was struck with a tennis marion has distributed an immenfe racket instead of a sword, on receive light over the filter country :-weing the title of koighthood, we are have no greater proof of it, than in desired to contradia fuch idle reports, this great commission of grace, ap- as the instrumont ulud had not an pointed to give us a call; it confifts inch of either catgut or wond in its of thirty be, and fourteen he preach composition, being of real Birmingers, their pools, bibles, and hymn ham deel, which the public can be books. Among the company are eleven `satisfied in, by looking into the midBirmingham nailors, two pilors from dle pane of Alderman Archer's Liverpool, two jugmakers from Staf fhop window, who is a competent ford, a lowgelder and two weavers judge in such cases, being a sword cutfrom Leeds. The be preachers are ler and a niabiltrate, as by corporajenoy-Spinners from Mancheiter. tions and law established.

It is said, on account of the great number of loyal men lately become Bon Mot, by Counsellor P. bankrupts, that an additional number

When the Duke of Richmond of Police magistrates will be appoin.

appointed his bootmaker a l'olice ted; and, as a considerable number of

Magillrate, Phil. shrewdly observed, filent young lawyers faunter in the

that Snob bad made a good under. courts under the weight of large

standing with the house of Lenox. wigs, and great apprehensions from the ill nature of taylors and tavern keepers, that a large detachment will Several judges, generals, and nobe employed as a board of instruc- blemen, and their attendants, whose tion, to alkst the broken -radesmen in business, interest or pleasure, caused their judicial appointments. . them to travel through this country,

having justly complained at the vul. A few days ago, in Wales, in a gar curiosity of the peasantry who remeeting house of Jumpers, one of the side in the ditches bordering the pubcongregation bouncing from the floor, lic roads, it is in contemplation, declared he had Jesus by the gar. with a view of hiding tlie disgusting ment; this signal attracted the atten. objects, their filthy rags and naked tion of one Gwyndy, a barber, who children, to bave a guard of horse to

: precede

precede all gentlemen's coaches, and jor's, and were proceeding to evince compel the wreiches to remain doun their joy, by givigit a clasic fuocral, in their dwellings during the transit with the assistance of a burning heap of their masters and mistresscs. of furze ; but alas! their festivity an!

piety were stopped, to their great see

gret, by two evidences : one proved GREAT TRAD".

the dead man to have been a couo. Yesterday, a velfel arrived at our try alderman ; and another assured Custom house, laden wich 118 hogf- tie crowd, that he saw the MAJOR heads of whiting, 9,000 firebricks, a few minutes before, placing a blue and two troops of dragoons, from centinel over the stone urinary in Liverpool, which c.used the greatest Exchange court. activity amongst the clerks on the establishment who happened to be in town. Expreffes were forwarded by

- Mr. Broome, the bailiff, enterorder of the Board, for the re:urn to

tained a select party of legal friends, their business, of iwo quay Surveyors,

at his feat in Schoolhouse.lane.at present on a visit to the Lakes of

Melirs, Day,

d , Calidy, Killarney.

Mangan, and others of equal rank, were of the party. After the gentle.

men were properly surcharged with The Irish Catholics are made to whiskey, some misunderstanding oc. understand, they will be admited to curred, which terminated in a row; all the advantages of the conftitution like fire, the noisy contagion spread if ihey turn Protestanis. Ar. Csat. to the adjoining houtes ; and imme. tan and Lord Grenville make the de- diately a colony of sweeps, who io. mand ; they forget, that when Catho. habit an ancient tenement, formerly Jics might have preserved their pro- the residence of Aughriin Luttrell, perties, and have equal rights in an joined issue-not as profesional men independent country, and could have usually do, by proposing any adjusta avoided · Hell and Connaught they ment, on the contrary, they widened refifted any tenuptation : the condi- the breach, in proportion to the tions held out at this day must be weight they threw in to the contend. very inferior to former ones. Mr. ing parties. hough poor Day had Grattan, who advises, has said our his face well blackened by the faits country is dead, for he followed her of his enemies, and the caps of his to the grave.' So we are to turn friends, we hear he escaped without swadlers, jumpers, seekers, muggle any great injury: Ba d es. tonians, any thing but papilts, for caped better, as he happened to have the honor of going into the tomb in bis pocket a mitten full of peony with departed Ireland!

pieces that he received for an opinion on his way to dinner ; that reason.

able article had its influence, as the This morning the swelled and dis most athletic of the fable champions figured remains of a man well dress. gave his protection in exchange for ed were taken out of the river ; a the glove, and Lalitat got safe to Jarge concourse of people unanimously Sally's-park, near Dundrum, decided that the body was the Mue



religious men who persecuted Po MAJOR S- 'S LIBRARY.

pery, with comments on their lamentable ends. By a Protestant.

8vo. boards. Continued from Page 129.

Mullismalt, a Tragi-Comedy, in one

act-in which all the papilt famiMemoirs of Sir Thomas Maud lies that were murdered at the

containing the Public and Private Hartpole gala, are proved to have History of Father Sheehy, and deserved the jelt that was played the sudden death of all his Jury

on them. men, explained in a philofophic The Battle of Carnew, a Poem, in, way, confusing the superstitious twelve Cantos-d.dicated to Mrs. notion that “ God punishes Priett. Clarke. The hero of this piece is murder ;' with a Mezzotinto Pic. the renowned patriot, Colonel ture of Sir Thomas giving the pro. Wardle, of the intient Britons. secutor a fhirt. Oétavo-neatly The poet finely describes his run. bound

ning away, and attributes his want The Loyal Irih Plutarch--contain. of spirit to the over-spirit of his ing the Lives of Jeimy O Brien, charger; hi: Mooting the old beg. Lord Carhampton, the ajor, garwoman that rao out to ask him Claudius, Crawley, Lame Drury, for alms in his hurry is very poeti. Judge Bladderchops, Hepenital cal the Walking Gallows, Tom Rey “ Straight he beheld oppose him an nolds, and Sheers Armstrong the old hag, infamous informer. 10 vols. folio, « And out his loyal pistol he did neatly bound - Milliken.

drag, Treatise on the Morbus Pedicularis, “ He fot about her bloody Irish

or the Loufy Disease with a braios, number of cases ancient and mo. “ The spot her name and his ex. dern, viz that of Antiochus, of He · ploit retains." rod, and of Sylla, in whose respect

Canto vi. lioe 330. it is proved, that this disease was This Poem is very scarce, it being not the effect of God's curse upon bought up by the Colonel before he villainy, but was owing to a cer- opened the campaign agaiolt the tain verminificent quality in the Luke of York. atmosphere. The modern cases of Lord Clare, Hepenital, Corner The Orange Loyalil's CatechismLawder, 9th Dragoons, called the by J. Jackson, Serjeant of Beresa Devil belineared, he shews were ford's Bloodhound Corps, execu. not the real pure Morbus Pedicu for house breaking. ·laris, or Lousy Malady, that Cooper's Reasons for leaving the ike ancients referred to heavenly trade of a Carpenter, and becoming vengeance ; but arose merely from a Loctor of Divinity. a loyal difpofition of the humours, Ditto on the Pleasures of Eternil and from a certain crasis of the Damaation, blood and defect in the lympha- Ditto Instructions to Married Wo. tics. By Dr. Trevor. I vol. royal men. paper

Ditto Young Girl's Catechism. Memoirs of Prieftcatching-being an Ditto Doubts as to the Existence of · authentic history of the loyal and - Hell. --Milliken.


Red Jones's (the Methodist Prea - D. D. and Chaplain to the Mad.

cher,) Apology for leaving Hon house of Finglass. ora, the Popish Kirchen Maid, that Treatise on the Ear of the Judge in he married, to cleave to a Metho. Cases of Nili Prius. By '. W. dist widow, whom God had cho Barrister at Law. sen as a tabernacle of sanctity, and Thoughts upon the words Morality, whom through his goodness he pre- Scurrillity, and Professional Deo: destined to get a prize in the lot- 'cency. By Ditto. tery. Printed by himself, and fold A Collection of Hunting, Drioking, at the Methodist Bookroom, in ; and Loyal Songs, as sung for Whitefriar-treet,

Judge Bladderchops when drunk, Pastoral Letter to the Faithful Bar- half drunk, and stupid. By Ditto.

bers of Dublin, on the Sin of Essay on the Shaving, Powdering, Lathering and Shaving . Sinners Gesticulation, and Gravity, neces. on the Sabbath day and Bank sary to make a Lawyer have weight

Holidays. By r. Lalouche. with a Court of Law in Criminal Lives of Attornies that were hanged, Cases. By B-.

that were not hanged, and that An Enquiry into the Necesity of alought to be hanged. By om lowing Leg Bail in cases of a Debt D , 3; vols. folio,

under a Dollar By Phil. , The Plates are beautifully colour - arrifter at Law. ed :-among the best are Billy Kel. Capt. Stab M'Donogh's (the Tra. ler, Bob C , Crosby Morgel, ding Second,) Laws of Duelling; Mr. B

d , the Anthor, and Vindication of Honorable Mur. Old Yates that died in the pillory der, and Reasons against Paying many years ago. This is a valuable Debts but through a Cooltable, collection of law anecdote.

I vol. octavo.

Essay on Ways and Means, by Da Lord Redesdale's Thoughts on the System of Hazard, by Do.

Portion of Grace requisite to con- Lealt in Sight, by Do. ftitute a Constable fic for his Of. History of Sligo Men of Honour, fice; also, the quantity essential to by Do. in 4 vols. a Popish Peer to be vested with the Vol. 1. contains the Lives of Men fame honor.

who shot Creditors ja Treatise on the Efficacy of no Medic cine in Jail Fever, and the Good Vol. 2. Men of Honor who starved Effects of Whiskey in all Com.

for want of Credit. plaints incident to Prisoners in Vol. 3. Men who escaped starving Newgate. By Dick Hayden,

by Loyalty and Plunder. Turnkey, and Pro-Doctor to Sur Vol. 4. Esquires now alive, who geon L , the man who doc. will starve unless there be a i'ro. tors Newgate,

clamation of Free Quarters. A Sermon, preached on the General The Honorable History of Galway,

Fast to che ļjezgars of Channel. containing the Lives of Shop.boys row, on the Neceility of Mortify. who died in the Bed of Honor as ing the Flesh, and Subduing the Dueliits; and the Life of urioso Outwardian, and exhorting Phenix, Esq. who lived there fixthe n against Intemperance. By ty years, and died in the debt of the Rt. Hop. Hackbal - Nobody.


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Baron Power's Apology for Drown. zine :--bis colour changed, and he ing himself.

called for the captain in a fury : Apology for Not Shooting Lord “ Sir,' said he, “how dare you have

Clare, before le committed that this Magazine in the beat of a loyal

beft a&t of his life, by Ditto. Company ? by G-, Sir, you must Account of a Whiteboy's Ghuli that be a rebel and a scoundrel, to circu. appeared to him the night before late such a villainous piece of han

he took his laft cold bath, .by Do. der, and I fall report you to the Treatise on Stable Jurisprudence, or Company.” The captain said that " it

Legal Jockeying. By Judge Blade was left there yesterday in a mistake derchopt.

by a gentleman.” “ You lie, you rarSpeeches round about Catbolic Af- cal,” cried he," no gentleman would fairs. By Tralee H , Esq. carry an affaffinating, Rabbing, muragainst the Catholic Bishops derous, cowardly piece of disloyalty, by Ditto.

like that rascally Magazine ; vou againt the Irish Magazine, have it here as an ageat of the French by Ditto.

party in Ireland, as Mr. Grattan has The Works of Tom Reynolds, the remarked, and to bring loyal men in.

Informer, in 5 vols. Vol. 1. con. to disrepute." The captain had retains his Reasons for turning Pro tired before he had half concluded testant, and his Treatise on the his sentence, turning up his nose and Use of Arsenic. Vol. 2. His Let. fhaking his head, as much as to say, ters to the Major. Vol. 3 His “I'm sure you don't like it." He Defence oferjury. Vol. 4. His called the captaio back, and gave him Life of Jemmy O'Brien, Vol. 5. the Magazine, and commanded him His Vindication of his Principles to burn it. An English officer of dra. and of his becoming a Methodist. goons returned in some time with a

blue book, and he was observed whea

reading it to laugh immoderarely ; it DIALOGUE

was soon recognized to be the book IN THE

that had been sentenced to the Mames

-curiolity was awakene i, ani not CANAL PACKET.

one in the boat but evinced a desire

to read this infernal composition, and To th. Editor of the Irife Magazine: before dinner the whole company

were in poffeßion of the volume of SIR,

Cox's lait year's Magazine. It was On my passage from Carlow, in the read by an itinerant Swadler who had Canal - oat, your Name, and your been a shoemaker ; two atheistical Magazine, afforded a topic that begui. Veto Orange Papilts ; three gentle led fome miles of that tedious jour. men trom Mouncrath that murdered ney. I shall detail the circumstances the priest, Father Duane; Mr. as the company of a canal boat is so Best from Carlow; Bob Cm , allorted as to give a tolerable idea, the attorney, Bum's green ; four from its prevailing notion, what may English officers; two prieits i Tom be the sentimeots of society upon or. D , who was going special to dinary subjects.

arrest a gentleman in Connaught ; ,, A gentleman requested the waiting Ned B-, the bill of colt maker; four girl 10 alk her matter for some book, ladies : a failor, and a clergyman, and the brought him the Irish Maga a disenter from Belfalt. After dinner


Cox's last yea

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