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SINGULAR CHARACTER lately received some official informa

tion of a great harvest of Caravats in NOW IN DUBLIN,

the county of Waterford.

The person whom we designate thus, is a Protestant clergyman, of

DECAY OF MENDICITY the name of K- y. His pasion for seeing human dature in legal mi

IN sery is so extraordinary, that there is

DUBLIN. not a public execution either in the city or county he does not attend, not with an intention of administering It must be highly gratifying to the any professional aslistance to the de. feeling mind, to know the various parting culprit, but merely to gratify and successful steps that have been an insatiable taste for inspecting the taken to discourage, and diminish the agitations and struggles of a human immense number of beggars, who being in the most painful and degra- fwarmed our Itreets, to the disgrace ded distress. Persons who are in ha- of civilization. To prevent a vice is bits of intimacy with him, declare, more laudable, and easier effected, that he speaks in company of his fa- than to cure or punish it after it has vorite amusement, as a sportsman Spread its contagion. For this great does of Mhooting and hunting, a gam- and national object, several institubler of hazard or cards, a profligate tions, civil and military, have exiftof wenching, a Major of torturing orence among us, that would not disflogging, or as Jemmy O'Brien would honor the most polished Itate of foof his knife or a bible, So unhappy ciety for the wildom and effct they is he, when the season of hanging is are distinguished by. pot productive in town, that he has As it is a Protestant state, by law correspondents in the different aslize established, handed down to us by our towns, who like mercantile agents, brave ancestors, whose blood had beca give him the earliest information of profusely shed at the Boyne to obtain business in his line of speculation in it, and by ourselves again at Ross, their different distries.

Vinegar-hill, &c.—it is in the firlt He missed of a confiderable sport, place our bounden duty to extend all by the Lord Lieutenant's interfe. the benefits of our ettablishments to rence, who pardoned a covey of five those of our own communion ; and if malefactors, about six months since. we cannot at once abolish begging, No gentleman of the turf, who had

Turf who had we should use all due means to dini. been the dupe of a sharper, talks with silh it. more indignation or regret of his mif. The American people are the only fortune, than the Parfon does of this nation we know of, who are stranimprudent act of royal mercy; and to gers to beggary; their trade being so complete his disappointment, he had extensive, every citizen is employed, advice of an execution in Downpa- and consequently enjoys abundance ; trick, which he could have enjoyed, but their method of preventing this had not he relied on the regularity great evil, has such objectionable feaof the law in Dublin. He rents a tures in its character, that no loyal window in Green-ftreet, that com people will ever fer it up as an exammands the place of execution-and ple that could be safely or racionally is at present on circuit, as he has imitated; they rafhly rebelled, and


are now the vulgar victims of their the number of magistrates added, by own temerity; if they are not beg- the military and senatorial humanity ging, they are worse in the opinions of the hero of Talavera, to the Police of men of polished manners i they eltablishment. This wife and effe&tive want a nobility, the Corinthian pil. institution, unites in its operation two lars of poliihed society; they have falutary designs : it tends to promote not a duke, an earl, a viscount, a justice, and provides for the unfortubaronet, or a knight among them, nate ; the poor man, whole intellect, with the exception of a few broken or trade, refused him bread, whose nobles of French manufacture, who scullor counter were rendered empty, have taken refuge in that country. either by the visitation of God, or

To return to our own happier the caprice of fortune, can here be illand : in Dublin, our Custom-house proud, full, and powerful. is one of the finest asylums of the We provide for lawyers in every kind in Europe ; though we have no one of our national menageries ; they trade, we have the image of it--and are a disposable force, from which were it not preserved, what an incre

every degree of talent can be had, dible number of young and old gen. The House of Induttry, in Channel. tlemen would this day be exposed to row, has taken less men of the prowant and wretchedness? The ille- fellion than any other establishment ; gitimate children of our nobility, it has but one lawyer on its books. their old and faithful servants and His abilities pot being fitted for a su. their children, are here handsomely

bordinate condition, he aspired to provided for ; the agents or love govern. This species of ambition is caterers of our law-makers, are also

such as Cæsar felt, when he said "he on this great establishment, and are would rather be the firit man in a comfortably provided in food, rai country village, than the second in ment, horses, and country houses ;

Rome.” The legal monarch of Chan. the briefless lawyer, who lost his par. nel-row appears to imitate the geneliamentary protellion by the transpor. rous grandeur of the Roman, or the tation of our lenate to a place of fplenetic pride of Satan, described greater security, is rendered happy by Milton ; allo, from the fame funds ; in fact, this great hospital is on the most li. “Better to reign in hell than serve beral footing for the protection of its in heaven.' numerous patienis.

When we venture to give an opi. The Stamp-office, in Euftace. pion of such a foundation as the Preet, affords anoiher useful and am. House of industry, we give it due ple provision for luch of our people credit from the wisdom of its admias have equal claims to protection niftration, for the judicious applica. with those of the Custom-house; and, tion of its funds ; if it does not prelike the Custom house, by the addi

houle, by the addi vent mendicity, from the inadequate tions annually made to the taxes, it

o the taxes, it nature of its resources, it conceals a provides with employment leveral considerable number of the undressed dew objects every season.

paupers from public view; it is a How many dull lawyers, and bro- grave that devours those, whose rank ken tradekmen, are prevented troma in life, or religious opinions, rendercourse of niendicity, obscurity, and ed them unfit for the patronage ineveo imprisonment for forall sums, by tended for beggars of decent connex


ions; it is for the wse of vulgar inha to it, that we racionally hope, in a bitants, wretches accustomed to la few years, to have the country as, bour, rendered unfortunate by perfilt. clear of beggars as it is of commerce. ing in onprofitable indultry. War has been described as the

THE VETO. greatest of evils; for our part, we in Ireland see it in a contrary point of this difficult subject is tiken up, view, as it materially tends to pre- by our parliamentary friends, as they vent the great evil of beggary, the have been called and is uled as a subject of our speculation. Were it weapon to affist the claims of a par. noi for the just and frequent wars ticular part of the ( atholic body, who England is engaged in, our popula. are solicitous to share corporation tion would be lo fuperabundant, we consequence and parliamentary dir. would be a nation of beggars ; there tinction, in a country so lately depri. would be scarcely a person of decent ved of its independence. Any man appearance ainong 115, except the who remembers even the mil rable clergy and tax-gatherers, and the red and dininutive rank we enjoyed, gentlemen who have the care of our

while we were a nation, must shrink morals and villages. As war is the

at the folly and petty pursuits, that only branch of trade our mistress al.

could engage a man in such frivolous lows as an ample partnership in, we

objects, in a country reduced to a enter largely into it, because it re- province : begging imaginary privile. quires no capital on our part in this ges from the very men who have pero firm; and as we have not any, it an. petrated the injury, which has left swers our fpeculations : we fight for the Protestant and Catholic nearly in want of work; and so little idea have the same condition ! we of profit, that a great nuinber of

All men in power, or expe&ants

, us do not care a shilling which fide

for power, agree in the one opinion, gains the victory. ? hank God, there

that some alteration in the appoint. is a' remedy for all things; we fight

nient of the Heads of our Church, is to avoid want and the dishonor of

now indispensable ; and though they begging. Egypt, Corunna, Vimiera,

inlilt on some arrangement, to fatisfy and the West Indies, witnessed our

their demands and political security, valour and our fate ; we had honor

they have noi in any.instance deigned and graves in those warm regions. As

· 10 inlinuare any political or other sve now light to avoid want, some

equiralent: Though we know they among us tried an experiment, on

posleis no means of adequate compene their own account, to avoid persecu.

farion for an act of hertly, excepithe tion ; but the plan failed, and " Hell

restoration of our legislature; yet, the or Connaughe" .conunues to scare

want of decency, where they make them : but he diminution of mendi.

fo many frothy professions of attach. city was effected, as the nunser of

men', and acknowledyed respectabilead was consider. He ; for he that

lity, as they are plealed to allow us, lics will her fight or heg again; bir

betray such an evidence of insinceri. he will neither dibiurb the State, nor

ale, mot ry, that we despair of any relief at buithen the comniany.

this period, from a quirttr, that du. So far bas the wintom of our pub- ring the nine years of our political lic works already operacer, and ide extinction, has not give a solitary policy of war so greatly cuandouled example of liberality, or even in its


language espressed any thing but per- to ask the advocate of Ca holic rights fecution, it we are to take its opinion to what part of the French Empe. from 11 é cigoried characters of Re- ror's life we are to attribute any act desdale, Perceval, and other implied or design to prove the truth of this and avowed of his Majesty's minis: aflcrtion ? or has any part of his anti. ters.

Catholic pursuits Mewed such a dil. The Head of the Church, our polition to eradicate Catholicity, as Sovereign Ponriff, is said to be in a che erection and endowment of Pro

dle of lavery, and confequently is teftant Charter Schools in Ireland, rot master of bimself. By being re- and ihe laws passed in the reign of duced from a llare of an independent Willian and Anne, against the Capotentate, and having become the fub- tholic clergy and again!t education,. ja of the French i mperor, he ng or any of the simplest of the whole linger poffc1f-s any will of his own; barbarous code of penal Natutes, enani in such circumstances, we are acted against the unfortunate conadvised to transfer the appointment quered and plundered Catholics ? of our hierarchy from the Pope, be on the contrary, Europe has witnes. caule he is laid to be the servant, to fed Buonaparte erecting the prostrate Mr. Perceval, who is a naster; from altars of revolutionary France, at the an old friend in mistortune, to an very hour and period chat Orange avowed enemy in the plenitude of Joyiddiy was burping Catholic altars a power; from the College of Cardi. Ireland, and immolating Catholic pals, to the Privy Council and Doce Priests in Mountrath and Bandon tor i 'uigenan. All this is to be done and this fame sovereign has not only on presumptive evidence, which we refiored the Catholic faith in Holknow to be as erroneous as the busy land, Saxory and Hanover, bu authors are malignant.

has given it an influence and prepon. The Hoo Denis Browne, in alet. derance in the affairs of the Conti. ter, dared the lixon of March, direc. nen:, that promile it will reluine the ted to the peutioning Catholics of venerable attitude its character is 10 the county of Mayo, expresses great eminently entitled to in the civilized atachment to his Popill friends, and world. much paotul anxiety for the manner they fou'd adopt for the regulation DUCKING AND DIVING FOR SALVAand happinels of the Irish Church..

TION. He feels so much for the captivity and degradation of ihe Pope, that he During the last frost at Sunderreasonably apprehends a new head, land, some disciples of adult baprism properly dociled and qualified, may and total immerlion, having to go he had nearer home. The Honble. through the ceremony, on approach (entleman, to hurry us into this con- ing the water, did not altogether like fitucional measure, assures us, that its appearance, is being covered with Buonaparte has done more to destroy ice ; upon a little consultation the ob. the Catholic faith, than any other has jection was foon obviated, by obrain. done since the days of Luther and ing an indulgence from their pallor,

10 thaw the ice with a quantity of Denis has made a considerable comfortably warm water. - This is and private discovery, bitherto in

what Dean Swift called “ ducking great obscurity. We would venture and diving for lalvat.on. '



IMPORTANT EXTRACTS politician ! As there can be little real

plealuie, to a feeling mind, at an exo FROM THE

hibition of misery, nor a certainty of NEWSPAPERS. I security when misery is exceflive and

oppression inexorable, he advised that

some arrangement would be adopted, Last month, the Farming Society, that mieht allow a Share of the food faithful to the object of their inititu.

raised, to the wretches who contribution, attempted to mislead the public

ted to its production. As much as curiofily, by another exhibition, at

..at we justly admire the high character their house on Summer-hill ; but the

of our English brethren of Birming

of our trick failed in its effect, as the people ham, Stafford and Manchester, some have detected the artifice, and that allowance of our food should be tendant in humanity, that fatten hogs shared among ourselves. and Itarve men, that house the chear. ful brute, and encamp in horrid huts

On Sunday, Mr. Val. Dulcimer, with contemptuous indifference the of the Ivory and Card office, Palace. population of the country. The con

Itreet, surprised a party of idle boys

treet, fu fequence was, the fhow was neglec

protaning the Sabbath, by playing ted, -the favourite assemblage and

marbles under his office windows.their titled owners were the only Val, with the affittance of Biblemouth con pany. Mr. Grierlon handled his

and Corporal Firechatch, had the Ateers and lags to empty benches ; eptire party, their chalk and balf. and the reverend part of the house pen

pence, secured and committed by the of Beresford lectured to the desert air, on the wisdom of applying the public patronage to the comfort and

With great pleasure we assure the

with oresto education of the riung generation of public, that the dispute between the hogs and Theep.

Major and Gamble the Journeyman

Sulk weaver, of Skinner's-alley, is, by On Tuesday, at the allizes of

the interposition of their mutual , a very humane and enligh. frier

the friends, moit happily adjusted. The tened charge was delivered, by the

me Major, by being relieved from the

M judge to the grand jury. He recom

terror and odium of a profecation, mended, in strong and eloquent lan

· very generously bestowed the sum of guage, the policy, if not the humani.

fifty pounds on Shuttle, and made a ty, of taking more care of the.publici

* Very latista Qory apology. roads ; and requested the gentlemen, who as yet condescended to live in the country, to take some immediate We request, if Alderman Stamer steps 10 put a better face on the high- means to entertain the grocers and ways. His Lordflip remarked, that ribbon-weavers of Dublin with ano. be did not mean literally that their ther malked ball, that he will be kind attention should be exclusively direcó enough to order a sufficient number ted to stopes and gravel, to picksand of iron helmets to be served out, for wheelbarrows; but to this living mate. the protection of such filly sculls, as Li-Is, in human (hape, who fringe the take pleasure in seeing a mob in dil. Highways-whole tebins, tood, and guile; or order the Scorch operators samoni, dilgull the nian of talie, siid to keep within tlier quiesters, with a give realonable caulc of a laini io the fulcicot qanuty of orimlione, that


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