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hundred men, a hundred of his own took the road of Forensola, and regiment, and as many of those of passed the Po wirb insent to pre. Haberstein and Bagni. He had sent themselves before the gate of with him also the capiain of the ar- the bridge of Cremona. tillery That with his fusileers. The decatchments made by prince The rest of the foot, making in the Eugene arrived in their proper order whole eleven hundred men, were about three o'clock in the morning divided into proper corps, with a on the first of February within a caprain, lieutenant, and ensign at quarter of a leauge of the place where the head of each.

the prince halted in order to wait These troops were designed to for the rest of his troops, who had enter first by the aqueduct, and not been able to join him throw were instructed co make themselves the badness of the Road, and und masters ef the posts assigned them. length of their march, He receiThe cavalry marched in the followved here three successive informati. ing order.

ons that every thing went in the Count Merci, lieutenant colonel town according to his wish, and of the regiment of lorrain, was at that they only waired his orders to their head with four capiains, five enrer npon acuion. lieutenanıs, four corners, five quar. As soon as all the troops had joi. ter masters, fourteen corporals, ned prince Eugene, his serene and two hundred and twenty five highness ordered those to advance troopers ; he was followed by the whom he intended should enter the baron de Friberg, lieutenant colo- place by the aqneduct; he likewise nel of the regiment of Taaf, and directed that with all the silence three hundred and twenty five imaginable, three hundred greni. horsa, their officers, a ketile-drum, diers cominanded by the major of and six standards of the regiment the regiment of Geschwind with Of M. de Haux, major of the regi. some carpenters and locksmirls ment of Lorrain, with a like num- should approach the place: The ber of officers, troopers, standards, guide who conducted ihen to the and kettle drums, came next after dike of the dirch, in order to da him M. Pre, lieutenant colonel of throwing a little bridge over the the regiment of Nenbourg, with more numerous. Alter le liaci rethe rest of that regiment, sian. ceived information that all thinas dards, and kettle-drums, colonel were very quiet in town, the dePaul Diok with his hussars had be tachmen's passed through the a-, rear-guard of the whole. Prince queduct without being perceived. Ergene, general Staremberg, and As these troops came out of this prince Cominercy marched with subterraneous puissage, thi’yimmeibis body, consisting in all of seven diately joined the grenediers who thoosand men,

were already in the rown, and pose While they were on their march sessed the posts assigned them by prince Charles of Vaudemont be. The prince.' The major Geschund gan to move on his side with the began by making himself master of regiments of Darmstadt, Vaude- the gate of St. Margaret, which mont, and didrichszein horse ; two had been walled up, and which Thousand foot of the regiments of conseguently had no giiard. He Staremberg, Daun, and oiher employed there all the Workmen troops amounting together to very he had brought with him, who in near three ihousand men; they a short time made a clear passage


for the cavalry to enter who wait. posted there. The baron de Freided without for that purpose. It berg, lieutenant colonel of the rewas on this walled up gaie without giment of Taaf, with three huna guard, and onihe aqueduct, thac dred and twenty five horse followprince Eugene relied for the successed him sword in hand, and posted of his projeci.

. himself in the square of St. AgaWhile the major of Geschwind's tha. He sent a lieutenant with regiment was working with as little two hundred troopers to patrol in noise as possible at the opening of the neighbouring streets. M. de St. Margaret's gate with the tuen- Havre, major of the regiment of ty five grenadiers he had posted Lorrain, entered next with a like there, the other officers were em- number of horse, one half of which ployed in securing the ramparts. he posted in the great square, and They took care that the avenues the other half in The Piazza vi Picwere well guarded, and particular- cola, and obliged them to pairole ly that the great street which led to continually from one place to the the square was kept perfectly free other. Afier him came the baron that the cavalry might pass. As de Scherzeck, a lieutenant colonel, soon as the gate of St. Margaret with a more numerous datachment, was open the major of geschwind's and posted themselves in other plaregiment niade the signal agreed ces. M. du Pre major of the city upon to give advice to prince Eu. with alike detachment pusted togene, which was the blowing upwards the gate of St. Margaret, laa small quantity of powder thrice king care to have two lieutenants upon the ramiparr. Count Merci, with twenty fire men each to keep who had the command of the van, a constant patrol on the right and at the head of two hundred and fil- left. Colonel Paul Diak with his ty troopers, entered the town im- hussars posted themselves on the mediately on the gallop, making right of i he squadrons of Neubourg all the haste he could to ihe gare of near a little bridge in order to scour the Po with intent to make himself the roads in the rear. master thereof, and of the artillery

(To be continued.)


THEREON. This beauteous phenomenon felt rebel and a traitor to hi; king and himself aggrieved by an article in country, and selecis out ihe very the Irish Marazine, that after due most respectable and wealthy citiconsideration, and many struggles zens of Dublin to snake free with ; with his avarice, he sent the Nia you see how he has used me that grzine and three tenpenny's and i he could buy him from the gallows. following note to counsellor Tralee Direct me Sir, I beseech you hoiv 12ssey, the Munster Thaumatur- I can be lawfully revenged of hin, Suis.

is the inauer treason or felony, or Sir,

which is ir, I am sure the lenst can I beg leave to call your attention be done to him is hanging, I should to the article in this magazine of hope he will be Gibbeted, but of archdeacon Whiskey, and that pro. that you are best judge,--pray difessionally, I have enclosed your rect me how I shall proceed against fee upon the occasion. I wish to this basest of calumniating rascals. p: nish that rascal Cox, who is a ARCHDEACON WHISKEY, To which the barrister returned who does honour to narures manuthe following opinion.

factory, by symmetry of person, Thave read the arricle Archdea- witchery of lace and wit unparalcou Whiskey, in the Irish Maga. leled; and who is Cox? a fellow zine, and not only ihat, but the confessediy not nor howenty pounds whole Magazine; I looked at all «I think that the best way would the pictures, I have made every be for me to go and dine wich necessary enquiry into Cox's cir- Archdeacon Whiskey on a beef cumstances, and I find ibat he lay stake, next Friday, and to enquire in Newgare for a month chro' ina- more fully into the case, in the bility to pay twenty pounds to the interim, I would have the Arch. Stamp-office for a fine, and that deaçon swear rubbery against Cox, all the loyal men in Dublin con- for stealing away his beauriful demn the work as Edited by a esteem amongst the girls, and puc man who is disloyal and does not him in Newgaie. Then I leonid, keep a proper distance with his it her you out, sumpon him before berters, and as I saw character save the Cure of Conscience, and if à man's life, by the same rule the the Alderman was so stupid as not law says, it shall destroy it--which to give him ample satisfaction, ! applies in the present case, who is would appeal to the Imperial ParCox? who is Archdeacon Whise lament. key? The Archdeacon, a man


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The literary, world will learn No. 2, Dr. Duigenai's ıracis, a good with pleasure that the valuable cole edition with the doctor's Picture. lection made by this book-fancier this is well bound, and in the blank in the year 1798, is offered 10 sale, leaves, there is a poem in praise This man has long since given up of the major's byalıy, by the doc. the ambition of appearing a litera- tor, who presented him the work, Ty character, content with his re- in admiration of his loyal and li. putaciun ; as a stalesman, he feels terary merits. all Wordly pride satisfied being Noc 3, Latouche's Sermons, a converted 10 methodism, by a fine edition by the Dugdale Press, Weekly bounty from Mrs.' Lil This is a valuable work in ten vous louche's swadling fund he looks lumes on Wove paper and meroc10 a furure reward, and defies tho co binding ; the first volume condeuil, with his acquired grace, his tains his controversial discourst's conscientious feeling of past con- agirist Popery. duci, and his magnum of Scorch The second, third and fourth, whiskey,

contain his ejaculatory convulsions No. i, The Missale Romanum, -ihe 5th, His Discourses to the or Papist mass. book, Elzevir Edi. Maniacs in Swiii's Hospital-611, tum, Morocco, bound anew by His Newgate exhortations in which the Major. The cover being con: is his famous Sermon against whissumed at the conflagration of a key and one sign of the cross-7ih Chapel burnt by the major, who Fever Hospital Se nons-sti, His saved the book from the flames Pious Mumbling's--gth, Religio!'s at the expence of a pair of ruflies. Mclodies or Psalms set for the Pi


ano and bag-pipes, by Dr. Murphy Doctor Trevor, long uglyWoods ata converted Papist and bror her to torney and the hangmen of the diffeMurphy the Piper-loth, Letters rent clubs of orangemen in Ireland. to the Faithful, upon the Subjects The Orangemen's guide, shewof Popery, Grace and civility to- ing by the few general rules, the wards his majesty the Devil. art of appearing a liberal man,

No. 4, Dr. Ryan's Works in 4 and imposing upon Papists. so as vols. containing his dialogue with to ensure their cus:om-chisis writ. the old Priest that reared him ; his ten by Jack-T letter to his mother againsi saying The Life of the Dog, in 2 vol. her beads; his religious reasons for Svo. by Cox. wearing shoes and earing mea in Miraculous Escapes from the the College kirchen on Fridays, and Gallows, by Bob Ca che Ais a full answer to the world against corney during 20 years practice of Charges of meanness, ignorance, his Calling, 8vo. dereliction of his hereditary popish The Aitorney's vade mecum, creed, it contains his picture in or youth's guide to sin and conseeach vol. in vol. I, serving mass, quieuce, Anun. dedicated to Tom vol. 2, College Sizar, vol. 3, Preach.


s ing as a minister, in vol. 4, in a The Law Club, Revieved in straight waistcoat.

the manner of the Jockey Club, No. 5, The informers catechison by Bloom Sild, surnamed the Evana scarce work-The dedication to gelist, 410. lord Castlereagh, is a master-piece The Wonderful History of an of Eulogy, his comparing him to Honest Arorney chat appeared in Machiavel recommends this work, Dublin A.D. 1430, 410. as it is considered a happy effort The Life of Ned Balfe the Robof genius-this work is neatly ber. bound,

The Irish Magazine compleat, a Gallows Colloquies in 8 vols. this valuable work, z rols. work contains much informacion Dr. Graves's Proof, that the Pore about the Rebellion of 1799, it has is Antichrist. all Greg the Jailor's Dialogues D. on the accommodation of with Rebels at their last and most Faich and Inierest. embarrassed moments, and those of Do, on the effect of Beef and all the Major's with the unfortun- Mutton and Cloths, in Converting ale of their districts at the hour of College Sizars to the faith of the death.

Land. The history of the Prevots rich Lord Kingsboro's Essays on the plates finely engraved in 4 rols. use of Cat and Ninetails, Pickers folio, contains many acis nearly and antient Gallows's, with thoughts related, that will please all lorers upon reviving Crucifixion 410. in of a good clear tasie in huinan boards, Milliken. torture.

Letters to Lord Clare from The Political Jester in octavo, Judkin Fitzgerald, with answers containing all the Jeu d'esprits, at 410. executions and torturings of Correspondence between Jemmy Jemmy O'Brien, the Major, Clau- O'Brien and the Major on State dius, Capt Swan, Armstrong the Affairs, vol. 3, 410 a very curious attorney, Gregihe Jailor, Hepensial, work.


Jemmy O'Brien's Will, with the county Kerry Cizar of T. C. D. Codicil and all his curses upon his who rose by fast breaking, Larin Seducers.

and Greek, Pimpings, and Kerry Speeches of Judge Bladderchops Impudence to be a Protestant Bi. on the Bench His Addresses to shop with his Sermon against Jurymen-Essay on lockeying the whore of Babylon, 12 mo. 2 His Doctrine of Fiats, and his No- vols. lions upon a Future State, in 3 Essay on coaches as Preventive fols.

of starvation by Surgeon Lancet. Speeches upon Catholic Claims, The Blue Coat Hospital Muse, by Boobies of all Professions, 300 or a collection of Poems of that rols. folio, to be sold at one Seminary by the Pupils. The first farthing persone.

vol. contains the Prize Poein adDying Speeches of Rebel zo vols. judged to the Dog when a whelp, folios A.D. 1798.

for his Poetic Barkings againsc Thelypthora, or the Seduction Popery, inimitable Stanzas to the of Females, by Lurrerel. This is air of Bow-VOW-Wow, in it we the best work ipon the subject ex- find also Alderman Cashes Epis cepe Col. McMahon and Nosey grams, which are as pointed as the Tisdal's Essay on female crimping, crown of his son's new hat. The 410.

second volume abounds with the Porter's Art of antiquaring Paint. Rhyming of Embryo Aldermen, ings, isith the newest receipts for who appeared to have been very ali i he ancient varnishes, and a list little improved in Siupidity by even of the most obscure names of reso an advancement, from a City Chapectability, with which new pic. rity 'o civic authority. tures may be Christened for Sale, Robbery no fraud, a pamphlet

written in 1798, by the major ; The Art of Flattery, being a se in the front is a beautiful drawing ries of Lectures delivered by a of Hevey's mare and of McNally French Refugee to his pupil, a che lame Lawyer's cup, 'marked young Nobleman in Ireland, with with Erin go Bra---Milliken. proper Reflections upon the lrish The Beauties of Charter school Character, and an Essay on the Catechisms, compiled for the use modesty of Frenchmen izmo. of Children, by Revd. Iscariot bound in Asses skin.

L-re, Almoner to the Society of The History of the Larouche Pure Spirits. family, with Remarks on their re- Thorighis on destroying Popery ligion, loyalty and ascent from the by Fair means, in a series of Letgiller to the Plaros of Irish rank cers. -in French by Madame de la De Speech of Lord Clare in ule mirep an Eminre Dr Religion, P. C, a inst the experiency of a 12 mo. 3 vols.

Masakre of Papists, scarce. The History of Jack Larsin, a

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