The Irish magazine, and monthly asylum for neglected biography. Feb.-Nov. 1808, Jan. 1809 - July 1812

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Страница 68 - Why, why was I born a man and yet see the sufferings of wretches I cannot relieve! Poor houseless creatures! the world will give you reproaches but will not give you relief.
Страница 86 - ... which they unavoidably produce. It would be an invidious task for me to recapitulate, in this place, the transactions of the last three years, or to discuss the temper and spirit, the language and the conduct of his Majesty's Ministers towards your body ; nor would it become me to censure, though I may be permitted to lament, the decisions of the Legislature. To these two topics it is sufficient briefly to have adverted. The obstacles which, in the present moment, they oppose to any favourable...
Страница 546 - I have been informed by many of them that have had judicial places there, and partly of mine own knowledge, that there is no nation of the Christian world that are greater lovers "of justice than they are, which virtue must of necessity be accompanied with many others.
Страница 382 - Here I am, Riding upon a black ram, Like a whore as I am; And for my crincum crancum, Have lost my bincum bancum; And for my tail's game Have done this worldly shame; Therefore I pray you, Mr. Steward, let me have my land again.
Страница 231 - And no spectacle was more frequent in the ditches of towns, and especially in wasted countries, than to see multitudes of these poor people dead with their mouths all coloured green by eating nettles, docks, and all things they could rend up above ground.
Страница 214 - ... pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
Страница 230 - ... justice, to leave Ireland at his mercy, where he had only time to set himself right ; although the graver heads of his party think him too profligate and abandoned, yet they dare not be ashamed of him, for he is very useful in parliament, being a ready speaker, and content to employ his gift upon such occasions, where those who conceive they have any remains of reputation or modesty, are ashamed to appear.
Страница 411 - And it is not improbable that the raw materials used, and the provisions and other articles consumed, by the manufacturers, create a home market for agricultural products not very inferior to that which arises from foreign demand. A result more favorable than might have been expected from a view of the natural causes which impede the introduction, and retard the progress of manufactures in the United States.
Страница 266 - These roots are always less than an inch diameter, even after fifteen years' growth, if by any means we can judge of it with certitude by the number of impressions that are to be seen round the upper part of the neck of the root, produced by the stalks that succeed each other annually. The shape of these roots is generally elliptical; and whenever it is biforked, which is very rare, one of the divisions is always thicker and longer than the other. The seeds of the ginseng are of a brilliant red,...
Страница 546 - ... the west parts of the world ; the long inlets of many navigable rivers and so many great lakes and fresh ponds within the land, as the like are not to be seen in any part of Europe ; the rich fishings and wild-fowl of all kinds ; and lastly, the bodies and minds of the people endued with extraordinary abilities of nature.