With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley

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Shanghai Mercury, 1895 - 187 страници

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Страница 35 - Panting he bounds, his quarter'd ground divides In equal intervals, nor careless leaves One inch untried. At length the tainted gales His nostrils wide inhale; quick joy elates His beating heart, which, awed by discipline Severe, he dares not own, but cautious creeps Low-cowering, step by step; at last attains His proper distance; there he stops at once, And points with his instructive nose upon The trembling prey.
Страница 2 - WHEN Time, who steals our years away, Shall steal our pleasures too, The memory of the past will stay, And half our joys renew.
Страница 181 - ... in the pond. He explained that his friend was in the water; so I waited to see what would happen. After some time his friend landed wearing a large bamboo collar or cangue, and carrying a basket containing a few wild and three tame ducks secured together by a string. He was dressed in goat-skin, with the wool inside: his stockings were stitched to the clothing, and so oiled as to be nearly water-proof. Thus accoutred he immersed his body, using the cangue as a float. On his hat were placed bunches...
Страница 104 - The location chosen is the square at the apex of the angle formed by the confluence of the two rivers — the Ohio and the Great Kanawha — on which the Virginian army was encamped at the beginning of the battle, and where its honored dead, who fell in the struggle, were buried. This is high land and contains about two and a half acres.
Страница 46 - But learn we might, if not too proud to stoop To quadruped instructors, many a good And useful quality, and virtue too, Rarely exemplified among ourselves. Attachment never to...
Страница 16 - See! from the brake the whirring pheasant springs, And mounts exulting on triumphant wings: Short is his joy; he feels the fiery wound, Flutters in blood, and panting beats the ground. Ah! what avail his glossy, varying dyes, His purple crest, and scarlet-circled eyes, The vivid green his shining plumes unfold, His painted wings, and breast that flames with gold?
Страница 32 - GOOSEBERRY and Blyth has said that these crosses are very abundant in India. The true home of the species is in eastern Siberia or Mongolia. It is distinguished by its long smooth neck, marked dorsally by a chocolate streak. The reclaimed form is usually distinguished by the knob at the base of the bill, but the evidence of many observers shows that this is not found in the wild race. Of this bird there is a perfectly white breed. We have next to mention a very curious form...
Страница 38 - ... the system in general. But there are parts of those laws which have reference to the skin alone, and it is my present purpose to separate these as much as possible from the rest, that their importance may be more prominently seen. It is thus with the subject of exercise. Well-directed exercise...
Страница 184 - The Chinese are said to have been acquainted with the use of gunpowder long before it was known to Europeans.
Страница 184 - The natives melt a quantity of iron and pour the liquid metal from a height on to a stone laid in a tub of water. When cool the pellets are collected and sorted according to size, but not passed through sieves as is the foreign custom. Hence the great irregularity in size of the pellets.