Report to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, from the Poor Law Commissioners: On an Inquiry Into the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain : with Appendices

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1842 - 457 страници

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Страница 325 - The security of lives and property may sometimes require so speedy a remedy as not to allow time to call on the person on whose property the mischief has arisen, to remedy it. In such cases an individual would be justified in abating a nuisance from omission without notice. In all other cases of such nuisances, persons should not take the law into their own hands, but follow the advice of Lord Hale, and appeal to a court of justice.
Страница 347 - That for the protection of the labouring classes and of the ratepayers against inefficiency and waste in all new structural arrangements for the protection of the public health, and to ensure public confidence that the expenditure will be beneficial, securities should be taken that all new local public works are devised and conducted by responsible officers qualified by the possession of the science and skill of civil engineers.
Страница 273 - And the reason why the law allows this private and summary method of doing one's self justice, is because injuries of this kind, which obstruct or annoy such things as are of daily convenience and use, require an immediate remedy, and cannot wait for the slow progress of the ordinary forms of justice.
Страница 60 - ... and when it is necessary to send for water to a distance, the house-cleansings and washings are diminished by the inconvenience; and every presumption is afforded that if it were at all times requisite for them to send to a distance for water, and in all weathers, their habits of household cleanliness would be deteriorated.
Страница 87 - ... population few, and afflicted with rheumatism and other maladies, arising from damp and an excess of water ; which, if removed, would relieve them from a cause of disease, the land from an impediment to production, and, if conveyed for the use of the town population, would give that population the element of which they stand in peculiar need as a means to relieve them from that which is their own cause of depression, and return it for use on the land as a means of the highest fertility. The...
Страница 115 - I may mention one: a man, his wife and child sleeping in one bed; in another bed, two grown-up females; and in the same room two young men, unmarried. I have met with instances of a man, his wife, and his wife's sister, sleeping in the same bed together. I have known at least half-adozen cases in Manchester in which that has been regularly practised, the unmarried sister being an adult...
Страница 85 - I have seen them take a bone from a dung-heap, and gnaw it while reeking hot with the fermentation of decay. Bones, from which the meat had been cut raw, and which had still thin strips of flesh adhering to them, they scraped carefully with their knives, and put the bits, no matter how befouled with dirt, into a wallet or pocket appropriated to the purpose. They have told me, that whether in broth or grilled, they were the most savoury dish that could be imagined. I have not observed that these creatures...
Страница 87 - ... train, destitution and the need of pecuniary as well as medical relief; all mainly arising from the presence of the richest materials of production, the complete absence of which would, in a great measure, restore health, avert the recurrence of disease, and, if properly applied, would promote abundance, cheapen food, and increase the demand for beneficial labour. Outside the afflicted districts, and at a short distance from them, as in the adjacent rural districts, we find the aspect of the...
Страница 123 - ... while without, there are streets, elevated a foot, sometimes two, above the level of the causeway, by the accumulation of years, and stagnant puddles here and there, with their foetid exhalations, causeways broken and dangerous, ash-places choked up with filth, and excrementitious deposits on all sides as a consequence, undrained, unpaved, unventilated, uncared-for by any authority but the landlord, who weekly collects his miserable rents from his miserable tenants. " Can we wonder that such...
Страница 188 - The intellects of the children of such inferior physical organization are torpid ; it is comparatively difficult to gain their attention or to sustain it ; it requires much labour to irradiate the countenance with intelligence, and the irradiation is apt to be transient. As a class they are comparatively irritable and bad- tempered.