A Statistical Account of Bengal, Том 9

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Страница 63 - This city is as extensive, populous, and rich as the city of London, with this difference, that there are individuals in the first possessing infinitely greater property than in the last city.
Страница 182 - What have the English done against me, that I should use them ill? It is now difficult to extinguish fire on land: but should the sea be in flames who can put them out? Never listen to such advice as his, for the result would probably be fatal.
Страница 83 - ... and rattling from some of the open sheds, and the whole place exhibited a cheerfulness, and, though it was not the time of the fair, an activity and bustle which were extremely interesting and pleasing.
Страница 296 - ... one shall, after the last day for completing such registry and before such election, become a qualified voter of the election district, he shall, upon complying with the provisions of this chapter, have the same right to vote as if his name had been registered. 3. * * * In cities and villages having a population of more than two thousand, and less than * * * five thousand at the last previous census, the common council of such cities and the * * * trustees of such villages, may by ordinance or...
Страница 236 - The following paragraphs have been condensed from the annual reports of the Meteorological Reporter to the Government of Bengal for the years 1871 and 1872.
Страница 90 - Here was formerly a place of worship dedicated to Mahadeva or Hara, with an extensive tract of ground appropriated to the worship of the God ; but the Ganges having destroyed the place of worship, and the holy ground having been resumed during the invasions of the Musalmans, it is entirely neglected. It still exists however as a place of worship, only the image of the Phallus is removed to a great distance from the river," it is called by the poets Kusumapuri, an epithet applied to favorite towns...
Страница 191 - Company could do was to resolve to end the system of dyarchy and to require the president and council to stand forth as diwan, and by the agency of the Company's servants -to take upon themselves the entire care and management of the revenues as laid down in the directors
Страница 73 - Cossimbuzar, and we cannot avoid remarking that you seem so thoroughly possessed with military ideas as to forget your employers are merchants and trade their principal object, and were we to adopt your several plans for fortifying, half our capital would be buried in stone walls.
Страница 136 - The .scene of misery that intervened, and still continues, shocks humanity too much to bear description. Certain it is that in several parts the living have fed on the dead, and the number that has perished in those provinces that have suffered most ia calculated to have been within these few months aá G tu IG of the whole inhabitants.
Страница 322 - ... must assert any claims they may have by legal means only, on the other hand the Government will firmly repress all violent and illegal action on the part of the ryots, and will strictly bring to justice all who offend against the law, to whatever class they belong. " The ryots and others who have assembled are hereby required to disperse, and to prefer peaceably and quietly any grievances they may have. If they so come forward, they will be patiently listened to: but the officers of Government...