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1. Filial Duty.

Instruction; knowledge. Deli'cious; sweet, pleasant. Admoni'tion; warning, reproof. Irrev'erence; want of respect. Infirm'ity; weakness. Pris'oners; captives. Mis'ery; wretchedness. Confine'ment; imprisonment. Victorious; triumphant. Reward'; recompense. Proceed'ed; went on. breaking out. Reflect'ing; thinking. employed. Entreat'ed; besought.

Eruption; a
Oc'cupied ;

FROM the creatures of God let man learn wisdom, and apply to himself the instruction they give. Go to the desert, my son, observe the young stork of the wilderness; let him speak to thy heart; he beareth on his wings his aged sire, he lodgeth him in safety, and supplieth him with food.

The piety of a child is sweeter than the incense of Persia offered to the sun; yea, more delicious than odours wafted from a field of Arabian spices by the western gales. Be grateful, then, to thy father, for he gave thee life; and to thy mother, for she sustained thee. Hear the words of his mouth, for they are spoken for thy good; give ear to his admonition, for it proceedeth from love.


He hath watched for thy welfare, he hath toiled for thy ease; do honour, therefore, to his age, and let not his grey hairs be treated with irreverence. Forget not thy helpless infancy, nor the frowardness of thy youth, and indulge the infirmities of thy aged parents; assist and support them in the decline of life. So shall their hoary heads go down to the grave in peace; and thine own children, in reverence of thine example, shall repay thy piety with filial love.-Dodsley.

1. After the battle of Actium, Augustus, the conqueror, went to visit his prisoners. Metellus, one of his most bitter enemies, was among the number, and although the miseries of his confinement had very much altered his appearance, his son, who served in the victorious army, recognised, and ran to embrace him; and then turning towards Augustus with tears in his eyes said, "O my sovereign, my father has been your enemy, and as such deserves to die, but I have served you faithfully, and deserve some reward; as the price of my services save the life of my father, and leave me to die in his place!" Augustus, touched with the piety of the young Metellus, pardoned his father, and took both into his fa


2. When Cyrus, king of Persia, took possession of Sardis, the capital of Lydia, his victorious soldiers proceeded through the town in search of pillage, as the reward of their toils. Some of them entered the palace of Croesus for the purpose of seizing that monarch. They found him, not knowing that it was he, and were about to put him to death: already one of the soldiers had raised his sword to strike him, when Atys, his son, who had been dumb from his birth, made

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