Speech of Mr. Bartlett at a Meeting of Citizens Opposed to the Re-election of Andrew Jackson, : Holden at Portsmouth, N.H., Oct. 15, 1832

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Miller & Brewster, 1832 - 23 страници

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Страница 6 - That from and after the 31st day of December, 1832, there shall be allowed and paid to each of the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana, over and above what each of the said States is entitled to by the terms of the compacts entered into between them respectively upon their admission into the Union and the United States, the sum of twelve and a half per centum upon the net amount of the sales of the public lands...
Страница 5 - An act to appropriate for a limited time the proceeds of the sales of the public lands of the United States and for granting lands to certain States.
Страница 6 - Iowa, and Florida, according to their respective federal representative population as ascertained by the last census, to be applied by the Legislatures of the said States to such purposes as the said Legislatures may direct : Provided, That the distributive share to which the District of Columbia shall be entitled, shall be applied to free schools, or education in some other form...
Страница 11 - ... and its solicitation. Such is this message. It remains, now, for the people of the United States to choose between the principles here avowed and their government. These cannot subsist together. The one or the other must be rejected. If the sentiments of the message shall receive general approbation, the constitution will have perished even earlier than the moment which its enemies originally allowed for the termination of its existence. It will not have survived to its fiftieth year.
Страница 1 - The king, after a short pause, made this memorable answer: 'I was born a prince ; I am become a king : and I will not use the power I possess to the ruin of my trade — I was born to command — and the people born to obey'.
Страница 6 - States, respectively, shall be in no wise affected or diminished on account of any sums which have been heretofore, or shall be hereafter, applied to the construction or continuance of the Cumberland road, but that the disbursements for the said road shall remain, as heretofore, chargeable on the two per centum fund provided for by compacts with several of the said States.
Страница 6 - ... under the direction of their respective Legislatures; provided, that said dividend and distribution, or the proportion of any State therein, shall be in nowise affected or diminished, on account of any sums which have been heretofore, or shall be hereafter, applied to the construction...
Страница 7 - But if this change in the Constitution should not be obtained, and important appointments continue to devolve upon the representatives in Congress, it requires no depth of thought to be convinced that corruption will become the order of the day, and that under the garb of conscientious sacrifices to establish precedents for the public good, evils of serious importance to the freedom and prosperity of the republic may arise.