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ALPHABETIcAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTcIEs, announced between the 20th of January and the 20th of February, 1821, extracted from the London Gazette.

Abbot, W. Bermondsey New-road, cordwainer. Baverstock, J. H. Alton, Hampshire, brewer.

Almond, W. jun. Calstock, Cornwall, brewer. Beevers, W. East Ardsley, Yorkshire, farmer.
Archer, A. Great Chapel-street, Soho, baker, Benham, T. B. Poole, builder.
Aust, J. Gloucester, victualler. - - B , M. Newsome Cross, Yorkshire, clothier.
Barker, E. Exeter, druggist. - Berthond, H. Soho-square, bookseller.
Bailey, B. Merton, Surrey, calico-printer, Birks, W. Charnes, Staffordshire, cheese-factor.

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Blogg, G. *:::::::: jeweller.
#. C. Garth, Westmorland, butcher.
Booth, J.sen. Bromley Park, Staffordshire, farmer.
Bartram, J. o linen-draper.
Boreham, J. Havershill, Suffolk, brewer.
Bowkett, T. Eastham, Worcestershire, and Charles
Bowkett, Eye, Herefordshire, farmers.
Browne, J. £o. woollen-cloth merchant.
Burall, J. Swansea, cabinet-maker.-
Bushell, E. sen. Bath cabinet-maker.
Butcher, P. North-street, City-road, horse-dealer.
Card, T. A. W. Borough-market, tripe-dresser.
Cattermoite, J. Farmlingham, merchant.
Castle, J. Banwell, Somersetshire, victualler.
Chester, C. Liverpool, auctioneer.
Clay, R. Stamford, scrivener.
§, J. Bath, shoemaker.
Collier, W. Wellington, ironmonger.
Cooper, W. Nottingham, grocer.
Clark, G. Blackburn, grocer.
Coward, J. J. Exeter, spirit-merchant.
Crowe, E. Wymondham, Norfolk, shopkeeper.
Crowther, J. Liverpool, merchant.
Davis, J. Hereford, cabinet-maker.
Delapyrine, A. and G. and C. Helton, Charley,
Dews, J. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, clothier.
Dinley, F. Pershore, money-scrivener.
Dove, T. Malden, linen-draper.
Durham, W. Oxnead, Norfolk, paper-maker.
Edwards, M. Rochester, woollen-draper.
Ewing, J. Liv l, merchant.
Eudicott, J. F. Exeter, builder.
Freday, L. Sedgley, Warwickshire, iron-master.
Fisher, F. eware-road, nurseryman.
Fisher, J. Milby, Yorkshire, raff-merchant.
Foster, J. Sheffield, ironmonger.
Fraser, A. Norfolk-street, Mary-la-bone, Uphols-


Friend, H. Southwark, engineer.
Frost, T. Little Titchfield-Place, coach-maker.
Fuller. H. Bethnal Green-road, surgeon.
Gill, J. M. Plymouth Dock, linen-draper.
Godfrey, S. Market Weighton, innkeeper.
Gouch. J. Bath, painter.
Green, R. Selby, Yorkshire, banker.
Grove, P. Cardiff, straw-hat manufacturer.
Harris, G. Worship-street, coach proprietor.
Hebdin, W. Leeds, stuff-merchant.
Hodges, W. Newington, straw-hat manufacturer.
Howton, R. St Andrew, Worcestershire, victualler.
Howard, H. and J. Gibbs, Cork-street, Burlington

Gardens, scriveners.
Hughes, W. Bolton, scrivener.
Ivens, M. Shuckburgh. Warwickshire, grazier.
Ivens, R. Byfield, Flecknoe, Warwickshire, tanner
Jarrett, T. Shrewsbury, victualler.
Johnson, T. jun. Wakefield, merchant.
Keep, J. Grainsby, Nottinghamshire, farmer.
Kempster, T. Bouverie-street, carpenter.
Kerkman, J. Great Bolton, cotton-manufacturer.
Knight, R. Gray's Inn-lane, livery-stable-keeper.
Lamb, J. Newington Causeway, glazier.

horne, W. C. St Mary Axe, merchant.

s, T. Gerard, Cheshire, cotton-spinner.
Leigh, P. Stockport, cotton-spinner.
Levi, S. Rosemary-lane, sl ller.
Lockey, C. Ivy-lane, corn ldler.
Lorne, J. Coventry, builder.
Mantle, T. Dover, cabinet-maker.

ALPHABETIcAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTcIrs, announced between the 1st and 28th February 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Marsh, J. Gracechurch-street, hosier.
Massey, E. Eccleston, watch-maker.
Maughan, H. Rochester, jo.
Moţ. W. Compton Greenfield, Gloucestershire.
utcher. * .
Morris, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant.
Moth, G. Portsea, vintner.
Mitchell, J. sen. Herts, dealer.
Nash, J. Bath, fishmonger.
Nelson, R. Neckinger, Bermondsey, fellmonger.
Newmarch, C. Cheltenham, stone-merchant.
Nobles, R. A. Swindon, Wilts, plumber.
Norton, L. New Union-street, stage-coach master.
Owen, J. Madeley, dealer in coals.
Parsons, J. Long Acre, coach lace manufacturer.
Pennell, P. Whitborne, Herefordshire, farmer.
Pethurst, J. Cranbrook, draper.

Philpots, R. Banbury, dra

r. Phillips, C. and W. Hooseley, Shropshire, iron-masters. Pitts, J. Hereford, timber-dealer. Poole, A. Haydon-square, merchant. Priddy, J. Oxford-street, wine-merchant. #; T. C. B. Birchin-lane, saddler. Pullinger, J. Itchingswell, Southampton, tanner. Purkis, W. Portsmouth, ão. Reid, Wm. jun. Newcastle-place, Clerkenwell, watch-maker. Reeve, B. § Norfolk, dealer. Richards, J. Deritend, Warwickshire, brewer. Richardson,T. Iron|Acton, Gloucestershire, tanner Ridout, J. P. Bridport, linen-draper. Roo. W. H. Aldbury, Surry, paper-manufacrer Rosson, R. Manchester. Ruspini, J. B. Pall Mall, medicine vender. Russell, T. Brighton, builder. Rutt, J. Red Cow-lane, Hammersmith, marketgardener. Sager, W. Chaddeston, Lancashire, merchant. Sager, E. jun. Chaddeston, Lancashire, merchant. Saunders, J. Duke-street, St James's, surgeon. Shakespear, J. Fillmagley, Warwickshire, draper. Shipden, R. Hythe, grocer. §: J. Croydon, coal-merchant. Sidwell, R. Bath, shoemaker. Skey, R. S. Stratford upon-Avon, carter. Smithies, J. Huddersfield, victualler. Stead, R. Huddersfield, corn-dealer. jo. Crewkerne, Somersetshire, linen-draper hurtell, J. and J. Giddens, Norwich, bombazine manufacturers. Timbrell, A. Old South Sea House, merchant. Tono G. W. B. East India Chambers, mer

Wor *go. .#
Ipond, T. ewcastie upon e, grocer.
Walpole, T. White Lion-street, §.. Fields,
Watts, T. Combe Martin, Devonshire, dealer.
Wilburn, W. F. North Shields, hardware-man.
Wildman, J. Whitechapel-road, plumber.
Williams, W. and A. ite, New Bond-street,
hatters. - - -
Wilkinson, J. and W. Blackburn, cotton manu-
Wise, J. Wellingborough, Northamptonshire,
Wotton, T. Bristol, leather-factor.
Young, J. Bristol, woollen-draper.

Campbell, J. merchant, Glasgow.
Crichton, P. corn-merchant and broker, Dundee.
Green, E. merchant, Montrose.
Johnston and Wight, merchants, Leith.
Kid, D, fish-curer, Leith.
M“Call, J. and Co. masons and builderstin Ayr.
M“Farlane, D. cattle-dealer, Inveresragan.
Ross, W. merchant, Inverness.
Russell, A. auctioneer and builder, Glasgow,
Turner, S. auctioneer and dealer, or merchant,



*::::: i. plasterer, Edinburgh; a dividend 17th


Brown, M. and Co. manufacturers, Glasgow; a
final dividend 1st March.
Cramond, D. miller and meal-monger, at Letham
Mill; a final dividend 15th-Ma
Forrester and Buchanam, wood-merchants, Glas-
gow; a dividend 6th March.
M*Symon, J. so baker and grain-dealer, Dum-
barton; a dividend 16th March.
Rhind, J. merchant, Leith; a dividend 23d March.
Robertson, W. merchant, Inverness; a dividend
1st March.
Vallence, H. and Co. timber-merchants, Paisley;
a dividend 17th March.

METEonological TABLE, ertracted from the Regis
Observatory, Calton-hill.

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ter kept at Edinburgh, in the

N.B.-The observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after

noon.—The second Observation in the

afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register

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R. Art.

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vice Beresford,
- 1 Feb.
Gent. Cadet, C. Ogle, from R. Mil. Coll.
Ens. vice Vivan, prom. 4 Jan.
Ensign Schoof, Lieut. vice Robertson,
dead, 17 Apr. 1820
Gent. Cadet, W. H. Adams, from R.
Mil. Coll. Ens. vice Chambers, pro.
* 1 Feb. 1821
Ens. Cameron, Lieut. by purch. vice
M*Arthur, 19 F. 8 do.
W. Stewart, Ensign, do do.
C. Carroll, Ensign, vice Cumberl •
Comp. Serv. 1 do.
T. G. Mathison, Ens. by purch. vice
FitzRoy, 3 F. G. 11 Jan.
Lieut. Cooper, Capt. do. vice
Darby, ret. 10 May, 1820
Ens. Vincent, Lieut. do. do
M. C. Pitman, Ens. do. 1 Feb. 1821
Lieut. Carmichael Adjut. vice Howard,
dead, 12 May, 1820
Ens. Robinson, Lieut. vice Lecky, dead,
24 April
A. Pilford, Ensign, vice Jahns, dead,
1 Apr. 1819
vice Broom, prom.
4 Nov.
P. Hennessy, Ensign, vice Robinson,
24th Apr. 1820
Gent. Cadet W. Warrington, from R.
Mil. College, Ensign, vice Gilchrist, 1
Wet. Bn. 8 Feb. 1821
Staff As. Surg. Dempster, Assist. Surg.
vice Knox, cancelled, 25 Jan.
Capt. Hamilton, from 17 F. Capt. vice
Adams, h. p. 21 F. rec. diff. 18 do.
J. Rayson, Ensign, vice Tyndall, E. I.
Comp. Serv. - 1 Feb.
Gent. Cadet Hon. J. Stuart, from R.
Mil. Coll. Ensign by purchase, vice
Campbell, 46 F. 11 Jan.
Lord W. Paulet, Ensign by purch. vice
Lord C. Paulet, ret. 1 Feb.
J. Currie, Ensign, veie Thursby, dead,
1 Oct. 1817
vice Fraser,
dead, i Feb. 1821
Lieut. Pritchard, from h.p. Corps of .
Wagg., on Continent, Lt. vice Wood,
cancelled, 25 Jan.
Harrison, from h.p. 22 Dr. Lieut.
vice M*Lelland, cancelled, 1 Feb.

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Ordnance Department.
1st Lieut. Steele, 2d. Capt. 11 Dec. 1820

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Medical Department.
'As. Surg. Davy, from h.p. As. Surg.
to the Forces - 25 Dec. 1830

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Hosp. As. Millar, vice
Dempster, 72 f. 25 Jan. 1821
-— J. Millar, ditto - vice
Burton, dead 8th Feb.

J. Wilson, Hosp. As, to the Forces,

- 14 Dec. 1820
R. Dyce, ditto vice J. Millar,

8 Feb. 1821

Major General Auriol, at Exmouth, 27 Jan. 1821
Colonel Wade, late of Rifle Brig. -
- Robertson, late Insp. Field Off.
Lieut. Colonel Gledstanes, h. p. 5 W. I. R. at Tri-
- - De Wissel, h, p, late Ger. Leg.
Major Harrison, late of 60 F.
Capt. Hobart, 17 F.
Roberts Roy. Eng. at Barbadoes, 17 Nov. 20
Lieut. Ruffe, 2 Br. G. -
Hon. R. H. S. Cotton, h. p. 25 Dr.
Griffiths, Coldst. Gds.
- Chambers, 89 F. Cape of Good Hope,

- 2 June, 20

— Millar, Fort Major at J 3 Feb. 21
Tayler, Indep. Comp. Inval. at Bristol,

5 Dec. 20
Strong, h. p. 16 Dr.

25 Nov. 20
Palmer, h.p. 63 F. at Barbadoes 1 Dec. 20
2d Lt. and Ens. Waller, 21 F. at Tobago 4 Nov. 20
Vyvyan, 74 F.
Erskine, h.p. 14 F. , 21 Nov. 19
- Strange, h. p. 8 W. I. R. at Lam-
beth 2 Sept. 20

derry 12 Jan. 21
- Willis, ret. 3 Wet. Bn, 26 Dec. 20
Quarter-Master Kelly, h. p. 31 Dr. 9 Feb. 21
Staff Assistant Surg. Burton,
Hospital Assistant Caverhill, at Barbadoes,
9 Dec. 20

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