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PHENALGIN-A DEPENDABLE ANALGESIC. PLUTO WATER IN TREATMENT OF The general medical practitioners of the coun

DYSPEPSIA. try are using Phenalgin more extensively than Pluto Water has always proven satisfactory ever before. The reason for this is easily found in the treatment of the various forms of dysin the exceptional efficiency of this well known pepsia, chronic intestinal stasis and obstinate remedy as a prompt and harmless reliever of gastro-intestinal disturbances, for they promptpain. Unquestionably one of the noblest missions ly respond to a therapeutic regimen which inof the physician is to alleviate physical suffer- cludes the daily use of this native mineral wa

ing, even though he cannot always eliminate it. ter. The evidence of a large number of physi: A short time ago, recourse to opium and some cians conclusively proves that it is well tolerat· of its derivatives was the only reliable means ed by the stomach, causes no griping or intes

of satisfactory analgesia. One does not need to tinal irritation, is uniformly dependable in ac: mention the fearful results that all too often tion and gratifying in results. Samples, clinical

followed the exhibition of this insidious drug. data, analysis and literature interestingly descripAs appreciation of the effectiveness of Phenalgin tive of the hygienic methods employed in bot

has extended, the use of opium and its prepara- tling Pluto, will be promptly forwarded on ap* tions for the relief of pain has materially di- plication to The French Lick Springs Hotel Co.,

minished, and now the hypodermic syringe is French Lick, Indiana.


VASO-MOTOR DERANGEMENTS. The part played by the vaso-motor system in countless diseases is at last thoroughly recognized. As a consequence, circulatory disorders are among the most common functional ailments that the modern physician is called upon to correct. Various heart tonics and stimulants are usually employed, but the effect of these is rarely more than temporary. To re-establish a circulatory equilibrium that offers real and substantial relief from the distressing symptoms that call most insistently for treatment requires a systematic building up of the whole body. Experience has shown that no remedy at the command of the profession is more serviceable in this direction than Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp.

For nearly 20 years this standard tonic has filled an important place in the armamentarium of the country's leading physicians. Its therapeutic efficiency in restoring systemic vitality and thus overcoming functional disorders of the vaso-motor or circulatory system is not the least of the qualities that account for its widespread use. The results, however, that can be accomplished in many cases of cardiac weakness have led many physicians to employ it almost as a routine remedy at the first sign of an embarrassed or flagging circulation.

rarely employed except in extreme or emergency cases.

Surely this is a triumph for modern therapeutics, and those responsible for Phenalgin take no little pride in the part they have played in helping to free humanity from the thraldom of opium. It is a significant fact that, in spite of the enormous use of Phenalgin during the past eighteen years, there is not a single authenticated case of serious ill effects from this remedy, when employed remedially. As a matter of fact, there are few remedies of established potency that are so notably free from deleterious action.

All in all, Phenalgin is one of the most valuable additions to the modern armamentarium. It is skillfully and carefully manufactured, and the physician can bank on its constant and unvarying uniformity. Its remedial value every practitioner can easily prove to his entire satisfaction, and it is no idle statement that the manufacturers of Phenalgin ask its therapeutic preferment on no other basis than its demonstrable uniformity, safety and pain-relieving power.

Oil of chenopodium is said to be the most effective agent for the destruction of hookworm. Dose, 15 minims on a lump of sugar. Repeat in two hours and follow with castor oil.

Fine opportunity for a Doctor at Onida,
South Dakota. Address Box 3 , Pierre, S. D.

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: much more favorable in those cases in which the have used the culture in nearly one hundred cases small intestine is involved.

of diphtheria-carriers, most of whom were referred In the adult, the absorption of toxic products to me because of the persistence of diphtheria from the intestinal detritus results in a peculiarly bacilli and the maintenance of quarantine. vicious train of symptoms, most of which have re In these cases, the liquid culture, full strength, peatedly been set down in the many articles that is sprayed into the nose and throat every four have appeared upon this subject. I find, however, hours. No other treatment is used. Originally I that most of these cases that are markedly bene- sprayed only the throat, but there were frequent fited by bacillus bulgaricus medication show, first, relapses, owing to reinfection from the nose. It insomnia. Whether or not this is owing directly is very essential, therefore, that the nose as well to the fact that absorption of toxins is greater at as the throat be thoroughly sprayed. This treatnight than in the daytime, I do not know; still, ment has cured, in my hands, from fifty to sixty it is a definitely established fact that the majority per cent of cases of ozena, some cases, however, of these patients show more indican in the night requiring as much as six months before they urine than in that of the day; while very frequent- yielded. In some cases, I was unable to obtain ly indican will be present in the first urine voided lasting results, although this treatment gives rein the morning, but not found at all in that voided lief from the subjective as well as the objective in the course of the day.

symptoms as long as it is persisted in. Many of these patients suffer from alternating Superficial inflammation of the tonsils and constipation and diarrhea, and it will be noted pharynx, especially after the acute stage has that during the period of constipation there is passed, virtually always is markedly benefited by more or less periodical rumbling of gas, which this spray treatment. The use of antisepsis upon usually is sufficiently marked to be noticed by the the mucous membrane of the throat results only in patient. These patients, as a rule, do not masti- a very superficial inhibitory action, and usually is cate their food, usually are heavy meat eaters (and only sufficient to prevent the multiplication of I believe fresh pastry has an equal value as a those bacteria in which intimate contact is obcausative factor with meat), and many of them tainable. They are not capable of destroying the are inclined to the use of malt liquors.

bacteria unless used in concentrated form, and In treating these individuals, the initial cathar- then they tend to produce coagulation of the exutic always is essential, while the treatment itself date, with the result that their action is limited to may consist either in the exhibition of bacillus bul- the surface only. The bacillus-bulgaricus bouilgaricus bouillon (which may be given after break- lon, however, does not produce coagulation; it is fast, alone, because of the usually high starchy the introduction of a living germ, inimical to other content of this meal) or after each meal; or, in organisms, upon a surface where conditions are the exhibition of tablets, from which equally good favorable for its development which makes it valresults are obtainable. These I give, as a matter uable; and to my mind, this is the rational treatof routine, three times a day, generally ordering ment of such affections. from four to six at a dose.

In the treatment of furunculosis, I formerly The diet should be regulated, and especially used 70 per cent alcohol as a wet dressing, with should meat and fresh bread be interdicted. If considerable success. Now, however, I use bacillusthe patient is addicted to the use of beer and other bulgaricus bouillon, and wherever drainage is inmalt-liquors, these should always be prohibited. stituted in any of these cases the drain is saturatIn my experience so far, light wines are not con- ed with this culture. So far as I am able to detraindicated. If the patient be suffering from the termine from clinical experience, the results in socalled bacillary diarrhea, due to the Shiga bacil- many cases are such that this method appears to lus or some correlated organism, I prefer the ba- be preferable to the alcohol dressing after the cillus bulgaricus buttermilk, and let that be the abscess has been opened. sole diet of the patient for some time. For the average individual, however, this is not sufficiently

FOR SALE — 50 Shares American nourishing, and many soon tire of the buttermilk; so that either the liquid culture or the tablets are

Druggists' Syndicate $13.00 a share usually preferable.

We buy and sell all kinds of stocks Aside from the use of the bacillus bulgaricus in intestinal derangement, both in infants and

| c. S. MATHER & SONS, 17 N. La Salle St., CHICAGO adults, a large measure of success is obtainable from the use of the bouillon-culture in various Fine opportunity for a Doctor at Onida, affections of the exposed mucous membranes. I South Dakota. Address Box 36, Pierre, S. D.

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Entered as Second Class Matter, Febʼy 27, 1887, at the Post Office at Chicago, Ill., under act of March 3, 1879.

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