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tude, 72

Welch, Mr. Saunders, 320, 438

Williams, Mr. Zachariah, his theories of longi-
Welwyn, Johnson visits, 419
Wentworth, Mf., Stourbridge School, 5

Mrs. Anna, 53, 104, 150, 165

death of, 452
Wesley, John, 324, 343, 370
Wesley's ghost story, 343.

Wilson, Mr., Florence, 319
Wetherell, Rev. Dr., Oxford, 242, 247

Rev. Mr., dedicates his Archæological
Wheeler, Rev. Dr., Oxford, 363, 383

Dictionary to Johnson, 432
Whigs and Tories, 351, 419, 469

Windham, Mr., Norfolk, 442, 487, 490
Whitehead, Paul, 25

Wine drinking, remarks on, 267, 328, 345, 351
White, Rev. Mr., letter to, 182

Wise, Mr., of Ellesfield, Radclivian Librarian, 64
Whitefield's pulpit oratory, 145, 375

Woffington, Peg, actress, 333,
“Whole Duty of Man," authorship of, 190 Women in various stations, relative virtue of. 359
Wilkes and the Attorney-General, 278

Woodhouse, the poetical cobbler, 158
John, active in suppressing the Gordon

Riots, 381
John, Esq., meeting between Johnson Young, Dr., Johnson's Life of, partly written by
and, 274

Herbert Croft, 402
Will and codicil of Johnson, 503

Young's “Night Thoughts,” 149, 403

George Routledge & Sons,


SHAKSPEARE, Routledge's Illustrated Shakespeare. Edited by How

ARD STAUNTON. With 828 Illustrations by Sir JOHN GILBERT, and a Steel Portrait. 3 vols., super-royal, cloth, £2 16s.

“The pen, the pencil, and the printer have striveh together in honourable rivalry, combining clearness of text, elegance of illustration, and beauty of type. The result is worthy of the labour, and we can say with a safe conscience to all who wish to receive or present the bard in a becoining dress, buy ‘Routledge's Picture Shakspeare.'The Times.

“One of the most important additions to the mass of Shaksperian literature which has appeared for many years.”—The Critic.

This fine Book is also now being issued in 38 Monthly Shilling Parts. The Works of Shakespeare. Edited by HOWARD

STAUNTON, with Notes, Glossary, and Life. A beautiful Library
Edition, in lar type. 6 vols., demy Svo, Roxburghe binding,

£i iis. 6d. ; cloth, £ 1 10s. Shakspeare's Works. Edited by THOMAS CAMPBELL.

With Life, Portrait, and Vignette, and 16 page Illustrations by Sir

JOHN GILBERT. Bound in cloth, ios. 6d. The Blackfriars Shakspere. Edited by CHARLES

KNIGHT. Post Svo., cloth, 3s. 6d. ; cloth extra, 5s. Charles Knight's Shakspere. Complete, with the

Poems, 768 pages, with Illustrations, cloth, extra gilt, 35. 6d. Shakspeare's Dramatic Works. A New Edition, with

Notes and Life. Printed in a new Type from the text of JOHNSON,
STEVENS, and Reed. Edited by W. HAZLITT. 5 vols., fcap. 8vo,

cloth gilt, 18s. The Book of Shakspeare Gems. A Series of Land

scape Illustrations to the most Interesting Localities in Shakspeare's

Plays. In 45 Steel Plates. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, price 12s. ol. Studies of Shakspere. Forming a Companion Vol

ume to every Edition of his Text. By CHARLES KNIGHT. Demy

8vo, cloth, 6s. *.* Will be found of eminent service by persons studying Shakspeare por

the Annual Examinations. Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare. With Illustrations by

SIR JOHN GILBERT, printed in Colours. Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt, 35. 6d. ; without Illustrations, 2s, 6d.

With BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS, &c. These Volumes are beautifully printed on fine paper, with Steel Portrait

and Vignette, and are each, with one exception, complete in ONE VOLUME,

THE OLD DRAMATISTS. Shakspeare. With Remarks on his Life and Writings

by THOMAS CAMPBELL ; and Portrait, Vignette, Illustrations, and

Index. In One Vol., Svo, price 1os. 6d. cloth. IVycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar. With

Biographical and Critical Notices by Leigh Hunt; and Portrait

and Vignette. In One Vol., 8vo, price 16s. cloth. Massinger and Ford. With an Introduction by HART

LEY COLERIDGE ; and Portrait and Vignette. In One Vol., price

16s. cloth. Ben Jonson. With a Memoir by WILLIAM GIFFORD ;

and Portrait and Vignette. In One Vol., 8vo, 16s. cloth. Beaumont and Fletcher. With Introduction by GEORGE

DARLEY ; and Portrait and Vignettes. In Two Vols., Svo, price

£i 125. cloth. John Webster. With Life and Notes by the Rev.

ALEXANDER Dyce. In One Vol., 8vo, price 125. cloth. Marlowe. With a Memoir and Notes by the Rev.

ALEXANDER DYce; and Portrait and Vignette. In One Vol.,

Svo, price 12s. cloth. Peele and Greene's Dramatic Works. Edited by the

Rov. ALEXANDER DYCE. In One Vol., Svo, price 16s. cloth.

THE OLD POETS. Spenser. With selected Notes, Life by the Rev. H.

J. TODD, M. A. ; Portrait, Vignette, and Glossary Index. In One

Vol., price 1os. 6d. cloth. Chaucer. With Notes and Glossary by TYRWHITT;

and Portrait and Vignette. In One Vol., price ios. 6d. cloth. Dryden. With Notes by the Revs. JOSEPH and JOHN

WARTON; and Portrait and Vignette. In One Vol., price 1os. 6d. cloth.

Pope. Including the Translations. With Notes and

Life by Rev. H. F. CARY, A.M. ; and Portrait and Vignette. In
One Vol., price ros. 6d. cloth.



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