Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams, late president of the United States, and the late Wm. Cunningham, Esq: beginning in 1803, and ending in 1812

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E.M. Cunningham, 1823 - 219 страници

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Страница 148 - Talents, which are before the public, have nothing to dread, either from the jealous pride of power, or from the transient misrepresentations of party, spleen, or envy. In spite of opposition from any cause, their buoyant spirit will lift them to their proper grade.
Страница 55 - ... opposite. Under the simple appearance of a bald head and straight hair, and under professions of profound .Republicanism, he conceals an ardent ambition, envious of every superior, and impatient of obscurity.
Страница ii - District Clerk's Office. BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the seventh day of May, AD 1828, in the fifty-second year of the Independence of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SG Goodrich, of the said District, has deposited in this office the...
Страница 38 - I give it as my decided opinion, that Mr. Adams is the most valuable public character we have abroad ; and that there remains no doubt in my mind, that he will prove himself to be the ablest of all our diplomatic corps. If he was now to be brought into that line, or into any other public walk, I could not, upon the principle which has regulated my own conduct, disapprove of the caution which is hinted at in the letter. But he is already entered ; the public, more and more, as he is known, are appreciating...
Страница 38 - Adams because he is your son. For without intending to compliment the father or the mother, or to censure any others, I give it as my decided opinion, that Mr. Adams is the most valuable public character we have abroad, and that there remains no doubt in my mind that he will prove himself to be the ablest of our diplomatic corps.
Страница 50 - He is, for anything I know, a good son, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and cousin. But he is a man in a mask, sometimes of silk, sometimes of iron, and sometimes of brass, and he can change them very suddenly and with % some dexterity.
Страница 93 - If ever a historian should arise fit for the investigation, this transaction must be transmitted to posterity as the most glorious period in American history, and as the most disinterested, prudent, and successful conduct in my whole life. For I was obliged to give peace and unexampled prosperity to my country for eight years, (and if it is not for a longer duration, it is not my fault,) against the advice, entreaties, and intrigues of all my ministers, and all the leading federalists in both houses...
Страница 29 - best" magazines freely open their columns to Mr. Nicholson's and Mr. White's opinions; the "best" people, as we are led to suppose, delight in these opinions. At every adverse comment on our civilization the cry still goes up : But there is so much to be said on the other side! And no one questions this; what one asserts, and asserts, and asserts again, is that there is so much to be said on this side. If it were not for these vipers who have risen among us, we should all find ourselves intellectually...
Страница 199 - This compliment, if applied to human nature, or to mankind, or to any nation or people in being or in memory, is more than has been merited. If it should be admitted that a people will not unanimously agree to oppress themselves, it is as much as is ever, and more than is always, true.
Страница 97 - I will never send another minister to France, without assurances that he will be received, respected, and honoured as the representative of a great, free, powerful, and independent nation.