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er THE following LETTER, whereix I have Yigiven Directions for Studying a general

System on Body of Divinity, was written

1) in the Team 1 1705) at the Request of 4 -young Gentleman, vombom, as the Beginning Shews, I had made a Promise of its - Whild it lay by me, I beftaw'd fome leisure Hours in correcting it; and at length. I have determind to make it Public. Because I conceive, that something of this Nature is much wanted; and I have been encoaraged to hope, that this imperfect Attempo will be Serviceable, 'till a more - exact performance Noall render it Useless.

The Texts relating to the Daty of the Clergy, which were barely named in the Original LETTEŘ, I have printed at large. By this Means, without the Trouble of turning over his Bible, the Reader will be furnishid with proper Matter for serious Reflections on Days of Retirement. *I have

fubjoined such Directions for Studying the Thirty nine Articles of Religion, as will, if I mistake not, set them in a different Light, and give a more distinct and particular View of them, than may be found elsewhere. "Such as have Opportunity, may compare (if they please ) what others have written on them. A 2


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I have-been forc'd to-add- St. Jerom's Epiftle-to Nepotianus; because 'tis not to be met with, that I remember, otherwise than amongst his Works, or in Some Collection of his Epistles, which all Persons can's command the Use of

The Nature of my Delign confin'd me to a very few Books ; such as might plentifully instruct, and yet not discourage or qverkur den, young Beginners. 'Twas therefore impossible for me to mention many excellent ones, which every Body eftems, and for which none has ajuster Value than my felf. This made my Choice difficult. I hope, it has not proved in many Instances unhappy. The whole Number of them may be bought for about Twelve Pounds, as will appear to those who confoder the Catalogue.ch

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Jan. 16. 17**



Hereas in the following Papers I have made

fome References to the Second Part of the Rights of the Clergy, which is now printing, but have omitted the Numbers of the Chapters, because I have already found it necessary to alter the Division of them during the Working of the Press : I do hereby promise, that when that Book is printed off, which shall be as fast as my Circumstances will suffer me to attend the doing of it, I will give such a Table at the End of it, as shall direct che Reader how to make the Figures of Reference with his Pen, without prejudicing his Copy of this Book.


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\HE Occasion of this Letter,

Page 1 Books relating to the Duty of the Clergy. 2 The Student's previous Self-Examination.

3 Some things presupposed in the Student. Different Methods of studying Divinity have been prescribed.

ibid. A Compendium or System generally esteemed neces Jary.

S Seven things premised relating to the Method prefçribed by the Author,

ibid, First, An Inconvenience attends the sacking together the Writings of different Persons.

ibid. Secondly, Some Repetitions are unavoidable in this

Method. Thirdly,The Author sametimes differs in bis Judgment

from the Persons whose Books he recommends. ibid, Fourthly, All the Texts that are alleg’d, must be exaa mined in the Original.

7 Fifthly, The Student must not read too fast.


. Sixthly, The Student must recollect and digeft what i he reads upon any Branch of Divinity. 8 Seventhly, He must join Devotion with Study. ibid. Of the Being and Attributes of God, and of Natu, ral Religion.

9 Of the Truth of. Christianity. First,With respect to the Hypothesis of the Deifts.ibid.



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That the Books of the New Testament were written by

those Persons whose Names they bear, Page 10
That the matters of Fact related in the New Testa-

ment are true,

That our Savior and his Apostles were Teachers sent

from, and inspirod by, Almighty God.

Of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, ibid.

Of the Caron and Integrity of the Scriptures


Of the Objections of the Deists.


Secondly, with respect to the Hypothesis of the



That our Savior and his Apostles were Teachers fent

from, and inspir'd by, Almighty God. ibid,

That our Savior is the Meffiab promised in the Old


Thirdly, With respect ta'tke Hypothesis of the Ma-


Fourthly, With respect to the Hypothesis of the



Of Faith.


Of the Trinity.


Of the Incarnation.


OfChrist's Satisfaction forSin,Original and Actual.16

Of the Descent into Hell.

Of Christ's Ascension, Sitting at the right Hand
of God, and his Coming to Judgment.


Of our own Resurrection, and the Eternity of Rewards

and Punishments.


Of Predestination, Free Will, Grace, universal Re-
demption, Perseverance, &c.


Of the Nature, Vnity and Communion of the Catholic



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