Economics and Jurisprudence, Том 2

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American economic association, 1897 - 48 страници

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Страница 163 - Each stockholder of a corporation, or joint-stock association, shall be individually and personally liable for such proportion of all its debts and liabilities contracted or incurred, during the time he was a stockholder, as the amount of stock or shares owned by him bears to the whole of the subscribed capital stock, or shares of the corporation or association.
Страница 194 - English Local Government of To-day. A Study of the Relations of Central and Local Government.
Страница 126 - All property in the State except as otherwise in this Constitution provided, not exempt under the laws of the United States, shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as provided by law...
Страница 453 - Without exaggeration it may be called the most considerable and gratifying tribute that has yet been bestowed upon us by an Englishman, and perhaps by even England herself. . . . One despairs in an attempt to give, in a single newspaper article, an adequate account of a work so infused with knowledge and sparkling with suggestion. . . . Every thoughtful American will read it and will long hold in grateful remembrance its author's name.
Страница 257 - An Analysis of the Phenomena of Association and of Social Organization. By FRANKLIN HENRY GIDDINGS, MA, Professor of Sociology in Columbia University. Cloth.
Страница 3 - Each honorary member shall be entitled to receive all reports and publications of the Association. ARTICLE V. OFFICERS. The officers of the society shall consist of a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Publication Committee, and a Council.
Страница 110 - Speculation on the Stock and Produce Exchanges of the United States. By Henry Crosby Emery, Ph.
Страница 375 - The History of Tariff Administration in the United States, from Colonial Times to the McKinley Administrative Bill.
Страница 128 - That credits are not property, in the sense in which the word 'property' is used in the thirteenth section of the eleventh article of the...
Страница 190 - value " and " full cash value " mean the amount at which the property would be taken in payment of a just debt due from a solvent debtor.