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instructions the court did think proper bounty of 51. and regulates the manto adjudge the sum of fifty pounds to ner of dividing the produce of prizes be stopped from his pay.


the captors. SUNDAY 4:

THURSDAY 8. About one o'clock in the morning The parliament, which stands adFrench privateer from Boulogne came journed to the 15th inftant, was furwithin a few yards of Dover pier, and ther prorogued to the 17th of August cut an English privateer away that lay next. at anchor there. She had only fix men

SATURDAY 10. on board, but the captain and fix men A large quantity of gold lately armore came juft in light soon enough rived at Falmouth from Lisbon, was to see her set sail.

brought to the Bank under a strong A small vessel, foreign built, much guard, which confirms the account like a Dutch pilot boat, with feven that Lisbon did not suffer fo much hands in her, appeared off Whitby, by the late earthquake as was at first and as soon as the reached the rock, imagined. In the afternoon fix wagthey began founding, and continued gons brought treasure to the Bank to take the depth of water till she from Portimouth, for the Jamaica came to the pier-head, and then re- merchants. tired unmolested.


A great personage at Kensington deThe Resolution arrived at Newcastle clared that he had received an account, from Greenland, with fix large whales, that there were 10,000 French troops 3 middling, and fix small ones. The embarking, with a design to invade like cargo, 'tis faid, never came to this kingdom. England before in one fhip.The Arrived in the river from Shetland, Greenland ships in general have been the Picton-Castle jagger, with pickled amazingly successful.

herrings. By the advice she brings, The Somerset, Capt. Geary; Med- the beginning of the fishery has been way, Capt. Dennis; and Newcastle, very successful, but an accident réCapt. Lloyd, failed from Spithead on tarded the arrival of the company's a private expedition.

jagger at Hamburgh, and gave the WEDNESDAY 7.

Dutch an opportunity of getting to A proclamation was issued by market firft. his majefty for the encouragement

MONDAY 12. of privateers, and for regulating The first battalion of each of the prizes, &c. by which it is declared, three regiments of foot guards have That the flag-officers, commanders, orders to march to Byfleet, near Coband other officers, seamen, marines, ham in Surry, to encamp. and soldiers, on board his majesty's Orders arrived at Portsmouth for thips, shall have the sole interest in, victualling the Severn, Capt. Gainbier, and property of every ship and cargo just arrived from Jamaica. 'Tis rewhich they shall take from and after ported, that the and some other thips the 17th of May 1756, during the in the Downs, are designed to intercontinuance of this war with France ; cept a convoy of Dutch ships with mibesides which, they, and privateers litary stores for Brest, which are dealso, are to be paid five pounds for termined not to be searched. every man alive on board any ship A trair of artillery, consisting of 55 taken, funk, burnt, or otherwise de- pieces of ordnance, several mortars, Atroyed, at the beginning of the en- and a great number of covered wag. gagement between them. The rest of gons, were drawn from the Tower for the proclamation lays down the me- the use of the camp at Byfleet. thod of proving their right to the faid All the officers in the guards re



ceicet orders to hold themselves in tity of naval stores have been destroyreadiness to march at a moment's

ed! warning.

SATURDAY 24. It has been said, that the motions Admiralty Office. By letters from of the French on the opposite coaft is Admiral Byng, dated June 23 at Gia feint to withdraw our attention from braltar, he gives an account of his arthe great Martinico feet daily expect- rival there on the igth, that he found ed from the West-Indies; but it may Capt. Broderick with five ship of the be remembered, that their preparations line, which arrived on the 15th, and againit Minorca were treated a feint had landed the regiments he had caralio to cover fome other design. ried out with him. The admiral says TUESDAY 13

he would lose no time to put to sea A large Dutch thip, laden with masts again, but adds, watering was tedious, and yards for Brest, was brought into and the ships which had received daPortfmouth by the Happy loop, Capt. mage in the late action would take Burnet.

some days in repairing (The Dutch complain of this as a Admiralty Office. Capt. Spry of the hardship, and the magistrates of Rot- Fougeaux, commander of a squadron terdam, by way of retaliation, have off Louisbourg, gives an account, that Jaid a tarequal to four guineas a week, on the 29th of May he took a French upon all Englith thips that load there, dogger, with provisions and itores for and even in a manner prohibit our that garrison : That on June 12, the fhips from taking in goods' there at all, Litchfield and Norwich, so gun fhips, except they ask it as a favour.] took the Arc-en-ceil, a French man of Capt. How in the Dunkirk, with 3

war of 50 guns, having 5i8 men, and frigates, took 'a small island in the allo a quantity of provisions and ftores neighbourhood of Guernsey, and made for the garrison: "That on the 18th the garrison of the fort that defended the Centurion and Success took the it prisoners. [About 100 men.} Amitie of 300 tons, having on board SATURDAY 17.

70 soldiers, 200 barrels of powder, The sessions ended at the Old Bailey, iwo very large brass mortars, a numwhen Wm. Hart, for deer stealing, ber of new carriages for 24 and 12 and John Girle, for the murder of pounders, and other warlike ftores for Thomas Roberts, received sentence of Louisbourg ; also a large schooner, death. Roberts and Girle were birds with provisions for St. John's Illand. catchers, and the deceased having fold

a linnet too cheap, Girle ran a stick Admiralty Office, July 27. His ma-
into his eye, which, after some months jesty's ship the Antelope, which failed
anguifh caused his death

from England the 16th of June laft,
At this fellions Dr. Wilkinson was with Sir Edward Havike, Lord Ty-
tried for celebrating clandestine mar- rawley, and Rear Admiral Saunders,
riages at the Savoy chapel, and found arrived at Gibraltar on the 3d of this

month, and Sir Edward Hawke took THURSDAY 22.

upon him the command of his majeWas observed a general fast through- fly's squadron there ; and on the gth, out Scotland, for deprecating the di- the Antelope failed from thence for vine vengeance, and for imploring a England, having Admiral Byng, Lieut. bielling upon his majelty and all his Gen. Fowke, and other oficers on people.

board, and arrived yesterday at Spit

head, where Admiral Byag was put Brussels. All the letters from France under arrest : Sir Edward intended to confirm the account of the fire at Sail with the squadron from Gibraltar Rochfort, by which an immense quan- the day after the Antelope left that


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place. It is remarkable, that the Lord Loudon, or some other general Antelope performed this voyage to From England we cannot learn. We and from Gibraltar in nearly the fame are well affured by fishermen, that a time, namely, in 18 days going and French fleet with soldiers on board, in coming back; that Commodore crossed the banks of Newfoundland Broderick run thither in 16 days with twenty days ago, bound for Canada; his squadron ; and thát Admiral Byng hence, as these troops may get ca was 28 days in running it.]

Crown-Point, and reinforce the forts SATURDAY 31.

before our army will go up there, you Portsmouth, July 29. Yesterday may judge the bad consequences of the Hon. Edw. Byng, Efq; arrived this delay. here much out of order, and went on The 44th, 48th, goth, and gift board the Antelope in the afternoon, tegiments of Great Britain, with three to pass the evening with his brother independent companies, and the Jersey Adm. Byng; and being of a tender provincials, are destined for the cama tonftitution from long illness, and o- paign on the great lake Ontario, and vercome by the fatigue of his journey, mostly marched for Oswego, thence to in which he had made great expedition, be carried over in 200 whale-boats, he was this morning seized with con- which are now at the lake, and were vulfions, and died about noon. built laft winter at Schenectady on AMERICAN News.

hawks river, and are long, round, and New-York. June 17. On the 7th light; for the batteaus being flatinstant arrived here after a long passage bottomed and small, would not answer of eight weeks, Col. Webb ; as did the navigation of the lake, where the alfo, on the 16th major-gen. Aber- waves were often very high : They are crombie, with all the transports, except to attack Fort Frontenac and the other one with two companies of the high- French forts on the lake. Upwards

of fand regiment on board, which having 2000 batteau men are employed to been seperated from the others about navigate the batteaus, each a tun burten days before, is not yet arrived. then, loaded with provisions and stores

from Albany, up the Mohawks river, Letter from Philadelphia, May 31. then through Oneyda lake and river

down to Oswego. There are 300 Ursuant to agreement fome months failors liired and gone up from New.

ago, the four governments of York to Ofwego, to navigate the four New-England, in conjunction with armed ships on the lake, built there New-York, (which saft furnished last year for the king's fervice, which 1,300) have now assembled 8,000 men, are about 150 tuns cach, and two for the attack of Crown-Point at Al- more are now building, smiths, care bany, 150 miles north of New York, pénters; and other artificers having and about 130' from Crown-Point, un: arrived there some weeks ago. The der General Winflow ; and as men troops already mentioned for this sera continually join them there will foon vice are about 3600 men besides offia be 9,000. As people were not so ea- cers. The two regiments which went ger to engage in this undertaking this from Ireland to Plymouth are not yet yeat as laft, an impress of part of the arrived here. militia was ordered in New-York and In this province 1500 men ate new Maffachuset's government; to prevent raised, and yet we act only on the dea which subscriptions were let on foot to fenfive, owing to party disputes, and engage volunteers by high bounties; our own inexperience"; 400 of them fome got gl. to 121. fterl. to enlift. are going to build a good fort at ShaWhether this army moves immediately, makin, up the Sufquehanna in the Allea of waits the long-delayed arrival of genny mountains, a noted pala, about VoL, XII. M


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June 6.

150 miles north-wett of this city, but fix quakers will refign their leats in the it is conducted in such a manner that assembly to-morrow. Some deputies few hope for success, though, (as the from the meeting in London are comIndians have left off their ravages for ing over to adjuit these matters. I fix weeks paft, for what reasons we do find that some of their preachers, who not well know *) we believe they have done no good by preaching up would meet with no oppofition. In- non-resistance with infinate pains, are deed the want of good arms has been going over to Ireland. All is quiet to a great differvice to us, but that com- the westward ; some disturbances from plaint is now removed by the arrival the Indians in the north part of Jere of 2,000 fine pieces on the govern- fey, up the Delaware: An embergo ment's account. Virginia was as bad- is laid on provisions in this and the o. ly off as we, five or fix counties there ther coro provinces, to prevent the being depopulated for a time, and the 'French being lupplied. correspondence with fort Cumberland on Will's Creek cut off ; but now all Letter from a Gentleman in Monferrat, is quiet there again Belids the 60, 000l. currency, given by this pro- E scarcely get the light of an vince last winter, 40,000 ). more is

European once in three juft voted by tax on lands and estates, months, I never knew ships drop in &c. Maryland likewise, has voted 40, to feldom in the height of the last war, pool. and Virginia 45,000). This when privateers were as thick as bees Jatt province is erecting a chain of forts in a hive. At prelent the danger is at the back of the country, along the not much here, tho' our fleet, if it Aliegenny, mountains, which will join may be so called, for it consists of only in the same line with those we have one 50, one 20 gun fhip, and a snow, erected. When the act for naturaliz- dare not offer to fir out, yet the

the foreign officers in the Ameri- French have been very complaisant hi.can regimenis was pasling, a clause therto; they have only taken a schoowas moved to be interred, to oblige ner belonging to Rhode Illand, from the members of our assembly to take Africa, and two small New England the oaths for three years, but the men vessels Last Saturday fe'ennight they of interest among their brethren in failed with a fleet of merchantmen, a England interpoled, and promised, 74 gun fhip, a 40 ditto, and the that next election here all who pro- Warwick, whether they are returned,, feffed non-sesistance should go out of or where they are bound, no body

the houle. Whether they will fulfill knows. —Now I have mentioned the their friends promises I cannot say. Warwick, I am sorry to tell you, that P.S. June 2. We bear to day, that when a proper enquiry is made, I am

afraid the giving her away will not re• The reason was this: Early in the spring dound much to the credit of the offiGov. Morris declared war against the Delaware Indians, who had committed such cruelties on

cers, if our own people are to be bethe back settlements; But Sir William John lieved. The captain has been tried fon having had a conference with the chiefs of before, and fought bravely, but he Six Nations, in which every cause of com- was certainly surprized and unready piziot had been fifted to the bottom, he exhorts ed them to endeavour to put a stop to the vio

to engage any thing of equal force, lent proceedings of their cousins the Delawares not knowing there was any fuch, nor and Shawnese, and to bring them to listen to expecting in the least to meet with terms of peace. This, joined to a friendiy any. conference, which some of the principal quakers " Early in the morning of the uth nad procured with another company of the Six Nations, seems to have had the desired efo of March, their cruize Being out that feci, fince by their mediacion all hoftue gra- day, the Warwick was ftanding to the ceedingscenico.

southward for Barbadoes, they fell


clofe in with a French frigate of 49 26,400 Hhds of white or firft clayguns, and there were two men of war ed sugar 11, 200 ditto, fecond ; 8,900 at two leagues diftance, a 74 gun fhip, ditto, tates or thirds; 16,270 ditto, and another frigate : the Warwick brown...N.B. Each Hhd weighs amade all the fail he could to get away, bout 800 lb 'neat.) 3,600,000 lb. cofbut in vain, all the French ships going fee ; 573,000 lb. coéton ; 82,000 lb. much better than she. The 40 gun ginger. Thip first attacked her,

tho' not till the other tw) were pretty near, From Hifpaniola, (called St. Domingo when all three furrounded her, and the

by the French.) immediately struck. I have three of the Warwick's men now with me, 106,200 Hhds, of which 1-5th are who broke out of goal and came down white fugars (Each hogshead contains in a fmall canoe. They all tell the about 1000 lb sugar. ) 22,000 lb, coffame story, and think that they might fee ; 184,000 lb. corton ; 900,000 lb. very easily have disabled the first thip indigo ; 230,000 lb. ginger ; 184,000 before the others came up, had they lb. pimento. taken in their proper fails for fighting, and then might have had a chance to From the illand Maritens, alias Bourhave got clear of the other two ;

bon. but Capt. S— would not attack first 680,000 lb. coffee. and the Frenchman took care not to begin till the others were at hand to

From Senegall. fecure him ; and what makes this o- 2,700,000 lb. gu:) ; 12,000 torpinion more probable is, that the 70 toise-lhell; 120,000 elephants teetha. gan fhip actually received a shot by the Things of the main-fail yard, that The above account, when comparwhen they made fail it broke in two. ed with their former imports from

* All was hurry and confusion on these places, discovers, that their board the Warwick. On the 70 gun commerce has encreased in a prodifhip fheering along fide, the helm was gious degree, and greatly exceeds any put to weather to wear, but they could other power in Europe ; and yet two not get their yards braced about, and thirds of the above commodities are brought their 'fhip by the lee, with all the produce of lands itolen by them, fails fet ; by which means the had like from their nominal friends and allies.-10 have filled with water. They had Hispaniola they robbed the Spaniardı likewise a great long boat on deck, of. The neutral islands every body. which fell to leeward among the guns knows their falsc title to.-Nor have and greatly confused them.

they a better right to Senegal, or any

other part of Africa. As we are engaged in war with the

French, the following account of List of Ships taken from the goods imported by them, from their

W. India islands, &c. into France, (Continued from p. 474.)

HE . able to the publick, and afford useful bints to our commanders of men gar, coffee and indigo, carried into of war and Privateers.

Watertord, The Fideile from Bour

deaux for Martinico, taken by the St. From Martinico, the islands La Gran- Albans, and feet into Plymouth

da, Guardeloup, St. Lucia, and The Thisbe from St. Domingo for St. Vincent,

Bourdeaux, taken by the Romney. and tent inco Portimouth.


during the laft year, may be able T for

Bourdeaux, loaded

with tu

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