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to open market, and not to sell by Versailles, being no longer able to lample at their own dwellings, on any appear there with decency, has pretence

thought for at lait to follow the examCol. Cornwallis and Ld. Ellingham ple. with their regiments from Minorca, arrived at Winchester.

The men

List of Ships taken by the English. look extremely well and chearful, confidering the hardships they have un- (Continued from p. 381. dergone, as they declare they have not HE Tartar man of war has They give a very good account of the privateer, called the Grand Jewdeon, fege, particularly that an officer of from Granville, mounting 14 four Cornwallis's with only 30 men, in pounders, 6 lix pounders, and 195 Marlborough fort, defeated prince men. L'Aimable Susanne, from Nantz Lewis of Wirtemberg at the head of for St. Domingo, is taken by the Prince 800 picked grenadiers. The two re- Edward, Stewart, and brought into giments bad an hundred men and four the Downs. A brig, from Lisbon for officers killed. One transport, with a Hare, is taken by the Anfon priv. Cómpany of Cornwallis's regiment, is and brought into Bristol. The Lilly, not arrived, and it is feared they are from St. Domingo for Bourdeaux, is lost or taken.

taken by the St. Andrew priv. of BrisFRIDAY 26.

tol, and carried into Cork. L'Amable An express arrived from Ld. Lou- Martha, from Rochelle for Miffifippi, down with disagreeable news relating is taken by the Britannia priv. and to American affairs.

brought into Bristol.

The King DaSATURDAY 27.

vid, from Martinico for Bourdeaux, A chapter of the Bath was held at burthen 350 tons, is taken by the AnSt. James's, when his majesty was fon and Blakeney privateers belonging pleased to create the brave General to Cork, and carried into that port. Blakeney a knight of that hơnourable The Nancy. from St. Domingo for order.

Bourdeaux, bürthen 500 tons, with A fire broke out at No. 1, in 19 nine pouplers, and fix pounders, Staples-Jon Holborn, wllich entirely is taken by the Royal George priv. conlumed the chambers of Mr. Ward, capt. Read, and brought into PortMr. Brooke, Mr. Sharpe, and Mr. smøuth. The Glory privateer from Sackville.

It was with the utmoft Rochelle, of 8 caraiage guns, 18 swidifficulty that Mr, Sackville, Mr. vels, and 100 men, was taken by the Ward, Mrs. Ward, and several o- Prince Edward man of war, but provthers saved their lives ; but Mrs. ing very leaky, was burnt. A French Ward's lifter, (a young lady, who priv

. is drove afhore on the Bahama came out of the country upon a visit illands by the Blakeney priv of Bristol. but the night before,) two of Mr. A large French snow, from NewWard's children, and their nurse, foundland for Marseilles, is carried Perished in the flames.

into Gibraltar by the Experiment man TUESDAY 30.

of war. The Immaculate ConceptiAdmiral Byng's trial is expected to on, from St. John D'Acre, and the come on in a few days at Portsmouth, Esperance, from Salonica, both for The court martial will consist of five Marseilles, carried into Malta by capt. admirals, and eight captains, who ate Fortunatus Wright. The St. Jacques not yet nominated,

and the Marshall Bellille, both from The French minifter at Berlin bas Bourdeaux ; the Jennet, from Rowithdrawn himself without taking chelle, and the Elizabeth from Marleave; and the Prusian minister ai tinico, are taken by our men of war,

and The royal

and sent into Portsmouth. The Aima- to Rochelle. he Expedition, Caul- .. ble, Vernier, of Bourdeaux, is taken den, from Zetland for Hamburgb, by the Biddeford man of war, and was taken by the French, but ran. sent into Weymouth. A French gal- fomed for 840 guilders. The Efther, liot, from Bayonne for Nantz, is taken Nicholas John, from Newfoundland by the Marlborough and Onslow pri- for Jersey, with 88 people on board, vateers of Guernsey, and brought in- is taken by the Grashopper priv. and to Falinouth. The Marquis de Tour- carried into Morlaix. The Advennay, with 480 Hhds of sugar, &c. ture, Dodd, from Philadelphia_for from Martinico, is taken by the De- Bilboa, is carried into Bayonne. The fiance priv. of London, capt. Dyer, Hibernia, Anfon, from Penzance, is and the Cæsar ditto, capt. Nash, of taken by the French, under the Bristol. The Defiance has also taken guns of the fort of Leghorn. The a snow from Martinico. The Le Friendthip, Bully, from NewfoundGuede Boux, de Caffe, from St. Do- land, is carried into Carthagena. mingo for Bourdeaux, is taken by the A light vessel, designed to load fruit

, Jenny, Brown, from Cork, who land- and the Weymouth, Cox, are carried the prisoners at Madeira, and then ed into Alicant. The Adventure, proceeded with her prize on her voyage Maley, from Gibraltar for Malaga, to Tortola.

is taken off Malaga. The Whiting,

Finch, from Virginia to London, is List of Ships inken by the French. carried into Rochelle.

George priv. of Guernsey, is carried N English vessel, cut out of G. into Bordeaux. The Lydia, Riddall,

for The Triton, le Meffurer, ried into St. Maloes. The Signe, of from Virginia for Guernsey, is carri- Jersey, from Newfoundland, is carried ed into Morlaix. The Scipio, Laws, into Malaga. The Milford privateer, from Newfoundland, and the Good- of Guernley, the Princess Auguila, Intent, Moon, from St. Euftatia for from Petersburg for Cork, the PrelLeghorn, are carried into Malag?. wick and Sutannah, Waugh from The Dolly, Cole, from Lipary for Antigua, the Lark, Callender, from London, is carried into Toulon. The Philadelphia, both for London, and Greyhound, Morris, from Leghorn the Expedition, are taken by the for Algiers, is carried into Marseilles. French." The Parker, Harrison, is The N. S. de Bon Fom, and Nostra taken and carried into Carthagena. Concia, Miguel Posa, from London Capt. Spurrell, in a brig from Rotfor St. Martinico, is carried into Vi- terdam for London, is carried into Ogo. The Nancy, Todd, from Got- stend. The Poftillion, a snow from tenburgh for Leith, taken by a priv. Newfoundland for Bilboa, is carried but ranfomed. The Lucretia, Da- into Bayonne. A ransomer for a ship vis, from Newfoundland for Bilboa, from Gottenburg for Hull, for 650 1. is taken and carried into Rochelle. and the Mary, Gaul, from Bamf for The Industry, Hammond, from Ham- Rotterdam, are taken and carried inburgh for New York, having 200 fol. to Dunkirk. The Briton, Carter, diers on board, was taken the 28th from Falmouth with pilchards of Aug. by three French men of war. for the Streights, and the John, The Endeavour, Gray, from New- Cheesman, with Bacaleo, from New. foundland for Viana, is carried into foundland for Bilboa, are taken and Gaminha river. The Concord, Mu- carried into Marseilles. The Tordie, from Glasgow for Virginia, and ze, de Silva, from Lisbon for Cork, the Duke of Cumberland, Ruffell, is taken by a French privateer and fent from Newfoundland, are carried in- into Rochelle ; but the said privateer is fince taken by the Prince Edward Hall, Kent, Esq; to Miss Sally Proman of war.


bing of Newland, Gloucestershire, (Promotions in our next.) with goool.

Lord Feversham, to

Miss Frances Bathurst, 7th daughList of Births for the Year 1756. ter of the late Peter Bathurst, Esq;

vered of a son. Nov. 11. La. Fletcher, Efq; to Miss Polly Manby dy of James Douglas, Esq; Capt. of of Exeter, with 10,000l. Dr. Hinckthe Bedford man of war, of a son. ly, a physician of Guy's hospital, to 20. Lady of Ld. R. Manners of a Miss Marcon. daughter. Lady of the Hon. Col. (The Remainder of the lifls in our next ) Waldegrave of a son.

Bill of Mortality from Oet. 25 to Nov. 23. List of Marriages for the Year 1756.

Buried Weekly Nov. 2. 433 Males 872 1810

9.400 OHN Seane, of the Grove near

Females 938

16.465 Tiring in Hertfordshire, Esq;


Males 620 to Miss Granthan of High House in

Females 561

1810 Efex. Tho. Jakes, of Wigmore

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Nav. 1.


"HE camp hospital broke batrels of flour. 15. The gold me

up, which continued at dals bequeathed the university by Kilkenny 3 months and 6 days, in the late Dr. Berkeley bp. of Cloyne which time 400 fick were received, for encouraging the study of the of whom only z died. 3. In the greek language, were adjudged to evening failed from Cove near Cork messrs. Sulivan and Clements. 19. 14. transports with Gen. Offarel's The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, Tegiment and the draughts for Ameri- from a principle of regard to the ca under the convoy of his majef- public, called them together in a ty's ships the Sutherland and Ken- most pathetic manner, to advise with nington. 4. The government took him in what way the threatened caoff the embargo against the expor- lamity of a scarcity of bread coto tation of butter. Being the anni- might be allievated, if not prevenversary of the birth of the late K. ted; in order to which it has been

William the 3d, and the day fol- resolved, that a premium of two · lowing the anniversary of the gun fhillings a barrel, ihall be given for powder plot, were celebrated with a the first 50,000 barrels of wheat thac sense suitable to such mercies. 8. shall be imported from abroad, after Their Excellencies the Lords Jufti- the first day of February next, and ces cook the usual oaths of qua- fold for the use of the inhabitants of lification in the court of king's bench. this city; books have been opened 10. Being the anniversary of his for the reception of subscriptions, majesty's birth day, there was a splen- and the management of this fund did appearance of the nobiliey at, entrusted to the care of the chief mathe castle

, where in the evening'his giftrate, and his grace the archbiexcellency the Earl of Kildare en- ihop of Dublin. The like benevotertained them in a most magnificent lent and truly charitable scheme is manner, which concluded with a ball. ' carrying on in several counties for The Molly, Gregory, commander, their peculiar preservation, the county arrived from Philadelphia with 1500



of Meath having the honour to be wife of John Green, Efq; Relid of firft in this commendable work, un- the late Col. Fitzgerald, and aunt to der the care of William Waller, and the wife of Hercules Langford RowJohn Lowther, Elgrs. In this we ley, Esq; 15. At Cork John Colhave set an example to our filter thurst, Efq; M. of P. for the borough kingdom whom we find not less at• of Tallagh, Co. of Waterford, and tentive to her preservation, by a weigh master of Cork, which des total prevention of exportation, and volves to William Fuller, and Joseph an exertion of the laws against those, Hore, Eqrs. 17. Rerd. Francis who are ever ready to convert pub- Warren of Longlord. At Rolneharlic calamities to their private bene- ley Co. of Tipperary James Poe, Efq; fit; the city of Bristol in particular At Portobello Co. of Wexford Thohas resolved to give bounties to en- mas Palliser aged 107: Suddenly at courage importation. 24. John Pay- Drumfilla Co. of Leitrim Martyn ton of Oxhill, co. of Roscommon, Armstrong, Efq; 21. At Kinsale Jas. Esq; one of his majesty's justices of O'Hea of Kilkernan, Eiq; by a bot peace, has exerted himself in a moft discharged from a pistol by Jane becoming manner, in detecting several Keogan, who intended it for anoprivate stills, which, at this tine is a ther: 26. The wife of William commendable fervice, as the consump- Cowen, of Ballishanny Co. Donnetion of corn in that way is prodigi- gall, Esq; 28 At Waterford Joha

Drew, Efq; Mr. George Bambrick BIR IHS

of James's street, tanner, who was

unfortunately drowned by com:inuNov. 14 He Right Hon. Lady ing too long on the extremity of

Eliz. Cobbe, daughter the fouth ftrand, (where he went to the Right Honourable the Earl to ride) until the tide had imperof Tyrone, and wife to Thomas ceptibly flowed to such a confideraCobbé, Esq; fon to his Grace the ble height near the fhore, through Lord Archbishop of Dublin, of a the gut called Cockle Lake, as to son and heir.

surround him. At Bath Henry Wal.

ker, Efq; of the Comb, grocer. 30. MARRIAGE S.

John Stone, Esq; an eminent fur

geon. Mary, Lady Levinge, relia Nov. 6. T Cork Richard Long- of Sir Richard Levinge, Bart.

A field, Esq; to Miti White of Bantry. 13. James Cha

PROMOTIONS. Ioner of Summer Hill, Esq; to Miss Eagan. 17. Robert Hoey of Dun- Nov. 1. FR. John Whiteway and ganstown Co. of Willlow, Efq; to

Mr. Samuel Croker, Elinor, daughter of Captain Ber. app. affittant furgeons to Dr. Stekeley, and nice to the late bifhop of vens's hospital. 8. Auguftine FitzCloyne.

gerald of Silver Grove Co. Clare, DEATHS.

dop.gov. of faid county. 26. Mr.

Anthony Dermott esec. a member of Nov. 3. TOHN Smith, Esq; one of th: insurance company. Robert Fitz

his majesty's couacil ac law. gera'd, Efq; app. judge in the high S. At Stackalian Co. of Meath, Mı. Court of admiralty, (Hugh Bailie, Eq; George Buchannan lace of the general tel.) 30. Rev. Kaac Mann D. D. poft office. 10. At Waterford Mrs. promoted to the archderconry of Eliz. Read, morher of George Read Dublin. 31. Rathborne Mills elec. of Raffenaragh, Co. Kilkenny, Efqi furgeon to the charter school nursets, 12. At Greenville Co. Kilkenny the. &c. (John Stone, Efq; dec.)




GENTLEMEN, The Utility of ibe following Efay on the Nature, Caufe and Mi

tbod of curing tbat troublefome Disorder the HeaD-ACH. will, I dare say, be a sufficient Motive to procure it a Place in your useful MAGAZINE: And, if only a few of your numerous Readers ball reap any Benefit from it, I fall ihink the small Time and Pains it bas cost me very well employed; and, I believe, you will be pleased with having inserted it.

Pours, &c. A. R.

T ?HE head-ach is a very pain- um, from which it may be sepaa

ful sensation in the nervous raced, and through which are diltrimembranes of the head, proceeding buted several blood-vessels. This is from various causes, and frequently the principal seat of that species of attended with a variety of trouble- pain 'which is dull, heavy, and acsome symptoms, according to its dif- companied with a sensation or prefferent degree and situation. sure, whereas that which is more a

This pain affects different parts cute has its seat in the pericraniof the head, for which no other um. season can be alligned, than that the Nor is the interior membranes kull, both internally and externally, which surrounds the brain, and is is furnished with diftinct nervous called the dura mater, exempted membranes. On the external surface from pain. This membrane is forof the skull occurs that fine and ex med of highly tendinous and nerquisitely sensible membrane, which vous fibres, and is furnished with immediately surrounds it, and which, ramifications from the fifth and sein its anterior, intermediate, and po- venth pair of nerves. And, lastly, sterior parts, receives many small ar- that fine, and exquisitely sensible teries from the external carorid, and membrane, which covers the finus {mall ramifications of nerves from of the forehead, is frequently the the vertebra of the neck, and the seat of the most acute and intense seventh pair of the brain. But the pain. pericrancum coheres with the muf- Pains of the head are widely dif. des contiguous to the cranium, or forent from each othet, according to Ikull

, and, by means of the futures, the parts in which they are seated, with the exterior lamina of the dura as also according to their degrees mater. In this membrane, namely, and duration ; for this reason authe pericranium, we place the most thors have alligned different names common and frequent seat of an to different species of head-achs. If head-ach, which is, among other cir- the pain is Dight, and affects only cumftances, demonstrated to be true, a part of the head, it is called ceby the external application of medi- phalalgio ; but, if it is more intense cines calculated to alleviate pain, as and durable, and affects the whole allo by cupping, iffucs, cauteries, and head, it is called cephalæa ; which blifters. Nor muft we here exclude Galen beautifully describes in the the skin, especially its internal part, following words: • A cephalza says wbich is contiguous to the periciani- he, is a lasting pain of the whole VOL. XII.


3 P.

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