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E N S O R. tence is" That for a righteous man, and the good man. The fatter exakts none would die; but for a good man his character by a closer imitation of some would even dare to die.” Daily, the best attribute of the Deity, and experience demonftrates the truth of pays him the most pure and sublime this excellent remark. The tenets of homage, by exercising himself contiChristianity, nay the religion of na- nually, in acts of well-judged benevoture, unaided by revelation, if we be- lence; while the righteous man, the lieve the immortality of the soul, are methodically pious, juft man, contents sufficient to engage us to piety; for a himself with acknowledging his deprinciple of telf preservation is one pendence on the Deity, prays to him strong motive, and fear another, to fervently for every blesing, and when induce men to be pious; and if by the obtained, returns his heavenly benegeneral term righteous, we are to un- factor but unworthy thanks; for he derstand a just man, it is well known, hoards the bounties bestowed, or conthat the laws of civil society oblige fines them within the narrow circle of every rational mortal, on prudential fome enthusiastic sect, instead of dif- . maxims, which regard his own wel. fusing them with a liberal, yet discreet fare, to be a righteous man. But we hand, on the general principle of phimay go one step further, and suppose a lanthropy. man to have merited the reputation of The righteoufness of the Scribes and a religious, consciencious, jutt, sober, Pharisees contrasted with the itory of prudent person, yet this will not en- the Good Samaritan-is a speaking portitle him to those exertions of perilous trait of the two characters, applicaServices, or to those unanimous ap- ble to all times and places. London plauses of his fellow.citizens to which has her Pharisees as well as Jerusalem; the good man lays an indisputable and the many liberal foundations, for claim, from the superiority of his cha- the relief of the indigent, the fick, the racter. Personal hazards of life, and wounded and insane, give us room to fortune adventured for the service of hope, that we have many more Good mankind, without a retrospect to self, Sainaritans. deserve reciprocal returns of un- Yet full we hear groaning and com. bounded affection, and universal ap- plaint in our streets; and, if we may plause.

credit our eyes and ears, either a great Far be it from the Censor to decry want, or abuse of charity: For this the practice of picty, or to depreciate seeming contradiction in our conduct, the merit of tlie righteous man; but I mean to account, by firewing, that it as we have good authority for saying arilis troin erroneous notions concern. that, “a man may be righteous over- ing gooiness. A truly gond man is much," it may not be amiss to lessen the noble it work of God, and Itands the consequence of modern bigotry, higher in the scale of beings, than the by pointing out a more exalted cha- merely righteous man. Mankind are racter, and a nearer relemblance to the fo evidently sensible of this truth, that Deity, the common father of all. the majority are eager to attain this

The closer we reason (from what we sublime perfection, but unlappily miknow of the divine nature) on the at- Take the means; especially the teinald tributes of the supreme being, the part of the creation, who, under the more fully we must be convinced, that head of charity, commit the greatest liis universal benevolence to mankind errors, inpreffe! at the line time willy is the object of our warmet, most dit- a itrong desire to be very good women. initreited adoration, exprurid by acts It is this wro:g trail of thinking of praise and thanksgiving. A nle and acting, which the Cenfor willies ro of 'our own trailties and neceilities, çureci, by convincing those, who and of the onnipotence of the Deity, milupply their charity, inat inttead of excite us to that interior (tho'rgh lauja attaining the perfection of goodnefs, dible duly of religion) przyer and fiip. they ofien do a great deal of wischief nction. Here tn the diflinction underignally, and exciie the i!l will, hiviously arises, ivetween tire righteous



5 instead of the praises of the world, by pens to be the present case; for having their indiscreet benevolence.

received the following letter from a As the moft trifling occurrences correspondent, it led me insensibly into sometimes give birth to great events, a moral dissertation on the character of fo a loote hint may lay the foundation a good man. It seems to be written by of a serious exhortation. This hap- a foreigner.

To the Author of the CENSOR.


SIR, *HE beggars in France are greatly subject, in your next number, will

embarrassed to excite the pity of greatly oblige passengers; they are now at a loss what A CONSTANT CORRESPONDENT. to say; for Christians have left off Portland-freet, Jan. 2, 1772. giving alms for the love of God; but im England they have various resources; THE answer to my correspondent is some beg to be idle, or to avoid the partiy given in the remarks I have alfatigue of any kind of labour, others ready made ; but that no doubt may to Imoke tobacco, to take snuff, to remain upon the subject, I shall add a drink strong beer, or geneva. And short lesion to those who cannot pass a they have another advantage over the beggar in the streets, or on the highFrench beggars, which is, to tell peo. way, without bestowing their alms, by ple freely what they require. As I which they very imprudently fupport was lately walking in the streets of the idle and debauched, whose induLondon, a beggar asked me for a penny frious labour would not only supply to burn the Earl of Bute; as I knew food and raiment for themselves, but not that he meant only his effigy, I re- contribute to lessen the price of the fuled to comply, looking upon it as a necessaries of life to the poor in gegreat crime to give away my money neral. for so vile a purpose ; but I am told, You, whose compassionate hearts inthat the lovers of Liberty encourage discriminately prompt you to relieve these poor politicians, and that there the seeming wants of every artful begare thousands of Wilkites who fup-gar, do it undoubtedly with a view to port fush bosgars; fo that an English inerit the superlatively excellent chapauper has nothing to do but to dir. racter I have defcribed in tlie former cover the popular party, and by siding part of this paper. I am sure this is with it, he cannot fail of a comfort. the motive withi ny fair friends; but able subsistence. In tine, Sir, I fee unhappily you fall upon wrong means Yery plainly, that a skilful English beg- to attain this desirable (Ad.--You imgar, who knows how to touch the par. po:e upon you lelves, and encourage lions or prejudices of his countrymen, the worit lecie: 'of impoltors; thole may get drunk with his gains three who, under fraudulent pretexts, withtimes in a week, while the French men. hold from society the exercise of those dicani, who aiks alis only for the love talents which the God of nature has of God, cannot afiord to intoxicate given them for the joint benefit of himself above once in a month. As themselves and of the community in you are a Cenfor of the politic man- which they live.- Is it a child to whom ners, I would be glad to know frun you give your alms in finall moneyyou, the crise of those iwarins of beg. do you retiect, that while he is thus fogars in England, where you collect liciting the ineans of difpenting with Tuch imniane jums to the poor in

with labour for his parents, he is neg. every pariin, and have lo manv en- lecting education, whichi, however dowed liofitals for their fupport 2:1:1 lowly, is fure to be honest in all parts relief. Your le. icus thuushits on this of England, is the only foundation to 6.

malie con vuision

The CENSOR make that child an industrious, vir- impetuous rains descend, the scanty tuous man-do you consider that, by produce of the field rots on the giving him an early relish for this easy ground, and did the unhappy husband. method of procuring money, you fix a

man but know the authors of his ruin, bad habit of living on the public with- inttead of those acclamations which the out meriting subliltence, and that you good man receives from his fellowtrain him to petty-larceny, when vo- .crcatures, you would be loaded with luntary supplies fail, and from thence execrations-and instead of that fahe proceeds to capital crinies, and thus tisfaction which you felt in your breasts, you indirectly lead him to the gallows. from the confciousness of a supposed

Is it a man or woman, in appear- benevolent conduct-remorfe and anance robuft and vigorous-you are in- guish for an involuntary crime, would juring the public in the highest degree; wound your tender ininds, and make for there is not an art or business in even your sensibility reproach you. the kingdom, but wants addicional I will not add any other instance ; hands.-Of every penny given to such, this example, highly natural and probe assured one halt at leait goes to the bable, shall suffice, and the same reapublican, the disliller, and the excise- soning may be applied to manufactures, office--yet you would be performing an mechanic arts, and trades; in all which act, highly meritorious, much more lo the idle hands, supported by milthan the long prayers of any modern guided charity, would be usefully emPharisee, if these were real objects of ployed. charity—but let me place them before But fome people will tell me, they you in another point of view.-Does only relieve the infirm, the lame, the the itinerant haymaker, his wife, and decrepid, the blind, the aged, and the a stout boy, loiter on the road, owing fick-my reply thall be introduced with to your ill-timed bounty, and that of a candid supposition. You are molt fix or seven well-disposed old inen and probably either house-keepers yourwomen, who have added their contri- selves, or upon a level with them; butions—do they faunter at an ale- that is to say, you live in regular fahouse, instead of arriving at the de- milies, or have connections and intereit ftined place for exerting their in. with reputable house-keepers. Make dustry for the benefit of the husband- use of your finall money in a manner man-mark the consequence—some how that will be most beneficial to those neft, indefatigable little former, who 'poor objects. Wholesome laws, that with the sweat of his brow, literally want only due execution, are provided speaking, earn a scanty pittance (the for the purpose of taking them out of surplus of a rack-rent) for the mainte- the freets, and providing for them in nance of a numerous' family-already a proper manner, agreeabie to the dichas murmured against heaven (the tates of humanity and found policy. vice of farmers and gardeners) for an Let a number of well-difpofed persons unfavourable sealon-and behold your deposit the amount of what they ancharity completes his distraction.--His nually give away in going to church, grass is ready for the scythe, or it has or to market, or on a visit--to form a been cut down, but further alliltance fund tv protecute all parith-officers of is wanting to finish the harvest--the every denomination, who misapply the íky lowers-threatens approaching days poor's late, and all justices of peace of heavy rain-- he wishes for labourers who refute to punish vagrants, and dein his fields, but finds none--it is the tect impostors--this has been successsea!on to expect them from all quarters“ fully practised in a populous village of the kingdom-miftaken benevo- near London, by twenty families of lence--you have stopped them on the real good people-by which means way-you thought to relieve two or read objects of charity have been sent three apparently distressed objects, who to hospitals and work houses, and not would very soon have supplied their one impoitor has apeared in it for the own wants in a proper way--and you last three years, whereas, before that have half ruined a whole family period, they had one counterfeitor of

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